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Best Cash Boxes 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated December 1, 2018
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Billy JacobsI’m Willow Billy Jacobs. My friends call me “stone” and it just kind of stuck. After more than 52 hours of research and testing, which included using 23 different cash boxes in five cities and interviewing product teams at five major companies, I made a list of the best cash boxes of 2018

I have been writing about technology and entertainment since the early 90s from my secluded home in West Virginia. We take a close look at some of the best cash boxes to help you get ripped.

Best Cash Boxes of 2018

You can make a choice based on the my list as you shop. If you’re scouring the market for the best cash boxes, you’d better have the right info before spending your money.

Here we have compiled a detailed list of some of the best cash boxes of the 2018. Now, let’s get to the gist of the matter: which are the best cash boxes for the money?

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
Ease of use
5 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
Awards 1
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№1 – Jssmst Lock Cash Box with Money Tray – Portable Metal Security Money Box

Jssmst Lock Cash Box with Money Tray - Portable Metal Security Money Box

ADVANTAGES: Jssmst is a registered trademark protected by U.S. Trademark law and will be vigorously defended, we are engaged in the production and export of lock boxes for more than ten years
COMPONENT: this cash box contains a removable cash tray, 7 compartments with key lock included
Not found yet.

Why did this cash boxes win the first place?

The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! I also liked the delivery service that was fast and quick to react. It was delivered on the third day. I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch!


Ease of use










№2 – Jssmst Locking Small Steel Cash Box with Money Tray

Jssmst Locking Small Steel Cash Box with Money Tray

Exterior dimensions:4.9″x3.7″x2.3″,multiple compartment trays provides space for cash,coins or bill
Includes a removable 5 slot cash tray. Additional storage under cash tray
Adurable steel construction that stands up to daily use,Privacy mechnical key lock for simplicity of use and stainless steel handle
It rusts quite easily.
A little bit heavy.

Why did this cash boxes come in second place?

Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture. I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money. This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price.


Ease of use










№3 – SentrySafe Cash Box

SentrySafe Cash Box

MONEY BOX: Medium cash box has an interior cash tray to help organize bills, coins, checks and receipts
KEY LOCK: Cash box has a privacy key lock to keep valuables safe; perfect safe box for festivals, rummage sales, fundraisers and more
CARRYING HANDLE: Equipped with a convenient carrying handle so you can transport your locking cash box with ease
The handles break easily.
It is very easy to soil because of bright and beautiful design..

Why did this cash boxes take third place?

It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. We are very pleased with the purchase — the product is great! This price is appropriate since the product is very well built.


Ease of use










Cash Boxes Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy cash boxes, right? No!

Nick Guy

Everyone has crucial documents—birth certificates, passports, old photographs, and more—that would be difficult or impossible to replace in the event of a disaster. For things you need easy access to, a fireproof document safe can make more sense than an off-site security deposit box. After subjecting five top-rated models to an actual trial by fire, we found that First Alert’s safes are the best for most homes, and we specifically recommend the First Alert 2017F.

First Alert is phasing out our previous top pick, the 2030F. We now recommend the smaller 2017F in its place. It’s built from the same materials, has the same locking mechanism and the same certifications, but with half the interior capacity.

We exposed a group of safes to real-world, 1,300 °F conditions in a specially constructed burn room (nearly melting our GoPro camera along the way), then blasted the charred safes with a fire hose and opened them with an ax. A larger version of the 2017F, made with the same materials and locking mechanism, kept a flash drive, a DVD, printed photos, and a newspaper free from fire and water damage in our burn. It’s large enough to hold 8½-by-11-inch sheets of paper without your having to fold them, and it’s as affordable as any other safe offering the same capacity and features. The key-based locking mechanism isn’t fancy, but it is secure.

This larger safe can fit file folders, and it withstood the abuse of our burn room.

If you prefer a safe that can hold hanging file folders and you want the convenience of a digital keypad for quick access, go with the First Alert 2603DF. This larger safe has a design similar to that of our top pick, and it stood up just as well to fire and water.

