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Best Headlamps 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated December 1, 2018
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Billy JacobsHi, I’m Billy Jacobs. One of the most important sections in the article – the comparison charts for best headlamps in 2018!

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. So, you will find reviews on some models of headlamps that impressed me (and a good many other people), and you will find a few informational pages as well.

Best Headlamps of 2018

I make the search easier for you, by reviewing the best headlamps on the market. Many models on the market may be confusing to a person who is shopping for their first time.

I am going to specify each good-to-buy feature as much as possible for your references. You must have heard that the best headlamps should allow you to save money, right? Sure, but that’s not the only reason you should consider getting one.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
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№1 – Headlamp


☑HANDS FREE,HASSLE FREE—Why waste your time and money fiddling with flashlights and buying extra batteries? With Cobiz’ rechargeable headlamp, you can have a reliable, hands-free led headlight to brighten up your environment, leaving you free to work, read, and explore whenever and wherever you want.
Everything is OK.

Why did this headlamps win the first place?

I also liked the delivery service that was fast and quick to react. It was delivered on the third day. I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing!












№2 – Flagship-X Multi-Pack Phoenix Rechargeable IPX4 Waterproof LED Camping Headlamp Flashlight For Running

Flagship-X Multi-Pack Phoenix Rechargeable IPX4 Waterproof LED Camping Headlamp Flashlight For Running

SUPER BRIGHT CREE XPE LED TECHNOLOGY- crystal clear white LEDs, and an astounding 160 lumens powered by a full 3 Watts! Compare with petzl and black diamond headlamps.USB RECHARGEABLE, CORD INCLUDED! No batteries required. 4-Pack Mixed Colors (red, green, dark blue, light blue)
A little bit heavy.
Bad customer service for warranty.

Why did this headlamps come in second place?

I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made. The design quality is top notch and the color is nice. Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery. The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed.












№3 – Energizer LED Headlamp with HD+ Vision Optics

Energizer LED Headlamp with HD+ Vision Optics

Four light modes: White spot light, White flood light, Spot and flood together, Red night vision mode
Dimmable to control brightness and runtime (excluding night vision)
Powerful beam; Up to 4X brighter than standard LED technology
Soft parts prone to damage.
The manual is inaccurate and confusing..

Why did this headlamps take third place?

We are very pleased with the purchase — the product is great! This price is appropriate since the product is very well built. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment.












Headlamps Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy headlamps, right? No!

Headlight Bulb Light Output Color

Headlight bulb manufacturers tend to charge more for bulbs that are brighter and whiter. Brighter bulbs with higher light output, and a higher color temperature tend to cost more, so if this is important to you, be prepared to spend a little more.

Also, halogen headlight bulbs that claim to be whiter and brighter also tend to burn out quicker. Manufacturers are able to provide more light output, but that additional intensity burns them out at a faster rate than a normal headlight bulb.

HID Headlights

The way that manufacturers accomplish this is by coating the outside of the bulb glass with a semi-transparent film. In most cases this is a blue film. As the light passes through the glass/film, it changes the color of the light, just as if you were looking through tinted sunglasses.

The problem with this is as soon as there is any film or coating on the glass, you lose light output. You may get the color you want, but you might not be able so see very well at night. So as you are shopping around, keep this in mind.

The Brightness

The brightness of a headlamp or any bulb is measured in lumens.

Therefore, the greater the number of lumens, the more powerful the bulb is.

Most anglers look for the brightest option available to them, which are usually bulbs upwards of 2000 lumens.

When deciding on the brightness, however, it is best to consider what your usual fishing spots are.

If the areas that you fish tend to be quite dark, then a higher power is warranted.

If there is a lot of moonlight or it is a relatively well-lit area, the less powerful lights will be more than enough.

White and Red Light

Certain headlamps give you the option of white light and red light.

It is important to note that in terms of luring in fish, the red light doesn’t have much of an effect as it doesn’t penetrate the water well.

However, red light allows our eyes to adjust to the dark much better than white light.

Therefore, if you are using a lamp that has both red and bright lights, you should use them for specific situations.

White light, for instance, is better at illuminating the water at greater depths.

Most headlamps will let you choose from two or more modes.

Water Resistance

A great many headlamp manufacturers claim that their headlamps are waterproof.

In most instances, however, the lights are merely water-resistant but not waterproof.

This means that the lamps are able to withstand a light spray of water but cannot be submerged.

The best way to discover the level of water resistance of the lamp is to look at the IPX rating.

This will let you know precisely what your lamp can and cannot withstand.

Battery Life

Headlamps tend to use either regular batteries or ones that can be recharged.

More often than not, how long a battery will last will depend not just on how much you use it but what setting you are using it on.

For instance, if you tend to use the lamp on the brightest mode possible, you are going to run out of power sooner.

This is why you should judge the capacity of a battery by how long it can last when used in the brightest mode.


Comfort is an important factor when it comes to headlamps.

After all, if it is uncomfortable, you will not wear it.

The level of comfort can depend on a couple of factors.

First, it is the material that is used. The softer the elastic band is, the better it feels against your skin.

Also, just how adjustable the band is will also determine whether or not it will stay on your head.

Most people aren’t used to weights been placed on their head. This is why you should look for a headlamp that is lightweight.

VITCHELO V800 CREE Led Headlamp Flashlight with…

The Vitchelo V800 headlamp is a good option for those who need a multipurpose light.

This lamp helps to illuminate a path of about 1meters ahead of you which is excellent for those who need to walk to get to their fishing spot.

In addition to the white light, the Vitchelo lamp also has a red light which allows you to preserve your night vision.

This is a user-friendly lamp with just two buttons to operate all of the options available with the headlamp.

Each of the lights has their own modes as well as brightness options.

There is also a flashing emergency light.

The lamp can rotate at an angle of 45° both upwards and downwards.

This Vitchelo headlamp relies on AAA battery which should last you several days if used on the lowest setting.

The headlamp is not waterproof but has received an IPXrating, which does provide some resistance to water. It is also resistant to dust.

The lamp can produce a brightness up to 1800 lumens.

The beam can be adjusted so that it can be narrowed or enlarged according to what you need.

With the GRDE headlamp, you don’t have to flip numerous modes. You just have to choose between high light, low light, or strobe.

The headlamp can be moved in 90° angle, allowing you to create a more focused beam of light when walking or handling technical tasks.

The elastic band on the lamp is in a t-shape and can easily be adjusted. It can even be placed over hats or helmets.

The design and construction of this lamp does mean that it is heavier than some of the other options.


LED Headlamp – Great for Camping, Hiking, Dog Walking, and Kids. One of the Lightest (2.oz) Headlight. Water & Shock Resistant with Red Strobe. Duracell Batteries Included.

160 LUMENS – SWITCHES/SETTINGS: High beam, Low beam, White Strobe, Red Beam, and Red Flashing. Separate Switches, One For Each White And Red …

EverBrite 5-Pack LED Headlamp Flashlight for Running, Camping, Reading, Fishing, Hunting, Walking, Jogging – Headlamps Waterproof, Long Battery Life (Batteries Included), Durable, Lightweight

5-Piece of LED Headlight with 30 Lumens LED bulb never need replacing,last up to 100,000 hours modes of light switching Pivoting head and …

Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight – Bright 16Lumen White Cree Led + Red Light, Perfect for Runners, Lightweight, Waterproof, Adjustable Headband, AAA Batteries Incl. Tired of fumbling in the dark? The Foxelli MX20 Headlamp brings the light!

