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Best Gun Rails 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated December 1, 2018
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Billy JacobsHi, I’m Billy Jacobs. I spent 54 hours researching and testing 20 different types of gun rails and found that material, variety of sizes, and style were most important.

I have been writing about technology and entertainment since the early 90s from my secluded home in West Virginia. In this article, I’ve listed down the Top 3 list. These are the best gun rails your money can buy.

Best Gun Rails of 2018

Many models on the market may be confusing to a person who is shopping for their first time. Many brands have introduced gun rails on the market. These brands have resulted in a variety for the user. These require that the consumers be well aware of what they are buying so as to make the best choice.

The “Total” indicates the overall value of the product. The table below summarizes features, and below you’ll find more detailed reviews of each good.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
Awards 1
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№1 – DL SUPPLY Advanced Tactical Polymer Rail Sections Set for MOE Hand Guards BLACK

DL SUPPLY Advanced Tactical Polymer Rail Sections Set for MOE Hand Guards BLACK

Made of polymer reinforced composite
Allows for the attachment of various 1913 Picatinny rail accessories such as lights andl grips
For such a price and the level of quality it can’t even have any cons, only pick holes.

Why did this gun rails win the first place?

I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! I also liked the delivery service that was fast and quick to react. It was delivered on the third day. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack.












№2 – Ruger 10/22 Picatinny Rail Mount for Scopes and Optics

Ruger 10/22 Picatinny Rail Mount for Scopes and Optics

Picatinny rail mount for Ruger 10/22 model rifles
Allows for the mounting of Picatinny or Weaver standard scopes, red dots, magnifiers, or other optics
Installs via included set screws into the Ruger 10/22 factory mounting holes
A little on the heavy side.
It is not for the small jobs.

Why did this gun rails come in second place?

This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money. Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery. The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed.












№3 – Twod Red Dot Laser Sight Scope 20mm Standard Weaver/Picatinny Rail for Pistol Gun Rifle

Twod Red Dot Laser Sight Scope 20mm Standard Weaver/Picatinny Rail for Pistol Gun Rifle

The item adjustment for windage and elevation illuminated cross-hairs for day & night shooting
Cross-hair being used instead of the traditional front sight and notch base the aiming speed, accuracy and percentage of hits are greatly increased
Its outer covering is made of high – strength aluminium alloy and undergoes special anti-corrosive treatment, and the surface of all the optical spare parts are plated with anti-reflection coating
Not as good as some others we reviewed.
The instructions is difficult to understand.

Why did this gun rails take third place?

It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. We are very pleased with the purchase — the product is great! It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. This price is appropriate since the product is very well built.












Gun Rails Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy gun rails, right? No!

The Mil-Spec controversy

My old brand X rifle functions well and *might* give me a lifetime of use. Take of its brothers and pit them against Bravo Company rifles and I would bet cash money a few brand X rifles would go down while all the Bravo Co rifles would still be functioning. This is the difference.

Common Builds

Recce: A carbine with a 1inch barrel utilizing a stainless steel barrel for match grade accuracy. A great choice for a do it all style rifle. Top this type of gun off with a 1-4x variable and you have a jack of all trades. Accuracy in a small package.

M16A2: You are likely to find one of these clones in the gun shop rack. An Afixed carry handle upper receiver with a 20 inch barrel and a fixed butt-stock. Overall a good rifle but many view the lack of a railed upper receiver as outdated. The carry handle does limit your optics choices, but is a very shootable as is rifle.

Mclone: You are likely to find one of these referenced online. This build will typically need a 14.inch barrel with a long flash hider permanently installed on the barrel. This ensures that the total barrel length is 1inches. If you choose to buy one of these rifles you must pick a flash hider that you like since it is not going to be user replaceable. A very small and handy AR1package.

CAR: Typically these will be found as carbine length gas systems with a 1inch barrel and a Acarry handle. Gun-shops might have a few of these configurations on the rack. Optic options are poor. These rifles can also be found with an 1inch barrel and a very long pinned flash hider. I would avoid that configuration due to velocity loss and poor upgrade potential.

1inch Mid-Length: Very common. Not a clone of any service rifle per se, but a compact and very shootable rifle that is a great compromise system.

Mix and Match

There are too many options to discuss in the AR1world. You will encounter many groups of shooters who enjoy building clones of older AR1variants all the way to the latest military configurations. Many of these clones are great shooters, but I would recommend that you build a rifle to your needs and specifications. Choose a rifle that suits your needs. Maybe you need a tiny package with extreme accuracy to fit in the trunk. It is perfectly OK to build a rifle with a 14.inch stainless steel barrel, a pinned flash hider, a collapsing stock, and a 6x optic. Not a clone of anything, but if it suits your needs then make the purchase.


Beginning airsofters should pay attention to both price and quality. If you’re just getting started with airsoft it might not be a good idea to start by getting the most expensive guns. Some guns are quite expensive and if you find that airsoft is just not for you then you will probably end up being disappointed with your purchase.

However, you also don’t want to just buy the cheapest thing you can find. Our less expensive guns can be fun toys but we recommend that you get a more solid gun which will shoot harder and give you a good experience without spending a fortune. For beginners we recommend our spring pistols made or our lower priced Electric Rifles. Also, get yourself a speedloader, they are cheap and will save you from the hassle of loading one BB at a time!

Intermediate Players

If you’ve played airsoft a few times, and maybe own a gun or two yourself you’re probably starting to think of getting something a with a little more kick. You will want to look for features such as an FPS rating of 300 or higher and a high capacity magazine. You may also want to get a an extra magazine or two. As far as rifles go you will probably want an AEG and one that has a metal gear box. If you want a pistol we recommend our non blowback green gas pistols. They are relatively inexpensive and shoot hard!

Experienced Players

If you’ve been playing for a while you’ve had enough experience to know what type of gun you’re looking for and what features you need. If you have trouble finding what you need on our site please contact us by clicking here.

Amount of light

First, consider light. How much light you need depends on the purpose of your Ar-1However, it is safe to assume that more light is better because in most cases it is.

The amount of light a weapon light produces is measured in lumens. Compare the lumens of the various weapon-mounted lights you are considering.

The minimum amount of light needed to disorientate your target/assailant is 50 lumens. So anything above that is good. Some weapon lights provide as much as 1000 lumens, as you will see in the reviews, while others provide as low as 100 lumens.

Brightness of the light

The next thing you should consider is how bright the light is. While lumens measure the amount of light, candelas measure the intensity of the light. Brighter is certainly better because it enables you to see your target better.

Monstrum Tactical 90 Lumens LED Flashlight

If you are looking for value for your money, you should not pass up this Monstrum LED weapon-mounted flashlight.

The flashlight comes with a rail mount; so if your gun doesn’t have one, you don’t have to buy one. You can use it with all manner of guns, from pistols to rifles, and shotguns. As such, it is ideal for your Ar-15.

And if your Ar-15, or any other gun you own, has a Weaver or Picatinny rail, you don’t have anything to worry about in that case either because the flashlight will attach to these rail mounts easily and securely.

