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Best Cash Bags 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated December 1, 2018
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Billy JacobsHey, I’m Billy Jacobs. After considering 28 of the most highly rated cash bags and testing eight of them for more than 17 hours, we’re find the best cash bags of 2018.

The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing. So, you will find reviews on some models of cash bags that impressed me (and a good many other people), and you will find a few informational pages as well.

Best Cash Bags of 2018

Check them out and decide which one suits you the best to splurge upon. If you’re reading this, it is very likely that you’re scouting for the best cash bags. Now, let’s get to the gist of the matter: which are the best cash bags for the money? Here we have compiled a detailed list of some of the best cash bags of the 2018.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
Awards 1
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№1 – 53853


Item# 53853
Size: 11″ x 15″
Clear plastic
Not found yet.

Why did this cash bags win the first place?

The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! I also liked the delivery service that was fast and quick to react. It was delivered on the third day. I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch!












№2 – 53859


Item# 53859
Size: 14″ x 10″
Horizontal format with twin pockets for cash & checks
It lacks advanced features.
Lack of durability.

Why did this cash bags come in second place?

I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money. Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery. This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed.












№3 – PM Company Securit Bank Deposit / Utility Zipper Coin Bag

PM Company Securit Bank Deposit / Utility Zipper Coin Bag

11 inch x 6 inch Lightweight soft-feel blue vinyl bank deposit / utility zipper coin bag.
6 Bags Total.
Not very flexible.
Small size.

Why did this cash bags take third place?

The material is incredibly nice to the touch. It has a great color, which will suit any wallpapers. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. This price is appropriate since the product is very well built. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time.












Cash Bags Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy cash bags, right? No!

DEWALT DG5541Inch Tradesman’s Tool Bag

There’s something unique about this bag that will make you want to use it for the rest of your life. It comes with a handy pop-Open design that allows you to easily view and access all your tools at work.

This comes alongside a huge interior compartment that further promotes easy tools and parts access. No more scraping of your hands as you try to reach your stuff and get the larger tools of the bag!

This bag comes ready to hold just everything you need in an organized manner. This is made possible by its 20 exterior pockets that give you multiple organization ideas. Additionally, it comes with 1interior pockets as well as one zippered interior pocket for securing your valuables.

On top of all this, it features an exterior flap covered pocket- with hook and loop closure- for more storage. In total, it has a3pockets to meet all your tools storage and organization needs.

Since it comes with a durable construction of the heavy-duty poly fabric, this bag will conveniently carry all your tools for longer than any other bag out there. The padding at the base offers protection to the bottom.

And the adjustable, textured, fully padded shoulder strap together with non-slip carry handle helps you comfortably carry this bag to any place. check-circle

WORKPRO W081021A Tool Storage Bag

The WORKPRO W081021A Tool Storage Bag is constructed from the 600D polyester material to give it the maximum durability required of any top-quality tool bag.

Not only that, it also comes with a rubber foam bottom that further enhances the sturdiness of your bag while protecting your tools from damage in case of accidental falls.

This WorkPro tool carrier is ideal for holding small and medium-sized tools. So, if you usually bigger tools, you might want to look at other options. It comes with a full open mouth/top which makes it easy for you to view all your tools and easily get out the tool you need at the moment. The fact that this top is zipped ensures that all your valuables will always remain secure.

The outer mesh pockets on the sides of this bag let you easily stash your personal belongings, small tools, and other accessories. The adjustable strap promotes easy access to all your contents.

DEWALT DGL52Lighted Tool Backpack Bag

The day two top brands (CLS and DEWALT) came together, the highly innovative and extremely popular DGL52Lighted Tool Backpack Bag was born. It was intended to help you carry different sizes of tools parts, and accessories, making it one of the top models on the market right now.

One of the most amazing features that get folks crazy about this bag is the LED lighting. This is directed into the backpack and allows you to easily identify and access all the tools and parts in your bag.

Even more amazing, this light has up to levels of lighting which allows you to set the right amount of light you need for different environments.When it comes to organization of your tools, this backpack does it better. It provides you with up to 5pockets- 4multi-use interior and nine exterior- to help you organize your favorite tools, parts, and accessories nicely.

The large padding on the back will provide extra comfort when carrying the bag, while the base pad feet significantly reduces wear and abrasion to your bag- ensuring a lifetime performance.


The first thing you’d want to look for in any tool bag is the type of materials it’s made with. Different materials come with varying levels of durability, so you should go for the most durable ones.

Some of the most common materials used to make durable tool bags include canvas, poly fabrics, and nylon.

Such bags will usually hold up to your tools weigh for years without any signs of tear and wear.

Next, you’d want to look at the size of the bag you want to buy. This will you get the right bag that answers your tool storage and carrying needs.

Pay attention to the width and length measurements of the bag you’re planning to buy. Any bag measuring around 1inches wide and inches long will hold most tools

If you need more space, then you can look for bags bigger than this size.


Easy organization of your tools is one of the main reasons why you should buy a tool bag today.

However, it’s important to inspect the organization structure of the bag you want to buy so that you buy a model that carries your tools in a better manner.

