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Best Belt Displays 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated December 1, 2018
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Billy JacobsMy name is Billy Jacobs. After 54 hours of research including speaking with consultants and experts, and plenty of parents and 15 hours spent testing 10 belt displays, I believe that I found the best belt displays of 2018.

I will go through the main features and what you should consider when deciding which one to pick over the other. You see I’m an average member of the public just like you and the main reason I decided to publish a review website on belt displays is because I was looking for one not so long ago.

Best Belt Displays of 2018

If you’re scouring the market for the best belt displays, you’d better have the right info before spending your money. Based on customer reviews and my own experience with the cowboy method I’ve found the best 3 belt displays on the market. The table below summarizes features, and below you’ll find more detailed reviews of each good. There’s a product for every kind of user on the list of affordable options below.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
Ease of use
5 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
Awards 1
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№1 – KidKraft Martial Arts Belt Holder

KidKraft Martial Arts Belt Holder

Sturdy construction
Honey Finish
Can be personalized
I didn’t notice a single drawback yet

Why did this belt displays win the first place?

The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I also liked the delivery service that was fast and quick to react. It was delivered on the third day. I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing!


Ease of use










№2 – Century Martial Arts Cylinder 10 Level Belt Display

Century Martial Arts Cylinder 10 Level Belt Display

Century Martial Arts Cylinder 10 Level Belt Display
It gets scratched easily..
A little more expensive than other brands.

Why did this belt displays come in second place?

This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery. The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed. I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money.


Ease of use










№3 – Century Martial Arts Cylinder 6 Level Belt Display

Century Martial Arts Cylinder 6 Level Belt Display

Century Martial Arts Cylinder 6 Level Belt Display
Quite difficult to clean.
I didn’t like that it was packed tight. I think that the package doesn’t let the air in, so it’s unknown where and for how long it was kept..

Why did this belt displays take third place?

It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. We are very pleased with the purchase — the product is great! It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. This price is appropriate since the product is very well built.


Ease of use










Belt Displays Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy belt displays, right? No!

Your tribe

This article was written with The Remantic in mind. If it appeals to you, chances are you’ll love the top of the range Braun Series razor. It’s the best of the best – but you’ve earned it.

The Men’s Lifestyle Guide is a destination for men who follow the motto: look sharp, feel smooth. Divided into the four tribes of Braun, it’s a source for personal and customised style advice, lifestyle tips and guides to being awesome.

Manual Treadmills

A manual treadmill uses the momentum of the user while running or walking to push the belt around the rollers. There is no motor to drive the belt, so it can be difficult to get the belt moving initially and this can really put stress on your knee and ankle joints.

Curved Treadmills

A self-powered curved treadmill uses absolutely no electricity and is powered entirely by the user. Because of the curved rubber track, which glide over ball bearings, this provides a very smooth running and walking experience.

A curved treadmill also works more muscle groups in the leg compared to a flat bed treadmill and provides a more natural running experience without sacrificing proper running mechanics.

Since there is no motor in a curved treadmill there is no top-speed making it a fantastic machine for indoor high intensity sprints or circuit training. However, many users have also found it ideal for marathon training in the winter, as the curved bed replicates actual running motions much better than a flat bed treadmill ever could.

We have created a product video for the SpeedFit curved treadmill which will walk you through all the advantages a curved treadmill can offer.

Power of the Motor

The motor horsepower rating is probably the most important specification to understand when looking to buy a treadmill because it is generally considered a straightforward indicator of the build quality and strength, just the same as engine size is a powerful indicator for car buyers.

There are three terms often used to describe motor horsepower; ‘treadmill duty’, ‘peak duty’ and ‘continuous duty’. The figure you want to look for during your research is ‘continuous duty’, as this gives the most accurate representation of a motor’s power. Treadmill duty measures the power output for an average user, running at an average speed for an average length of time so is therefore an average measurement of power. Peak duty refers to the motor’s maximum power output but is measured with minimal load and is only sustainable for a short period of time meaning it’s not an accurate representation of the motor’s capabilities. The Continuous Duty Horsepower rating (CHP) is recognised commercially as the most accurate as the figure, as it relates to the minimum performance across all points of a workout. Continuous duty motors are the most powerful, reliable and long lasting.

It’s also important to consider the RPM of the motor as this is relevant to assessing how powerful the treadmill is. Essentially, the lower the motor’s RPM, the greater its ability to turn the belt so if a motor has a CHP output of 3.5, but is running at 7000 rpm the motor is working too hard to be sustained over the treadmill’s lifetime. In short, low RPM and high CHP is the perfect combination.

Display and Programmed Workouts

Most models are now fitted with either a LCD or LED console. Apart from the top of the range commercial models which can be purchased with fitted HD screens such as the Cybex EEntertainment System, most treadmill displays offer the same information; calories burned, time, distance, speed and heart rate are amongst the most common display fields but designs vary between manufacturers and models.

The range of pre-set workouts and installed programs available on both home and commercial treadmills is extensive. The majority of models on the market now focus on pre-set workouts with varying intensities geared towards fat loss or endurance which are controlled by increasing and decreasing speed and incline. More advanced treadmills can interact with mobile applications, online based tools and also feed off information from a heart rate sensor to make workouts more specific and challenging in real time.


For people who are likely to be training often or those whose bodies aren’t used to running on a treadmill, cushioning is an important factor to consider during the purchase process. Different treadmill manufacturers will employ different kinds of cushioning technologies however each should provide similar benefits like reducing fatigue and easing pressure on joints. It’s worth being wary though, of any treadmill which feels particularly springy. These poor cushioning systems often just act like a trampoline transferring force back upwards after impact, amplifying any damage that running on the road would have caused.

