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Best Breast Protectors 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated December 1, 2018
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Billy JacobsHi there, my name is Billy Jacobs and the first thing I would like to say is thanks for stopping by my website. I spent 48 hours researching and testing 21 different types of breast protectors and found that material, variety of sizes, and style were most important.

Eventually, I found something that would suit my needs but it occurred to me that I wasn’t the only one who might be having the same problems I did. What I would like you to remember as you browse my website is that I don’t work in the industry so the reviews I have are based on good old fashioned honesty.

Best Breast Protectors of 2018

Many brands have introduced breast protectors on the market. These brands have resulted in a variety for the user. These require that the consumers be well aware of what they are buying so as to make the best choice. So this is not only going to give you an insight to the best breast protectors of the 2018 but also those which are user friendly and easy to work with.

The above tidbits will bring you closer to selecting breast protectors that best serves your needs and as per your budget. There’s a product for every kind of user on the list of affordable options below.

Test Results and Ratings

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Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
4 points
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№1 – Woman Fencing Breast Protector Cup Plastic White Pair

Woman Fencing Breast Protector Cup Plastic White Pair

Fencing Breast Protector
Absolutely no frills

Why did this breast protectors win the first place?

The rear part fits perfectly! It is mounted really tight and reliable. The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product.












№2 – Spectra Backflow Protector with Spectra S2 Spectra S1 and 9 Plus Breastpump Original Spectra Backflow…

Spectra Backflow Protector with Spectra S2 Spectra S1 and 9 Plus Breastpump Original Spectra Backflow...

Reliable! I really like this!
Bad customer service for warranty.
A little bit shallow.

Why did this breast protectors come in second place?

Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture. I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price. The design quality is top notch and the color is nice. I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made.












№3 – Women Reusable Waterproof Adhesive Silicone Breast Petal Pasties Girls Invisible Nipple Covers Pads

Women Reusable Waterproof Adhesive Silicone Breast Petal Pasties Girls Invisible Nipple Covers Pads

Specially design for your backless and strapless dresses, wedding dress,sheer, gowns. Doubling protection of sensitive parts of a women
Package: 3 pairs; Colour: nude; Size: 2.8″ (diameter). Round Shape, Flower Shape, Heart Shape (Choose according to your needs). Lightweight ,reusable ; best gift choice for yourself or your girlfriend.
Require more effort to use.
The price might be something to consider for some.

Why did this breast protectors take third place?

A very convenient model. It is affordable and made of high-quality materials. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time.












Breast Protectors Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy breast protectors, right? No!

The Basics

Umpire chest protectors are perhaps your most involved gear choice. There is a large range of protection levels and size options, not to mention, protecting your vital body parts of heart and other organs makes it worthy of extra thought.

In reality, umpire chest protectors should be called chest, shoulder and rib protectors as there is protection available for all of these areas as well; and in some cases, even the less important stomach area or biceps can be protected.

Choosing the right umpire chest protector for your level and size, along with proper mechanics on positioning, should keep you as confident and safe as possible behind the plate. Let’s dive in and see if we can help you pick the one right for you.


First of all, umpire chest protectors are meant to worn on the inside. An adjustable harness will slide over your neck, down your back and latch to either side of your body to keep your chest protector snug. Umpire shirts are sized to fit over your chest protector and have fabric that is tough enough to handle the hard protrusions from the buckles, hard plastic and other stressors of your chest protector.

Older balloon-style models are over-sized, hand-held and more cumbersome when having to handle your umpiring tasks. They are considered out-of-style although still available at some outlets.

Sizes and Sizing

Besides inside vs. outside, hard vs. soft shell, there are sizing considerations as a matter of choosing the right umpire chest protector for you. For instance, if you are a taller (or shorter) umpire, some chest protectors will work better for you and some not at all. 

When measuring for chest protector length, measure from your neck down to where you want the bottom of the chest protector to be positioned (over ribs, just at or above the belly button). When checking your new umpire chest protector, get in your stance and look in a mirror to check for that neck-to-ribs coverage.


The soft shell umpire chest protectors have come a long way as most provide more protection than in the past. Besides being lightweight, all provide more perspiration management, have options for all heights and are typically less expensive.

Soft shells vary on whether or not they have additional extensions for the biceps, whether multiple sizing options are available and whether or not they offer added protection through plastic plates embedded within the chest protector itself.

Soft-Shell Only: There are some soft-shell-only chest protectors on the market in a ribbed-style without additional hard-plastic plates, not unlike what catchers wear. However, we encourage umpires to leave the soft-shell only styles to catchers and wear umpire chest protectors with at least some type of hard shell or hard shell coverage or embedded hard shell plates. Our selection reflects that.