Look at the different compartment and pockets that come with the bag. They should be adequately sized so that they can fit the tools and accessories at hand.

The more the pockets, the better. Addition features such as hooks, clips and D rings are also welcome.

Nobody would dream of using a tool bag that feels heavy even before putting a single tool inside.  The ideal bag should feel extremely lightweight and should only become heavy when loaded with tools.

The lighter your bag feels, the more portable it becomes.

Value for Money

The last thing to consider before bagging that bag is whether you’re getting the real bang for your buck from it.

As you know, you always get what you pay for. If you make a quick comparison of all the features present in a bag and its price, you can tell if the bag is worth your money.

NOTE: my tools bags reviews above focus on the best bags for the money. So, if you’re under economic pressure, you can look for a low-cost model from the list.

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The results can be powerful, such as this from MoneySaver Jen_Jen1985: “Had been looking for a double buggy – most ended up selling for around Ј40. I found one via the Local Deals Finder and ended up winning it for Ј1.24.”

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Snoop on sellers’ history – use a ‘best offers’ tool to see if they’ll do a deal

Some sellers say they’ll consider ‘best offers’ on buy-it-now items. This is where you propose a figure, then they mull it over and tell you if it’s a goer.

There’s a loophole to see which prices they’ve already accepted, and lower your best offer accordingly.

Do a search, select advanced options and tick to show only best offer items. Once you’ve found an auction that accepts offers, enter the seller’s username into Goofbid’s Best Offer History tool.

It should show all the items that seller’s accepted best offers on, including the average reduction they give. If you see that they typically accept 30% below the listed price, bingo – you’ve a clear idea of how much to offer.

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Use Google to check exactly what you’re bidding for. If it’s just “information”, you’ll usually find the same elsewhere for free.

Win auctions with sniping tools

Spotted something you want to buy? The last thing you should do is bid on it.

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Sniping websites automatically bid on your behalf, usually in the last 10ish seconds. item number and the maximum price you’re willing to pay. This also stops you getting carried away in a last minute bidding war.

For a free auction sniper, try Gixen, which is rated by forumites.

Think twice about using sniping sites to bid on items you’ve got your heart set on, as sometimes they can play up. wrong, as you willingly gave your password to a third party.

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Listings that finish at anti-social times often get fewer bids, so sell for less.

To locate auctions that finish in the dead of night, use BayCrazy’s Night Time Bargain search.

Don’t fancy burning the midnight oil? Combine this trick with auto-bidding tools that bid on your behalf while you’re deep in the land of nod.

So it’s a good idea for newbies to learn the ropes by bidding on a few small items, such as books or pants.

This way, you can learn how the bidding system works before graduating to more costly wares.

Want to check if an item’s legit? Why not post it on the MSE Forum’s

Take feedback with a dose of scepticism

Think twice before purchasing expensive items from a seller with zero feedback. Also ensure you read their feedback from selling, not just buying (click on their username, then ‘see all feedback’).

Remember feedback’s useful, but not infallible. One thing to watch for is traders flogging a few things for 10p each to build feedback, and suddenly listing iPhones at Ј500 a pop.

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Know your consumer rights

This applies to both new and second-hand items. It should be easy to tell if someone’s a trader – look for “registered as a business seller” on their profile.

With private sellers it’s caveat emptor, or ‘let the buyer beware’. Buyers’ only rights under law are that the product is fairly described and the owner has the right to sell it. There’s little legal comeback.

Your right to change your mind within 1days

Buy from a business seller using an auction or the buy-it-now button, and Consumer Contracts Regulations also apply.

Under the regulations, buyers who want to return something they’ve bought online – even if they’ve just changed their mind – have 1working days after the date of delivery to notify the seller. You’ll be able to get a refund for the item plus the cost of the least expensive delivery option. If you chose a more expensive delivery, you’ll have to cover the difference.


Canister vacuums are also popular — especially in the UK. They are a bit more versatile than uprights, because you can lift the canister and take it wherever you want to go. Canister vacs still tout a full-sized engine, so you gain versatility without losing power. They are known for working well on stairs, because you can carry the canister and use the long wand extender to tackle each level with ease.


These little mini-vacs are great for smaller jobs. Some are cordless, so they work well for quick and easy cleaning or as a compact on-the-go option for RV owners. It’s also a great supplement if your main vacuum doesn’t offer many attachments or if you’d rather not pull out your whole vacuum every time you spot a mess.

Most versatile

If you have asthma or allergies or are just generally concerned with air quality, a vacuum with a HEPA filter might be worth your consideration. Many of them are removable and can be cleaned with water until they need to be replaced. This might all sound really good, but some non-HEPA models can do just as well as their High Efficiency Particulate Air counterparts. So do your research — emission reduction can vary a lot.

The Cons of a Premade Bug Out Bag

Excellent kit in a discreet backpack. Comes with a good first aid kit, emergency radio, multitool, food, water, and more.

Good basic kit with a lot of bonus features that you do not get with the cheaper ones such as a hand powered flashlight, hygiene items, and ample water.

No problem.