Regardless of the type of cushioning system a treadmill uses the resulting feel it produces will rank somewhere on a scale of very hard deck machines, to very soft deck machines. One is not necessarily better than the other and the level of cushioning best for reducing fatigue and minimising joint pressure lies somewhere in the middle of this spectrum. Generally, commercial models tend to have more solid decks as they need to withstand more vigorous use.

Orthopaedic treadmill belts are now also widely available to offer extra support to runners and are often chosen by users who suffer from shin splints as well as joint problems. Cushioned belts from some manufacturers have been claimed to reduce impact at the joints by a further 33%.

Additional Treadmill Features

All models of commercial cross trainers, bikes and treadmills will now come with integrated heart rate sensors in either the grips or handles which inform the main treadmill display on the machine. More advanced products will allow integration with Polar telemetry and/or other brands of heart rate monitoring equipment.

One additional feature on treadmills which has become increasingly popular over recent years is cooling fans. These blow air towards the user, giving both a satisfying cooling feeling making their session more comfortable, but also the illusion of the wind you would feel when training outdoors.

Size and Dimensions of the Running Area

The open dimensions of a treadmill are important when considering which treadmill is best suited to the space you have available. A similar warning should be taken on board in commercial environments. Just because you managed to fit of a previous model along one wall, doesn’t mean that another product will be the same. Taking the time to measure exact dimensions can save big problems further down the line.

It’s important to ensure that the belt size suits your stride length, especially for taller individuals who might find their running style unsuitable for some smaller models, especially of folding treadmills. The belt width size doesn’t often cause people difficulty unless they are looking a budget model.

Max User weight might be an issue on some of the smaller home treadmill models, however most commercial models will have a weight capacity of at least 180kg, some even allow for up to 220kg (Star Trac E-TRx). On home treadmills this will again, be slightly less, often around 150kg.

There is no universal warranty for home or commercial machines, however an example of the warranty offered on one home machine at Origin Fitness is; Lifetime warranty on frame and chassis. years on motor. years on parts and labour. Commercial treadmills may be similar but vary between suppliers, brands and models.

Refurbished and Used Treadmills

Although there is likely to be less financial risk when buying a second hand or refurbished treadmill, the chances of coming across a damaged or faulty model are higher. This means knowing what to ask about and what to look out for is just as important as if you were looking at new models.

The first questions you want to ask are about the machine’s history. What sort of environment was it used in before; has it come from a gym, hotel, fitness suite or home? How heavily was it used in this environment and for how long? The age of a treadmill is a reasonable indication of the level of strain which has been put on the frame, motor and electrics over its lifetime.

If you are looking at a refurbished treadmill, ask exactly what this refurbishment has included. Some refurbishment work may only consist of repairing cosmetic damage, whereas more extensive refurbishment will involve stripping the whole machine down, examining all of the components and doing any repairs or replacements necessary. So it would be worth asking if there have been any parts been fixed or replaced. Again, it’s important to look at the warranty details for refurbished products as this will likely be different again.

One of the most common faults in treadmills is wear to the belt. When a belt becomes worn it might slip between the machine’s rollers and make for an uncomfortable running experience. Over time a treadmill’s motor might lose some of its original power and naturally a 4.0 CHP motor won’t still be giving out that much power after or years of consistent use.

To assess the performance of a used or refurbished treadmill the best thing to do is to try it out. A weak motor wouldn’t be that noticeable straight away, but after it has been working a while it may start to be noticeable. To make sure, you should turn it up to both maximum speed and maximum incline and also complete a pre-programmed workout at a wide variety of intensities over at least a 20 minute period.

You should also try to check that all the buttons on the console are in working order; both the increase/decrease arrows and emergency stop cord are the most important.

Know Your Goals

Before you buy a fitness tracker, think about all the activities you expect to do, and lay out your goals, within reason. You might set a goal for 10,000 steps a day, or to burn a certain number of calories per day, for instance. “Fitness trackers are motivational to people for getting more exercise and living a healthier lifestyle,” says Angela McIntyre, research director at Gartner. “If there is a particular activity you like, like swimming, make sure the activity tracker and the software are designed for it. People who have a favorite activity that is less common, such as jumping rope, may want to check that the activity is recognized by the software.”

Those who are new to exercise, or are just trying to get moving more, may get everything they need from a basic step tracker, many of which will give you an estimate of how many calories you’ve burned as well.

Those who are regularly active may want a device with advanced features, like heart- rate monitoring and automatic activity recognition, to help better gauge your workout intensity, overall health and the progress you’re making toward your goals.

Water Resistance

If you want to keep your fitness tracker on all day, including in the shower and when you go for a swim, you may opt for a device that can handle more than a splash of water. For example, the are waterproof. That’s also a plus if your tracker takes an unexpected dive, or if you want to track your swimming.


Nearly every fitness tracker available tracks two essentials: steps taken and estimated calories burned. Many trackers also monitor distance traveled and sleep quality. If you want to know how many flights of stairs you climb each day, opt for a device that has an altimeter as well as the standard accelerometer. and the

Apple Watch Series come with optical heart-rate monitors consisting of colored LEDs on the back of the tracker that send light through the skin into the blood vessels. Before this optical sensor technology became popular, you’d have to wear a heart-rate monitor strapped to your chest and connected to your activity tracker to get your heart data using electrical impulses, which is still the more accurate option. While they’re pretty good, optical heart-rate monitors are not as accurate as chest straps.