Hard Shell Umpire Chest Protectors

Seasoned umpires will tell you to get the hard shell chest protector for any and all levels. This is especially true at the college, minor and major league levels.

Most of those who wear soft shell chest protectors, with or without inserts, don’t have any problems, perhaps for years. Then, maybe, they’ll take that one hit that leaves a nasty bruise or wishing they had gotten a higher level of protection.

As you’ll read below, manufacturers got around the patent, through alternative designs, such as using rivets to attach the hard plates. This opened umpires up to more options, sizes and price points.

Let’s start by discussing the Wilson models, arguably the highest in protection of hard shells, before we dive into the others.

Wilson Models: Wilson has styles, higher end models (Gold and Platinum) and a lower end – but great value – Charcoal one.

Metal Buckles  that are easily attached in the front but that can rust over time (as opposed to plastic Tifco-style buckles)

Champion P2

While being the lowest profile, its design makes it the least protective of all hard shell umpire chest protectors. Its riveted design attaches differently than other riveted designed chest protectors by pinching padding inward in such a way to create shell-only in all places where it is riveted.

Schutt XV

Harnesss has padding around the shoulder straps for greater comfort and a quick-slide buckle that makes it easier to adjust the harness vertically.

Metal Buckles or Plastic Buckles? Metal ones can rust after a few years. Plastic ones can break. However, the metal ones can be sanded and re-painted. The plastic ones on all models here are on the side and should be safely out of the way of the force of a baseball or softball but still slightly more vulnerale than metal. Besides Wilson hard shells, the following styles have metal buckles:

The others (and all soft-shells) have plastic. (The Champion P2’s metal buckle and insert along side the Champro Pro-Plus Armor Plate plastic buckle and insert.)

A Word on Sizing Plates

Sizing plates, we feel, are a misnomer. With all the size options available on most umpire chest protectors that are compatible with sizing plates, you should find what you need size-wise to cover your ribs without needing one – in most cases.

More often than not, sizing plates are used to extend coverage to cover some or all of your stomach. T

The umpire chest protectors that are compatible with extensions are as follows (photo below is in same order as bullets):


Most umpires opt out of bicep protection. But if you do want this protection – and that is perfectly fine for those who might bruise more easily or umpire in youth leagues were pitchers and catchers are a little more unsteady – here are options along with their benefits:

Wilson Charcoal (right below)Hard-shell that comes with them hard-shell protectors included but removable. The Charcoal provides a Wilson hard-shell at a lower price point than other Wilson CPs but only comes in a 13″ size option.

Diamond iX(top left below)The Diamond iXis the only umpire chest protector that comes with both removable bicep protection and an extension at one price. The bicep protection is consistent with the chest protector itself with soft-shell over hard plastic plates.


First of all, extend your chest protector’s life by wiping any moisture off after each game.

Secondly, don’t throw your whole chest protector in the washing machine. Use a mild soap instead, and wash by hand without immersing into water. The All-Star System Seven’s inner torso padding is fully removable for machine washing, however.

Third, if any metal buckles show signs of rust, remove them, sand them and spray paint them with a rust-preventing paint (e.g. Rustoleum).

Lastly, check your straps periodically for wear. It may lose its elasticity over time. If you find yourself adjusting it often or your chest protector no longer covers your collar bone in your chance, a new chest protector harness will likely provide a fix.

Sports protective equipment

Hockey equipment puts more emphasis on protecting the chest, back and especially the shoulders since the latter are usually involved in high-speed impacts on bodychecks. Paintball players won’t need protection against big forceful blows, but lightweight and thick foam padding to absorb high-speed projectiles.

Fox RRoost Deflector

If you’re looking for a body armor to protect you each time you go riding your motorcycle or DH bike, then the Fox RRoost Deflector is a great choice. Made from hard and durable materials, this upper-body armor can provide maximum protection against impact. The chest, shoulder, and back protectors are made of high-quality polycarbonate material which makes them very light yet extremely tough. These are made to withstand powerful blows or mechanical shocks while protecting the wearer at all times.

Thanks to the low profile shoulder cups, you won’t feel hindered whenever you go out on your favorite trail. However, these chromed cups will surely protect your shoulders from any kind of side falls. You will benefit from great maneuverability while also getting the peace of mind that you’re fully protected. This product also comes with removable padded arm guards, which is a nice feature for low-risk activities that require more mobility. You can also keep the guards and adjust them properly to remove any kind of hindrance, thanks to the fully adjustable straps.