Have a team of Preparedness Specialists outline all the essentials you and your family will need given your group size, age, location, survival concerns, and other key factors. We’ve teamed up with the incredible team at Ready To Go Survival to offer you their personalized survival kit service.

Ready To Go Survival has been in business since 201crafting high-end comprehensive premade survival kits. They have been featured in the New York Times, Fox News, The Daily Beast, Drudge Report, and the HBO series High Maintenance for the unique service they provide.

By filling out their 3-minute survival assessment questionnaire, they will get back to you with a custom survival package outline tailored to your specific needs. They have a team of Preparedness Specialists standing by to outline all the essentials you and your family will need given your group size, age, location, survival concerns, and other key factors.

Breast Milk Collection Methods

When you are collecting your breast milk, you will either need to use a manual or electric pump.

Manual – Manual breast pumps can only be used on one breast at a time and will only work if you have your hands free. This model from Ashtonbee is a great manual pump.

Electric – Electric breast pumps are the go to for lots of working mothers, since you can use them and keep working. This is a great model that will is compatible with either

Breast Milk Storage Solutions

You can either choose to store your milk in a bottle in the fridge or a bag in the freezer. Which one you choose depends on how soon you intend to use the milk once it has been pumped. Storage bags are the way to go if you want long term storage, and bottles if you want to use the milk in the next few days. For more insights into breast milk storage, feel free to check out this video.

Storage Bag Features To Keep In Mind

When you are searching for the best breast milk storage bags, there are several key features that you should keep in mind.

Size – If your baby eats a healthy helping of breast milk at every meal, you might want to get bags that can hold a higher amount than if your baby doesn’t drink quite as much. However, you certainly don’t want to have so much left over in a bag that the milk goes to waste.

Pump Compatibility – Lots of the bags on the market today will match up with most breast pumps, meaning you can pump directly into the bag, rather than into a bottle. This decreases the chance of a spill, which would ruin all of your hard work.

Sterilized – Since you don’t want to waste a single drop of your milk, make sure that you purchase bags that are sterilized against the growth of bacteria.

Closure – Good storage bags are easy to close. They should also stay shut once they are closed. The last thing you need is to try to thaw out some milk only to find that there was a leak in the bag.

Mommy’s Precious Storage Bags

The Good: Of all the bags that I have tried out, these Mommy’s Precious bags, which you can check out here, are the best. I like them because they are larger than other bags, with a capacity of eight ounces, which makes them great for oversupply or healthy appetites. They are sterilized and easy to seal. When you are ready to open them, you simply need to pull the tab at the top, and the bag will rip cleanly every time.

The Bad: This might only be a problem for me, since I have never been able to transfer milk without spilling a little of it, but you can’t pump right into these bags. While certainly not the biggest deal, it is something worth taking into consideration.

The Long and Short of It: The biggest bags that money can buy, these bags are pre-sterilized and feature a double zipper to better seal up your precious milk. When you are ready to use it, simply rip open the bag and get started feeding!

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bag

The Good: Lansinoh is one of the most highly regarded names for breast pumps and breast milk storage and I have always liked using their product. That’s why I’m not surprised that they have created some of the best milk storage bags on the market. Their bags, which you can purchase here, are made of high quality, double walled, plastic, decreasing the likelihood of a spill or a leak.

I love the fact that you can pump right into the bag! Like I said before, I always spill a little, and this will save time, money, and a bit of sanity since you won’t need to worry about spilling milk.

The Bad: While I love the fact that you can pump directly into the bags, they are not without their problems. Storing them can get a bit tricky, since they need to lay down. I have never had any leaks while trying them out, but I was extremely careful to be sure they they were sealed properly. As long as you double check the double zipper you shouldn’t have a problem.

The Long and Short of It: These Lansinoh bags are time and milk savers. Since you can pump directly into the bag, you have fewer chances for spills. Just make sure they are sealed properly before you put them away for storage, however, or you might have some leaks.

NUK Seal N Go Breast Milk Bags

The Good: These bags, which are produced by NUK, are another high-quality product. They are sterilized for you, making it possible to start using them right out of the box. While they have some nice features, the part that I like about these bags are their double-thick sides, top, and bottom. This helps to make them exceptionally durable and decreases the chance of a spill or leak.

The Bad: While these bags are reinforced to prevent leaks, you still need to transfer your milk from a bottle into the bags, which I have always found to increase the risk of spills. I also had a hard time reading some of the numbers on some of the bags, which made accurate measuring difficult.

The Long and Short of It: These reinforced bags, which you can find here, are unlikely to leak. However, since you cannot pump directly into the bag, you might spill some of your milk.

Medela Pump & Save Breastmilk

The Good: Medela is a well-known breast pump maker, and my personal pumping favorite. I love that you can use these bags with whatever model of pump you have, regardless whether it is new or an older model. Even though my pump is a few years older it worked just fine with these bags.

The Bad: The only real problem with these bags, I found, is that they are a bit on the small side. I have always had a large supply of milk, and I would be afraid of overfilling these bags. My babies also always drink a lot during their sessions, and these bags probably would not hold enough to satisfy their hunger.