One thing you want in your weapon light is durability. You are using it, mostly, in extreme conditions. If your weapon light is made from flimsy material, it can’t take the hits, and won’t give you a long enough period of service. This Monstrum Tactical flashlight can take a hit. Made from aircraft grade aluminum, the weapon light is sturdy as well as lightweight.

However, I will point out that it doesn’t produce as much light as some of the weapon lights we have looked at. At 90 lumens, it is rather on the low end. However, this is still plenty of light, considering the recommended minimum required to disorient your target/assailant is 50 lumens.

Streamlight PolyTac LED Flashlight

The second Streamlight weapon light we look at in the article does not produce as much light as the first one. It produces 120 lumens of light. This is sufficient to temporarily interfere with the vision of the gameyou are aiming at, providing you with enough time to make your move.

However, the light is intensely concentrated. Note that lumens only tell you how much light a flashlight is producing. They don’t measure brightness. Brightness depends on how intensely focused the light is. And that’s where the candelas come in. This weapon light has a 4,800-candela peak beam intensity. This is still less than the previous Streamlight.

It outpaces its competition when it comes to runtime. The first one had a runtime of 1.2hours; but with this one, you will easily have hours of use, which makes it the apt weapon light for a hunting Ar-1You want to spend as much time as you can in the woods without worrying about the battery dying on you.

You can mount it on different guns, not just your Ar-1It will securely fit upon any Picatinny or Weaver rail. It is also worth noting that it will accept all standard weaver tactical accessories. And if you don’t have a mount, don’t worry; it comes with a Mounting Solutions Plus (MPS) one-inch offset ring flashlight mount just in case.

And if your hands get sweaty in the heat of the moment, such as when you are hunting, this weapon light is just the thing for you. It has a superior grip texture which has a slip-resistant yet comfortable feel.

CISNO New 1000LM LED Tactical Flashlight

If you are looking for a weapon light that produces a great amount of light, I suggest you check out this CISNO tactical flashlight. It outpaces the competition by miles in that regard.

At 1000 lumens, you will be bathing the terrain in light. If you don’t see very well in the dark, don’t pass this one up. It is excellent for hunting at night in a thick wood. Veteran hunters will like that. It is also important to point out that it emits less heat than other LED bulbs.

It is also strong and durable. It is made of 6061T aluminum alloy which has gone through anodic oxidation. The anodizing process leaves a layer of aluminum oxide on the aluminum. It protects aluminum from corrosion and abrasion. So you can count on the weapon light that it won’t wear away quickly or be highly vulnerable to rust.

For the sake of convenience, this CISNO has two tail switches. It has the regular button switch, and it has the two modes remote switch. The two modes are “constantly” and “temporarily press”. They are both important as differing scenarios will require the use of either.

It comes with a one-ring 45-degree offset mount which you can attach to your Ar-1when you go hunting.

Plus, it’s waterproof. That’s exactly what you are looking for in an outdoor weapon accessory. When you are hunting in the back country, the rain may arrive unexpectedly with no proper shade in sight. You will appreciate this waterproof weapon light should that happen to you.

Highlighted Features:​

CISNO LLED 1000LM Outdoor Hunting Tactical Flashlight 

This CISNO is another hunting weapon-mounted flashlight you can confidently use with your Ar-1and get excellent results. The Cree LLED bulb will provide a bright glow. That way, you can spot your target without losing it.

And it’s robust and durable too. The body comprises anodized aluminum. This makes it resistant to corrosion or abrasion. When you are out hunting, the rifle is bound to rub against a variety of textures, some of them quite rough; for instance, when you put down your gun on a rock, or if it falls on the grass, against the bark of a tree, and so forth. Such encounters are mostly accidental, but the surfaces are abrasive and may quickly wear away the body of your weapon light. The aluminum oxide layer protects the aluminum body from such damage.

The matte black surface of the weapon light’s body has low reflectivity. That is exactly what you need when operating in a dark environment.

And if you don’t have a mount, there is nothing to worry about. You won’t have to buy one. This weapon light comes with a 20mm Picatinny mount which your AR-1can easily accommodate.

The CISNO comes with two switches. First, the regular on/off switch. And then there is the remote switch which has two options: momentary or constant “on”.

Plus, it’s waterproof. So if the rain catches you unawares, you have one less thing to worry about. But you should still wipe off the water carefully when you get to a sheltered place.

How to use a Pistol Mounted Light

The way that you use a tactical handgun light is very very important. You need to know that wherever you are pointing that flashlight, you are also pointing a deadly weapon. You should only use a pistol mounted light in a situation that you would already have a pistol out. You should only be using a handgun light when you are identifying threats when you are using your gun or searching a building in a situation that you know is a possible tactical situation. Many want to use a pistol lights for home defense, but a home defense handgun light should only be used if you are certain that there is an intruder and you are ready to fully defend your home.

Pistol Mounted Light vs. Handheld Flashlight

This is a question that I hear all of the time: Should I have a pistol mounted light or a handheld flashlight? The answer is that you need both. There are pros and cons to both: The biggest pro is that when you identify a threat, you have it at gunpoint. The biggest con is that when you are looking for a threat, everything you point at is at gunpoint. This is a serious safety problem!

SureFire X300 Ultra

When you are talking about the best pistol light, Surefire lights are definitely going to be at the top of the list because their lights are almost impossible to beat. Every Surefire light we have ever examined has the highest build quality, which when your life is on the line you want nothing less than the best. The Surefire X300 is like many other Surefire lights, it is quite powerful and pretty much indestructible. The light itself is made from high-strength aerospace aluminum with Mil-Spec anodizing and is O-ring and gasket sealed to make it weatherproof.

The X300 Ultra features a new mounting system that allows you to quickly and securely mount the light to a handgun or long gun. The new mounting system is a T-slot mounting system with a tightening screw and a T-slot mounting rail. Both Picatinny and Universal crossbar wedges come with the pistol flashlight to make securing the light pretty much foolproof.

The X300 comes with two high-energy CR123A batteries that will last for one and a half hours before needing to be replaced. The batteries that come with the light have a year shelf life. These two batteries are strong enough to emit 600 lumens with the high performance LED. The LED provides a white light that is focused by a TIR lens. The TIR lens provides a high intensity beam that gives users an extended range, as well as enough surround light so you can keep your peripheral vision in close quarters.

Activation is done via a new and improved ambidextrous switch, which is now wider and shorter than before. The switch is located at the rear of the light’s body and requires one finger for operation. The X300 Ultra can also be activated remotely via the optional DG grip for handguns and the XT tape switches for long guns. Read our full Surefire X300 Ultra Review.

Streamlight TLR-HL

Streamlight comes in at a close second to Surefire when it comes to manufacturing the best glock light, between the two there is almost a monopoly in the handgun lights division. A perfect example of their top quality pistol light is the Streamlight TLR-HL that is made from machined aluminum with a black anodized finish. It is also sealed, which allows it to obtain an IPX7, so it can be used in all types of weather. The light comes in flat dark earth brown, flat dark earth, and black and is constructed to fit in all light bearing holsters.