From camping to finding the circuit box when a fuse blows and everything in

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

Powerful, precise, fully-featured and waterproof, the 200-lumen Black Diamond Spot Headlamp offers convenient PowerTap Technology for on-the-fly …

LED Headlamp Flashlight with Red Lights for Running, Camping, Reading, Kids, DIY & More – Super Bright, Lightweight & Comfortable – Headlamps come with Batteries Hands-Free, Bright Lighting For Indoor And Outdoor Activity

Are you tired of fumbling around in the dark, holding a flashlight while you tackle a …

GRDE Zoomable Modes Super Bright LED Headlamp with Rechargeable Batteries, Car Charger, Wall Charger and USB Cable GRDE Zoomable Modes Super Bright LED Headlamp Head Light for Hiking Camping Riding Fishing Hunting Outdoor Sports

The Advantages are Extensive:

Gear & Gadgets

LE Headlamp LED, Modes Headlight, Battery Powered Helmet Light for Camping, Running, Hiking and Reading, AAA Batteries Included Sufficient Brightness
The beam distance is up to 20+ feet when it is on the brightest setting.
The illuminating area is wide enough for running or …

Headlamp,Cobiz Brightest Modes LED Headlight, Waterproof Flashlight with 90º Moving Zoomable Light-18650 Rechargable Battery Adjustable Headband,Best for Camping Running Hiking ☑HANDS FREE,HASSLE FREE—Why waste your time and money fiddling with flashlights and buying extra batteries? With Cobiz’ rechargeable headlamp, … icefox Rechargeable Headlamp, Super Bright LED Head Torch, 6000 Lumens Waterproof Headlight with Brightness Modes. Perfect for Running, Camping, Hiking and Walking ¡­ Waterproof and heatproof:
Strong Waterproof, No need to worry about in all kinds of rain weather, you still can use normally. (Note: Please don’t …

Miady LED Headlamps, 160 Lumen CREE LED + Red Light, Waterproof, Lightweight, AAA Batteries Included – Pack


Please take out the battery insulator in the battery box before using.

Improve the visibility instantly
Miady LED head lamp is …

Brightest and Best 8000 Lumen Bright Headlamp Flashlight, IMPROVED LED with Rechargeable Batteries for Reading Outdoor Running Camping Fishing Walking – Waterproof Headlight Specification:
Material: Aluminum alloy, elastic head strap
Bulb: x LED
Light Color: Cool White
Life Span: over 10,000 hours, Working Voltage: 3.6~4.…

Three trees Head Torchlight Sensor Brightest LED With Red Light Rechargeable outdoor Headlamp Flashlight for Kids Men and Women Waterproof for Running, Walking,Reading,Camping ✅100% Satisfied✅We are confident that you will love our helmet, we offer 120 days no problem – a one-year warranty guarantee! Buy confidence, and

Shed work

If you want to commute by bike, the picks here could work, but you might have a better option; see our helmet bike light recommendation. If you want to canoe or kayak, the picks in this guide are weatherproof and splashproof but not meant to be submerged in water. If you take it, don’t drop it!

The headlamps in this guide are not recommended for mountain biking (you need something brighter) or hunting, nor are they appropriate for military purposes, tactical use, or rescue (you need something with colored LED lights, and color temperature might matter, too). And they are not the right choice for caving, diving, or underwater photography (you need something seriously waterproof).

How we picked and tested

Lumen and Range

But what’s the real difference between a Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp that emits 5Lumens or the Princeton Tec Byte Headlamp that emits 3Lumens? This is how I’ll answer it.

Your typical 60 Watt Lightbulb emits about 800 Lumens. If you were outside the house you can see the light from quite a distance. Headlamps are used to emit light into a relatively small space like around a campground, cave, or a few feet in front of you but have the capacity to shine bright enough for nighttime mountain biking or hiking so 4Lumens with the capability to reach 3meters (11feet) is pretty good for most recreational campers. Please view the Black Diamond, one of the top brands in headlamps, lumen comparison chart below.


We all like features but in terms of practicality, let’s look at what features and data points Headlamps may offer to help determine which one is best to buy.

Use – Are you camping or do you plan to use it for casual use? Or both? If you’re a recreational camper who wants a Headlamp and one who uses it around the house then you’ll want one that is both used for camping and casual. A casual one for camping might be way too dim and a camping one for household chores in dark areas might be extremely bright.

Water-Resistant – Again, what are your intentions? I always prefer water-resistant if you’re going camping but it’s an excellent feature for the casual user especially if you plan on jogging in the evening or early morning when it might be drizzling or raining.

Bulb Type – More often than not you’ll find an LED light affixed to the Headlamp. How many LEDs is what you should pay attention to. One bulb is nice but hardly gives you the chance to get the light brighter whereas more lights will provide you with the chance to change up how much light is being produced. You may want real bright light on the outside of your tent but dim it down once inside.

Beam Distance – Obviously you’ll want to keep close track of the Beam Distance but if it is not listed then you can figure that a Max Light Output of 4Lumens will go about 3meters (112ft). This could get cut up due to fog, drizzle, trees, dust or other particles that linger in the air.

Brightness Levels – We all like variety so how about some variety in our brightness. Will you want to be able to switch brightness levels? Are you going to be working in a dark, confined space fixing something at the house and then heading out on a camping trip the next day where you might need a lot more light to cover the area where you’re setting up camp?

Strobes – Mostly this is for the morning bike rider or jogger. Sometimes shiny clothes aren’t enough but a strobe light always gets the attention of drivers.

Red Light Mode – This is for the nighttime when a bright white LED light isn’t necessarily required. Maybe you’re looking over maps in your tent or don’t need the brightness that you normally would need when setting up camp.

Series Link

This is one in a series of articles that will guide you to the best of all things photographic. The rest are here: Buyer’s Guide: Recommendations For The Best Photography Equipment, Software, Books, Magazines, DVDs, Online Photo Labs and More.

Features of a mountain bike light

Lamp body (head unit): This houses the LEDs, the lens in front, the reflectors behind, the circuitry that makes it all work and the fins or ribs that radiate away as much heat as possible.

LEDs: Most lights now use LEDs (light emitting diodes), because they produce more light for less power than a conventional bulb and are far less fragile than HID lamps. Technological advances mean performance has leapt forward in the past few years and each new season brings significant upgrades.

Optics: The reflector and lens in front affect how the light is thrown down the trail. Focused spot beams are great for seeing a long way for a given output; wide flood beams give good peripheral vision.

Mount/bracket: How you attach the light to your bike. Most mounts use clips and spacers but O-rings are a great simple solution. If you are thinking of using a helmet mounted light, you need a lamp that’s light enough to be comfortable and secure on your lid, rather than a neck snapper. You’ll need an extension cable and helmet mount too, so check if that’s included or an optional extra.

Battery: The bit that powers the light. Lighter, tougher, far more random charge resistant lithium ion (Li-Ion) chargeable batteries have revolutionised mountain bike lighting compared with older lead acid and NiMH batteries — but battery and lamp efficiencies still vary dramatically. Most brands sell extra batteries (often at a discount if bought with the light) so you can always swap halfway. Check your batteries are properly prepared for maximum performance (this should be in the instructions) and take a back-up until you know you can rely on their run times.

Switchgear: The switch not only turns the light on, but also lets you change power output levels. It needs to be easy to operate while riding, even with gloves on, but hard to operate accidentally. Many lights now use backlit switches that double as mode and/or run time indicators using traffic-light-style colour changes. Switchgears now range from a simple push button sequential mode switch with low battery warning light to wireless bar-mounted units or switches that can also change the different output levels and menus.

Head or bars

Most lights come with both bar and helmet mounting options. Which is better comes down to personal preference, but here are the pros and cons of each.

The result — it’s a draw! In reality the best solution is to use helmet and bar-mounted lights, even if you have to buy lower powered units to afford both. It also means you have a backup should one battery die.

Jargon buster

Amp-hour — A measurement of battery capacity. The bigger the capacity, the longer your lights will run. You need to divide this value by the amperage the light operates at in order to get the theoretical run time

Bag — A cloth pack that holds the battery onto the bike’s frame

Bar mount — Light bracket that fits around oversize (31.8mm) and/or older 1in (25.4mm) diameter handlebars

Battery cell — The single units that wire together to create a battery pack

Bottle — Plastic water bottle converted to hold a large capacity battery

How we test mountain bike lights

Being stuck on a wet winter’s night, miles from anywhere with a failed light or everything suddenly going pitch black halfway down a technical descent is a really serious matter. That’s why we take our lights testing extremely seriously.