Protective Gear

Elbow and knee guards are also essential safety equipment for motocross riders. Your motocross pants and jersey do offer you some protection, but not enough to protect you from injury from a serious accident. You can also invest in a knee brace to prevent twisting your knees during a crash.

Alpinestars A-Roost Guard Chest Protector

Fox Raptor CE Protector. The Fox Raptor CE Protector is designed to protect riders from the most serious injuries. This chest protector features shoulder-bicep coverage that is removable and adjustable, a versatile fit compatible with a neck brace, and plastic side plates which provide full-coverage. The Raptor gives riders the maximum, unrestricted, complete full-body protection and numerous safety features.

Mobius XKnee Protectors. XKnee Protectors from Mobius are among the most comfortable choice for high level knee protection on the market. They use the Continuous Cable Routing System (CCRS) to provide an adjustable fit simply and easily with just one turn of the locking anodized aluminum dial. Behind the knee adjustment dial the Figure-cable strengthens the joint. These knee protectors are fully lined with rubber internal padding designed to absorb impact as well as plush EVA foam for both protection and comfort. You can achieve the most exact fit using pad kits with these protectors.

POD MX KKnee Brace. The Pod MX KKnee Brace provide professional quality, adjustable protection in the form of lightweight carbon fiber frames, modular components, and the Human Motion hinge system for knee support that is natural. These braces provide medical-grade knee protection yet allows for excellent movement.

Riding Gear

Motocross pants and jerseys offer riders protection from injuries that are less severe; cuts, abrasions and scrapes can all be prevented with this kind of riding gear. Jerseys and pants designed for use in motocross also offer some degree of padding for the knee and elbow joints although they do not eliminate the need for knee and elbow guards. Most motocross jerseys are made with nylon, air flow vents and moisture-wicking technology to keep riders cool and dry.

Fly Racing 201F-1Jersey and Pants Gear Combo. The 201F-1Jersey and Pants Combo from Fly Racing is perfect for serious racers. The jersey enhances comfort and performance with its multi-panel, durable polyester construction. The Limited Edition also features mesh panels for maximum coolness. The comfort stretch collar and shorty elastic cuffs increase comfort and protection.

The pants in the 201F-1Jersey and Pants Combo include many comfort features as well as protective elements. To keep knee braces more comfortable these pants include a stretchy, pre-shaped Flex Knee. The pants use stretch ribbing and thermoplastic rubber (TPO) badges in critical locations to enhance flexibility. 600D construction makes these pants durable, and the 900D knee panels protect riders from exhaust burns.

Fly Racing 201Lite Hydrogen Jersey, Pant Gear Combo. The Fly Racing 201Lite Hydrogen Jersey, Pant Gear Combo offers a minimalist motocross gear alternative. Crafted from stretch fabric, it is comfortable, non-restrictive and lightweight. This combo replaces non-essential features with breathable, high-end, woven elastic fabric for breathability and comfort.

Fly Racing 201Kinetic Glove

The 201Kinetic Glove from Fly Racing offers major comfort along with great protection. These lightweight gloves feature various features for comfort, durability and air flow: synthetic leather wrist closures which are adjustable, top-shelf ventilation, woven Lycra four-way stretch panel construction, silicone finger grippers, split knuckles, and reinforcement at the thumb and palm.

Troy Lee Designs 201SE Glove. This 201SE Glove from Troy Lee Designs consists of a body made from self-dyed two-way stretch spandex body pieces and a palm made from Clarino dual layer synthetic leather. For added comfort they include velcro wrist closures.

Fox 201Shiv Airline Glove. These Fox 201Shiv Airline Gloves are a simple racing standard that offers style and ease of use. Made of breathable fabric and a single-layer Clarino palm, these provide a sturdy silicone lever grip, slip-on ease, and great style.


To protect your eyes and ensure you can navigate and ride, goggles are absolutely essential for motocross. Find the best fit within your helmet by bringing it with you while you shop. The best motocross goggles also provide you with ventilation and anti-fog lenses. And remember, if you tend to ride in mud and/or rain, look for goggles with tear-offs.

100% Accuri Mirror Lens Goggles. These Accuri Mirror Lens Goggles from 100% feature triple layer foam to ensure no moisture gets inside them and a durable, flexible urethane frame. These goggles do have tear-offs; in fact all motocross goggles by 100% share the same tear-off and lens profile. These lenses are scratch resistant and also have an anti-fog coating. Designed for comfort as well as performance, these goggles have a carefully constructed curvature and an oversized 45mm strap coated in silicon to keep them where you need them.