The TLR-HL is designed to mount directly to any handgun that comes equipped with Glock-style rails. The light can also be mounted to Picatinny rails. The pistol light attaches easily and securely to the rails with no need for tools or putting your hand in front of the muzzle. If you wish to mount the TLR-HL to a long gun Streamlight does make a mounting kit, but it must be purchased separately. The kit includes a thumb screw, mounting clips, remote pressure switch, and a “safe off” door switch in addition to two CR123A batteries.

The TLR-HL uses two CR123A batteries to power the CLED for up to 1.7hours. The CLed can emit up to 800 lumens that has a peak beam intensity of 15,000 candelas. The beam can reach up to 800 feet, plus with the use of a TIR lens the concentrated beam also provides perfect peripheral illumination. The TLR-HL features an ambidextrous switch that is used to provide power to the light, as well as enable and disable the programmable strobe.


If you look at our table of the best pistol flashlights, you can’t help but notice that majority of the lights are SureFire or Streamlight. The reason for this is that these two companies manufacture the highest quality pistol flashlights in the market. When your life is on the line, you don’t want an inferior product that might fail. The only exception that we have found in our search for the best pistol lights is the Inforce APL, which we have to say is considered to be of very high quality.

The Inforce APL requires a single CR123A battery to emit 200 lumens of white light from its LED for a period of one and a half hours. For users who prefer paddle style switches versus toggle switches, the Inforce APL offers ambidextrous paddle switches that provides you total control using the pointing motion of your finger. The integrated mounting system is compatible with Universal and Picatinny rails and the new screw is more secure than the old flip lever mount. The light also comes with a shut-off feature that allows you to deactivate the switches for transporting purposes.

SureFire X400 Ultra Red

If you are looking for the best pistol flashlight that provides white light for illumination as well as a red laser light for aiming purposes, the SureFire X400 Ultra Red is the perfect light for you. The combination of white light and laser aiming capabilities makes this light the perfect choice for close to medium range activities, plus being made by SureFire you know you can depend on the light to work when you need it the most. Like many other SureFire models, the X400 Ultra is made from high strength aerospace aluminum with a Mil-Spec hard anodized coating and is O-ring and gasket sealed to keep out moisture and dust.

The five milliwatt laser sight is located just below the primary light on the X400 Ultra. In this model the laser emits a high-visibility red laser beam. The beam can be adjusted and features Nylock screws that are made to withstand various strengths of recoil. What this means for you is you won’t have to re-zero the laser every time you fire a round. The LED emits up to 600 lumens of white light using a TIR lens to provide a tight beam with enough surrounding light for your peripheral vision. The 500 lumens are plenty bright enough to blind a potential attacker and will last for 1.7hours using two CR123A batteries.

The X400 Ultra is activated via an ambidextrous switch that is located towards the rear of the light. The switch is operated using a single finger. Simply press the switch to turn on momentary activation or flip the switch for constant on. The light features a separate switch at the back of the light that allows you to choose between white light only, laser light only, combination of lights, or to deactivate the light entirely.

The X400 Ultra can be attached to either a handgun or long gun with Universal or Picatinny rails quickly and securely thanks to its T-Lock mounting system. Adapter mounts can also be purchased separately for handguns that are non-railed.

Streamlight TLR-4

If you are looking for a lightweight pistol light that fits compact and subcompact handguns, the Streamlight TLR-is the perfect choice. Made from an impact resistant polymer with an anodized aluminum face cap and a Borofloat high temperature glass lens, the TLR-is one of the more durable lights on the market. The TLR-might not be one of the newer lights on the market, but it uses CLED technology to emit up to 12lumens with a single CRlithium battery. The TLR-also features a 640-660 nM red laser for aiming accuracy.

The TLR-comes with a key kit to fit a variety of different weapons, including full sized handguns as long as they have rails. The rail clamp is used to quickly and safely attach and detach the pistol light from the side of the weapon. The design allows you to snap the light one with one hand without ever having to put your hands in the front of the muzzle even if you are tighten it.

The light is controlled via an ambidextrous switch that provides you with the ability to select between momentary and constant on. The TLR-also features a mode selector switch that allows you to choose LED only, laser only, or both laser and LED. The laser can be zeroed in via a windage and elevation adjustment screw to ensure proper aim is achieved. Read our full Streamlight TLR-Review.

SureFire X400 Ultra Green

With the SureFire X400 Ultra Green pistol light, I am not going to go into a lot of detail about the lights features because it offers the same thing as the SureFire X400 Ultra Red. The only difference between the two lights is the five milliwatt laser sight. With this light, the laser is a 50nM high visibility green laser beam rather than the red. Both lights offer the Nylock screws to help with adjustments, both offer 600 lumens of white light illumination, and both lights offer the ambidextrous switch that requires one finger operation. Like the X400 Ultra Red, the Ultra Green can fit on both handguns and long guns, its T-mounting system fits Picatinny and Universal rails, plus adapter kits are sold separately for non-railed guns.

Streamlight TLR-HL G

The first thing that I want to mention in regards to the Streamlight TLR-HL G is that just like the original TLR-HL model it is listed as a budget light, but the price is not going to be as low as you expected. We include the TLR-HL G as a budget model because it is quite a bit cheaper than the SureFire models, but it is still a pricey light when you compare it to other brands. As we mentioned before we stick with the SureFire and Streamlight brands as the best pistol lights because they are the highest quality pistol lights available in the industry today. Time and time again Streamlight, along with SureFire have proven that their lights can be counted on not to fail in a life or death situation.

The Streamlight TLR-HL G is quite similar to the TLR-HL. The biggest difference between the two lights is the TLR-HL G comes with a 510-530 nM direct drive green laser. The other difference between the two is the runtime off the two CR123A batteries. The TLR-HL G has a shorter runtime because it only lasts for about one and a half hours when used in tactical situations. If you are using the green laser, you will see an average runtime of 1hours. One of the great things about the green laser option is it gives you a highly visible green light that is ideal for long range targeting.

The TLR-HL G is much like the TLR-HL models in the fact that it provides 800 lumens of white light in a wide beam pattern. They both feature ambidextrous switches for one finger operation, both have a user programmable strobe, and the rail clamp system is designed to make it safe and easy to attach or detach the light from your handgun.

Streamlight TLR-G

The Streamlight TLR-G and the Streamlight TLR-are pretty close to being the same pistol light. They have more similarities than they do differences. Just like the TLR-the TLR-G offers users an ambidextrous switch for one finger operation. It also offers a rail clamp that allows it to be quickly and safely attached or detached from the side of the weapon rather than having to put your hands in front of the muzzle. The TLR-G has a Borofloat high-temperature glass lens and can be used on compact and sub-compact weapons.

Now let’s take a moment to look at how the TLR-G differs from the original TLR-The biggest difference is the high visible 510-530 nM green aiming laser. This laser is perfect for long range targeting. The other difference is the TLR-G only offers 11lumens of white illumination, which is a little less than the original model but still plenty bright enough to enable you to safely clear a room. The TLR-G also comes equipped with a mode selector switch that allows users to choose between LED only, laser only, and laser and LED. Laser only mode runs for four hours, LED only runs for 1.7hours, and the LED and laser mode runs for 1.2hours off a single CRbattery.