There’s no substitute for time on trail in all weathers to find out this crucial stuff — and we’re not just talking about lights used in the past few months. We also reference the sets we’ve run long-term to get in-depth, worst case use feedback that’s directly relevant to the riding you do.

Product reviewer Guy Kesteven tests run times and cooling

The science side

As is often the case with mountain biking, the scientific part of the testing is the easiest bit. Lights (lamp body plus handlebar bracket) and batteries are weighed on our scales.

We then measure the useful maximum power run time (to when the output fades and low battery warning lights come on) with pre-conditioned (used and recharged) batteries in the highest power setting on an air cooled rig to mimic the cooling effect of riding at night. We also measure the maximum casing heat of the lights with a thermal probe to see if any get dangerously hot.

Light output is calculated using a lux (a measurement of one lumen per square metre) calibrated industrial light meter placed 5m from the lamp in a blacked out workshop. (If the light has more than one beam or head unit we measure both separately and their combined output.)

This method does favour spot beams over flood beams, but it’s still a more trail translatable measurement than the lumen potential of LEDs. The coverage, density and other specific characteristics of the beam are often more important than the peak brightness though, so we also take beam photos to make it easier to compare the lights.

The practical side

It’s the feedback we get from real world usage that really sorts out often very similar lamps in terms of trail performance. When it comes to our test conditions we’re talking serious sorties, often two or three times a week all year round in every trail condition imaginable. Baked hard river bed runs that’ll shake a poor bracket or fragile circuit board apart in seconds or leave a badly bagged battery hanging by its lead; sub-zero tundra trudges that freeze a battery to horribly low maximum power run times; drownings in downpours and hip-deep bog crashes.

Most of our lights have seen it all and, if the most recent versions have only been hammered through summer, we’ve certainly put the models preceding them through the most testing ride schedule possible. Repeated group riding, bike switching, recharging and battery flattening gives us the perfect comparative testing cluster too, so any failures or fading is immediately obvious rather than going unnoticed in isolation.

In other words, if a light scores well, you know it’s gone through some proper optical and electrical purgatory to prove itself. For that reason, for all of our latest lights testing we’ve deliberately stuck with established (at least a year old) lights manufacturers to ensure anything we recommend is a fully supported product.

Light output is calculated using a lux calibrated industrial light meter placed 5m from the lamp in a blacked out workshop

ANSI FLStandards

Up until recently there has not been any kind of standard in the flashlight industry, the ANSI FLstandards even the playing field for all torch producers. Learning how to read the standards sheets put out by most manufacturers is important to help you find the best tactical flashlight.

Light Output : This is a Lumens rating that shows the total amount of light that comes out of the front of the flashlight.

Run Time : This is the amount of time it will take for light to get to 10% of its initial output. An example would be that if a flashlight started at 100 Lumens this is the length of time of continuous light that it would take to get down to Lumens.

Beam Distance : This is the measurement in meters of the distance at which the intensity of the beam reaches 0.2lux which is the approximated amount of light of a full moon on a clear night.

Peak Beam Intensity : Measured in Candela this is the brightest point in the beam. Where Lumens tell how much light is coming out of the light in total Candela measures how bright the brightest point of the beam is.

Impact Resistance : Measured in meters this indicates the height that you could drop a flashlight from onto concrete and it still work properly. The light can also not have any cracks or breaks in it. : There are three levels of water resistance that are found, those are IPX4, IPX7, and IPX: A flashlight with this rating has been tested to perform under the condition of splashing water. : A flashlight with this rating has been tested to perform submerged to meter for 30 minutes. : A flashlight with this rating has been tested to perform submerged deeper than meter for up to hours.

Why Would You Want To Carry A Tactical Flashlight

Aside from a pocket knife, the most useful tool that you could carry is a flashlight. Even if you are never going to use a flashlight for self-defense a quality torch can be used for countless things. Here are a few situations when having a good tactical flashlight would be nice.


As mentioned earlier modern tactical flashlights are designed to give someone an advantage in a combat situation. The hard anodized aluminum can be used as a striking tool, many flashlights come with crenulated bezels that are shaped in a way that would help you to both break windows and faces. Also, just holding something in your hand will make your fists more devastating. Next, the high lumens make it so you can temporarily blind any would be attacker which could give you time to escape. If you mix together the ability to blind someone with the added striking force that you get from a tactical flashlight you have a dominating combination, imagine the devastation caused by hitting somebody in the face with the Surefire P2X Fury Defender. As a small warning though, if you are not a trained fighter it is always better to use the temporary blindness as added time to get away.

Identify Things In The Dark

This is the main purpose of any flashlight. If you have a flashlight with you you will have peace of mind that any dark alley or parking lot can be illuminated. Some of the lights that we have here can illuminate things over a football field away. You no longer need to worry what might be hiding in the dark.

Just Finding Stuff

I don’t know about you but I lose things all of the time, under the couch, under the bed, behind the desk, behind the dresser, etc… You know what I mean. You do not even know how many times you will be glad that you had a flashlight with you. Hey, a flashlight might even make it so you are not late for work when you are looking for your keys all over the place.

Top Buying Tips For Finding The Best Tactical Flashlight

For the people that do not have time right now to read all of the material on this site, here is a quick and dirty summary of the top things to look for to ensure that you are getting a quality product. Some of you may have specific requirement that would make these tips change but for the general public and for the EDC enthusiast that is not a flashaholic these are some easy guidelines. : If you are buying a EDC flashlight how big can you comfortably have with you all of the time. Otherwise if you are not keeping it with you all of the time how much space do you have to store it? : Do you want disposable or rechargeable batteries? And, do you want a standard size battery (easy to find) or a special battery (more power)? : It takes at least 60-100 lumens to cause temporary blindness.

Durability : I would go with type III hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum with a LED bulb that is rated to at least IPXwaterproofing.

Tactical Handheld Flashlights

Handheld tactical lights are designed to be extremely durable, as they need to stand up to some of the harshest conditions. To ensure that they can stand up to the worst conditions most manufacturers are going to use weapon-grade aluminum for the body along with a textured grip. The better grip allows you to use the light as a striking tool without worrying about it slipping out of your grasp. Top quality handheld lights are small enough that they can be easily carried around for everyday use. The smaller size also allows you to easily operate the light with one hand leaving your other hand free for other tasks.

Handheld tactical lights are some of the brightest ones out there. Handheld tactical lights need to be bright enough to light up a dark room, but they also might need to temporarily blind a potential suspect.  A handheld tactical light is something that you want to be able to depend on at all times, you want to know that your light is going to work in a life or death situation.

SureFire G2X LE

The Surefire G2X LE was specifically designed to meet the needs of law enforcement officers, making it one of the better tactical flashlights on the market. The G2X LE is an improvement on the G2X Pro as it offers a higher lumen output than the original model. The G2X LE offers two output levels: high and low. High offers a blinding 400 lumens on the first click, while low offers 1lumens that requires two clicks. Highest setting offers users the maximum amount of light, while the lowest settings ensures a longer battery life from the CR123A batteries required to power the light.

The entire light is controlled via a dual-output tailcap switch. This is beneficial for those life or death situation that law enforcement often finds themselves in because it provides instant access to the brightest light when you need it most, giving you a momentary advantage. The G2X is as durable as it is useful as it is made from a Nitrolon polymer body that offers a secure grip. The light uses O-rings and gaskets to seal against moisture and dust, so it will work in any environment. The high performance LED used in the G2X LE is practically indestructible and its parabolic reflector improves the beams reach.