Fox The Director Sunglasses. These Director sunglasses offer you a durable nylon frame and optical-grade hinges. The lenses are base polycarbonate and prescription ready. And most important, these glasses provide a great fit.

Spy General Sunglasses. These sunglasses provide you with a cool look and awesome durability. The lenses are grey 8-base polycarbonate and give you 100% UV protection. The 5-barrel hinges are strong so you know your purchase will age well.

Stance Socks Motocross Gear. Stance socks for all different kinds of riders offer comfort and protection. There are so many styles available that this is an ideal place to customize your gear and look.

BTO Sports

Known as the “Doc”, Chris has been an expert in the motorcycle and mtb industry for over 1years. When not writing articles of excellence, he can be found riding his CRF450R at the many Southern California motocross tracks and local MTB trails. Twisting the throttle is what Chris lives for!

Testing Your Breast Shield Size

To confirm which size breast shield is the best fit, you should watch the nipple movement during pumping. Your breast shield size also depends on your breast tissue and skin elasticity (not just nipple size alone). In order to determine if your PersonalFit breast shield is the right size, you can perform a quick test using your pump and the breast shields that came with it.


Even the most rigorous of cleaning and sterilisation routines cannot get those hard-to-reach areas of the breastshield fully clean. Over time, fatty residue and condensation will build up in these crevices, making it a great place for bacteria and mould to live (this is why we recommend replacing breastshields every months).

Breastmilk storage bags

Nipple protectors are soft plastic shields that protect your nipples while your baby is feeding. However, most breastfeeding experts agree that they should only be used for a few days at a time. This is because nipple protectors can make it tricky for your baby to feed well.Nipple creamsNipple creams are non-toxic creams that aid healing in sore or cracked nipples. Lanolin-based creams are popular with many breastfeeding mums, and so are those that contain camomile, as it’s very soothing. Some high-street shops sell own-brand versions that are usually cheaper than creams produced by well-known brands. Nipple spraysAn antiseptic spray designed to heal sore or cracked nipples.Breast pumpsA breast pump makes it easy for you to express milk for your baby. They’re great if you’re going back to work and need to leave some breastmilk with the person looking after your baby, or if your baby is having trouble latching on.Breastmilk storage containersThese plastic containers come with measuring scales on the side and can be fitted with a teat when the milk is needed. MuslinsCotton muslin squares are great for protecting your clothes and wiping away baby dribble while you’re feeding your baby, and possets after feeding.

How to Choose a Pill Crusher

Disclaimer: No information presented on this website or in any of these medical buying guides is medical advice or intended as a substitute for the advice of a physician. All information on this website concerning medical conditions is from publicly available sources.

Hospital Grade Breast Pumps

Most of you no doubt, have given birth in a hospital or are going to. Best Hospital Grade Breast Pumps are the strongest and most durable available to breastfeeding moms. Cycle frequencies may feel a bit low to some mothers, but if that’s the case you would need a hospital grade pump. Similar but more industrial to personal electric pumps, these pumps effectively stimulate your breasts to adequately raise your levels of the hormones to increase your breast milk production and output.These breast pumps are robust and strong enough to build and maintain a healthy supply of breast milk. If you’re pumping exclusively, a double pump may be a good investment.if money is not an issue for you, then grab this type of breast pump over the rest as it will be much more effective and easy to use.

Best Hospital Grade Breast Pumps are designed and approved by the FDA to be safe for multiple users. They are designed with barriers that prevent cross contamination. With stronger, powerful motors than personal electric and manual pumps, more efficient pumping and a high-level suction are provided. They are also designed for different pumping situations such as improving milk flow, for twins and to induce lactation. Those with dual pumps, which empties both breasts at once, can cut expressing time in half, approximately 1minutes.This helps you to get a significant volume of milk and will be your best bet for maintaining your milk supply

Unlike the manual and personal electric pumps, these powerhouses are more bulky and heavy making it difficult to transport easily. But are more durable, used for frequent and daily use, meaning that replacement parts are less likely to be needed. 

Electric Breast Pumps

The electric pumps can be a large investment so, taking into account convenience and durability, some can be costly. Research different manufacturers products to ensure that you purchase the best breast pump for you. Whilst some have intermittent pumping action which better imitates a baby suckling, others have a constant vacuum which can cause some nipple discomfort.

Perhaps you’re a working mother. Or going away for a weekend. Or even just stocking up on milk. Best Personal electric pumps ensure that your baby is still benefiting from your milk when you’re not around whilst being efficient and easy to use. This gives fathers and other family members a chance to bond with the child too. Efficiency is important if you plan to save a large quantity of milk. Extracting more milk than a manual pump means it’s useful when you’re busy. An electric pump can speed up the process of milk supply and is recommended if you prefer to offer expressed milk (either part of or all the time) for any reason. To speed up the process, even more, some pumps possess a dual feature meaning that both breasts are pumped at the same time.