The Long and Short of It: These bags, while on the smaller side, will work well with any Medela pump. Since you can pump directly into the bag, you will save plenty of time and effort, making sure that your milk is stored safely. If you are interested in these bags, feel free to check them out here.

And The Winner Is…

Out of all the storage bags that are on the market, I think the Mommy’s Precious Storage Bags are by far the best breast milk storage bags. Even though I worry about spills, these were easy to fill. They are large in size, and double-walled bags, which will help you to keep your breast milk as fresh as possible to keep your little one growing just right.

Be Sure To Store These Ideas Carefully!

While it takes a huge commitment in both time and energy to pump and store breast milk for your baby, it will be well worth it in the end. Breast milk is designed to provide your little one with everything that they need to get started on the right track to lead a healthy and happy life.

While pumping can be a pain, you don’t want to make it extra hard by using inferior storage bags that might jeopardize the quality and safety of your breast milk. Try to look for sterilized bags that can hold all the milk you need, while remaining leak proof.

Fox Ven-Tec VRS2

There are three sizes of this bag available – compact, standard and wide – each boasting a rip-stop Ven-Tec waterproof outer.

The multiple layers combine to create a seriously warm sleeping bag, but also allow you to choose which layers you sleep between.

Each is fleece covered and there are excellent crash zips throughout.

Wychwood Morpheus Ultra 7

No stone has been left unturned in the development of this out-and-out winter bag, designed solely with warmth in mind.

Buyer’s guide, Clothing, Gardner, Prologic, Sealskinz, Nash, Aqua, Wychwood, Greys, Snugpak, Fortis, Fox, Trakker

Buyer’s guide, Clothing, Gardner, Prologic, Sealskinz, Nash, Aqua, Wychwood, Greys, Snugpak, Fortis, Fox, Trakker

Buyer’s guide, Clothing, Gardner, Prologic, Sealskinz, Nash, Aqua, Wychwood, Greys, Snugpak, Fortis, Fox, Trakker

Buyer’s guide, Clothing, Gardner, Prologic, Sealskinz, Nash, Aqua, Wychwood, Greys, Snugpak, Fortis, Fox, Trakker


WHAT Suitable for little ones from 0 to months, this sleeping bag keeps your tot warm all night long and even through feeds. The buttons at the top stop baby’s arms from sliding out of the arm holes, while the side zip eases diaper changes as it won’t disturb your sleepyhead. Comes in bright colours and fun prints such as circus, bears and bunnies.

The Dream Bag

WHAT Junior is going to love this scarlet sleeping bag with a cute dinosaur print and navy trim. So much so that he will beg to be put in it, making bedtime so much easier. Made of 100 per cent cotton, it features a soft lining to ensure comfort. The bag is 111cm long, but use the poppers in the back to reduce it to 91cm. So, the bag literally grows with your baby and can be used well into toddlerhood, which makes this a great value-for-money buy!

PARENTS SAY “Bright, colorful, durable, cosy and easy to wash. Bonus points for the zip which is hidden under a flap which is under the arm, making it difficult for little hands to get to it!” praises mum Sonia Chatterjee.

DEWALT DG554is the thing for you.

The DEWALT tool carrier comes in two different sizes; 1inch and 1inch. Other than the obvious size difference, a couple other things are also different among the two. First of all, both of the sizes have the same amount of exterior pockets that is 20 pockets. However, the smaller bag has interior pockets while the other one has 1pockets.

The second difference is the strap on the bags. The 1inch bag only has a handle while the longer one has a handle and a shoulder strap.

Unlike some of the oth er tool bags, this one can open and close without any hassle. The main compartment contains an easy to use zipper t hat can unzipped conveniently. The compartment itself is very spacious so you can store your heavy duty tools and equipment effortlessly.

As said earlier, the bag has over 20 exterior pockets that can allow you to have hundreds of option for storing your tools. The body of the bag is made from Ballistic Poly Fiber that makes this bag much more durable than most of the other cases.

The base of the carrier is also padded for extra protection. Other than the primary padding, the four edges of the base are also heavily padded to keep it safe from water and dust and reduce the chances of wear and tear.

The bag is only

1inch long which is perfect for electricians, but if you’re a carpenter or a repair man, you should buy something a little wider. The case has a total of six exterior and six internal pockets. Both of the exterior and internal pockets are divided into two parts and both packs of three are placed opposite to each other.

Four of the exterior pockets are the same size while the middle pocket on both sides is larger than the rest. The middle pocket on the front also has a flap. The interior pockets are small but they are velcroed together so you turn two small pockets into one large pocket. This way you don’t have to worry about wider tools.

The bag has a handle with a leather grip so you can easily hold the heavy bag without the handle digging into your hands. One drawback is that the bag doesn’t have a shoulder strap. Now, you should note that the bag isn’t supposed to be that heavy. It is a small bag so you shouldn’t have a problem lifting it. But, then again, some of us like to have more than one option.

AAA batteries that are included with the bag.

The case has two compartments. One compartment is for your power tools and the other compartment has pockets to store all the rest of your tools. The carrier has

1outside pocket that are perfect for small boxes, measuring tapes, etc. On the inside, there are 4different pockets for screw drivers, nails, drill bits and other accessories. There is also a designated hook to store your keys.