Nitecore P20

The Nitecore P20 features a CREE XM-L(T6) LED that has a peak beam intensity of 11,000 candelas with a throw distance of 68feet. This premium LED allows the P20 to offer users three different modes: tactical, general, and law enforcement, as well as a strobe mode. Each of the three modes provide different brightness levels allowing for this light to be effectively used in a variety of non-life threatening situations. While we do not recommend this light for life or death situations it does provide quick and easy access to the strobe mode via the strobe ready button.

As tactical lights are supposed to be easy to use Nitecore offers users a dual-switch tail cap, which is said to be ideal for tactical applications as it is designed for one handed operation. The top switch provides users with the ability to power the light on or off, as well as access the different modes. The bottom switch is the strobe ready button and a simply push provides you with instant strobe no matter what mode you were previously in. The Nitecore P20 can be powered by a single 18650 battery or two CR12batteries, what batteries used will affect the lumen output and runtime.

Tactical Pistol Light

A pistol light, which can also be referred to as a handgun light, is a tactical light that mounts directly to our handgun via a Picatinny or Weaver rail. Pistol lights are an excellent tool, but they must be chosen with care. As a true tactical light you want to know that you can count on your pistol light working when you need it, especially in one of those life or death situations. One thing you must keep in mind with your pistol light is that where you are pointing the light you are also pointing the pistol. With that being said these lights should only be used in situations where your gun is already out!

As a tactical light you don’t want just any old pistol light, you want something that is durable. You need your pistol light to stand up to numerous bullets being fired from your handgun; you don’t want something that is going to fall apart after only a few rounds. Pistol lights can be mounted directly below the barrel or they can be mounted onto the side via an offset mount, which one you choose will depend on you. Pistol lights often come with a tail cap switch, but high quality ones will provide you with the ability to switch the tail cap switch for a pressure switch.

SureFire X300 Ultra

The SureFire X300 Ultra high performance LED is powered by two high-energy CR123A batteries that will emit 600 lumens for an hour and a half. The X300 Ultra features a newer mounting system that uses a T-slot mounting system with a T-slot mounting rail and tightening screw. This newer mounting system allows users to mount the X300 Ultra to both long guns and hand guns quickly and securely.

What makes the X300 Ultra the best tactical pistol light aside from its extreme durability is its ambidextrous switch that makes activation a breeze. The switch is now wider and shorter than you have seen on previous models, but it is still located at the rear of the light to allow for easy one-handed operation. Remote activation using a DG grip for handguns or a XT tape switch for long guns is also available.

Now if you are looking for a pistol light with a laser, but you really like the SureFire X300 Ultra you need to check out the X400 Ultra as it has many of the same features as the X300 Ultra, but comes with a red or green laser. You can also check out our Pistol Light Buyers Guide for our light recommendations for different sized pistols.

Streamlight TLR-HL

The Streamlight TLR-HL is a shining example of the high quality lights manufactured by Streamlight. The TLR-HL comes in three different colors and is constructed from machined aluminum with a black anodized finish. The light itself is completely sealed earning it an IPX rating of 7, which allows it to be used both indoors and outdoors. If you opt for the Streamlight TLR-HL and currently have a holster that allows for a light bearing pistol you will not need to purchase a new one, as the TLR-HL is constructed to fit into all light bearing holsters.

A CLED is powered by two CR123A batteries and can emit 800 lumens with a peak beam intensity of 15,000 candelas. With a pistol light how far the beam reaches is important and with the TLR-HL you will be able to see up to 800 feet away thanks to the concentrated beam provided by the TIR lens. The TLR-HL comes equipped to mount directly to any handgun with glock-style rails, but can also be mounted to Picatinny rails. The TLR-Hl is designed for hand guns but Streamlight offers a kit for long guns that must be purchased separately.

For those of you that prefer to have a laser light combo and you really like what the Streamlight TLR-HL is offering there is good news. Streamlight makes two other models of the TLR-they come with all of the same features and quality as the TLR-HL, but they have an added laser. The TLR-HL comes with a red laser, while the TLR-HL G comes with a green laser. You can check out our Best Pistol Light article for a more detailed review of those two lights.

Aimkon HiLight P5S

The Aimkon will fit on the majority of the subcompact pistols on the market, but it will also fit on several full sized pistols. The Aimkon HiLight P5S utilizes a quick release mount system to attach to your weapon. The P5S comes equipped with two distinct modes: constant on and strobe, as well as a red laser for aiming purposes.

While all of this might sound great we strongly discourage you from using the Aimkon HiLight P5S in life or death situations. Yes the pistol light is made to mount a on pistol, but that doesn’t mean you can rely on it for life threatening situations. The quality and durability is nowhere near the same as pistol lights made by SureFire and Streamlight. This pistol light is one that should only be used for target practice or even on airsoft guns.

Tactical Rifle Flashlight

Rifle flashlights are very similar to pistol lights; they are both designed to be mounted onto your weapon to provide you with light while keeping both hands on your gun. The difference between these two weapon lights is what kind of weapon they are mounted too. Pistol lights for the most part are designed to be mounted to pistols or handguns, although some of these lights feature kits that allow them to be mounted to long guns. Rifle flashlights are not designed to be mounted to the smaller guns, these lights are designed to be mounted to the longer style guns like rifles and they will typically be able to use a pressure switch.

One of the great things about rifle flashlights is that all of them currently on the market use LED emitters, so they usually exceed the minimum 50 lumens needed to disorient a person’s night vision. With lumens not being a concern the other things that you need to look at when selecting a rifle flashlight are how reliable the light is, how much output it has and what kind of beam distance it will provide, how easy it is to operate, and how small and lightweight the light really is.

SureFire M600IB Scout Light

The SureFire M600IB Scout Light ranks as the best rifle flashlight for a variety of reasons with its IntelliBeam Technology being one of them. This technology uses an intelligent sensor coupled with a microprocessor system to constantly evaluate the area where the beam is being aimed. Based on the data collected the light output will automatically be adjusted anywhere between 100 to 600 lumens enabling you to always have the right amount of light for the job you are doing. The M600IB is made from hard-anodized aluminum and utilizes a high performance LED that is considered to be practically indestructible. The light mounts onto MIL-STD-191rails using a thumbscrew mount.

The M600IB Scout comes equipped with a clicky type tail-cap switch. The clicky switch can be partially pressed down to use the momentary on feature or fully press the switch to activate the constant-on feature. Full tactical mode, which is a bright 600 lumens, is activated by going from off to on again within one second of each other. SureFire also minimizes the chance of accidental activation by shrouding the switch. Now the M600IB doesn’t come with a pressure switch, but you can purchase one separately and we strongly recommend that you do. For the M600IB we recommend the SureFire DS0Remote/Pushbutton Switch Tail Assembly.

Streamlight 8805ProTac Railmount 2L Gun Light

With the ProTac Railmount 2L you will be able to mount the light to ay Picatinny rails with its dedicated fixed mount, which is a fixed rail grabber with thumbscrew mount.  This specific light is a part of the Streamlight’s 6000 series, so like other lights in its series it is constructed from machined aircraft aluminum with an anodized finish. To add to its durability the ProTac Railmount 2L utilizes an impact resistant BOROFLOAT lens to protect the CLED that can emit up to 62lumens for a period of hours using two CR123A batteries. This light currently has two IPX ratings depending on what switch is used to control the light. With the tail switch the ProTac Railmount 2L has an IPXrating, while the pressure switch drops down to an IXP4.

The ProTac Railmount 2L utilizes Streamlight’s TEN-Tap Programming and provides users with the choice of three different operating modes. With the ProTac Railmount 2L users can choose high/strobe mode, high mode, or low/high mode. The strobe option is ideal for signaling for help or disorienting a potential attacker. The rifle light is controlled  via a multi-function tactical tail switch that is designed for one handed operation. The ProTac Railmount 2L also comes with a dual remote pressure switch that can be used in place of the tactical tail switch, as well as remote retaining clips.