Why you should trust me

Thankfully, I don’t have any experience with what happens to a safe in an actual house fire. So I worked with fire professionals to simulate the scenario accurately. My father and grandfather are both volunteer firefighters with 80 years of combined experience. They helped design, build, and burn a testing rig that approximated a house fire as closely as possible. I also interviewed John Drengenberg of UL to understand what the certifying body is looking for when it tests safes.

Who should get this

Document safes are meant to provide protection from fire, water, and to a degree, theft, without your having to keep anything off-site. They’re best for important documents—such as passports or birth certificates—or small items like hard drives or USB sticks. Most people can find good use for a fireproof safe, whether they want to be ready for travel or major financial transactions or just want to add an extra layer of safety for a drive full of treasured photos.

To be clear, fireproof safes are not meant to be burglarproof, or to serve as impenetrable time capsules. If you have jewelry, precious metals, or anything else of high value that you don’t need frequent access to, consider a safe that is anchored to your floor, or even a safe deposit box at a local bank. It isn’t nearly as easy for a robber to get into a bank vault as it is for them to enter your house. These document safes are also not gun safes, and should not be used as such.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

As mentioned above, the internal width of the First Alert 2030F is exactly 8½ inches. Standard printouts will fit, but tightly. They’ll curl slightly at the edge, which isn’t a huge deal, and the more you have, the flatter they’ll sit. If you want to store larger photographic prints or documents that must absolutely remain unimpinged, consider our larger pick.

The lack of handles means that if you want to move the 2030F often, doing so won’t be easy. You really have nothing along the sides to grab, so your best bet is to get your arms underneath the safe to carry it.

This larger safe can fit file folders, and it withstood the abuse of our burn room.

The First Alert 2603DF is a larger option (with a 0.62-cubic-foot capacity) for anyone who prefers enough space to hang file folders but expects the same amount of fire and water protection. Although its design is very similar to that of the 2030F, this upgraded model also includes an easy-to-use keypad locking mechanism (with a manual-key backup), a feature that makes it easier to use than the other larger option we considered, the Honeywell 110The latch itself is the same as on the less expensive model, but the six-key pad means you don’t need to have your keys handy to get into the safe.

If you need to hold hanging file folders for organization, the 2603DF is the way to go. Photo: Nick Guy

On top of the chest is a numeric keypad, with the numbers through and a * key. It runs on four AA batteries (included). You choose a code between four and eight digits long. When you enter the code, the latch pops open aggressively and plays a little chip-tune ditty. We like the keypad for quick access, though you’ll need the regular key if the batteries die and you don’t have replacements on hand.

Aside from the size difference and the keypad, the 2603DF performed just as well as its smaller counterpart. The materials we put inside survived our fire and water onslaught with no damage and remained readable, even though the safe itself was destroyed.

How To Keep Your Money Safe & Organized

Your most important issue with money during a yard sale is: How to make change quickly!

Without a doubt, it’s much easier to make change if you have your coins separated from your dollar bills.

And it’s even easier yet, if you have your individual coins separated by denomination.

Money Organizers That Work Great At Yard Sales cash box with individual coin sections and/or dollar bill trays. There’s no better way to stay on top of your earnings and make change in an instant than to use a cash box with separated sections!

Individual money bags. You need money bags — one for the dollar bills only, and one for all your loose coins. These could be official bank bags, but I just use heavy-duty zippered dark colored bags. They’re called money bags, but there’s no lock or security features to them. I got mine at Wal-Mart.

Zipper/slider plastic food storage bags. They’re not ideal, but they’ll work.

Zippered food storage bags are clunky, and sometimes awkward to open & close. Plus, unless you hide them, everyone can see your stash of cash. One good thing is that you can see exactly what’s inside, so you’re sure to grab the right one each time!