Streamlight TLR-6

The Streamlight TLR-is one of the newest products being offered by Streamlight. The TLR-is the perfect pistol light for the smallest handguns, as well as sub-compact handguns. The TLR-comes with a universal kit that comes complete with six housings that are compatible with over 1plus subcompact handguns. The kit also comes with a light/laser module. The housing is countered so that it safely and securely attaches to the trigger guard. The light also comes with a cover that is easy to attach or remove.

The light itself features a CLED that offers users 100 lumens of white light as well as a 640-660nM red laser light for long target aiming. The TLR-uses two CR1/3N batteries to provide 1hours of laser only use and one hour of LED or laser and LED use. Unlike other lights, the light doesn’t have to be removed from the handgun to replace the batteries. Even better is the laser sight requires no adjustment after a battery change.

The ambidextrous switch is a push button style on both sides of the light. The switch can be used to access the three different modes available on this model. Each of the three modes also offer a 10-minute auto shut off feature to help conserve battery life. The laser/light module is made for backward and forward compatibility. The TLR-is made from high durable, impact resistant polymer allowing it to withstand impacts up to about three feet and an IPX-rating.

Aimkon HiLight P5S

The most important thing you have to know about this pistol light is that it is not one you want to rely on if you are in a life or death situation. If you are purchasing a pistol light that you want to be assured won’t fail when you need it most, you want to go with one of the above mentioned lights. The Aimkon HiLight P5S should only be used on airsoft style guns, paintball guns, or if you are just doing a little target shooting at the range. In other words, this pistol light is the best one if you plan to use it more like a toy than a serious pistol light.

The Aimkon HiLight P5S is a subcompact pistol light that also offers a red laser for aiming purposes. The P5S offers users 400 lumens via a CREE XM-LLED. With this pistol light you can choose between constant on and strobe mode. This pistol light will fit majority of subcompact and full sized pistols with rails. The light uses a quick release mount to attach to the weapon. The P5S comes with a CRlithium battery and a one year warranty.

Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle

If you are looking for an air rifle to take down small game or for a little target practice, you are definitely going to be interested in the Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle. One of the best features that this rifle has to offer is the non-removable noise dampener. This damper is able to dampen the noise of your shot by 52%. This is great, if you have neighbors and are looking to take out some pesky squirrels in your backyard.

Another great feature is that this rifle has two safety features that make you feel so much safer, while you are using the rifle. The safety features are an automatic cocking safety system and manual trigger safety. The rifle also uses a single cocking system. This allows you to shoot the gun, cock it, and shoot the gun again. You should be able to take down multiple targets within seconds.

Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle (22) Powered by Nitro Piston

The Crosman is definitely a great air rifle for varmint and small game hunting. It offers a substantial amount of accuracy, after you do a bit of practicing first. It is advised that you take the time to get the feel of the gun, before you begin your plinking expedition. The spring or piston must be cocked one time, before every shot, which is suitable for most adults. It is also capable of shooting up to 3yards, without mishap, but should not be attempted without a high-quality scope.

It can shoot up to 800 FPS with lead ammunition and 950 FPS with alloy ammunition. With 20 FPE, this is an airgun that can take down small game and pests with ease. This air rifle is a bit pricier, but offer multi-use options, it is definitely worth the extra cost. Just remember that you must cock the lever, before each and every shot.

Crosman M4-17Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle.177

Those that are looking for plenty of fun, with their air rifle, the Crosman M4-14is capable of delivering. With the included 5-shot clip, it is possible fire shots fairly quickly. Of course, this is a pneumatic pump air rifle, which means you’ll need to pump the gun occasionally. This is a very versatile air gun, which is capable of shooting pellets and BBs. When shooting pellets, the gun can fire at 600 feet per second. For BBs, the gun will fire at 62FPS.

With the weapon’s accessory rails, it is possible to add customization. For instance, you can easily add a scope to the rifle. If you’re interested in a flashlight, or camera, this is also a possibility. During our time with the Crosman M4-177, we had a tremendous amount of fun. The gun is affordable and suitable for several purposes, including target shooting and hunting small prey.

Hammerli 850 AirMagnum Air Rifle

Some air rifles do not feel realistic, but this isn’t one of them. The Hammerli 850 AirMagnum Air Rifle is capable of recreating the feel and weight of a traditional rifle. If you’ve ever shot a regular shotgun, you’ll feel right at home, with this air gun, which is capable of firing pellets at 65feet per second. Although the weapon is a little on the expensive end of the table, it includes a one year warranty for added peace of mind.

This rifle must be used with an 8gram COcylinder. Although this can add a little to the overall cost, it provides extended use, since the cylinder can be used for up to 200 shots! Anyone that wants a gun that is able to fire shots rapidly will find that this air gun is more than suitable. The Hammerli 850 is capable of shooting shots, before reloading is necessary. With the.2caliber air rifle, we were able to hunt plenty of animals and deliver humane kills.

Crosman 107Repeat Air Semi-Automatic COPellet Gun Air Rifle

If you are searching for your teenager’s first air rifle, you definitely ought to consider the Crosman 107It is very affordable and reliable so that he/she will gain the experience and knowledge that is required, before moving on to a larger, more experience air gun. It is vital that every gunner learn how to care, clean, and shoot the air rifle properly, so always keep this in mind, when you are training your teenagers everything there is to know about the gun.

The pellet clip will offer a longer shooting option, before needing to reload, as it is capable of holding 1pellets. The 3.pound weight is perfect for the small stature, since it will not weigh the newbie gunner down. The COcartridge will allow the user to fire off around 40-60 shots, without having to switch out the cartridge. This is the perfect air gun for any youngster that is avid about becoming a professional gunner.

What You Should Look For In an Air Rifle

Be sure to read the reviews that are left by current and former customers. This will give you an idea of how well the air gun performed and stood up to the test of time for the specific gunner. Stay clear of brands that hold a low rating because they are most likely not worth their price tag.

Powerful Options

If you are looking for an air gun that is powerful enough to take out small or medium game, you will require a break barrel or pneumatic rifle. Of course, it is not always necessary to utilize a high-powered or magnum-powered air rifle, if you are not planning on shooting from long distances. The COair rifle may be sufficient, if you are shooting from 20 yard distances. Most hunters like to sneak upon their prey and get up close, before they aim and take their shot. This will allow them the opportunity to improve their chances of hitting their target.


While there are many different styles of air guns, it is important to remember that they all offer different distance. Still, it is really the accuracy that plays a huge factor, when you are hunting. However, if you are interested in long distance kills, you might want to consider a PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic), since rifles with this mechanism will shoot accurately for up to 60 yards.

Coated Lenses

Coated lenses are also a feature you should look for, especially fully multi-coated glass. This coating allows the scope to capture more light and aid in low light situations. Another feature is the size of the objective lens, a larger lens captures more light. Does the scope have an illuminated reticle for night shooting in the first place?

Batteries and Battery Life

Understand what kind of the batteries the optic may require, and how and if they can work without batteries. Some optics with an illuminated reticle may also be glass etched and not require batteries to work, some may rely entirely on a battery-powered reticle.