Shop now

8. Klein Tools 55453HSB Tradesman Pro Organizer Bag

Klein Tools is the only manufacturer that offers any kind of major variety in their tool bags. Unlike some of the other producers, Klein Tools realize that not all people have the same requirements. That is why they have six different types of bags;

Extreme Electrician’s Bag, Hacksaw Electrician’s Bag, Lighted Tool Bag, Rolling Tool Bag, Tech Bag and Ultimate Electrician’s Bag. Their specifications and features are given below.

From the outside, this bag looks more like a laptop bag. But, don’t worry, the Extreme Electrician bag contains

7pockets for a tremendous amount of storage solutions. The carrier contains both a handle and a padded shoulder strap.

The front pockets are protected with a flap to make sure your hand tools remain safe and sound. The bottom of the case is padded for protection against the environment.

The second bag is the

Hacksaw Electrician’s Bag. This bag is pretty similar to the Extreme Electrician one and contains enough space to store any typical hacksaw. There are a total of 4pockets inside the bag. This case is also made of the same 1680D Ballistic weave a s the other bag.

Lighted Tool Bag has a little less pocket space than the other bags but it is perfect for people that don’t carry a lot of tools. The best thing is that the case contains an LED light over the exterior pocket that is removable and magnetic. There are 3total pockets available on the Lighted Tool Bag. The carrier has a 1680D ballistic weave and a molded base for added protection.


Tool bag is entirely different than any of the other cases. Well, if you didn’t guess, the term ‘rolling’ refers to the two removable wheels stuck on the bottom of the tool carrier. The case has 2pockets and a heavy-duty durable telescoping handle. Unlike the other cases, this carrier is made from 600D ballistic fiber.

Tech Bag is a little unique considering the fact that this case also has room for a laptop and other tools. There is a designated compartment for your laptop that is heavily separated from other tools. There are also other pockets for documents, pens, phones and other cables. There are 2pockets t hat are just enough for a guy carrying tools and a laptop in the same carrier.

The Ultimate Electrician’s Bag focuses on only one thing; pockets. There are

5pockets that are perfect for any electrician that has a bunch of small tools. 1680D Ballistic weave and extra padded shoulder strap makes it just the thing for anyone that has to carry a ton of stuff.

Sturdy Material

There are hundreds of materials used in tool bags and you need to make sure you buy a material that will hold up. Most tool bags are made from nylon or poly/polythene fiber. These materials are pretty strong and offer perfect protection for your heavy tools.


Seriously, what’s the point of having a tool bag if you don’t have at least two or three dozen pockets to go with it? An average tool bag has about 20-30 pockets for hand tools. You also need to buy a tool bag that at least has this many pockets, otherwise there might not be much space left for your tools.

Carrier Sizes

Tool bags come in all types of different shapes and sizes. The length and width are going to be important if you’re focusing on storing power tools. A tool bag with about 1inch width and inch length is perfect for storing most tools. If you need a wider space, then you can go ahead and find a wider bag.

Padded Base

Your case needs to be protected from the bottom because that’s the first place the case will start to wear out. Tools are heavy and if your base isn’t padded, the tools will rip right through them. So, it’s really important that you find a bag with a thick padded base. If your tools are still really heavy, then there are bags with thick plastic padding as well.

Global Travel Bag Sizes

Travel boardbags are 6′-8′ inches deep to accommodate two boards—though you can travel with one in these bags without a problem—there are two interior pockets for leash, wax, and fins.

Travel boardbags have two padded boards separators and two pockets for your gear.  * Travel boardbags also have 13mm + 13mm of extra padding in the nose and tail.

Waist Belts

Waist belts are a great option for any photographer seeking a more ‘hands-free’ way of carrying their kit. Simplicity is the key and so you’ll find that there are essentially two main options available to you – fixed-capacity storage and modular arrangements.

Taking the first option, this is exactly what it sounds like. To oversimplify, think of a bumbag design but with great protection for your gear and you won’t be far wrong. Key features include padded internal dividers, a zipped lid and even mesh pockets on the outside. With a main buckle fastening at the front attached to a comfortable waist belt, some models also offer the option to be worn as a sling over the shoulder.

The beauty of modular waist belts is that they work on the ‘system’ principle – i.e. you add whichever pouches you want, essentially creating a setup which is perfectly tailored to your needs. Expect to find additional padding around the belt itself, accessory loops and attachment points, quick removal of pouches via easy-to-use buckles and optional shoulder straps.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of waist belts as a whole is the fact that all of the weight of your gear is transferred to your hips. This means less fatigue on your shoulders over the course of a long day out in the field, not to mention quick access to your kit while on the fly.

Shoulder Bags

The shoulder bag is perhaps the most popular option for many photographers. Tried and tested over the years, its design offers a combination of practicality along with robustness. Usually, there is also great scope for customising the internal compartments thanks to Velcro-attached, non-abrasive dividers, which are generally light and quick to reposition.