Nitecore CGHunting Kit

One of the first things you need to realize is that no matter how amazing this light kit sounds, we do not recommend it for any kind of tactical situations. Nitecore does make high quality lights, but we feel that the NiteCore CGHunting Kit is more geared for playing rather than in life or death situations. One of the great things about this hunting kit is just how much stuff it comes with. Inside the CGHunting Kit you are going to find the light that provides users with green and white light, as well as a icharger, NL18battery, RSWremote switch, a tactical ring, lanyard, holster, car adapter, NFR40 Red Filter, weapon mount, and a survival keychain light.

The Chameleon CGlight offers users bright and focused dual beams. The white beam can reach up to 440 lumens for a distance of 62feet, while the green light can emit up to 18lumens for a distance of 55feet. The white light option offers users the choice between five modes, while the green light option comes with three different brightness levels. The CGoffers two special modes: strobe and emergency police warning light. The rifle mounting kit that comes with the CGkit comes with a rail mount and a barrel mount option, as well as a high clearance scope mount and a remote pressure switch. Whether you are using the dual mode switch or the remote pressure switch the light is easy to activate and the dual beams are controlled independently. The CGfeatures a power indicator light to alert you to battery power levels and will also remind you when it is time to recharge the battery.

Tactical Headlamp

Headlamps are a great choice for those who are looking for 100% hands free lighting. The main purpose of a headlamp is to direct the entire amount of light to a specific area, which is why the lamp of the light is usually worn in the center of the head. When choosing a headlamp the amount of lumens is going to tell you how bright the light is, but the beam distance is what you really want to pay attention to. The beam distance is going to tell you how just how far your headlamp is going to be able to produce useable light.

Another important aspect is the beam type. With head lamps you have three basic choices: flood, spot, or adjustable. Flood lamps are ideal for close up repair work or ordinary outdoor tasks. Flood lamps are used when light doesn’t need to reach long distances. Spot lamps are best for hiking, climbing, and other similar activities because the beam is ideal for lighting up things in the distance. Adjustable headlamps offer the best of both worlds, as they provide you with both a flood and spot option, so you have the right kind of beam when you need it most. For tactical use we feel that a headlamp must have a red light since red is the best color to retain night vision and many times you will use your headlamp just to read something quickly.

Tactical Night Vision

In this article we only cover two night vision devices: monocular and goggles. Monoculars are night vision devices that provide no magnification and use a single eye unit. In many cases these style of night vision devices are the most versatile of them all, as they can be worn on the head or even mounted to the front of a rifle scope. How monocular devices can be used will depend on the brand and model purchased. Goggles allow for both eyes to be used when viewing, but like monoculars they do not provide any kind of magnification. Goggles can be head mounted and come in two different styles. The first style is single image tube with two eye pieces, while the other is a dual image tube with two eye pieces. One of the great things about goggle style night vision devices is how natural they feel when you first start wearing them, they don’t take much getting used to at all.

Armasight Nyx-Pro Bravo Gen 3

Before we get too involved in looking at what the Armasight Nyx-Pro Bravo Gen has to offer we want you to know that this light meets our minimum requirements to be used in life threatening situations. In all honesty there are higher end products out there that far exceed what this one has to offer, in fact, the Gen of this same model is currently the best product available. The Gen meets minimum requirements for high quality tactical use at a little bit lower of a price, so we feel that it is a good fit for our review.

The Armasight Nyx-Pro Bravo Gen is an extremely durable and rugged bi-ocular night vision goggle. The Bravo Gen uses simple, but very reliable electronics and the highest grade optics to provide you with clear and bright images through night vision. The Bravo Gen can be 100% hands free if worn on the included flip-up head mount, but can also be a hand-held night vision device if you need to engage in long range observation. These goggles are powered by a single CR12or an ordinary AA battery that provides up to 60 hours of use. The goggles are water and fog resistant and come with easy to operate controls. The auto brightness feature and the built-in infrared illuminators are just an added bonus.

ATN NVM 14-Gen Monocular

What makes the ATN NVM 14-Gen the best tactical night vision monocular in our opinion is how versatile it is, as well as its amazing features. The NVM 14-can be used for a variety of different tasks, including driving and administering first aid, in addition to so many other things. With the NVM you can pretty much go about your normal daytime tasks, but in the dark. The NVM can be used as a handheld device, a head or helmet mounted device, or even mounted on a weapon. The NVM can be vertically adjusted by using the head straps; it can also offers a fore and aft adjustment. The NVM also offers objective lens focus and eyepiece focus.

The Automatic Brightness Adjustment system on the NVM 14-is a nice feature to have as it ensures that the IIT brightness level remains steady no matter the conditions. With the Automatic Protective System the NVM is able to control the current illumination automatically, plus the Monocular will shut off on its own if lx levels go higher than 100 to 300 lx within minutes. The NVM features a monocular optical system that is made up of an objective lens, an eyepiece, and an Image Intensifier Tube. The eyepiece itself is home to a red and green indicator light. The green light warns of excessive brightness, while the red is a low battery warning and a IR illuminator indicator.

ATN Spirit MP-Monocular

The ATN Spirit MP-Monocular is a perfect choice for night vision monoculars for those who are currently working on tactical law enforcement teams, as well as elite military personnel. In all honesty the Spirit MP-can also be used by ordinary citizens, but it is a something that is of high quality and is made for true tactical situations. The ATN Spirit MP-can be attached to a helmet or even a weapon, it can also be used as a head mounted device or a handheld device and is perfect for doing a variety of daytime tasks in the dark of night.The MP-is powered by a single CR123A battery that will allow you to effectively use the monoculars for a period of 60 hours before needing replacement.

One thing that the Spirit MP-offers is Total Darkness technology. This technology comes with a infrared light emitting source that is built into the monocular itself. This technology allows you to use the device even when there is a lack of ambient light. Like many other ATN models the Spirit MP-also comes with LED indicator lights, automatic brightness control, and a bright light cut off. Most IR laser aiming devices, as well as illuminating devices, are completely compatible with the Spirit MP-2, which only adds to its versatility. It is the advanced technology used in the ATN Spirit MP-that gives you the tactical advantage when using it in a tactical situation.

Other Tactical Lights

Most categories of tactical lights are focused on a style of flashlight, whether it is a headlamp, helmet mount, or goggle style light; they all look and act similar to a flashlight. All of the above mentioned lights are great tools to use in a variety of tactical situations, but sometimes you need something a little bit different to get the job done. In this section we want to introduce you to other tactical lights that you might find useful to have on hand.

One thing that you might notice based on the lights that we have chosen for this article is that tactical lights provide you with advantage during tactical situations. In some cases the burst of light helps disorient an adversary while other times the infrared light allows you to maneuver through a room without giving away your position or destroying your night vision. The lights included in this category of our article are no different. These lights provide you with a tactical advantage, but what advantage they provide will vary.

Brite Strike RID-3

The Brite Strike RID-is not a replacement for a flashbang, but they were designed by police officers to be a distraction and disorientation device. Brite Strike RID-doesn’t require any special training to use and they are an excellent alternative to flashbangs. One reason why they are such a good alternative to flashbangs is they can be used to gain entry into an unsafe room that contains flammable material.

Brite Strike RID-3s are small, lightweight ball balls that are expertly weighted to ensure they spin and wobble when they are tossed into a room. As the ball rolls across the floor or when it first hits the floor it will spin and wobble with its two white LEDs shining brightly. Once the ball stops wobbling and spinning the light will be facing up allowing the person in the room to be perfectly backlight. The spinning and wobbling light distracts the person in the room, giving you the perfect opportunity to make your move. Brite Strike RID-does not feature a strobe option, as you don’t want to be blinded by the strobe when you walk into the room. The spin and wobble feature works similar to a strobe without having any disorientating effect on you. Note, these do not strobe.