Some pumps have a range of features including

Automatically working when the cup is in place on your breast, this pump saves you time and aching wrists giving you a sense of relaxation.

Adjustable suction levels mean that the level of comfort is controlled. Build up the levels slowly. Setting the strength to high straightaway may be painful or damage your nipple. Although some electric pumps can be noisy meaning it’s hard to express discreetly. And some can be heavy rendering them not very portable.This may be embarrassing for those working mothers in the workplace. Although, manufacturers are constantly continuing to use advanced technology, in which to create lighter pumps that make much less noise.

Some electric pumps require a mains outlet to be used. This can be restrictive for the mother’s movements. But, many other models can be operated with batteries making them more convenient for active mothers.

NUK Expressive Electric Pump

This scientifically designed electric pump is perfect for those on a budget. It is promised to deliver a similar performance as the leading pump. Very personable, it even includes a photo holder! This can be an incentive when you’re away from your baby.

If you’re looking for something that is an alternative to a larger pump, this is the best breast pump to for. It can be used at home or at work and even comes with an AC adaptor so you can charge it in your car.

Customizable with up to 3different settings to adjust speeds and suction levels, this maximizes your milk flow and increases pumping efficiency. This ensures you achieve your personal comfort level by being able to easily adjust the settings.Mimicking a baby suckling, these natural pumps sections emit an experience like real life. The pump also has soft breast cushions with lightly textured, massaging rings which shape perfectly to your breast to help the flow of milk continue efficiently and to stimulate letdown.A digital display with easy to push button controls, integrated into the pump, exhibits selected settings clearly. Perfect for those dark night-time expressions.  A memory button is also featured, saving your preferred settings for easy use for next time. Easy to assemble and clean, this pump is perfect for those who want a relaxed and quick experience.

Manual Breast Pumps

If you’re away from home, expressing every now and then and looking for a low-cost option then a manual pump is the best option for you.

If you’re not used to pumping/expressing, these pumps can be difficult to master until you find a regular rhythm although many manual breast pumps come with accessories to make them easier to use. Some manual pumps include bottles that you can express your breast milk straight in to. Having more than one bottle allows you to express and store extra in one sitting.

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

This purple, 0.3kgpump is a must-have for all new mothers who plan on breastfeeding. It features two modes, stimulation, and expression as well as two size flanges for ideal suction and fit. This enables the mother to switch easily between the two pumping modes, to aid in let-down and maximize pumping efficiency. This can be implemented by use of a simple switch at the top of the handle.

The two size flanges that come with the aesthetically pleasing pump, are standard (25mm) and large (30.5mm), which ensures the mothers ideal suction and pumping comfort.

As manual breast pumps get a bad reputation for aching wrists and hands, it has designed and implemented an ergonomic easy-express handle which reduces hand fatigue.

Compatible with Lansinoh Momma bottle, it has flanges with natural wave nipple to mimic a newborn baby sucking actions and comes with Lansinoh breast milk storage bottles for easy storage.

Convenient and portable, the Lansinoh manual breast pump is ideal for occasional use at home or on the go. The wide neck bottle makes milk transfer easier and is compatible with the natural wave nipple so you can pump, store and feed, all with the same bottle.

Its dimensions are7.x 7.x 4.inches so very compact and easily handbag transferable. Designed for ease of use, Lansinoh’s manual breast pump provides a discreet and convenient way of expressing while on the move, with no need for batteries or an electrical source.

Simple and easy to clean, assemble and to use, it comes with few parts.

TOMMEE TIPPEE Manual Breast Pump

This Closer to Nature manual breast pump is perfect for those mothers who want a quiet, discreet and easy to control the pump. It’s lightweight, being 0.040 kg, and compact ensuring you achieve just the right level of suction whilst traveling or occasional expressing. Ideal for times where electricity is not available.

This portable pump provides all the mother needs to express, protect, prepare and feed. So, the baby will have all the benefits of breast milk, even when a mother is not there. This gives the father or whomever else a chance to bond with the baby. This small and discreet pump screws directly onto the bottle that is provided ensuring that storage is easily manageable. It also can attach to the storage pot and is also one of the few manual pumps available that can attach directly to a milk bag allowing for storage to be even more effortless.

Manually operated, this small pump does not take up much space at all. (Dimensions being: x 4.x inches.)