I’ve used each of the above methods in previous yard sales:


I like to help people find unique ways to do things in order to save time & money — so I write about “outside the box” ideas that most wouldn’t think of. As a lifelong dog owner, I often share my best tips for living with and training dogs. I worked in Higher Ed over years before switching gears to pursue activities that I’m truly passionate about. I’ve worked at a vet, in a photo lab, and at a zoo — to name a few. I enjoy the outdoors via bicycle, motorcycle, Jeep, or RV. You can always find me at the corner of Good News & Fun Times as publisher of The Fun Times Guide (3fun & helpful websites).

Filed Under: Home & Garden, Storing & Organizing Things

Coworker 3

Coworker * Closing of cash drawer is performed jointly with both coworkers witnessing count and certifying deposit amount appearing on the Departmental / Sub Cashier Cash Collections Deposit Form. Coworker retains and secures the copy of Miscellaneous Receipts Form for ledger review purposes.

A Class TL-30 steel or better safe

Safes and receptacles with combination locks – combinations must be promptly changed whenever a employee with access to the safe combination no longer has cash handling responsibilities or leaves the employment of the department.

Amount paid does not exceed the amount due

Does not contain the notation “Payable/Paid in Full” or similar reference

For a check presented in-person by a UCSC student, do the following

For a check presented in-person by anyone other than a UCSC student, do the following:

Examine driver’s license or other valid identification verifying the following

Write the following information on the face of the check:

An endorsement stamp should look like the following. It can be ordered from most office supply stores (including on-line). It should also include a unique code that identifies each cash handler.

Failure to perform all the applicable steps described above will substantially increase the risk of non-payment

Section B

If your unit issues manual receipts, complete this section. Manual Receipt Totals (issued in sequential order), and dollar total.

If you had any voids, overrings or credit card collections, complete this section. 1st line is the total of all overrings/voids and the second line is the total for any credit card collections.

Section F

Total amount distributed in Section E is usually the same as Section D. Cash over or short is the difference between cash collected and the amount actually deposited to the Main Cashier. Provide a FOAPAL to be debited if there is a shortage or credited if there is an overage.

Important things to know

Always maintain the combination of currency and coin needed for effective operations.

Exchange change fund currency and coin for different denominations at the Campus Cashier’s Office.

Make regular deposits of cash receipts at the Campus Cashier’s office, retaining an amount equal to the change fund balance.

Submit the form to the Accounting Office.

The check may be cashed at any bank or at the Campus Cashier’s Office.

Petty cash may be maintained as currency and coin in a secure location, or in a bank account.

The check establishing the fund and replenishment checks may be cashed at any bank or at the Campus Cashier’s Office.

The fund custodian may establish a bank account in his or her name to administer the fund.

Submit the completed form to the Accounting Office.

For decreases: Prepare the excess cash for deposit at the Campus Cashier’s Office and complete a Departmental / Sub Cashier Cash Collections Deposit Form, available for purchase from the Bay Tree Bookstore. Pay particular attention to the following:

Accepted forms of electronic payment

UCSC Merchants accept the following four major credit cards:

This training focuses on the security features and policies implemented by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS).

The PCI Procedures have been divided into sections by topic. It is critical that you read this information carefully and ask your supervisor for assistance if you require further information or clarification regarding your responsibilities.

The supervisor must ensure that each employee

Use unique passwords that can’t easily be guessed, and protect those passwords from being compromised.

Always physically secure files, and equipment before leaving the work area, i.e. do not leave credit card information unattended.

Secure laptop computers at all times: laptops must be with their assigned employee or locked up if the employee steps away.

Don’t keep sensitive information or your only copy of critical data on portable devices (laptops, CDs/floppies, memory sticks, PDAs, phones, etc.) unless they are properly protected.

Do not install unknown or unsolicited programs on computers.

Be safe on the internet. Do not provide personal or sensitive information (including passwords) to internet sites, surveys, or forms unless you are using a trusted, secure web page.

Doing it right at the point of sale

Whether you are experienced or new to the job, following these few basic card acceptance procedures will help you to do it right, the first time and every time. The illustration below provides an overview of the card acceptance steps that are to be followed at the point of sale. Each step is explained in greater detail in this section.