Things to look out for in particular include a strong, comfortable strap, durable zips with decent rain flaps and a practical grab handle on the top. Also, take a look underneath to make sure you get some form of ‘feet’ studs which will will do a good job of raising the bag off the ground just enough to keep moisture at bay.

Because this is one of the most popular categories of bag, you’ll find that it is also one of the most variable in terms of design. While a lot of features are shared (multiple pockets for accessories, pull-out waterproof covers etc), the physical appearance varies greatly – so there is bound to be a bag to suit your preference, whether it be a classic travel-reporter style or state-of-the-art ballistic nylon.


The use of photography backpacks has grown tremendously over the past few years, and it’s not difficult to see why. They have the distinct advantage of offering fantastic functionality along with increased capacity – perfect for anyone heading out and about for a photo trip, whether it’s just for the day, a weekend or longer.

As you might imagine, there’s a wide range of sizes available to satisfy all needs. Whether you want to carry a small camera (for example, a Compact System Camera) along with a packed lunch, waterproof clothing and accessories, or a full-on professional DSLR outfit and tripod, you’ll find many shared features which will make your kit carrying experience as comfortable as it can be.

Some backpacks have even bridged the gap into rolling cases, too, with discreet built-in wheels ready to go whenever the need arises – perfect for anyone who finds themselves heading across airport or railway concourses en route to their photography adventures.

Key features to look out for include a comfortable harness system with sturdy waist belt and chest strap, external accessory attachment points and a pull-out rain cover (some of which are detachable). Also consider how quickly you will be able to access your kit, given your intended use; there’s nothing worse than picking a great bag, only to find that there are too many pockets to confuse you when you’re in a hurry to grab your gear!

Rolling Bags

Ok, so now we’re into slightly different territory. Rolling bags are definitely not going to be for everybody, but they do have one clear advantage – they completely remove the necessity to carry heavy kit on your shoulders. Again, this can make a huge difference over the course of a long day, not to mention if you have pre-existing back complaints.

As discussed above, there are models available which offer ‘occasional backpack’ functionality, and as you might imagine, these sport a tough nylon construction, complete with tuck-away straps. Some rolling bags actually look like traditional shoulder bags, so if this is your design of preference they’re well worth considering.

Because rolling bags are designed for the photographer on the go, it’s typical for their telescopic handles to store away down the back when not in use; this means easy transport in tight spaces such as car boots and train compartments.

Tripod Bags

Picking a bag for your tripod may not be the most obvious thought when it comes to building a camera system, but there are a number of reasons why it’s a worthwhile purchase – especially with prices starting at around the £mark.

Of course, you get the advantage of easy transportation for your tripod; most bags come with grab handles and/or a shoulder strap, and perhaps a small pocket on the outside. But more importantly, by using a bag you can ensure that your tripod stays in great shape – at least until it’s taken out for use on location.

The more basic tripod bags out there typically feature a single zip running full- or 3/4-length, but these typically do not offer any padding. The other main design to consider is one with a top zip which runs around the circumference of the bag. Some people say this offers quicker access, but it really is personal preference.

As you go up the price range you’ll find that padding comes as standard. Understandably, this can make a great difference to the tripod over the course of its life, protecting it from all manner of unfortunate scrapes with abrasive surfaces. It goes without saying that padding also improves the comfort for the user.

At the more technical end of the scale, some tripod bags are equipped with all manner of features including backpack-style harnesses, accessory pockets, multiple grab handles and even wheels for easy transportation.

Rain Covers

While many of today’s cameras benefit from improved moisture protection (thanks to effective seals around certain key areas on DSLR bodies and lenses, for example), when the weather really takes a turn for the worst, it isn’t worth taking the risk of dodging showers and hoping for the best while out and about.

If you’ve ever tried the plastic-bag-over-camera rain cover trick, you’ll know that it invariably has limited success, with water managing to find its way through even the smallest gap. Rather than compromising your valuable gear, why not take a look at a purpose-built cover?

No matter whether you’re using a small DSLR with a standard kit lens or a professional wildlife/sports setup with a 600mm long lens, there’s a cover to suit your needs.

Designs vary, of course, but there are a few features which are shared by most offerings. Typically, the cover will be of a nylon pull-over or zip-up construction, often featuring a drawcord which allows secure fastening around the front of the lens. On some models, you’ll also find a Velcro fastening here too, which does a great job of ensuring maximum protection from running water.

At the camera end, you have a choice of a drawcord fastening (which allows the camera back to be exposed if you so wish) or a completely tight seal, thanks to a compatible eye-piece which essentially allows the user unobscured use of the viewfinder. An alternative option here is also a simple clear cover arrangement which, although it falls over the front of your camera’s eyepiece, does offer a good level of protection.

As for controlling the lens/camera controls, some covers offer more flexibility than others. For example, as well as the main ‘body’ of the cover, some models feature sleeves for you to put your hand/forearms through; both elastic and drawcords are typically used for creating the weather-proof seal.

With some designs offering a modular approach (you can attach different lens covers to the body cover, for example), there is also an option for those who might want to venture out with a flashgun attached to your camera. Again, this component tends to be of a one-piece, see-through construction, so there is no loss of light output when the flash does fire.