Size Considerations

Size considerations are another issue. For example, an Aimpoint M4s is a red dot, and a Trijicon RMR is a red dot, but only one of these can fit on a handgun. Some optics may be too big to fit a small section of rail. Often shotguns, AK clones, and older rifles, in general, do not have generous section of rail like H&K Gclones. This is pretty important when you are looking to combine an optic with night vision or a red dot with a magnifier.

Iron Sights

Iron sights are the old standard for firearms. For hundreds of years, they had a place on our rifles, handguns, and shotguns, and regardless of how much optics have evolved every weapon should have a set of iron sights. A quality set of Iron sights are ridiculously hard to break and are a perfect backup for an optic.

Back up iron sights are typical on rifles and a variety of flip-up models are available like the Magpul MBUS, Diamond head sights, or Troy sights. These sights fold conveniently out of the way and allow the use of optics with ease. Handguns that utilize a red dot sight should still be equipped with back up iron sights mounted in front of or behind the optic that can be used if and when the optic fails.

Aimpoint T-1

Popularized and invented by Aimpoint the red dot optic is a solitary tube that uses a simple red dot as a reticle. Perfect for any time of day a red dot optic is remarkably simple to use and often one of the best choices for close quarters shooting or for like cape buffalo hunting.

Red dot optics are the quickest and most effective close range optic. They rely on a very simple concept and are easy to use with minimal instruction and training. A red dot optic is capable of engaging targets typically within two to three hundred yards. At close range, the red dot makes it as simple as putting the dot on the target and pulling the trigger.

Red dot optics comes in a wide variety of sizes and can be used on nearly every projectile weapon imaginable. There are red dot sights that can act as a primary optic on a rifle or shotgun, or smaller models can be used in coordination with a variable optic for close range transition work. Small red dots can be mounted on handguns for both defensive shooting and hunting. Aimpoint even produces red dot optics that can be used with compound and crossbows

Red dot sights and their simplicity make them a limited application and restrain them to close range as home defense or tactical optic. At long range, red-dots are difficult to use, even when paired with a magnifier, because you do not have a correct reticle that lends itself well to medium and long range shooting.

Eotech XPS-2

Holographic optics is another variant of the red dot optic. They are however a square in shape and not a tube design. They are also more open and can often have a more complicated reticle. These reticles are often designed to do specific positions and are often proprietary between optic companies. They do retain the close range engagement aspect of red dot optics though.

Holographic optics are identical in almost every way to a red dot. The more complicated reticles make the optic more versatile, but they also drain the battery much faster than a traditional optic. Holographic optics are often a lot less durable, and cannot be submerged as deep, or as exposed to extreme temperatures.

Burris Fastfire 3 with Picatinny Mount

The Burris Fastfire is a small, lightweight, holographic red dot optic designed for use on a wide variety of different weapons. In fact, the Burris Fastfire can be used on rifles, carbines, submachine guns, handguns, shotguns, and can really be effective on anything that has a rail to attach it too. The Fastfire makes the best use of it’s small size, the window is 1mm tall, and 2mm wide. The Eotech has a 3mm window and is at least three times the size of the Fastfire 3.

The Fastfire has something quite unique, a sensor that automatically adjusts the reticle’s brightness to the environment. This allows a seamless transition from inside to outside transitions. There is also a manual switch to variate the brightness levels. The Fastfire is tough as nails, and it’s shockproof design can work on heavy recoiling handguns and shotguns without issue. The Fastfire is waterproof as well, and the glass itself is a high-grade optical glass for both excellent clarity, and uncompromising strength.

The Eotech OPMOD EXPS-2

The Eotech OPMOD EXPS-is a holographic optic designed for close range use on long guns, either rifle or shotguns. The OPMOD EXPS-features buttons on the side of the optic that are much easier to access than the standard rear controls on the original EXPS-Another addition and improvement is the use of a quick detach lever that ensures both an even grip on the rails and the ability to rapidly install and remove the optic.

The OPMOD EXPS-is a more compact variant of the traditional Eotech optic that reduces the optic’s length by using  a single 12Lithium battery over two double A batteries. This keeps the battery compartment very small, and out of the way. This allows easier mounting of the optic and accessories like magnifiers on weapons with limited rail space, like an AK 47, or an H&K g3/9The EXPS-have two options for reticles, the traditional Eotech reticle, and the two dot reticle.

The EXPS-2’s optic is ideal for engagements ten yards away, or for engagements two hundred yards away. The wide 6MOA portion of the reticle is for close range bad breath engagements. Fill the 6MOA circle with the target and start pulling the trigger. For targets, fifty meters and up to 200 the single small dot in the center is small and precise. The EXPS-is an excellent optic for military and LEO use, as well as competition, and home defense. Eotech optics are known for their strength, their durability, and their precision and the OPMOD EXPS-is no different.

Trijicon Vcog

The Trijicon Vcog also known as their Variable Combat Optical Gunsight is the infusion of some of Trijicon’s best features from the ACOG, and the Accupower, and Accupoint optics. The VCOG is a built with the same strength every Trijicon optic is built with, meaning it is resistant to shock, and fog, and not only waterproof but submersible up to sixty-six feet. The VCOG is an excellent medium range scope with a to power, allowing it to have the versatility of both close and medium range engagements.

The VCOG features an illuminated reticle with adjustable brightness settings and is powered by a single double A battery. The VCOG comes complete with it’s Trijicon brand mounting adapter that is ready to be mounted out of the box. The VCOG is the perfect design for a designated marksman’s rifle, or a medium range hunting rifle. The illuminated reticle adds a certain level of versatility, and the magnification allows the optic to be used at a variety of distances.

The VCOG magnification ring has an integrated dial fin for rapid and easy manipulation of the scope’s magnification. The VCOG reticle works on the first focal plane to keep the bullet drop compensator true for any magnification. Speaking of which the VCOG had a variety of different reticles available, and bullet drop compensators for the 223/5.5round, the 308, and the 300 Blackout round. The Trijicon VCOG is an extremely durable and capable optic, perfect for medium range engagements.

Zoom On At the Other Side

Optics has changed the face of the rifle. These days finding an AR carbine without a flat top railed upper receiver is nearly impossible. A good optic can transform your rifle and increase its effective range dramatically. Optics make firing a weapon much easier by reducing the necessary skills required to align sights and ensure perfect sight picture.

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You can easily get the perfect finish with speed and accuracy by using the best nail gun for the job. There are different types of nail guns available on the market. Before you purchase a nail gun, you need to know which one is necessary for you. That is why where going over the best nail gun reviews and buying guide. This will help you to get the best deal with peace of mind.

Right Tool For The Right Job

As previously mentioned there are different types of nail guns, so you need to know which nail gun is suitable for you. You can select this based on your project. For example, if your doing a flooring job the last thing you want is to be using a palm nailer.  Using the incorrect tool will not only take longer to complete, but also the outcome will be less than quality. So, make sure you get the tool that is suitable for your job.

Brad Nailer: Brad nailers are on the smaller end, and they are suitable for more detailed woodworking tasks. This type uses the long gauge nails and most commonly 1or 20If you need to upholster furniture, minor home renovations, or smaller projects, a brad nailer is perfect for you. Most of the small tasks like making a doll house or picture frames are great for a brad nailer.