It comes in three parts making it easy to assemble and dissemble. Thus, easily detachable saves time washing up.

If you’re looking for a simple, cheap and reliable pump. Look no further!

Some of the largest worldwide companies manufacture breast pumps amongst other baby and mother products.

Medela Swing Breast Pump Instructions

If you are working mother, then Medela Swing Breast Pump will feel like a blessing, as you can pump very discreetly and fill a bottle of milk within no time. Moreover, the product is designed such that in can easily be used without a table top or while traveling in a car.

All the more, the product is cheap as compared to the wonderful quality it provides for. However, if you are a first-time mom and are unsure which breast pump you should choose, then this pump can be a great choice. Owing to the ease of handling and comfortable milking, it has served a wide number of women around the world with amazing results.

Nibble Breast Pump Instructions

Despite serving multiple users across, a major disadvantage of the product is that it can only be used through a cord. It does not have a rechargeable battery functionality. This makes it difficult to be used at times. Other than that, the product imparts absolute ease of hands-free usage, such that you can use the Breast pump and can easily work or text from your other hand.

Predominantly, the product is particularly suitable for large milking requirements. If you are a mother of twins, then this product will be an ultimate bliss for you. The adjustable settings let you maintain the pumping rhythm through which you can extract a breast full of milk comfortably and conveniently within no time. The attractive features of this product make it fall in the league of the best breast pump in the industry today.

Browns Breast Pumps

As a manufacturer of baby and toddler products including bottles, pacifiers, cups and more, Dr. Brown’s sells manual breast pumps which are designed to gently express milk making them one of the most comfortable breast pumps to own.The products are available in over fifty countries worldwide and in major retailers as well as online.

Using BPA-free plastic in all the bottle parts, the specially designed breast cup is made to conform to your breast shape and to ensure that the suction created by the pump doesn’t tug or pull at your skin.

As an all-in-one system, Dr. Brown’s manual breast pump attaches directly to the bottle used for milk collection making it a lot more convenient and less expensive to buy extra parts such as tubing.

Medela Breast Pumps

Swiss company Medela was founded in 196and is most widely recognized as a maker of hospital-grade, double-electric breast pumps. Specializing in products that use vacuum technology. Medela’s products are available in over 90 countries around the world and have been sold in the United States for almost 30 years.Medela is the only company to provide proven, research-based pump technology.

Medela also has developed and designed an app which helps you track all your information such as pumping and lactation times as well as your baby’s growth. This app can be linked to the relevant breast pumps.

Medela’s hospital-grade, multi-user pumps are available to rent, directly from the company as well as through many hospital departments.

Nuk Breast Pumps

Owned by Nestle, based in Switzerland, the NUK family of baby care brands has been a trusted name in baby and toddler care. It has developed products for over 50 years.NUK manufactures double- and single electric breast pumps as well as manual models.

NUK offers a selection of pumps at affordable prices. It currently manufactures a double-electric pump, single electric pump, and manual pump to suit your needs. All its pumps are about half the cost of similar styles in leading brands.

Best for new mothers who express frequently and budget friendly.

Tommee Tippee Breast Pumps

Owned by Mayborn Group, areolTommee Tippee is an infant and toddler care brand. It focusing on products that support feeding for babies and toddlers. It offers several products for nursing women including a manual pump and breastfeeding accessories.

Tommee Tippee’s manual breast pumps are designed to be small and lightweight for easy pumping. You can easily transport it or store it at home for occasional pumping.

Spectra Breast Pumps

New to the U.S market, Spectra breast pumps bring style to breast pumping with its eye-catching pumps. Founded in 2012, this fairly new company manufactures manual to hospital grade breast pumps. These pumps are high quality and covered by many insurance plans.

Breast Pump History

With the understanding this article and the research has given, it is imperative to know that buying a breast pump is an important decision a mother may have. There are many different types, styles and accessories mothers should think about. As there are many types of breast pumps available, choosing the right pump can be a particularly difficult task it is very important to be prepared and to make the right choice from the start by buying the ideal breast pump depending on your needs. Mainly, mothers need to choose one that fits in around them personally. Think of it as a comfortable dress. You wouldn’t feel happy if you brought an uncomfortable dress that pinched in vulnerable places. The same goes for a breast pump. Whether it’s for the personal use in the comfort of your own home, in the hospital, in the workplace or just traveling, you are guaranteed to find that pump just for you within this article no matter what your budget is.

Expressing milk for donation.

Relieving the pain of engorged breasts. (Be aware that too much pumping would aggravate the situation.)