Card Transaction Procedures

On the back of every credit and debit card, is a magnetic stripe. The stripe contains the cardholder name, card account number, and expiration date, as well as special security information designed to help detect counterfeit cards. When the stripe is swiped through the terminal, this information is electronically read and relayed to the card issuer, who then uses it as crucial input for the authorization decision.

Most Point of Sale terminals (POS) also allow merchants to verify that the account number embossed on the front of the card is the same as the account number encoded on the card’s magnetic stripe. How you check the numbers depends on your POS terminal. In some cases, the magnetic stripe number is displayed on the terminal or printed on the sales receipt. In others, the terminal may be programmed to check the numbers electronically. In such instances, you may be prompted to enter the last four digits of the embossed account number, which will then be matched against the last four digits of the account number on the magnetic stripe.

Only the last four digits of the account or credit card number should be printed on a transaction receipt. If the numbers don’t match, you will receive a “No Match” message. In such instances, discreetly notify your supervisor who will decide whether or not it is necessary to make a Code call

In some instances, when a card is swiped, the terminal will not be able to read the magnetic stripe or perform an authorization. When this occurs, it usually results from one of three causes:

Note: Damage to the card may happen accidentally, but it may also be a sign that the card is counterfeit or has been altered.

Key-entered transactions are fully acceptable, but they are associated with higher fraud chargeback rates. In addition, when transactions are key-entered, the benefits associated with special security features—such as the expiration date and Card Verification Value (CVV2)—are not available.


This response indicates that the card issuer would like the card to be confiscated from the customer. However, UCSC Employees should not attempt to pick up credit cards, even when the card issuer requests this action, as this could potentially cause confrontation and safety issues.

No Match

The embossed account number on the front of the card does not match the account number encoded on the magnetic stripe. Swipe the card again and re-key the last four digits at the prompt. If a “No Match” response appears again, it means the card is counterfeit. Discreetly notify your supervisor that it is necessary to make a Code call.

When a transaction is approved, the Point of Sale (POS) terminal automatically prints a sales receipt. When a negative or alert message is received, the response is displayed on the POS terminal, and no sales receipt is printed. Whatever the message, continue to treat the customer courteously so as not to arouse alarm or suspicion.

At the point of sale

Of course, peculiar behavior should not be taken as automatic proof of criminal activity. Use common sense and appropriate caution when evaluating any customer behavior or other irregular situation that may occur during a transaction. You know what kind of behavior is normal for your particular place of business.

Minimize Key Entered Transactions

The best practices listed in this section will help keep key-entered transactions at acceptably low levels and should be incorporated into your daily operations, staff training and review sessions.

If your key-entered rates are greater than one percent per terminal or sales associate, investigate the situation and try to find out why. The following chart summarizes the most common reasons for high key-entry rates and provides possible solutions.

Check magnetic-stripe readers regularly to make sure they are working.

Merchant Web Site Requirements

The Payment Card Industry Standards require that certain content or features be included on your Web site. The following elements are intended to promote ease of use for online shoppers and reduce cardholder disputes and potential chargebacks.

Complete description of goods and services.Remember you have a global market, which increases opportunities for unintended misunderstandings or miscommunications. For example, if you sell electrical goods, be sure to state voltage requirements, which vary around the world.

UCSC Merchant Preparedness

Each UCSC Merchant location should maintain written procedures on the processing of credit card, debit card, and electronic payments. Those procedures need to include specific instructions on how and when to conduct Code calls, and how to respond to a security breach. Written procedures should be made available to all employees.

Where to get Help

Assistance with your cash handling questions can be directed to Emerson Murray, Campus Cash Control Coordinator, Campus Cashier’s Office. Assistance with your cash-related accounting questions can be directed to the Financial Accounting and Reporting Office. (831) 459-1926


As the scale shows, we believe that an ounce of prevention is more important than a pound of cure. This basic cash control information has been divided into eight topic areas to expedite your review and completion of the training material in multiple short sessions if that is your preference.