Best Nail Gun: DeWalt DWFP12231Gauge Precision Point Brad Nailer with Selectable Trigger

If you are looking for something budget friendly, the DeWalt DWFP1223is the best brad nailer for you. This is an upgraded version of DWFP1223and comes with some developed features. Controlling the settings are a breeze due to the easy drive adjustment feature. The rear exhaust keeps debris away from your work. Removing a jammed nail is easier with the Tool-free jam release mechanism. This tool is great to get a perfect finish every time. The anti-slip grip makes for comfortable and accurate use. The DWFP1223also comes with a maintenance free motor. Sturdy construction and a handy carrying case will keep you nailing for years to come.

Framing Nailers: If you need to do a lot of heavy duty nailing and need a high power nailer, framing nailers are the best type for you. They are suitable to do different kinds of big projects which  includes decking, framing houses, fences, wooden siding, and more.

There are several various types of framing nailers.  The three types are 21, 30 & 34, and lastly 2degree nailers. The difference in degree allows for different nailing angles. The degree of the nail gun is a preference and allows for easier nailing depending on your project. Some nailers have varying degrees. If your usually in tight areas a larger degree would probably be a good choice.

Investing In a Paintball Gun

Obtaining the best paintball marker that fits your skill level will require you to do your research thoroughly and understand what the paintball concept is all about. Furthermore, learning the best highlights of a marker is going to take some commitment and will require you to play paintball on a regular basis.

Other Equipment

As I have mentioned above several times, each player is different and we all need to pay close attention to our preferred gameplay style. Therefore, depending on the level of your skill, there are different kinds of equipment that you need on the fields. It’s not just about buying the biggest and most expensive paintball gun, you need other accessories like masks, hoppers, air tanks, cloths, maintenance kit etc. and all these items are readily available online. It all depends on how long you plan on playing, and the amount of pressure that you will withstand on the fields while playing.

If you want to last hours playing, you need to be prepared with tool-kit such as screwdrivers and Allen wrenches even though you are playing with the top-rated gun. To enhance your playing experience, you should invest in a mask and vest just to spice up the game.

As for the markers, there are custom markers available for you to upgrade as you develop your skills and build up confidence while playing. You will need extra tools to upgrade to custom markers.  It is extremely popular among beginners to invest in a customizable gun and then purchase modification kits to be able to use their marker for several years, while having the ability to modify and upgrade the gun.


It goes without saying that woodsball is basically paintball that takes place in the woods! Or, any other place but an organized speed-ball field. Of course there are limits and the fields are usually large acres and the covers are trees, rocks and other things you will find in nature or the covers are made of sticks, dirt or plywood. Due to the nature of woodsball play, it is generally played asymmetrical, it usually requires help of your whole team to get around the playfield. If you are wondering what kind of paintball gun you will need for woodsball, you will be pleasantly surprised by how simple they are. Also, they are big and mechanical and come with great accuracy and efficiency  to play for long time. They work great for long distance shooting  and they basically are suited for any conditions.


This type of game is extremely fast paced and will usually last around 3-minutes. Although it only lasts few minutes, it does not mean that nothing happens! When you are playing speedball games, you will have to move very quickly in order to get the perfect angle on your fellow opponents that are covering them self behind specially designed bunkers. During speedball play, thousands of paint balls are shot between players during gameplay and you can expect to witness more than rounds played in just under minutes of play.

If you plan on playing Speedball, you must have a gun that will respond quickly.  There are many awesome speedball guns available and when you head out there to search for your perfect speedball gun, you should seriously consider a gun that is designed to be used in speedball environment. Always make sure the gun you are investigating will fit your preferred playing style and needs.


There is a chance that you will most likely purchase and store cases of painting between game-plays. That is to say, if you are not required to use the paint that is sold in the field. Paint comes in all kinds of quality and it goes without saying that the quality of the paint will influence your accuracy. Therefore, you need to invest in decent quality made ammo for your paintball gun. Even though you invest in the most expensive and top-rated paintball gun, it doesn’t mean that it will improve your game or accuracy if you fill it with crappy paintballs. In other words, the model will not give you any indication about the performance of the paintballs. Having said that, if you invested in top-quality paint, you need to protect them and make sure you store them properly to prevent them from any damage.

Store your gun, accessories and ammo in dry and cool place. In the event you’re keeping your stuff dissembled in various parts, you have to be certain to change position of the paintballs in order to prevent breakage or dimpling. Old or dimpled paintballs are could break and leak, or create unnatural spin and even leak into the barrel causing even more internal damage.

If you custom order your paintball instead of buying them from your local store, it may minimize incorrectly stored ammunition. To avoid buying damaged goods when you are in a store, always open the container to check the accessories that you are buying. If the paintballs are looking spherical, you will be able to fire them accurately.

Further Tips

Owning and operating the most accurate paintball gun is not about owning a specific brand or model. Favoring one brand over another will not determine your accuracy and the fact is that model or a brand tend to play extremely small role in the buying process. On the other hand, it’s all about proper maintenances, not only of your gun but also the ammunition and accessories. Also, if you practice regularly with your gun, you will notice significant improvement on both performance and accuracy as well. Have in mind that even a less expensive brand could easily out-perform high-end paintball gun is not maintained frequently. As stated above, maintenances and consistency are key factors that will lead to much better accuracy/precision while you play.

It is a challenge for beginners to take their first-step in the world of paintball. It can be a daunting task to research and find the most accurate paintball gun that fits his/her playing style. The reality is that the key factors to consider when choosing the most accurate paintball gun can basically drown a newcomer. Below you will find some very useful information to consider when you search for the perfect paintball gun. The pointers below will also come in handy if you already have a paintball and you are looking into making it a lot more accurate than it is.  Have in mind that in order to upgrade or modify your current paintball gun, you have to own a unit that can be customized and upgradeable.

Choose the Most Accurate Paintball Gun

All right, now that we have analyzed the best position that will help you to improve your accuracy, it’s time to research the most accurate gun that will fit your playing style and skill. So, knowing what to look for is essential. Therefore, you have to make sure that you pick the paintball gun that includes the best features and uses top-rated innovations in the product design. There is also the option to invest in a customizable unit and if you do so, make sure that it is accurate enough to match your playing style.

Barrel Upgrades

Like I did mention many times here above, there are so many factors that affect accuracy. Yet another key factor is the barrel that you have with your gun. You have the option to upgrade your current barrel by buying a stand-alone barrel and customize it to fit your current marker. Pre-installed barrels might spread out way too much air than necessary and that will hinder the accuracy. Moreover, you need to pay close attention to the size of the barrel you want to buy because the length of a barrel can also affect accuracy. It is a common belief among game-players that if you have long barrel then your shot is more accurate. However, this is not the case because of the simple fact that the most accurate paintball units include small barrels. So, if you invest in a new barrel, make sure it is built for precision.

Battery Life

Battery life also influences accuracy. You need to pay close attention to the battery because it can be hard to know when the battery life starts to decrease. In some cases, you might not even realize that your battery life is going down. Once the battery life decreases, it will slow the shooting velocity and the accuracy will drop. To fix that problem, always be ready with a spare battery and get back to the game!