Fitness Tracker Apps

Most fitness trackers have a companion app that shows your synced data, and then some. Some apps, such as Fitbit’s, let you change or manually log the details of your workout after you’re finished. This is especially important if you do a variety of exercises and want to differentiate cycling from running from yoga, which can make your calorie-burn data more accurate.

Many devices and apps will track the quality of your sleep, and you may be able to manually change the times when you fell asleep and woke up in the app, just in case your device’s automatic-sleep tracking isn’t perfect.

Food logging also is a popular feature. MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness, for example, let you input all of the food and drinks you consume and will estimate their calorie counts to help you keep track of your diet.

An app’s design is also important. Bold colors, clean typography, an intuitive layout and charts can make it as easy to understand your data.

Your tracker’s app might not be able to track all of the activities you want, though. Or you may just prefer MyFitnessPal for diet logging or MapMyRun for your jogs. Some tracker-companion apps let you connect to these third-party apps, allowing you to sync your data from one app to another. best workout apps, some of which will sync with fitness trackers.

Garmin Vivoactive HR

Samsung Gear S) not only let you interact with your smartphone from your wrist (much more so than fitness trackers), but include built-in heart-rate monitors, GPS and other features.

In general, though, fitness trackers tend to deliver more comprehensive workout data and last longer on a charge, while smartwatches are better suited for those who want to be in the loop without having to take out their phones.

Recovers muscles

Post delivery, the abdomen is deflated, and it takes a long time for the muscles to contract and the skin to regain its flexible nature. The girdle will help in holding these muscles and skin in the right position, thereby promoting better posture.

Aids C-section recovery

Wearing a postpartum girdle helps in relieving the swelling of the abdominal area, and limits the painful tissue movements. It will also eliminate the fear of laughing, coughing and getting up from the bed since the shapewear will hold the stitches and incisions intact. This will, thereby, prevent reopening of the incisions, and help them heal faster.

Supports the back

Conditions such as scoliosis, spinal curvature, and radiculitis become worse post pregnancy. It is due to the additional pressure on the back developed during pregnancy and post delivery. A post pregnancy belly wrap can significantly aid your back that requires additional support.

DEWALT DG5650 Tool Belt

This tool belt from DEWALT is pretty heavy of pockets. Unlike the other DEWALT belt, there is nothing simple about this one. The belt is modified to make it spacious, easy to handle, comfortable and to offer extra protection for all your tools. The tool belt is an expert in satisfying customers and this is one of those products which you definitely want to get your hands on.

When it comes to pockets are storage space, there aren’t many belts that are better than this one. The bulky, gusset-type pockets can provide a ton of space and easy access. There are a total of 3pockets which include 1main pockets and 2smaller pockets for nails, screws, nuts, tapes, pencils, etc. But, if you don’t want all those pockets or if you don’t like the weight, you can easily remove as many as you want.

As we said earlier, the belt is tailored to provide premium comfort. The belt itself has a inches padding with Dri-Lex liner to make the belt comfortable. The extra padding can be irritating for some people. But, that is a problem because you can remove the extra padding that are velcroed to the belt. The roller double-pin belt buckle is the only thing you need to keep the belt stable and makes sure that the belt stays on and doesn’t end up on the floor. The belt usually fits a waist size in the range of 30 and 4inches. The belt also has a patented pouch handle that can let you carry it easily with just one hand. The zippered pouches are pretty decent because they can add that extra bit of security to your tools and completely eliminate the chances of tools falling from their pockets.

Shop now

Rack-A-Tiers 4324Electrician’s Combo Belt & Bags

Rack-a-Tiers isn’t that big of a company. As a matter of fact, most of you probably didn’t even that such a company exists. But, there are a few unique things about their tool belt that makes them stand out. The first thing is that their tool belt doesn’t look anything like a tool belt. Their belt looks more like a piece of used jeans. This is actually a really good thing because it really blends well with your casual clothing – And you look really cool with this thing on.

The belt comes in three different sizes; Medium, Large and Extra Large. The medium size has a waist length of about 30-3inches, the large 35-40 and the extra large comes with a waist line of 41-4The carrier is made from heavy duty 1250 denier DuraTek fabric to ensure extreme durability. The belt has nylon webbing around the pocket openings. The inside of the belt is double padded to prevent pain from long hours of work. The belt is put together with bar-tack stitching to give the belt that extra strength and to make sure that the belt doesn’t rip even after years of use.

The belt has extremely heavy duty and tough rivets. You can attach a shoulder strap with the belt to add a ton of stability. But, one drawback is that you’re going to have to purchase this strap separately. It doesn’t cost much and it is available at only a fraction of the price of the belt. However, it would be nice to have the shoulder strap for free. Some other manufacturers that produce electricians also provide a shoulder strap with the belt itself. So, this is one of the only things that put Rack-A-Tiers at a disadvantage.


Canister vacuums are also popular — especially in the UK. They are a bit more versatile than uprights, because you can lift the canister and take it wherever you want to go. Canister vacs still tout a full-sized engine, so you gain versatility without losing power. They are known for working well on stairs, because you can carry the canister and use the long wand extender to tackle each level with ease.


These little mini-vacs are great for smaller jobs. Some are cordless, so they work well for quick and easy cleaning or as a compact on-the-go option for RV owners. It’s also a great supplement if your main vacuum doesn’t offer many attachments or if you’d rather not pull out your whole vacuum every time you spot a mess.