Bag Accessories

As you can probably tell by now, once you have chosen your bag, very often the personalisation process doesn’t simply stop with arranging your kit into the various pockets and compartments of the base unit. Rather, there’s a whole host of accessories available which will allow you to customise everything from the type of straps you use to additional pockets which seamlessly fix onto designated attachment points.

If you choose a shoulder bag, for example, some manufacturers offer systems whereby you can remove the whole of the interior in one go – dividers and all – and switch it for another. This is especially handy if you shoot with two systems.

If you decide to take the hard case with foam-padding route, for example, there are replacement foam sets available. As I highlighted above, you really need to be sure of what’s going in that box before you start pulling out the padding; that said, sometimes it’s just not possible to future-proof your decision.

Those either heading abroad or into crowded areas might like to consider security products such as buckle locks; these are great little devices for deterring would-be opportunists. Equally worth considering if you’re using a photo rucksack (though not as secure) are replacement rain covers; these come in a range of colours from black through to camouflage and fluorescent yellow!

Wheeled or Non-Wheeled

Older kids tend to prefer the non-wheeled hockey bags. Non-wheeled hockey bags take up less room and are easier to pack. Also most older kids with wheels on their bag will get teased for not being strong enough to carry their equipment.

Hockey Stick

A hockey stick is another very important piece of equipment. A stick should be properly fitted with the right length, flex, and handedness.

Typically the dominant hand should be put on the top of the stick, so if a child is right hand they will shoot left, and if they are left handed they will shoot right. The dominant hand goes on top because the top hand does most of the movements during stickhandling.

For the length of the stick I recommend cutting the stick just below the chin while the child is on skates. This allows good movement of the stick, and encourages the child to get a bit lower with their hockey stance.


This ski boot bag is the first I have seen of its kind. It has up to temperature settings that are meant to keep your ski boots and belongings warm. The ski bag uses a wrap around type of heating unit and is so many levels ahead of its competitors. I was so impressed by this ski boot bag that I had to put it on my shopping list. It also has metallic drainage grommets at the bottom.

Triathlon Shorts:  What to Look For

Tri shorts are a key part of your training and your race.  Few other garments are expected to deliver on the all-purpose duty that you will need from your shorts.  They need to be both durable and breathable.  They need to do well in the water as well as on the bike.  Those are tall orders for any pair of shorts, but fortunately today’s tri gear makers have done a nice job of blending the right fabric and features so you truly can wear one pair of shorts throughout the race. A good pair of tri shorts quickly become a go-to garment that you can use for training for any event, as well as on race day.  Note, however, that tri shorts are not intended to be used in chlorinated pools.  Doing so will wear them out quickly.  Most triathletes who we know reserve their tri shorts for bricks (combo bike and run workouts) and race day, using swim jammers in the pool and cycling shorts on their longer rides.

Tri shorts are different from cycling shorts or compression shorts.  While compression gear is meant truly to increase blood flow and recovery, and cycling shorts built purpose-built specifically for the activity of cycling, tri shorts are much more versatile in both form and function.

When you are buying your shorts, key things to look for include:

Fabric that is truly all-purpose.   The material in your shorts need to be breathable on the bike and run, quick drying out of the water, but great during the swim.  Most makers know how to create great fabric blends that are good during the swim but will essentially be dry by the time you get on the bike.  We don’t know how they do it, but they do.

Seams that you can’t feel.  Like a good pair of compression shorts or compression tights, the seams in a triathlon short need to be flat enough so you don’t even know they are there, yet strong enough so they are durable.  Seam construction is one of the things that usually improves as you spend more on the shorts.

Recommended Triathlon Shorts

That leaves us with the question of “what shorts should you buy?”  Many shorts from many tri gear makers do just fine, but here are the favorites that we have personally used, and that combine quality with value.  We would stand behind (and in) any of them.

Like these Sugoi shorts, the top tri shorts tend to be from reliable triathlon gear makers like Pearl Izumi, Tyr, and 2XU.

Altura Speed LED

Altura’s seatpack is quite literally an eye-catching option thanks to the built-in iLume LED fitted into the rear.

This tiny button has three settings – slow, fast and constant – and runs from a watch battery, all packaged into a shape not much larger than a pound coin.

With a diagonal length of 20cm it’s a good-sized bag that will hold a multi-tool, mini-pump and a couple of inner tubes, or a few energy bars if you’re planning a longer ride.

At just 4cm wide it’ll mount snuggly behind the seatpost and shouldn’t rub as you pedal.

Ideal as a ‘hamster transporter’ if you need to go to the vet’s.

Verdict: A medium-sized option with an internal net and narrow design make the Speed a winner. 8/10

Another of our smaller options, this one coming in with a simple design and, therefore, price tag.

Birzman lists its capacity as 0.litres and who are we to argue?

Measuring 16cm, it has plenty of noteworthy details, including black reflective patches, a rear-facing loop for an LED, and a brightly coloured interior with an internal pocket on one side to stop items from rubbing.

External pockets, one on each side, are closed off thanks to the side strap that holds the whole system to the rails and compresses the contents to stop rattles – all useful details.