Get a High-Flow Regulator

Investing in a high-flow regulator will do magic for you. It will basically turn your ordinary unit into a super unit. It will greatly enhance the performance of your device as well as improve the accuracy significantly. If any of your team-mates or opponents claim they own the most accurate paintball gun, it is most likely because of a high-flog regulator.


One of the crucial factors that will determine the life-span of your paintball gun is maintenance. You have to maintain your marker regularly in order for it to work properly.  Maybe you notice that the accuracy of your gun has changed in a short time, it might be because the marker is not lubricated enough. Every single part of your gun needs to oiled-up properly even though you have bought the most expensive and the best tournament marker available in the market. If you don’t maintain your unit, you will most definitely face serious issues and it will affect your playing experience.

Investing In a Good Paintball Gun for a Beginner​

Though I did notice here above that it can be a challenging task to look for your perfect gun, it can be as easy as just choosing any paintball randomly that your friend suggested to you.​

Nevertheless, the right way is to do your personal research and discover what kind of gun you intended and what kind of paintball you desire on playing.​

The perfect gun of your friend might now fit your mode of the game. Therefore, you should take the time to explore and know different paintball gun reviews before you think what to buy.

Ninja Air Aluminum HPA NPaintball Tank 3000psi

The number of guns available is designed to use CO2, and you can look forward to paying around 5-bucks.

Experiencing mechanical paintball guns will improve and extend the gameplay without obstacle because there is a refill area on most paintball fields.​


It is known to all that woodsball is usually a paintball that is played in the woods! Or, an organized speed-ball field at any other place.

Although you will find limits and the fields are generally large acres and the covers are trees, rocks and other things there are in nature or the covers are build with of dirt, sticks, plywood.​


This type of game is superbly fast paced and will last around 3-minutes. Though it only lasts for a while, it does not understand that nothing happens!​

While you are enjoying speedball games, you will have to move very fast to get the right angle on your fellow competitors that are covering themselves behind inflatable bunkers.​

Throughout speedball play, thousands of paintballs are interchanged between players during a single round, and you can desire to witness more than points played in just under minutes of play.


There is a possibility that you will most likely buy and store cases of painting between game-plays. It can be said that if you are not needed to use the paint that is sold in the field.

Paint comes in different kinds of quality, and it can also be said that the quality of the paint will influence your exactness.​ So, you need to spend in decent quality made ammo for your paintball gun.

Even though you spend in the most expensive and high standard paintball gun, it does not imply that it will enhance your game or accuracy if you fill it with crappy paintballs.

Also, the model will not provide you any sign about the acting of the paintballs. It can be said that, if you were given in high-quality paint, you need to rescue them and ensure you store them entirely to prevent them from any damage.​

Store your gun, equipment and ammo in dry and cool place. In the event you are keeping your stuff disassembled in various parts, you have to be demonstrated to change the position of the paintballs to confine breakage or dimpling.​

Dimpled or old paintballs could break and leak, or make artificial spin and even leak into the barrel causing, even more, internal loss.

If you custom order your paintball preferably of purchasing them from your local store, it may reduce incorrectly stored ammunition.​ 

To avoid purchasing impair goods when you are in a store, always open the container to test the accessories that you are purchasing. If the paintballs are featuring round, you will be able to fire them nicely.​

Battery Life​

Battery life also powers accuracy. You need to focus to the battery because it can be difficult to understand when the battery life starts to lose. In these circumstances, you might not even know that your battery life is going down.​

Get a High-Flow Regulator​

Spending in a high-flow controller will do magic for you. It will originally turn your average unit into a super unit. It will profoundly enhance the performance of your device as well as develop the accuracy importantly.​

If any of your team-mates or rivals demand they have the best paintball guns, it is most likely because of a high-flog regulator.​

FlexValve Technology

The valve of this Tippmann XPhenom Paintball Marker works below 300 PSI which upgrades its efficiency. It is also offering the players more than 1400 shots.

The valve design features that recoil is virtually removed to improve the accuracy of shots. The seamless design also includes several wear parts making it easy to maintain.

The 9.inch of Barrel

This confirms you to shot far away targets up to 150 ft. It also permits you to use five different modes which include Response, semi-auto, NPPL, and a cyclone feed system. You can fire 1balls per second using these features. There is no need to use batteries in this model.


The U.S. Army Project Salvo is constructed with a standard 1inch anodized quick thread barrel, shroud, stock and rails. It features a.6caliber marker that can be paired with the standard paintballs that are available at local stores.

Multiple Critical Systems

The Dye Proto Rail MaXXed Paintball Gun and the internal design enhance its performance.

For example, it features a polycarbonate pipe shield that cleans the anti-chop eye system and confirms the eyes are always observing the ball drop and the breech. It also features an eye pipe system which removes double feeding and missed feeds.

Color Coded O-rings

The coded O-rings are best for maintenance. They make sure that the user can easily control the gun in case of any matter that might occur. Replacing the O-rings is not a difficult task because they can be easily identified because of their individual colors.

Good Ergonomics

The Empire Axe looks excellent on the hands. It is light enough that running around a lot will not make it feel hefty. The Empire Axe has a plenty of room in the grips to let players hold it in many ways compared to the Empire Mini.

The Axe features with an internal gas line. This implies that you can quickly change hands without hitting a gas line.

Empire Axe Performance

The Empire Axe shoots very straight. This is also what many other players who have used the Axe for the first time say. You can simply feel any kick to it and the smaller marker size helps lower any recoil.​

It also features super quiet. You can simply hear it even in an indoor field. The Empire Axe never had a single paint break after shooting off around pods.​

Getting the right UK gun licence

So you may be asking yourself how do you get a gun licence? Well UK gun laws are among the most stringent in the world. To lawfully possess a shotgun – defined basically as a smooth-bore gun (not an air-gun) with a barrel not less than 2inches and a bore diameter not exceeding two inches – you must first have obtained a Shotgun Certificate.

To legally own a rifle – usually described as a cartridge-loading, rifled-barrel longarm with a barrel not shorter than 300mm – you will require a Firearms Certificate.

Before the Chief Police Officer of your regional constabulary can grant or renew a UK gun licence certificate he must be satisfied that the applicant does not pose a danger to the public safety or to the peace and it is essential that you fill this in fully and correctly.

Not all previous convictions are relevant, but it is best to provide all information required and let the police decide what needs to be taken into account and what not. For a Firearms Certificate the applicant must be 1years old or over, but under-18s can obtain a Shotgun Certificate with the written permission of their parents.

Securing guns within the home

Applicants who satisfy the criteria will then receive a visit from a police officer to discuss and inspect arrangements for the safe storage of the gun(s). This will normally involve installing a security cabinet or steel safe on the premises. No licence will be issued until the police are fully satisfied with security arrangements in place at the applicant’s home address.

You should expect to spend a minimum of between £100 and £200 on secure storage, or more if you want something more decorative. Sportsman Gun Centre stock a comprehensive range of secure gun cabinets and safes at a range of prices from budget to luxury.