Most versatile

If you have asthma or allergies or are just generally concerned with air quality, a vacuum with a HEPA filter might be worth your consideration. Many of them are removable and can be cleaned with water until they need to be replaced. This might all sound really good, but some non-HEPA models can do just as well as their High Efficiency Particulate Air counterparts. So do your research — emission reduction can vary a lot.

Filter Results

Crowd Control Stanchions – Post & Rope Displays for Queue Lines and Waiting Areas

Stanchions are ideal for organizing service lines and directing foot traffic. We offer crowd control stands in two styles: classy posts with ropes and professional poles with retractable belts. Both stanchion styles feature an effective design and sturdy construction for use in any business. Our catalog features two major brands in queue management, QueuePole and Tensabarrier, each with a number of style, finish and accessory options. Stanchions make excellent crowd control barriers whether you’re setting up a checkout area, dividing a room or creating an exhibit display.

The Quickest Way to Build Biceps

If you want to build biceps quick then the best way is to start with small but effective exercises such as:

And for weight lifting, go for direct bicep exercises including:

Barbell curls are probably the most effective way to build muscle fast. You can even throw in hammer curl and it will do wonders.

Just remember to experiment with the routines that work for you. Not everyroutine works for everyone but these are the exercises that will help you build muscle fast.

Century Punching Bag vs Everlast Heavy Bag: Which one to buy?

Treadmill Troubleshooting

We designed and manufactured our treadmills to give you a one-of-a-kind workout experience. And if something’s keeping you from that experience, we’re going to help you fix it. The problem/resolutions below cover the most common issues.

Wirecutter Staff

When it comes to gifts, the most logical plan in the world is to find ones that have the most heart: Great gifts feel good to give and to receive. The best gifts tell their recipient the exact thing you want to say—or, if you want, they just show someone you’re thinking of them without saying anything specific at all. second round of gifts

Warm things to wear

People look great in jumpsuits, but not enough people wear them. This is an ideal gift for a special someone who you’d like to see in a jumpsuit, who has enough quirky confidence to pull it off, and who also might relish the idea of putting on just ONE thing and a pair of shoes and being done with getting dressed in the morning. —BL

Remember those paper cups you’d scrape your teeth to remove the wax coating during your formative school days? Well, they were called Jazz cups, and this sweatshirt features their exact design on it. This is an ideal gift for that special someone who wants to remember the 80s and 90s when they drank Gatorade after school during soccer practice. —BL

Bling we love

Space is never not cool. But seriously, these scarves are interesting enough to be worn by men and women alike—every time I see my friend and Modest designer Victoria Pater wearing hers, I start feeling intense space-scarf jealousy.

Handmade out of 100 percent silk, these pocket squares are for the gentleman who breathes the city, but only truly exhales upon returning to the wilderness. They’re also a fragmentary graphic diary of Englishman Hamish Robertson’s journey from New York City to LA, a migration that mirrored his professional move as an editor at GQ and Vanity Fair and his transformation into a prolific California artist embracing earth, air, ocean, and asphalt as his muses. His collages and photography are rife with intricate patterns of nature that contrast with flattened graphic representations of urban sprawl found during his road trips across parts of Texas, Arizona, and California. These silk scarves are inspired by his aerial photographs taken over Los Angeles. They are a fashionable documentation that captures Robertson’s belief “that LA long ago conceded to nature.”  I love the idea of someone wearing such a thought—even secretly – right in their coat pocket.  —GH

At first glance it’s easy to mistake this set of rings for Playstation controller icons (it’s off by one “X” shape). Actually, they’re even more technologically advanced than that: each geometric piece is made using a wax cast 3D printed to order then poured and hand finished in gold, steel, brass, silver, or platinum. Individually they’re a bold statement on the finger, but as a complete set of four rings across one hand, you’ve empowered a jewelry-loving recipient with one helluva knuckle sandwich with graphic punch. —GH

Kitchen gear

Let your favorite host know that you enjoy their parties and would like to attend more of them. This serving board pulls double duty as a serving tray and a plating guide. The lines carved into its top not only add a nice visual element, but also serve as guidelines along which a host can divide different cheeses, meats, pickles, etc. in eye-pleasing proportion. —MZ

When three-time James Beard Award winner and three-Michelin-star molecular gastronomist Heston Blumenthal endorses a book as “an original and inspiring resource,” you know the pages within are going to take the reader on an unconventional detour from the countless cookbooks already available.

The Flavour Thesaurus is the culinary Roget’s Thesaurus that defines and interconnects 9popular ingredients in both expected and unexpected combinations. This book whets the appetites of those who dare to drizzle hot sauce on their ice cream to satiate their curiosity as much as their appetite. It is for the eater who seeks her or his thrills one forkful at a time, for the friend willing to taste something for you when doubt (or fear) sinks in. It’s a book that could very well change a person’s cooking and culinary vocabulary forever, inspiring experimentation whenever they find themselves in a bind with uncommon fridge-fellow ingredients. Just be prepared—the next time you’re invited for dinner, there might be cauliflower with chocolate on your plate. —GH

Cooking is a great way to learn about different parts of the world without leaving your home. A granite mortar and pestle would be an awful gift for your typical American cook. But if you pair it with some cookbooks, like the ookbook about Thai food (or

Truly Mexican ) it becomes a gateway to a completely different culture of cooking where it’s not just an accessory, but a necessity for everyday recipes. —MZ