Unavoidable circumstances. Such as being away from baby for long amounts of time. If the mother is separated from the baby after delivery and the baby is in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Pumping in this circumstance will allow the mother to build up her breast milk supply whilst waiting for the baby to be able to latch onto the breast.

To help to pull out flat nipples or inverted nipples.

To begin re-lactating. Using a breast pump after/between nursing sessions helps stimulate the body top to produce more breast milk.

To establish a milk supply for an adopted baby. The body does not know that it needs to create breast milk if it hasn’t gone through pregnancy and delivery. Whilst a challenge, it is feasible and would provide an excellent supplement to a formula based diet.

You want to increase your milk supply. Hormones affected by health conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), could cause a low milk supply. Please note that you will need to see your doctor for professional treatment.

To temporarily wean the child. Helps to make a smooth transition from breast to solid food.

Lightweight at weighing pounds or less, these are easily transportable and often include accessories like storage bags, clips, and bottles etc.

High Range Electric breast pumps: These pumps are for those who pump several times a day and have a good flow of milk. Once milk flow has been established, mothers may simply want the flexibility an electric pump can offer. An important feature for those mothers in the workplace is the fast pumping feature. With the possibility of working on batteries as well as mains powered, this is a portable option.

Mid-Range Electric breast pumps: These are the most common choice for mothers who can’t or not want to express manually may find that these are budget-friendly and effective.Designed for use of one breast at a time, they are lightweight and portable.

Multiple Flange Sizes

An appropriate and comfortable size of the flange/breast shield. When buying a pump, look for different flange size options. Pump fit is not about breast size; it’s about nipple size. It refers to how well your nipples fit into the pump opening that your nipples are pulled into during pumping.

Factors Should Consider When Purchasing a Breast Pump

BPA free:  Look for pumps which have “BPA free” on the packaging. Most breast pumps come into contact with plastic which could contain ingredients which can be harmful to food storage, especially BPA which is a chemical additive is often used to strengthen the material and prevent shattering, which can leach out of the plastic when it is being washed and then contaminate the breast milk. It can also be harmful to infants and children, which is why it is important to look for a model that does not use any chemical additives. PBA free containers are safe, sturdy, and are also resistant to bacterial growth.

Weight:  Do you want to lug around a heavy pump all day? To save a bad back, consider purchasing a small manual one for on the go.

Noise level:  Nobody wants to hear the mechanical engineering in the night time hours. Look for quiet sounding ones that won’t disturb you or anybody else.

Power options:  Do you need a transportable pump? Some breast pumps, such as hospital grade ones, are only compatible with the mains supply making it impossible to move from one spot where it’s plugged in. If you want to be more mobile, consider the battery powered option.

Additional membranes and valves: Most pumps come with all the parts they need to operate, but some of the parts are easily damaged or lost. Most pumps use one membrane and one valve to separate the pumping mechanism from the flange and milk collection bottle. Think about buying extras to have on hand. This will ensure that you can operate your pump even if you misplace or damage these essential but tiny parts.

An appropriate level of vacuum or suction:  which should not be greater than 250 mm Hg because it can cause pain.

Do you want an open or a closed system?: Closed system pumps have a barrier between the pump mechanism and the container with the milk, which prevents penetration of bacteria and dirt from the outside. An open system is fine if you are the only user of it, but if you plan on renting or borrowing one, make sure that it is a closed system no matter what.

Warranty:  Check the warranty length as this is the expected lifetime of the pump. If you use the pump after the warranty expires and it breaks down, you will have no recourse from the manufacturer. Also, use the warranty length as a guide on how durable the pump is. The longer the warranty, the more likely the pump is sustainable.


Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Hospital Grade Breast Pump

Hospital Grade Breast pumps are the most advanced kind of breast pumps available on the market today. These are considered the best breast pump for one to buy. If a mother is unable to feed the child properly or the baby is not able to build up the milk in the breast while nursing, the doctors recommend these breast pumps. These are more powerful than the manual breast pumps and the electronic breast pumps. Moreover, these can be used by multiple users. Also, these have a longer life and can extract more milk than the other two types.

The hospital grade breast pumps are the ones that are available in the hospitals to help the mothers who have difficulties in feeding the child. These pumps are a lot costlier than the other portable ones and also very big in size. But, for the mothers with frequent needs of feeding or the ones who need to extract more amount of milk at a time, these can be very useful.

If you are planning on buying a hospital grade breast pump, here are a few things to note:

The Size of the Shield- All the breasts are different and all the nipples are designed differently. The breast pumps come with different shields according to the various nipple and breast types. If your breast is getting red or there is a pain in them while feeding, you might need to consider the size of the shield. Make sure you ask the seller about the different options available before settling for one.