In addition, campus resources are listed to answer any questions you may have now or in the future related to cash handling. Completion of the entire training material will take approximately 30-60 minutes.

Money Makes the world go ‘Round’

If instruction, research and public service are the engine that make UCSC go, cash is the fuel that makes the engine run.

As our campus continues to grow, there will, most likely, be an increasing level of cashiering activities, resulting in a corresponding increase in the likelihood of an associated risk occurring.

Financial Affairs has taken a proactive role by providing education and this on-line training to all cashiers and cash handlers to strengthen controls and reduce the risks.

A Bit of History

Handling cash is a very sensitive activity at UCSC – and at any organization. Most of UCSC’s funding is either public money (state and federal funds) or donor contributions, making any loss very sensitive. Everyone needs cash, and some people will do anything to get it. Thefts of cash, at each of the UC campuses (except Merced, the newest campus) and even at the Office of the President (UCOP) have made headlines. Such thefts are not unique to UC; the same problem occurs in other colleges and universities as well as all other types of businesses.

Such headlines have an effect on the public’s perceptions about UC. Here are some of the entities who have a stake in the reputation of the University of California whose perceptions may be impacted by the headlines.

When proper financial controls are in place, thefts may be prevented or discovered early when the dollars involved are minor. This significantly lessens the chance that the loss will become widely known or result in a banner newspaper headline.

You can read more about the UCSF embezzlement in the San Francisco Chronicle archives.

Recording deposit to general ledger

Individual approving the Departmental / Sub- Cashier Cash Collections Deposit form to ensure the individual preparing a deposit is different than the individual handling cash; this individual may not handle or have access to cash.

Record Keeping Duties

Record keeping duties include all duties that result in the creation and maintenance of department records of revenue(s), expenditures and inventories. These may be paper records or records maintained in automated computer systems. The following are examples of record keeping functions or duties:

Posting (ONLY) charges or payments to an Accounts Receivable system

NOTE: One person should not process both charges and payments

Incompatible Record Keeping Duties

Record keeping duties include all duties that result in the creation and maintenance of department records of revenues, expenditures and inventories. These may be paper records or records maintained in automated computer systems.The following are examples of record keeping functions or duties:

Opening mail, endorsing checks, preparing cash transfers

The person performing these duties should not ring, process, post/validate transactions nor record sale transactions.

The person maintaining parking permit inventory records should not be responsible for point of sale transactions (i.e. selling parking permits).

Peak Periods

Policy related to safe and alarm requirements uses general and undefined terms such as “on a daily basis” and “regularly on hand”. Many campus units have peak periods of to weeks duration up to times per year when the amount of money they take in is substantially higher than the norm at all other times during the year. Managers need to evaluate the risk inherent in these peak periods to determine which of the physical security requirements are cost effective for their unit. One alternative is to minimize the amount of cash stored overnight by making more than one deposit per day to the main cashier’s office.

General Policy

It is best to open a safe in a way that prevents others from observing the combination. As much as is practical, a safe is to be locked between deposits. The safe’s combination is to be changed whenever someone who knows the combination leaves the employ of the unit. At a minimum, the safe’s combination should be changed at least annually. The change should be documented to show the date and reason for the change.

Especially in a main cashiering or sub-cashiering station, safety for both the employees and the cash is improved by having a second person present when the office is opened and again when it is closed for the day.

Critical Policy Activities

Custodians of Petty Cash and Change Funds are solely responsible for the funds entrusted to them. Therefore, the four critical policy activities for staff with these responsibilities differ from those of cashiers. The information below highlights the critical control activities related to petty cash and change funds.

Dual Custody

Watch police officers on patrol, Loomis guards transporting cash, or a grocery clerk depositing cash to a safe. When working on high risk tasks, they always work in pairs. One person carries the cash and makes the deposit, the other monitors for safety and keeps the other partner in view.