Numerous grocers and baggers have inquired about the Packbasket, impressed by how flat it folds, and even more approving of the basket’s stability to stay upright once fully opened. The secret is the basket’s semi-rigid frame and the interlocking metal bottom, an efficient load-bearing design that stands tall and folds small. The ADK Packbasket is the sort of gift you give someone who welcomes the practical and admires the ingenious. But truly, the design isn’t just for anyone…it’s for everyone looking to ditch disposable plastic bags with something durable and easier to carry/load than a boring old tote bag.  —GH

Pickling was once a crucial skill for preserving food in the pre-refrigeration era, but has since fallen out of popularity. That is a shame because pickles are damn tasty and super easy to make. Sandor Katz’s recent bestseller

The Art of Fermentation explores the history and process of fermentation in its various forms throughout the world and is packed with recipes and techniques for pickling, making booze, and other various ferments you can easily concoct yourself at home. Occasionally you’ll have a batch get contaminated by surface mold, which happens if  the veggies rise above the liquid level, but a Japanese pickle press pretty much eliminates any chance of failure by ensuring that your vegetables never wind up in that position. —MZ

Sushi: The Beginner’s Guide and a cut of sashimi-grade fish for the Japanophile in your life who might enjoy trying preparing raw fish at home. —MZ

Adventurous things

A folding cutting board for picnics or ski resort parking lot breakfasts of meats and cheeses would bring a smile to any adventurer’s face. However, a cutting board that hides a full-size kitchen knife with no size penalty can turn that smile into a beaming grin. This gift says, “let’s go on an excursion long enough for us to both get hungry—you bring the utensils and I’ll bring the snacks.” It also works as last-resort bear defense.  —MZ

Replacing a zipper pull on the favorite jacket or backpack of a loved one with a Tru-Nord compass means they’ll never be without something that points them in the right direction. This compass may be small, but its fluidless design, jewel-bearing pivot point (like you’d find in a watch movement), and cobalt magnet ensure that it will always point magnetic north when called upon. Tru-Nord has been making brass compasses in Minnesota for 6years now and every compass they make is guaranteed for life. —MZ

Last year I was laid off from my job right before Thanksgiving. I decided that instead of worrying or wallowing, I would end the year on my own terms hiking and exploring anywhere I could reach within the radius of a four-hour drive. During these outdoor expeditions, I not only shed doubt and several pounds, but also came upon various old cabins, barns, and temporary shelters hidden among the woods. This book represents the idealization of those memories where my feet found a home and I found my way again. It’s a tome marked for friends whose appreciation for architecture extends beyond city limits—for acolytes of Frank Lloyd Wright’s belief: “Organic architecture seeks superior sense of use and a finer sense of comfort, expressed in organic simplicity.” Maybe your recipient doesn’t have their own cabin to escape to, but they’ll have this book to explore page by page. —GH

These French-made bird calls will attract all the lady birds from around the block. Use only for the purposes of love, and use responsibly and respectfully. An ideal gift for your single bird friends. Or anyone who might find pleasure in trying to communicate with our fine feathered friends come the first early thaw. —MZ

Some gifts encourage exploration of our world, near or far, like telescopes or binoculars. But if you can afford it, a good gift might be this kit for a remote-controlled submarine made by the folks at OpenROV. It’s good for 70 meters and has an HD camera feed as well as the lights to back it up. I first met the OpenROV guys and watched this machine in action when we drove to a Northern California cave with a crystal clear pool at the back, rumored to contain a stash of gold stolen from a stagecoach. We didn’t find any gold, but we did bring back some unforgettable experiences with each other and their sub, of which this is the latest edition. —BL

Writing measured in mileage adds a whole new perspective to using a pencil, and these are good for six miles of scribbling. Buying a box of these pencils for someone is like sponsoring a friend’s first marathon race, and you’re telling them you believe they can go the distance. As you put the pencil to use and sharpen it over time, it reminds you how many miles of writing or drawing you have done to date. In sixth grade my only observable purpose in life seemed to be drawing dragons cribbed from a set of Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manuals. If I had had one of these Six Mile pencils back then, I could have known how many miles of dragon tails I drew.  —GH

Last minute additions

Abalone is a board game adorned with decades of high-falutin’ accolades—the 198Golden Ace, 1990 Mensa Select Winner, and 199Game of the Decade at the International Games Festival in Cannes—yet anyone can learn to competitively play it within minutes. Throughout high school, friends and I would meet up after school for frantic 3-player speed matches, honing deviously creative strategies to push each other’s marbles off the hexagonal board at breakneck speed, the staccato sound of marble-against-marble action punctuated by intermittent cursing. Seriously great fun. Competitive, brainiac, and spatially gifted friends will enjoy the challenge you’ve presented them with. Just don’t expect to always be on the best of terms with them afterward. Maybe you can let them win a game or two as part of the gift. —GH

The valkyries will sing, Odin will laugh in mirthful amusement, Loki will even smirk approvingly… and the cat made to wear this will hate you forever. It’s a small price to pay for the satisfying joy of transforming a feline with a yarn helmet forged in the softer halls of Valhalla. Whether for a friend’s troublemaker or your own, I can’t imagine any cat owner who wouldn’t feel some sort of satisfaction spying their proud clawed warrior sauntering around with one of these custom-made hats atop their head. An Instagram and Facebook profile-photo-ready prop! —GH