The Shotgun certificate costs £79.50 to grant (£4to renew)* and the Firearms Certificate costs £8to grant (£6to renew)* , so you will also need to factor that into your budget. Once that stage of the process is complete, although not a legal requirement, it is well worth thinking about taking some lessons in basic shotgun use and gun safety before buying that first shotgun or rifle for beginners. *Prices correct as of September 2015

Heat resistance

To start out – there are main categories of handguards – drop-in and free-floating.

Main Category – Drop in handguards “Drop in” handguards are the classic, two-piece handguards the Mwas originally designed to use. They are called “drop in” because to install/remove these handguards, you really just need to pull back the spring-loaded “delta ring” and drop in some new ones! So the big advantages of the drop-in family of handguards:

Within these drop-in category, there are really main types – Polymer drop-in handguards, and Railed drop-in handguards.

Mounting options

Allows mounting of bipods, grips, lights, or lasers and optics. By far the most accessory-friendly handguard. Some designs use Keymod or M-Lok attachment instead of picatinny rails, which can reduce weight and cost of the handguard

Can vary widely between brands and sizes, but quad rails are typically a little heavier than the other handguard types. Keymod and M-lok designs can be quite lightweight

Ease of installation

More difficult to install than a drop in handguard – requires partial disassembly of the rifle (about 30-4minutes of work). Also requires special tools like a vise block and armorer’s wrench..-.7MOA improvement over drop-in handguards

Our Pick

Overall, Harris Engineering S-BRM – 9-Inch Bipod stands out to be the best rifle bipod. It is one of the most versatile bipod that can match your different shooting needs. The product is not only affordable, but comes with excellent features that are enjoyed from the most expensive bipods in the market. It’s perfect fit, high durability, quality engineering, and flexibility of use makes the unit extremely hard to beat.

M45D Tatical Shotgun

With all the features provided just like in the game, the gun further provides a good amount of precision and accuracy up to 70 feet which increases the enjoyment while playing outdoor games where you can place dummy targets and have a shot at them

Overall, the gun completely replicates the experience of the game in as safe a manner as possible, while retaining the fun elements in the toy. Just like the other Halo products from the Boomco house, the UNSC Blaze of Glory blaster is also durable, can stand minor accidents and drops and is perfect to be played with outdoors. You can have a small competitive match with your friends of who kills how many dummy targets and easily spend the afternoon basking in the glory of the fact that you own one of the most lethal weapon toys as per your imagination during the game.

Halo UNSC H-29Blaster

Known as the H-29Target Designator Forward Observer Module, this is among the smallest guns in Halo line. Despite its small size, it’s still a decent blaster to add to your collection. It’s also highly affordable and boasts pretty good throwing force. The darts also have amazing accuracy.

Featured with a target sight and pull-back mechanism to prime, the Blaster allows you to shoot accurately up to a 60 feet distance.

This is the cheapest and smallest toy halo guns in Boomco line. The details, design, and lining are relatively accurate to compare in game. Not suitable for highly competitive nerf gun halo battle due to its small size and slow priming.

Other Factors To Consider

Take into account the following factors when buying your airsoft guns; check-square-o

Ensure the design is durable to last you long. You obviously don’t want a fragile gun that will break down in the middle of a sporting event. The quality of the gun in respect to the material used should be a solid reliability irrespective of whether it is made of plastic or metal. check-square-o

How about an airsoft gun which you can find its spares inexpensively ans easily in case it breaks down or malfunctions? This will spare you the hustle of struggling to get back into your task. check-square-o

Check on the precision your airsoft gun comes with in respect to your preferences among other factors.

G&G airsoft combat machine gun Mrifle

As it is known to all who loves airsoft sniper rifles or rifles, the combat machine replicas are always of high quality. They are usually considered of high quality because of the plastic bodies that are used instead of metal ones. If you looking for that rifle that gives you an advantage over the others then this is the absolute way to go, with an integrated rail system and that heavy-duty polymer receiver.

The Combat machine gun MRaider comes with a standard six-point rectangle crane stock that allows the nun chuck style of battery storage. This makes this CM Ma very versatile with retracted fully stock. This machine gun packs a fierce punch in indoor and close quarter combat games whereas the stock is fully extended, it can still handle the big boys in all outdoor games.

Let’s explore more highlighted features of the G&G airsoft combat machine gun Mrifle

Soft Air Thompson 192AEG Airsoft Gun

This infamous rifle is also known as the Tommy Gun and trust you me it was favored by every mobster gangster back in 1900. This was because of its portability and firepower, I mean this little guy could cause unrecognizable damage to property and human beings. In recent years the Thompson machine gun has been a favorite of many movie actors like Johnny Deep always went for a Tommy gun in all intense fights in the Hollywood blockbuster film “Public Enemies”.

A true replica of its original self, the Tommy Gun or Chicago Typewriter comes with a complete foregrip, signature cuts Compensator and a finned barrel. This ensures that you get the equal amount of fire power as compared to the original model that was used in the early days of the 19th Century.

Let’s explore more highlighted features of the Thompson 192AEG Gun

BBTac Mreplica Airsoft Gun M8Aelectric rifle

The BBTac M8rifle is an automatic Airsoft rifle that features a 1:scale replica of real steel. This automatic tactical rifle is manufactured by the Double Eagle company and they strive to make electric best airsoft guns remarkably authentic. The M8can fire rounds of 6mm plastic pellets, that is propelled out of the gun by some compressed air. If you need a weapon to train with that will not cause so much harm and injuries to you and your mates then you should try training with this.

I can guarantee that this rifle is very easy to operate as it simplifies the major work for you and you only tasked with aiming and shooting of targets, that cannot be much of a hassle, can it? Running on a rechargeable battery, you can never go wrong with this Mrifle

Let’s explore more highlighted features of BBTac Mreplica Airsoft Gun M8Aelectric rifle

G&G Combat Machine gun Mraider

The combat machine gun CM1raider designed with polymer RIS this gun features a rail interface system that is made of polymer. I know many people when they hear that the rail is made of the polymer the first thing that comes to mind is that it is unreliable or flimsy. But I can guarantee you that this Mcombat rifle is the opposite of what you will think. the rail is solid and does not wobble or even flex.

The use of polymer also cuts down on the weight of the gun, I know a majority of you hate heavy weapons hence I can say that with this G&G combat machine gun CM1rifle you would not have much to hate when it comes to its weight. It is very light and durable because of its construction materials.

Let’s explore more highlighted features of the G&G Combat Machine gun Mraider.

BBTac Airsoft Gun Package

This package that contains Airsoft replicas of the most popular, and common rifles and guns that have been seen and used in the World War The BBTac Airsoft package includes a full-scale replica of a German M40 model, the Mlight machine gun from the United States of America, a light machine gun from the German force. Also contained in the package is two 191replica Impressive airsoft pistols which were standardly issued by the American military.

All these guns in the package are spring operated and very easy to operate with the simple cock and shoot mode. For all novice, to intermediates, these guns are very friendly to them because of their light weight nature, and they are easy to operate, not much effort required. They are given the freedom of experiencing the Airsofting feeling as well.

Let’s explore more highlighted features of the BBTac Airsoft Gun Package





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Most important, have fun and choose your Gun Rails wisely! Good luck!

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