Involving two people in a critical cash handling task is a special application of Separation of Duties called Dual Custody. At UCSC, whether you are depositing cash to a drop box, counting cash, or engaging in any such critical task, having two people engaged in that activity together is an important practice.

Special Situations

A few campus units receive a large volume of payments by mail rather than in person. Processing remittances present special risks, since the payer is not standing in front of you waiting for his/her receipt. Separation of duties requires that at least employees be involved in the processing of remittances.

In this situation, when a receipt is not mailed to the payer, the payment is recorded to the appropriate account. At the end of the day, the logged remittance amount must balance with the amount processed into either a cash register and/or an accounts receivable system. In a campus unit/department that only occasionally receives a remittance, the individual check is recorded directly onto the cash collections deposit form.

Minimize the Risk

Count cash in a location where no one outside of the office/unit can see you doing it. If others don’t know that you have cash, especially a lot of cash, they are less likely to be barging in demanding the money.

At the end of the workday, secure all funds and leave the register’s cash drawer open so that it is obvious that the register contains no cash.

Request for Exception

In rare situations, a campus unit is physically/budgetarily unable to provide the appropriate controls, e.g. separation of duties as required by policy. Therefore, the campus has created a process that allows a campus unit to request an exception. Requests should be addressed to the campus’ Cash Handling Coordinator, mail stop: Accounting Office. Include the following information in a request for an exception:

Things to Avoid

Do not take a deposit with you except when you are going directly to the Cashier’s Office.

Cash handlers must be specifically authorized to handle cash after verification of employment, completion of a credit check (optional) and a fingerprint/background check

How We Tested

As you might expect, there’s a gap between what resellers will charge you for an iPhone and what they’re willing to pay out when you try selling that same phone back. Just like with cars that depreciate the moment you drive them off the lot, that iPhone you’re hoping to unload will never recoup its value. In our testing, resellers make their money by buying low and selling high.

When ranking these seven services, in addition to measuring how much we got back when reselling an iPhone, we also took the entire process into account. Were the instructions easy to follow? How quickly did it take to get a quote on our iPhone? Did the reseller offer cash or store credit? And how promptly did we receive that cash or credit after completing the sale?

Other options

You don’t necessarily need to go through a reseller or e-commerce marketplace to unload your aging iPhone. Certainly, Craigslist offers the opportunity to find a willing buyer, and depending on your negotiating skills, you may be able to get a bigger return than you would from a reseller who’s going to offer you a set price.

That said, handling a sale on your own can be a hassle, and there’s always the risk of running into scammers. A reseller or reputable marketplace removes a lot of the headaches and potential risks.


The Chase Freedom® requires you to opt in to the bonus category each quarter. You can opt in at any time and get the bonus for the entire quarter — but if you forget, you won’t get 5% cash back. If you don’t spend enough to maximize the bonus categories each quarter, you might earn more rewards with another card.

Apply Now

Earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every day

Use your QuicksilverOne card and get 50% back as a statement credit on your monthly Spotify Premium subscription, now through April 2018

No rotating categories or sign-ups needed to earn cash rewards; plus, cash back won’t expire for the life of the account and there’s no limit to how much you can earn

Toys ‘R’ Us

WHAT This kitchen set includes a stove and a sink, so you’ll be ready for all aspects of cooking a “meal”. It lights up and makes cooking noises, too, and comes in three sections that can be arranged in several ways for added play value. Suitable for ages to 7.

PARENTS SAY A great all-in-one cooking set-up if your little one enjoys mimicking you preparing dinner. Also comes in bright cheery colours kids will find hard to resist. Though it takes a bit more time to assemble, it’s relatively sturdy.

FROM Mothercare

WHAT Accessories included in this electronic cash register include a beeping handheld scanner, a chip and pin machine, a working microphone and LCD screen, all the better for your little one to enjoy playing “shop”. Junior can hone her maths skills by doing additions on the working calculator. 