Your active, health-conscious friend you hike with each weekend—yeah, the one always toting around a water bottle because they’re committed/obsessed with hydration—they’ll appreciate that you’ve upgraded them to the best-looking BPA-free water bottle available. It also has its own pop-up straw and integrated coconut-shell carbon-activated filter to remove chlorine taste and any funky odors tainting their H2O. I take mine to the gym to skip out on the sketchy-looking public water fountain with its very own visible microbial ecosystem and hydrate with my very own sippy straw bottle of filtered water ready at the press of a button. —GH

These are for your friends who always seem to have tea ready on the stove, a snack, and conversation awaiting for your arrival (the best type of friends, IMO). Even better if they’re like me and they’re apt to envision food patterns everywhere they look; these handmade vegetable tanned leather trivets will happily remind them of waffles, cookies, and the porous dots that appear while making pancakes. They’ll enjoy not only the subtle modern design, but also the patina of leather through the years and the utility of a trivet that doesn’t look like it came from Grandma’s house. —GH

The Kuu (Finnish for “moon”) is gentle in texture and illumination, the sort of soft light that adds a romantic glow to a corner of a room and to anyone underneath it. Give it to a special someone you’re moonstruck with, help them install the simple drawstring shade made from recycled sunscreen fabric, and then recreate this scene to full effect. —GH

The perfection of imperfection, the handmade versus the machine-made, the organic patterns revealed by chance. A gift like this is for those who appreciate all those things, the meditative soul who is unhindered by the rule of staying within the lines. The Japanese indigo dying technique of shibori dates back from the eighth century and results in beautiful patterns uniquely revealed after twisting, binding, and folding fabrics while the dye sets in. This kit is an invitation to join in the long lineage of hand-dyed fabrics, good for up to eight T-shirts, two bed sheets, or 1tea towels. —GH

Even the best cameras often ship with the most uncomfortable and unwieldy neck straps. And by some mysterious law of quantum physics, the straps somehow always get in the way when you most need to lean in for a steady shot. Gordy’s camera wrist straps are an affordable panacea for the sore neck suffered by photographers, offering a secure grip and handmade to order using Latigo belt leather wrapped securely with polyester cord by a small team on Whidbey Island, near Seattle. Intrepid travelers formerly burdened with a camera around their neck will especially thank you for the rugged and handsome accessory designed to make carrying around a DSLR or mirrorless model a little more comfortable. —GH

Got someone you’d nominate for admittance into the League of Extraordinary Gentleman? Someone with a discerning eye for detail and a thing for unusual accessories? One doesn’t have to be a steampunk devotee to appreciate hands-free utility and the fun of magnification with this silver-tone alloy metal barrel and 10x glass lens loupe, but it sure wouldn’t hurt. —GH

Back in college I lived with five other grill-loving young gents. Collectively we were known as Team BBQ, for whether rain or shine, we had at least one of three grills ignited to cook chicken, vegetables, and the occasional rack of ribs for supper. I’d like to one day surprise my former roommates with one of these Binchotan charcoal kits. I know they all still love grilling and they’d appreciate the near-smoke-free and super-hot, clean-burning aramaru charcoal, ideal for grilling yakitori, kabobs, and maybe even a sad single piece of Soy-Vay-glazed chicken thigh for old time’s sake. —GH

To be honest, at first glance I thought this grappling hook was designed to toss across a room and pull clothing and other items left on the floor, a sort of lazy Batman-on-break accessory. But after watching their video it was apparent this ceiling-mounted organizer would be a most excellent gift for anyone who struggles with the habit of doffing clothes onto the floor into perpetual piles, providing a space-efficient and tempting target to hang anything and everything in heroic fashion. —GH

Dutch artist Theo Jansen has been constructing generations of monstrous self-propelled, wind-powered sculptures and unleashing them to roam across Holland’s coastline with the dexterity of living creatures, mimicry convincingly engineered using plastic, steel, and polyester in the place of flesh and bone. One of his creations, the Animaris Rhinoceros Transport, has been miniaturized into a kit with 80+ plastic parts. Like its full-size counterpart, the mechanical creature moves with a careful gait reminiscent of a tarantula powered by wind. Save this gift for the young mind perpetually asking why, when, how, and what. In building this kinetic model, they’ll be exposed to both the joys of physics and art set in motion and may find some answers. —GH

Years ago I had the pleasure of watching gearhead-turned-gastronomist Dave Arnold make ice cream with “smoking” cold liquid nitrogen, infusing vanilla bean and cream with an oak extract he coaxed from single malt scotch using a rotovap (rotary evaporator). The culinary moment was forever etched into memory with a dramatic explosion—an unplanned moment of molecular gastronomy gone awry—when LNmet cream too quickly. Thankfully there was enough ice cream left to salvage and enjoy.

The genius who concocted my most memorable scoop of ice cream is now head inventor at Momofuku’s food lab and bar, Booker and Dax, and also responsible for this Ghostbusters-like contraption designed to attach onto a kitchen blowtorch, converting it into a handheld professional-grade broiler extraordinaire. Imagine the devilish twinkle in your recipient’s eyes when you tell them they can sear almost anything now—grilled cheese, steaks, creme brûlée, Velveeta even. Give this to the home cook who already has every plug-in kitchen gadget in their arsenal; at first they might believe you’ve given them a new shower head, but soon enough they’ll be asking, “what shall we sear next?!!” —GH

Arcade Belts is the brainchild of pro skier Cody Townsend (founded with friends David Bronkie and Tristan Queen), and as one might expect, gear designed by an adventure sport athlete is going to put comfort and ease of movement at a premium. That these elastic Jacquard weave belts also look so damn good is the reason snowboarders, bikers, skaters, rock climbers, and surfers regard the belts as functionally fashionable, as versatile as a snowboarder who can ride regular and goofy. Offer one of these belts that stretch every which way to the adventurer who couldn’t care less about a stifling neck tie but would love a flexible belt they can depend upon to keep pants and spirits high while climbing, shredding, ripping, or jumping into whatever adventure comes their way. —GH