Beam Distance

Lumens are how we measure luminous flux which is the amount of light energy or power of the light in total that comes out of the face of the flashlight. High Lumens means that you have a powerful LED and a powerful battery. Flashlight producers like throwing the word Lumen around everywhere but it is not really as useful of a measure of light as Candela or Beam Distance for how the flashlight will perform. The most powerful tactical flashlights have really high lumens but it is dependent on the reflector on whether the light will shine a long distance or if it will light up the area close to the light.

Candela is the peak beam intensity or in other words the brightest point of light produced. Without changing the amount of Lumens the Candela can change dramatically since they are dependent on the beam angle which is controlled greatly by the reflector. The smaller the beam angle the greater the peak brightness with be (Candela). So you could have flashlight with a much less powerful LED producing a higher beam intensity and having a longer beam distance because it has a smaller beam angle.

As mentioned earlier when we described the ANSI FLstandards Beam Distance is the distance in meters that a light can go until it reaches 0.2lux which is the amount of light output by the full moon on a clear night. Just like Peak Beam Intensity/Candela the Beam Distance is very dependent on both the type of LED used and also the reflector. Flashlights can be designed to throw a long beam like a spot light or to light up a whole area like a light bulb in your house. Later we will talk about throw vs flood.

With all of that said, we will play by the manufacturers rules and decide how much light we need by Lumens. But, now that you are educated you can take the other ANSI measurements into account while searching for the best tactical flashlight.

700+ Lumens: This is getting really serious. This is the level of power you want if you need maximum brightness for your job but still need a small handheld light. Search and rescue teams or people that just want to show off get these kinds of lumens. There are handheld flashlights that go up to 7000+ Lumens these insane flashlights can make a tree 3-football fields away as bright as a christmas tree.

Flood Vs. Throw

These are two terms that you will hear about all of the time if you do much research in flashlights. A flashlight the has a lot of flood will illuminate a very large area but not very far. There will not be a defined beam but on overall brightness in the whole area. Torches that have a long throw have a very definite beam and you can light up something many yards away. Different lights are designed to be more floody or throwy, it is dependent on the design of the reflector and on the LED that is used. In general flashlights that are floody are better for close up activities and flashlights that have a long throw are for lighting up thing that are far away. You need to decide how far away you want to be able to see something and this will change the flashlight that you will want to buy.

Light Filters

Some flashlights come with light filters that you can put over the top of the flashlight so it will shine another color. Red is popular for night vision, blue and yellow are popular for seeing blood, and green does not spook animals while hunting and can not be seen from the side so you can preserve your location.

Dedicated RGB LEDs

You would use red, blue, and green led flashlights for the same reason as above but for some reason you might want them built into the flashlight. Having the built in LEDs makes it so you do not need to search for filters all of the time, but you will not be able to get the same level of brightness as you would in a light with a filter.


Some people like to carry flashlights is a separate holder on their belt, and some flashlights are too big to fit in a pocket. For this reason there are flashlights that come with holsters. Most flashlight holsters have a belt loop and then a Velcro flap that goes over the head of the flashlight.

Mounting Bracket

Do you need to put your light on a gun, some lights are dedicated gun lights and some handheld flashlights have adapters that will attach them to a gun. A light the is meant designed to go on a gun will fit more secure and have less movement, but having an adapter for a handheld light is both more versatile and cheaper.

Pressure Switch

If you want to mount your flashlights to a weapon some lights offer different types of switches. Many manufacturers offer pressure switches that replace the tail switch of a flashlight with a pressure pad so you can move the on/off button to almost anywhere else on the gun. These are particularly useful for long weapons so you can put a switch right next to where you would comfortably keep your hands as opposed to feeling around for the button on the flashlight.


Do you want the surface of the flashlight to be knurled for extra grip or do you want it to be smooth. Knurling is when a pattern is put into the metal surface of the flashlight. Many people like the knurling in the metal but some do not and prefer smoother ergonomic features to increase grip.

Flashlights 10- Introductory Course

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Handheld Flashlight: These are the flashlights that we all think about when we think of flashlights.\r\n

Headlamp: Headlamps are light that you wear over your head that allow you to be hands free. For things like camping an hiking these flashlight are ideal. It is much easier to use the restroom in the middle of the night with a headlamp on as opposed to a handheld light, and you really wouldn’t want to use a weapon light for this.\r\n

Weapon Lights: This other type of flashlight is specifically designed to be mounted to a pistol or a long gun. An example of a dedicated weapon light is the SureFire X300 Ultra. The two main types of mounting rails are the Weaver rail and the Picatinny rail. The Picatinny rail is the new of the two standards and typically Weaver accessories will fit on a Picatinny rail but not vice-versa. The other type of mounts that are used for shotguns and rifles without a rail system simply squeeze around both the barrel and the flashlight by tightening a screw.\r\n

– 1Lumens: Any kind of flashlight will do, you mainly just need a small light to get around dark rooms. Something to help you find your way to the restroom in the middle of the night or help you read a map. This level of light will not completely destroy your night vision.\r\n

1- 5Lumens: This is enough light to completely illuminate a room in the event of a power outage but it is not enough to see very far outdoors. This is also not enough to temporarily blind a would be attacker but still enough to mess up your own night vision.\r\n

60 – 14Lumens: Now we are getting to enough light to see outdoors. This is the level of light you would want if you were going for a walk at night through your neighborhood. There are conflicting numbers but in the dark above 100 Lumens should produce temporary blindness, you will need higher Lumens if you are in a more well lit place.\r\n

150 – 29Lumens: With this level of light output you could easily light up a large room, your entire backyard and be able to see pretty far out of a campsite. At 150 Lumens you will be able to cause temporary blindness even in a well lit place at night and at close to 300 Lumens you would be able to cause temporary blindness in an indoor daylight situation.\r\n

300 – 69Lumens: These are some serious Lumens. Most small flashlight require a burst mode to reach these high of lumens. You will typically only get into these lumen levels with specialty batteries. You could come close to lighting up an entire football field and would have no problem illuminating a campground.\r\n

Micro Flashlight: A micro light is under inches, they are the small keychain flashlights that usually use button cell batteries. There are a few super small serious flashlight that run on a single CRor CR123A battery that manage to be under inches in length but not many.\r\n

Mini Flashlight: We will say that a mini flashlight is under inches in length. From inches to inches you open a whole world of single battery flashlights including the standard AA and AAA sizes. There are flashlights that are this size that manage to put out 25Lumens on burst mode with a single CR123A battery. Tactical flashlights that are less than inches are difficult to use as a striking tool since most peoples hands will completely cover the flashlight.\r\n

Small Flashlight: A small flashlight is under inches in length. Between and inches you can not really fit in a second battery but you are able to have single battery flashlights with more features. In this size you will find more options with tail switches and the lights can have a deeper reflector so they can throw their light farther. Also, at inches these flashlights will be able to be used as a striking tool.\r\n

Medium Flashlight: A medium flashlight will be between and inches. In this range we have my lights that run on two batteries and you also start getting flashlights that use 18500 and 18650 specialty batteries. With the the availability of more power because of size these lights will have the top end LED bulbs that can put out very high Lumens. Again, with this size you also increase your ability to use your flashlight as a self-defense tool.\r\n

Large Flashlights: Here we will consider anything over inches that still has a small diameter bezel and can be held in a holster. Police usually buy flashlights in this size range since they can be used as a club and are definitely an extra weapon. Like the previous section these tactical flashlights can output huge amounts of Lumens but with the extra added size these flashlights may have a few more features than the slightly smaller lights.\r\n\r\nWhat Kind of Power Source Do You Want?\r\nWe all want to help the world be a cleaner place and we like the idea of rechargeable batteries, but there are many scenarios where disposable easy to find batteries are the best option.\r\n