PARENTS SAY “This was an instant hit for my daughter, who could spend 30 minutes playing with it,” says Carmen Loo, mum to Cassandra, She can make “customer announcements” on the microphone, her counting and maths skills will get a boost, while learning to be money savvy.

My Little Shoppers

WHAT Got a little girl who wants to be just like mummy? She can push around her favourite doll in this beautiful toddler-sized doll stroller. Sturdy, yet easy for her to manoeuvre, her doll’s accessories can be stashed in the space beneath.

PARENTS SAY This is ideal for your little sweetie, especially if she’s got a younger sibling or one along the way. She’ll develop her nurturing qualities and imagination, as well as coordination skills. The pastel pink and turquoise hues will definitely appeal to her.


WHAT This is the perfect gift for your little rock star. It’s got five demo songs, a record and playback function, echo and robot sound effects, and even cheering and clapping sounds for a full concert experience. Comes with an adjustable stand that can be detached from the microphone. You can even connect it to your MPplayer, so that junior can sing along to her favourite pop hits.


WHAT A mechanical drill, a hammer, spanner, nails and screws are all included in this adorable role-play toolbox. Light-up tool buttons on the tray introduce facts and features about the tool. Your mini-me will be able to turn gears, drill in screws or hammer nails in while singing along to different songs.

PARENTS SAY This is a great portable play set for little handymen. It’ll teach junior about the different tools, improve their motor skills, and learn about shapes and colours. We just wished the drill can fit in the toolbox, along with the other tools, for added portability. 

Jarrons & Co

WHAT You can’t go wrong with this firefighting kit from Melissa & Doug, especially since no role-playing toy list is complete without a decent costume get-up. This one contains a bright red fire chief jacket, a helmet, a “fire extinguisher”, a bullhorn with sound effects, a shiny badge and a name tag.

PARENTS SAY The jacket comes with reflective trim (to stay visible, of course!) and is made of good quality material that isn’t compromised even after several machine washes. We love the comprehensive bundle of accessories as well!

FROM My Toy Shop

WHAT Does you little miss adore her kindergarten teacher and yearns to be just like her? This school set allows tots as young as to present lessons, reward their friends with stickers and fill out report cards to grade their “students”. It also has hall passes, crayons, a dry-erase board, working bell and clock with moveable hands.

PARENTS SAY The pop-up tri-fold play set stores all the “teaching supplies” in one place and is easy to set up. It boasts tons of educational value, from teaching her to tell time, to promoting language and social skills, and even prepping your tot for school.

Get Organized

We are talking about a lot of cash here! Being organized is going to help ensure that you don’t lose it.

When it comes to spending cash, you will be using a wallet specifically made for this system.

You are now going to be living on last month’s income! No more living paycheck to paycheck! No more waiting for payday to make a trip to the store.

Get One Month Ahead of Your Bills

Doesn’t it sound SO nice to be ahead of your bills?! By the time you even get the email notification that your bill is ready, it’s paid!

We have found that being one month ahead of our bills has made our cash envelope system super simple. When you follow this plan, setting cash aside every paycheck won’t disrupt your lifestyle one little bit!

There are a few ways you can get ahead of your bills, but the way our family did it was by doing a no spend month. I have made it super easy for you  in this article on about simple steps to get one month ahead of your bills.

You can read right here all about a few more strategies on how you can have a successful no spend month and save hundreds and even thousands of dollars in just 30 days!

It’s important!

Again, making sure that your cash is very well organized is key to running a successful cash envelope system! If your cash gets all mixed together, your budget is going to fail.

When I very first started I made work. It got the job done but wasn’t my favorite. The sections for coupons aren’t quiet wide enough for cash. So I ended up having to fold the cash in half.

I decided to make it work while I saved up some money to buy a real wallet that was designed specific for the cash envelope system. Keeping your cash organized is worth the investment!


Now make sure you are paying close attention here. This is key to being sure your cash envelope system is a success! Pull the cash out of your bank account the very day that you get paid!

PLEASE trust me on this one! Things get complicated the longer you wait. Even just one day and a quick trip to the store with your debit card can throw off your envelopes for the entire month. So just don’t do it!