Verdict: A basic but clever design allows the essentials to be carried with ease. 9/10

Arundel Dual Seatbag

The Dual is designed to carry two inner tubes along with the necessary inflation equipment and maybe a small multi-tool as well, depending on your inner tube size and how good you are at packing.

With a different shape to most, the Arundel attaches to the seat rails alone and has a leather patch for durability where it touches the seatpost.

Made from black canvas, it’s certainly not waterproof so will need to be removed and dried after wet rides but thanks to the single velcro strap that’s hardly a chore.

The Dual measures 14cm by 5cm so it should avoid leg contact.

Verdict: Arundel have come up with a different take on the seatpack and simplified attachment for ease. 7/10

Pro Saddle Bag Medi

One of the smaller seatpacks in the round-up, the Medi is the second-smallest of four in the Pro range and measures around 17cm in diagonal length.

That’s about right for a spare tube, tool and COinflator.

With an internal net and light blue fabric, finding what you’ve stuffed into the pack shouldn’t be too difficult, and there’s an additional pocket down one side for extras, such as a patches or some cash.

A well constructed bag, it has three mounting points: one for each saddle rail as well as the seatpost.

A rear facing loop allows the use of a clip-on light, too.

Verdict: Made from a water-resistant fabric, the Medi is a great bag to stuff with repair gear and leave on the bike. 8/10

Lezyne S-Caddy Loaded

First off, don’t be put off by the price, this seat pack is ‘Loaded’, which Lezyne means it comes with a multi-tool, tyre-levers and patch kit.

This little 12cm-long bag has a neoprene pouch underneath for the Vtool (Philips head, 3, 4, 5, 6mm Allen keys) as well as internal pockets for the supplied levers and inner tube repair kit, and one for folding cash.

That means you just need to add your inner tube and COpump for a basic pack to be covered for the worst eventualities.

Think of it as the equivalent of buying a food mixer, but with all the food supplied.

Verdict: Three Velcro straps and abrasion-resistant fabric mean the S-Caddy will last the test of time and stay put. 9/10

FWE Medio Saddle Pack Pro

What the makers say – The FWE Medio Saddle Pack Pro is made from durable water-resistant, ripstop nylon with a waterproof zip to keep everything dry when the weather turns horrible.

What we say – On undoing the water-resistant zip, a couple of mesh guards deploy either side of the opening, making sure the contents don’t spill out. Along with a holster for stashing your house keys inside the lid, it’s one of several features that help this cheap pack shine. Discreet reflective detailing and a light loop round off a neat package.

Verdict – Makes a highly convincing case for not spending too much on your saddlebag – 7/10

Ortlieb Saddle Bag 

What the makers say – Tucking neatly under the saddle, this 100% waterproof saddlebag provides room for equipment, snacks, extra shells and lots of tools. The roll-top closure features buckles and D-rings for locking the bag.

What we say – A quick-release mechanism makes detaching this medium-sized pack a doddle. Great construction and a roll-top closure keep out the water, while D-rings and an additional mount underneath allow you to lash more gear to the pack. Its stiff fabric slightly amplifies things rattling around inside, and the otherwise sturdy release mechanism can also be a little noisy, although neither should put you off.

Verdict – Versatile, medium-sized pack that’s highly adaptable and extremely well-made – 8/10

EH Works Essential Canvas Tool Roll

What the makers say – Made of waxed canvas with leather trim and a leather toe strap, carrying everything you need for any ride. It’s a real cinch to fit under your saddle.

What we say – We’re taking it back to the old school with this retro, waxed-canvas tool roll. Fitting almost all the essentials, except a pump, and using a leather toe strap, it’ll ensure all your tools stay tightly lashed to the saddle rails. It looks great, but the design of the internal pockets means it’s best not to overstuff it, lest anything should slip out while you’re on your ride. 

Verdict – If you’re after a retro alternative to the modern-day saddlebag, look no further – this is number one – 7/10

Altura Arc Seat pack

What the makers say – The Arc seat pack is a waterproof, seam-welded, roll-top saddlebag. Using the roll-top closure ensures the content will stay dry during adverse weather conditions.

What we say – Totally waterproof and robust feeling. The Velcro attachment makes it slower to remove, but provides excellent security. Ideally suited to harsh weather conditions or off-road riding, there’s no reason why we wouldn’t choose this for any expedition. Pleasingly minimalist in design and colouring, we reckon it’s about as good-looking a saddlebag as you’ll find. A no-brainer.   

Verdict – Great value and a robust, stripped-back design makes this our pick of the packs – 10/10

Lezyne M Caddy QR

What the makers say – A medium, wedge-shaped caddy designed to carry just the right amount of tyre repair for most rides. Durable woven nylon fabrics, a water-resistant zipper and reflective tail light loop mean it’s ready for all the weather you can throw at it.

What we say – A neoprene holster underneath the main pack neatly stows a multitool, saving you from having to dig through the rest of your kit in the event of a breakdown. Inside the main compartment are several dividers, helping to keep everything neat and tidy. The sturdy quick-release mechanism attaches with a clunk and, as there’s no post loop, it pops off instantly.





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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Cash Bags wisely! Good luck!

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