Disposable Alkaline: These are the standard size batteries that you are used to seeing AAA, AA, C, and D batteries. These batteries do not offer as much power as some other types of batteries but they are very easy to find. Often people in the prepper\/survival industry like flashlight that will work on standard size batteries so they know that they will have access to the batteries. Alkaline batteries have a shelf life of around years.\r\n

Disposable Lithium: Do not confuse these batteries with Lithium Ion batteries! These batteries are in almost every way the same as alkaline batteries except they have more power, can store more energy and are lighter. Lithium batteries have a shelf life of around years so they are a favorite of survivalists. On the flipside they are quite a bit more expensive than alkaline batteries. Some specialized batteries that fit in this group are the CR123A and the CRwhich are often used in tactical flashlights.\r\n

Rechargeable Cells: Rechargeable Li-Ion cell batteries come in many different sizes. Some specialized sizes that are often used in tactical flashlights are 18500, 18650, and RCR123A. They offer great power output and the ability to recharge. The downside is that the batteries are expensive and you need to buy a nice charger to go along with them so you do not destroy them.\r\n

Integrated Rechargeable Pack: Lastly you can find tactical flashlights that have specially designed battery pack that is made just for that flashlight. sometimes these are removeable or sometimes you plug the whole flashlight into the wall. Often times these offer great benefits but if you run out of juice you need to wait awhile to charge back up.\r\n\r\nFlood Vs. Throw\r\n

These are two terms that you will hear about all of the time if you do much research in flashlights. A flashlight the has a lot of flood will illuminate a very large area but not very far. There will not be a defined beam but on overall brightness in the whole area. Torches that have a long throw have a very definite beam and you can light up something many yards away. Different lights are designed to be more floody or throwy, it is dependent on the design of the reflector and on the LED that is used. In general flashlights that are floody are better for close up activities and flashlights that have a long throw are for lighting up thing that are far away. You need to decide how far away you want to be able to see something and this will change the flashlight that you will want to buy.\r\n\r\n

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Head\/Tail Twist: This type of switch is very common on super small flashlights since it does not take any more space to develop a flashlight that changes its electrical contacts based on how much the head or tail is screwed on. Many people do not like these switches because they find that the head or tail sometimes comes completely unscrewed.\r\n

Body: The body switch was the most popular style and is like what you would find on a Mag-lite. It allows certain types of grip that you would not be able to do with the other two types of switches.\r\n

Tail: The tail switch is the most popular and usually the favorite type of switch for a tactical flashlight. Having the button on the bottom of the torch allows an overhand grip that is already in a fist position, which allows for better self defense with easy flashlight usage. Also, our most preferred method of using a flashlight with a gun really is much easier with a tail switch.\r\n\r\nHow Many Brightness Levels Do You Want?\r\nEvery person wants something different out of their flashlight and every flashlight manufacturer has their own idea of what the best way to provide light is.\r\n

On\/Off: There are no modes or brightness levels, just full power. Many flashlights that are designed for tactical use actually prefer this because when you push that button you know exactly what is going to come out. Some people feel that all of brightness levels and modes can confuse and just get in the way.\r\n

Two Brightness Levels: High and Low, these lights do not offer anything fancy except the ability to have a long battery life on a low setting aside from just having max power all of the time.\r\n

Many Brightness Levels: There are flashlights that have up to different brightness levels and some even with dials that support continuous change. Obviously the brighter the light the lower the run-time so having just enough light for what you are doing is a huge benefit. Rather than having not enough or having too much and having your flashlight die out very quickly.\r\n\r\n \r\nDo You Want Any Special Light Modes?\r\nThere are three special light modes that a flashlight come with. They are Strobe, SOS, and Beacon.\r\n

Strobe: Strobe is designed to disorient somebody, it is a very fast and super bright blinking light that is usually in a changing pattern to really confuse people. This is a feature that many police officers would consider a necessity.\r\n

SOS: SOS or —…— in Morse code is used for emergency purposes. It is originally a naval term for save our ship. This would be useful for anybody that was out camping or stuck in a survival situation.\r\n

Beacon: A beacon is like a lighthouse, it blinks at full brightness every few seconds. The purpose of this mode is for survival. You would use this when you want to get seen. Blinking every few seconds conserves battery life as long as possible.\r\n\r\nWhat Do You Want Your Flashlight To Be Made Out Of?\r\nThe material that flashlights are made of has is important to the durability and the weight of the flashlight. The following are the most commonly used materials.\r\n

Plastics or Composites: There are not that many high quality tactical flashlights for sale that use plastics or composites but one company that is making good composite flashlights is pelican.\r\n

Anodized Aluminum: This is the material that most flashlight manufacturers are using in flashlights today. You want to make sure that you have at least type II anodizing but Type III (hard anodized) is better.\r\n

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is a very strong and durable material but it is heavy.\r\n

Titanium: Titanium is kinda the best of both worlds, very strong like stainless steel and pretty light. The downside to titanium is the cost.\r\n\r\nDo You Need Water Resistance?\r\nYou may of may not think that you need water resistance. I suggest at least getting IPXwater resistant lights as you do not want you flashlight to stop working in the event of an accident.\r\n

IPX4: This basically means that the flashlight is splash resistant. This should not be submerged in water or it will probably get in.\r\n

IPX7: This is submersible but only to meter for up to 30 minutes according to the specification.\r\n

IPX8: This is the highest level of waterproofing that you will see in most flashlights, it is submersible to more than meter for up to hours.\r\n\r\nDo You Have Any Special Needs For Your Flashlight?\r\nYou can find flashlights these days with all sorts of extra modifications for sale that fit particular needs. Take a look at some of the more common features that manufacturers offer to see if any of these might be useful to you.\r\n\r\n\r\n\t

Fenix HL55

This is a powerful headlamp boasting 900 lumens of power in the burst mode. Most of the best headlamp candidates dare to compete with that kind of lighting power. Additionally, with modes to choose from you will not be short on options. Here at headlamp reviews, what we found that stands out about this headlamp is the sheer power of it. Combining lighting and distance, the HL5rises amongst the rest.

Lumens Galore

Secondly, the HLgives you a long beam distance of 390 feet. If I were to recommend the best headlamp for fishing, this would be the one. Notably, the beam distance and focusing features prove to be very useful for fishing. To add some punch, the HLcan beam out up to 28lumens of lighting power. Consider lighting power and focusing technology when searching for the best headlamp.

Petzl Tikka

Petzl is a trusted brand that has been developing headlamps for over 30 years. The company is constantly evolving to bring you lighter, more efficient headlamps that adapt to your needs. If you are a hunter, camper or cyclist, Petzl carries some great headlamps. Today, headlamp reviews brings you the original headlamp that put Petzl on the map: The Tikka headlamp.

Petzl Nao

When it comes to sophisticated lighting, Petzl Nao Headlamp scores big. First, it features perfect trail finding as it can cast light far and spread it out evenly. You’ll no longer just see there’s a figure in your path, but you’ll also recognize the subject. Expect to feel safe all the time thanks to the powerful beam.

Reactive Lighting

If you find yourself in the city trails, you’ll mostly be in proximity with drivers. It’s quite annoying when a torch flashes in their eyes. With a headlamp that adapts its brightness according to ambient light, you no longer have to dim the torch. The LED bulb dims by itself and thereby offers a smooth road relationship with motorists.

Furthermore, the reactive light works correctly only when there are not many other sources of light nearby. It becomes distracting in the presence of other headlamps and light sources like a campfire. However, we like that you can correct this by selecting a specific brightness level. This means you get an even flood light instead of a flickering light. Sifting through headlamp reviews, this could be a key point.

Great Light Output

With three brightness levels, you get to have both proximity and long distance lighting with this best headlamp. The flood beam makes it easy to see things up close like when preparing a meal at the campsite. Also, with the spot beam, you’ll find the trail and light up everyone’s path. Here at headlamp reviews, we love that it also includes a flashing mode which is essential during emergencies. Not forgetting, the red light preserves your night vision.