The next step is to evaluate how often you get paid? If you get paid once a month then you will be taking the entire amount of monthly cash out on that day.

If you get paid bi-weekly or on two specific days each month, you will divide your total monthly cash amount by two. This new number is how much money you need to take out of your bank account each payday.

As soon as you get home, distribute the cash into the envelopes inside your cash box. This money is the money you are going to be using on next month’s spending

So let that money hang out in a safe spot until next month when you are ready to move the money from your cash box to your wallet.

We have found that because we have so many different categories in our cash envelope system, it isn’t realistic to carry all that cash in my wallet at all times.

So I keep a lot of the envelopes in an index card box thingy. Super high tech here people! But for all the other categories that I use on a regular basis, I keep those in my wallet.

When I know that I am going to be making a purchase with a category that is usually kept at home, before I head out to the store I simply go grab that envelope from the box and move it to my wallet.

Examples of cash categories I keep in my wallet would be monthly groceries, weekly groceries, household miscellaneous, diapers, clothes, and fun.

Some of the categories that I keep at home most of the time would be things like yearly expenses, medical, formula, and gifts.

This must include

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) – this reveals how energy efficient the property is and where improvements could be made.

Survey – an assessment by a qualified surveyor from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) pointing out the condition of the property, where repairs are needed and a valuation of the property. A mortgage valuation might also be included. The level of information contained in the survey is broadly equal to the Homebuyers report mentioned below.

Property Questionnaire – sellers have to provide an accurate account of the property including its Council Tax band, any Local Authority notices served on it, alterations made, parking, any history of flooding as well as factoring in arrangements covering any repair and maintenance.

When you receive the Home Report for the property you want to buy, make sure to read it carefully.

It will give you a good idea of the running costs of your new home. You can also use it to ask the seller about utility bills.


If you decide to get your own, there are three types of survey:

Home condition survey – the cheapest and most basic survey. Suitable for new-build and conventional homes, but not useful for spotting any issues with the property. Typical cost: £250.

Homebuyer’s report – a more detailed survey looking thoroughly inside and outside a property. It also includes a valuation. Check whether you can get the valuation and homebuyer’s report done at the same time to cut costs. Typical cost: £400+.

Building or structural survey – the most comprehensive survey suitable for an older building or one of non-standard construction (for example, if it’s made of timber or has a thatched roof). Typical cost: £600+.

If your offer is accepted

If your offer is accepted, the seller’s solicitor issues a qualified acceptance, which means that the property will be yours if contract details can be worked out.

The solicitor will also hand over information about the property such as the title deeds and planning papers.

Go through everything you receive with your solicitor as they might raise queries about the paperwork. Neither you nor the seller is committed yet.

Title burdens

Your solicitor will check the title deeds and discuss with you the ‘title burdens’ – conditions attached to owning the property ranging from where rubbish bins can be put to more serious restrictions on how the property can be used and altered.

The seller then signs the transfer of the title deeds, known as the ‘disposition’.

The arrangement fee

There is often a fee to set up the mortgage – usually referred to as an arrangement fee.

In many cases this can be added to your mortgage, but choosing this option means you’ll pay interest on it for the length of the mortgage.

As a result you’ll pay more in the long run than if you paid for it upfront.

Our Opinion

Surrounded by other books, the dictionary safe is a viable choice. It is spacious, but may draw attention if not blended in carefully with its environment.

If you are looking to hide items while traveling, this one is probably not your best bet. Who goes on vacation with a dictionary?  Instead, consider the hair brush safe reviewed in this article.

Also, don’t lose the keys or you will be “busting into” the safe compartment yourself!

It’s also easily concealed and transported.

The safe storage area is small.  Since a hair brush is so light, the items you stow inside the brush has a big impact of the brushes overall weight.

The hair brush safe is a creative alternative to other diversion safe offerings.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Cash Boxes by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Cash Boxes wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Cash Boxes



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