There are gloves for wearing and there are gloves for working, and these classic cowhide and grain leather reinforced gloves are definitely outfitted for getting stuff done. Give them to the person in your life who does all the heavy lifting and hard work around the house, a thoughtful gesture that acknowledges you know it’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it—you just don’t want them hurting themselves in the process. —GH

It was an expired visa that led apparel designer Kemi Gadaleta from Australia back home to New York, where she learned metalsmithing and set out to become a jewelry designer. Now she turns raw metal into unique pieces like her Love is Blind Braille ring or the ready-to-rumble Cage Fighter ring for the toughie you love. But if you’re seeking an even more personal way to share a private joke, nickname, or any other meaningful message that will hang forever close to their heart, these hand-stamped custom lettered (up to characters) gold necklaces should do the trick. —GH

Want to send a wink-wink message to someone you’d like to get to know better, a big hint you’d like to move along from innocent mistletoe to something a little more naughty than nice? Los Angeles juice bar Moon Juice has concocted an “aphrodisiac warming potion” made from wild crafted ingredients of stimulating herbs and medicinal mushrooms that should warm up all the right places like a wintertime fireplace. Whether the results are for real or a placebo effect, I doubt you’ll care as long as the potion ignites the emotion into motion. —GH

Anyone can put together an emergency preparation kit. Not everyone can put together a survival kit quite like this luxurious hand-assembled curated collection comprised of both essentials and “glad these were in there” non-essentials. A bag of emergency supplies like this tells someone, “I’ve got you covered, and we’ll get through thick and thin for the next 7hours comfortably.” Give it to the perpetually high-strung worrier of disasters and what-if situations. Maybe they’ll feel just a little less stressed the next time the power goes out knowing there’s a 175-item survival kit of goodies ready to dig into.

In this day of digital images and LCD screens, there’s something retro-comforting about a big, heavy, glossy-paper coffee table book. And if you’re a fan of Apple products or just an admirer of good industrial design, there’s no better such book than, a 340-page photographic tour of four decades of Apple product designs. From (ahem) iconic products like the original Mac, iPod, and iPhone to secret prototypes that never saw the light of day to Apple’s famously meticulous packaging, the book is filled with beautiful photographs of pretty much every official Apple product, as well as a slew of unofficial ones. Complementing the images are essays and

Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle.

With almost all of the features of the Keiser except for its very smooth belt drive system, the Diamondback Fitness 510Ic is a terrific spin bike for less than half the price.

This is a heavy indoor cycle with durability to match; the belt-driven/flywheel system works extremely well to give you the different varieties of workouts most people want from a spinner since you can select between 1levels of computer-controlled resistance. The ride is even quieter than you’d normally expect with a chain drive, and there are full fore/aft handlebar and seat adjustments possible for riding comfort.

One of the standout features of the 510Ic is the computerized integration between its operation and the monitor mounted on the bike. It gives you a ton of real-time information about your ride and fitness (including four heart rate functions) and also has 1different automated workouts programmed into the system, much like you’d find on an upright model but unusual on spinners.

If you want to spend a bit more you could opt for the Diamondback Fitness 910IC which has:

Spinner NXT (Manufactured by Star Trac) Commercial Spin Bike

Spinner Commercial Spin Bike.

It’s perhaps the “most authentic” biking experience of any of our list of top best spin bikes. Resistance is adjusted with an easy-to-reach knob.

This machine is also quite user-friendly in terms of customization, with fore and aft handlebars and seat that are micro-adjustable as well as SPD compatible pedals. A little dicier for most users, though, are adjustments to the chain and flywheel, if needed.

There are conveniently-placed elbow rests for the times you want to let go of the handlebars for a bit, plus two water bottle holders if you’re the type who gets really thirsty while riding. The one real drawback: the NXT’s touchscreen display isn’t computerized, so you can’t see things like distance or calories as you bike. It will show you simulated courses, however, and you can always buy a separate computerized monitor.

The Spinner NXT is a very nice spin bike, at a price significantly lower than the Keiser although a bit higher than its closest competitors. If you’re not looking for the ultimate in an indoor cycling machine, it’s a solid choice which should last pretty close to a lifetime.

Sunny SF-B100Indoor Cycling Bike.

Extremely affordable and functional, the Sunny SF-B100is a great choice as an entry spin bike. This small unit (best suited to riders under 6-2) is quite study thanks to its steel skeleton, and provides a good range of resistance because of its chain drive system; as with most of these types of spinners, the resistance is controlled with an adjustable knob on the frame.

The Sunny is a bit noisier than the other bikes on our list, but it’s not really loud enough to be intrusive as you’re riding.

There aren’t as many comfort adjustments as you’ll find on more expensive competitors, with the handlebars only moving up and down, the pedals (which can, of course, be changed out for standard ones) only featuring toe straps, and the seat (which is not very comfortable, so you may want to replace or pad it) only adjustable over a relatively short range. There is also no console providing feedback on distance, speed or heart rate.

The cost overrides any negatives you might find on this bike. If you’re looking for your first indoor exercise bike to be strong and provide a good workout – the Sunny is a very strong contender.