Power- Buying a hospital grade breast pump automatically means that the amount of milk that you need is more than regular. These breast pumps are way more powerful than the manual or the electric breast pumps but the power can be easily adjusted. There are some that are bigger than the others. So if you want to buy them for your personal use, buying the one smaller in size is better.

Cost- The hospital grade breast pumps are much costlier than the other types of breast pumps. So, it is very important to see what features are useful for your need since the extra features add to the cost.

Renting- Most hospitals readily rent these breast pumps since they can be easily used by multiple people. If you do not have enough finances to buy a hospital grade breast pump, then renting one is the best idea. Moreover, it is not at all smart to spend a lot of money on a breast pump that only has to be used once. You can also consider selling or renting your breast pump to some other lactating mother.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying an Electric Breast Pump

An electric breast pump is a device that is used to extract the milk from the breasts of the lactating mothers. These are powered by electricity and their movement can be controlled by a small switch. Breast pumps have been used by women for a long time and new inventions have been made continuously to improve their functioning. Electric breast pumps are the most advanced pumps that are easy to use and operate. Every lactating mother needs a breast pump. So if you are thinking of buying an electric breast pump, here are a few things that you should keep in mind:

The sensitivity of the nipples- Some electric breast pumps tug on the breasts a little harder than the manual breast pump and can be uncomfortable for some women. So you should keep it in mind before buying a breast pump for yourself. There are some electric breast pumps available that mimic the sucking motion of the baby and are gentle on the breast. The material of the pump might cause allergies in some cases.  Before buying an electronic breast pump check the ingredients that are used in making the machine.

Adjustable Vacuum- An adjustable vacuum is also very important in providing the comfort in pumping out the milk from the breast. In the breast pumps without an adjustment of vacuum, the breast gets stuck and pinched hard causing pain to the feeding mother.

Cycling time- Each breast pump has different cycling time i.e. the number of times the pump sucks on the breast per minute. If you are someone who is short on time and needs to constantly pump milk, then the one with more cycling time will be the best option for you.

Operation- Each and every model of the breast pump is designed to suit the comfort of different people. So, before buying an electric breast pump, see that whether you will be able to easily clean it or not. The breast pump should be easy to operate, easy to clean and easy to assemble.

Cost- Not everyone needs all the new functions a breast pump can provide. With each additional feature, the cost of the breast pump also increases. So, buying a breast pump with features that are suitable for your need is very important. Since the breast pumps are going to be used just one time or maybe twice, spending a fortune on them is not necessary.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Manual Breast Pump

The manual breast pumps have been around for ages and are one of the most important equipment for a lactating mother. Breast pumps are a godsend for the working mothers who need to constantly feed their babies. The manual breast pumps are operated by hand and there is no external force used. Many new types of breast pumps have been invented but most women prefer manual breast pumps for its ease of handling and simplicity.

If you are thinking of buying a manual breast pump, here are a few things you need to consider:

The frequency of use- If you are a working mother and have to stay away from your child for longer hours, you might need a lot of milk to keep the baby well fed throughout the day. In such a case manual breast pumps can be a little slow. However, these are very comfortable and easy to use. To solve this problem, buy the breast pumps that come with bigger attachments or bottles that can directly store the milk and will save you the time of transferring the milk from one container to another.

Comfort- To make your experience more comfortable, there are many breast pumps that come with cushions or breast shields. For the women with sensitive breasts, nipple shields can be very useful. They prevent the mouth of the breast pump from tugging on the nipples too hard. For the others who need to use manual breast pumps regularly, this is very important. Some women have very sensitive breasts and the material used in the pump might irritate the breast. So, before buying a pump noting all the constituents that have been used in making it are very important.

Stand- Some manual breast pumps come with a stand. For the women who express a lot and do not want to keep unpacking and packing the pump every time. These stands can be useful. You can just wash the pump and keep them on the stand until the next use.

Cost- The breast pumps are usually pocket-friendly but there are some brands that sell the regular manual breast pumps at a higher than required price. So, before you buy a breast pump it is very important to compare it with the others present in the market. Also, you need to see what features are suitable for your comfort. Buying a pump with unnecessary features only increases its cost.

Validity- Another important thing to consider before buying the best breast pump for yourself is checking its validity. The manual breast pumps are mostly made of plastic and if the material expires, the chemicals in it might be very harmful to the child. Hence, it is very important to check the validity of the breast pump before buying it.

Where to Buy a Breast Pump Or Breast Pump Related Products





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Most important, have fun and choose your Breast Protectors wisely! Good luck!

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