Specs for the Sunny SF-B100Indoor Cycling Bike: lose weight, an increase in the amount of

Keiser MIndoor bike

Pros: The Keiser Mprovides the best features on the market for cyclists who want the best. This indoor cycle provides users with a fully functional computer system that outputs important data such as heart rate, wattage, rotations per minute, and trip length. The bike has a beautiful design that can make for a great conversation piece when guests come over to visit. The seats and handlebars are adjustable across four dimensions to help riders fine-tune their ride settings. Designed with genuine Shimano pedals, the bike feels exceptionally realistic while in use. The product comes with a 3-year warranty backed by the manufacturer.

Cons: While this bike is considered to be a high-end product, it still lacks a couple features that some users might expect. While this indoor cycle has a computer system, it is fairly primitive and has very limited functionality. In fact, the computer has no ability to control any settings on the bike and can only assist with providing output. Still however, the computer system does provide most of the essential information that bikers need.

Friction Resistance vs. Magnetic Resistance

When trying to decide between the to primary resistance mechanisms, buyers should consider how the bike will be used. Cyclists who plan to use their bikes at home might want a bike with variable difficulty to accommodate other family members and guests. If the bike will be used alone, cyclists might still want a spin bike with variable difficulty to increase it as performance rises. In these cases, Spin bikes with magnetic resistance are preferable because of their easily adjustable difficulty. In contrast, users with budget constraints might want to consider a friction-based bike. Even as strength increases, these bikes can still offer enough resistance to get a good workout in.

For casual riders, more affordable friction-based systems can be preferable. However, serious professionals will need a bike that uses magnets to get an optimal workout. Since these can usually be adjusted while working out, adjustments can be made to create short periods of peak performance necessary for certain workout routines. This can help to train muscles for long hills by simulating their increased difficulty. By doing this, users can create artificial mountains or hilly terrain that is simulated by the magnetic resistance. Fun challenges like climbing Mt. Everest or riding through the California hills can be simulated as well with a few simple calculations. Cyclists who want these features on their Spin bike will need to ensure that it is capable of doing these functions.

Transportation Wheels

Transportation wheels are a nice extra convenience that buyers should look for when purchasing a Spin bike. While a bit ironic needing wheels to move a bike, these can make it easier to move the bike around a house and get it into position upon delivery. Of course, buyers should make sure that a bike with transportation wheels can be locked in place to prevent injuries.

Full Kits

All these vendors have an assortment of kits and/or parts specific to the Prusa iThe list is non-exhaustive and contains both, good and bad quality RepRap-oriented vendors.

To find a shop in your country, click on this little box near “Loc.” and you’ll find all of them in one spot.


Another option is to attend a build workshop. You can get a group together and ask someone to put on a workshop for you, or you can find a group putting on a build workshop, such as your local Hacker Space. (Czech Republic, aluminium frame)

Sourcing Options

3D Printed parts (for GTBelts and Greg’s Wades extruder with Jhead)

Select based on desired extruder and pulleys/belts. ABS softens at a higher temperature, so is good in proximity to motors. PLA is more wear resistant, and so makes longer lasting gears.

3D Printed parts (for GTBelts and Greg’s Wades extruder with Jhead/E3D)

Belts and Pulleys

Timing belts (T2.5, T5, etc.) are highly discouraged in favor of GTor GTbelts. Make sure that the belt holder matches the belt you choose. (The belt holder is one of the 3D printed parts above.)

2x 6mm wide GTbelt pieces (760? And 900? mm long) for x axis, for y package with all of the above cut from 2m circumference belt

Extruder Cold End

There are a number of extruder cold ends available, but not all will fit the iunmodified. To be safe, make sure the extruder you decide on is compatible with your version of the i(the single plate and the box frame versions have different carriages). When purchasing extruder parts, be sure that they work with the filament diameter you intend to use (aka, 1.7or 3mm).

There are no files for an extruder among the official STL files (either box or single plate), so there is no official extruder. There is a version of Greg’s Wade Extruder, as well as a Bowden extruder (both dual and quad versions!), which have been modified to fit the single plate version of the iGreg’s Wade Extruder seems to be most common, although the compact/dual extruders appear to work to some degree (Seems to be still under development, as of 2013-8-15). (Note: A compact extruder is essentially half of a dual-extruder, with a few small design changes.)

Direct drive extruders push filament through the hot end quickly, and can retract it just as quickly to reduce oozing. Higher gearing ratios give more precision (good for smaller nozzle apertures and layer heights) at the cost of slower speed. The lowered motor torque allows smaller, lighter motors.

Extruder Hot End

First of all, the hotend must fit to your extruder cold end.

You also have a couple options when it comes to the extruder hot end. The J-head extruder was designed so that it could be machined all in one piece. This makes it cheaper and more reliable, but means you need a J-head for each nozzle diameter you want to print with. (They do have exchangeable PTFE liners for different filament diameters.) Having a separate nozzle, heater block, barrel, and PTFE sleeve allows the user to mix and match filament size and nozzle diameters on a whim.


The build surface is chosen so that the printed filament adheres to it. Various tapes can be used, and have the advantage of being easy to remove from both the piece and the bed underneath. Glass provides poor adhesion, however hairspray or a glue-stick can be used to make a good bond.

The bed doesn’t necessarily have to be heated. If the first few layers of a print cool non uniformly, they have a tendency to curl up like a potato chip. Heating the bed greatly minimizes this problem.

PCB Heated Bed (Most uniform heating. May require LEDs and wires)





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Belt Displays by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Belt Displays wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Belt Displays



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about Belt Displays is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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