Streamlight 61070 BuckMasters Trident

If you are an avid hunter, being out in low lit environments can be difficult. That’s why you need a headlamp that beats the odds. Streamlight 61070 BuckMasters is a unique model featuring some very reliable components. It combines a high-powered CLED with three 5mm green LED to protect your night vision and a white LED that provides natural light. In regards to headlamp reviews, the LEDs all have over a 50,000 hours lifetime which is very impressive.

Water Resistant

To start, this best headlamp enjoys an IPXwater resistant rating. It can withstand heavy storms and direct splashes. You no longer need to hide the torch under a hood when it starts pouring. Get it out in the open and bring the big buck home. It comes with both rubber and plastic straps so it won’t slip from the head when it gets wet.

NiteCore Cree XM-LHC50

Most of us do not really recognize NiteCore as a popular design in the line of best headlamp. But their continued rise has seen us notice one of their unique models at headlamp reviews. The NiteCore Cree XM-Lwhich offers superior brightness with 57lumens. It boasts a rugged exterior which can take on virtually any abuse that comes from the extreme outdoors. You’ll like that it has top-grade optics that oozes reliability in every dimension.

High-Performance Optics

The smooth optics is a remedy for the best trail finding in the mountains. It has the brightest light from the center of the torch that evens out at the edges. You’ll find it especially useful for paths where you have to walk in a single file. Interestingly, the premium Cree XM-L(T6) LED ensures it remains in excellent condition. Better still, it meets an IPXwater resistant rating. It is your best friend for the outside extremities including freezing temperatures.

Streamlight 6160USB Rechargeable

If you are looking for flexibility in your best headlamp, get your hands on the Streamlight 6160First off, it is great for working on projects as it comes with a rubber strap for using on hard hats. You’ll also like it for camping and hiking expeditions since it achieves a low profile. The battery compartment utilizes a locking mechanism for easy access to the batteries.

Effortless to Use

In these headlamp reviews, the Streamlight 6160provides optimum comfort when wearing and using. The face cap is 1.7inches in diameter. It can rotate 60-degrees to reduce neck fatigue and direct the light efficiently. It also uses tap technology to memorize the previous intensity. It’s impressive that it twists fast and easy even with gloves on. Lastly, you receive stability and ease in a flexible torch.

LED Lenser H14.2

You can do anything with the LED Lenser-H14.Best Headlamp. It emits from 60-320 lumens to help you through every adventure. With 100-260 meter viewing range, you are set for both close range and long distance illumination. You’ll like how well it distributes the light to offer a concentrated beam.

Ergonomic Design

This device is ultra lightweight. The battery pack sits on the rear of the head, hence, distributing the weight evenly. Headlamp reviews feels you’ll never experience any fatigue after using it for extended hours. It has a transportation lock to keep the bulb off by preventing accidental turning ON. You have one button to switch between the modes. Not to mention, the light is also programmable to maximize its functionality.

Durable Construction

LED Lenser enjoys IPXwater resistance. It can stand up to extreme outdoor conditions such as showers and splashes. But don’t make a mistake of dropping it in water since it is not entirely watertight. Nevertheless, you’ll enjoy 30 hours on regular AA batteries so you’ll spend more time in the wilderness.

Black Diamond Storm

The Storm is Black Diamond’s most sought after best headlamp. It is powerful but comes at a surprisingly affordable price. The features all bring together a lamp that offers the most extensive lighting system. It has a super bright beam which offers up to 250 lumens. You’ll be working with a Quad power LED, and a double power white LED. Together they bring peripheral lighting to a whole new level.

Rugged Housing

This torch is rated to IPXIt is entirely dustproof since the casing is extremely tight. It has a latch opening for the batteries to provide easy swapping out. The latch remains tightly locked such that if it falls, it won’t open and spill out the cells. You’ll like that even with a set of four AAA batteries, it remains particularly lightweight.

Black Diamond Sprinter

For the trail runners in urban areas, no best headlamp speaks of robustness than the Black Diamond Sprinter. Expressly, it is light and super bright at the same time. It is made especially for day runners who have to be out in the dark winter months. The sprinter features balanced weight to prevent the unit from bopping up and down when sprinting.

Sound Battery Life

The Sprinter runs on a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Furthermore, it lasts around hours on the highest intensity and 20hours on the lowest intensity. It is great for short distances and adventures so don’t get caught in the wilderness. However, you’ll appreciate that the front and rear lights can be used separately to optimize the battery life. Overall, you have a robust, stylish, and powerful headlamp. A headlamp reviews favorite.

DEWALT Jobsite Touch

For those who work at construction sites and on long projects, you definitely need a light that can take a beating. For one thing, the DEWALT DWHT040 gets you hands-free working such that you can complete projects fast. This may be the best headlamp for simple construction jobs. It is the ultimate choice if you have to wear a hard hat when working. You’ll find the anti-slip bands help to keep the torch intact and stable at all times.

Robust Housing

With a shatter-resistant lens, you can be sure it will last without requiring any changes in the long run. In particular, it is also water resistant and impact resistant to 2meters. These aspects increase its durability so that it serves in top condition. It runs on 3AAA batteries which sit seamlessly along with the bulb.

Hands-free Lighting

The cloth head strap is unique in that it will not press the side of your head. You’ll enjoy working with a lamp that will not bounce up and down your head when you move. Better still, it includes a rubber strap to wear with a hard hat. It’s just what you need when looking to have your hands completely free.

Durable Design

Weighing in only 3.ounces, this headlamp reviews achieves a sleek design. The water-resistant rating is at IPXWith this in mind, you’ll be ready for showers and storms while in the field. You’ll love working with a product that reflects a personal lamp to cover all your illumination needs.

Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight

Every runner knows the need for an ultralight best headlamp. Above all, the Foxelli model offers a small unit that is used in very many ways. First, there’s the white 3W LED which gives off a dazzling white light. You’ll get more than enough illumination with 150 lumens. It also has a red light that is great to use at night for emergencies. Reading headlamp reviews, he red light is a good feature to have. The strobe mode is also efficient when getting you out of difficult situations.

Superior Construction

Everyone needs equipment they can rely on. For one thing, the Foxelli is water resistant to an IPXrating. It is protected from not only splashing but also direct spraying of water from any angle. It is also impact-resistant thanks to the aluminum housing. Additionally, the unit is built to last as it is rust and abrasion resistant. It’s just what you want to face the tough outdoors.

Shining Buddy LED Headlamp

If you frequently head out to the hiking trails whether during the day or late in the evenings, having an LED best headlamp is quite liberating. For one thing, you can reach out and feel that you are safe since the torch will be useful when you most need it. The Shining Buddy is truly your friend. Given that, it shines a bright 1lumens and can be customized in high, medium, and low functions.

Built to Last

This lamp is tested rigorously to meet high-quality standards. It remains functional for a decent period with the LED which has up to a 100,000 hours lifetime. Granted, it is also water and shock resistant since it is rated for IPXguaranteeing you years of use. With the anti-slip strap, it remains steady so that it won’t fall off or bop up and down when cycling or running. Here at headlamp reviews, we believe this is a great headlamp for kids.


Think of your OEM headlights as that suit you wore to your high school prom. That powdered blue tuxedo was cool back in the day, but it’s hardly fashion forward by today’s standards. The same is true for your car’s headlights. While most OEM lights provide adequate illumination, most times their style is straight out the 70s. Thankfully, you can pull your car’s exterior out of the past with a set of aftermarket headlights. Replacement headlights go above and beyond the uninspired design of OEM lights to enhance you car’s look and attitude. These exterior accents range from the sleek and sophisticated to the rugged and race ready, and our diverse catalog of automotive lights are sure to please drivers of all tastes.

Aftermarket headlights do more than just alter the look of your exterior – they can also enhance your car’s light output.

Helpful Tip

If your factory headlights aren’t meeting your standards, consider picking up a set of Spyder headlights. LED headlights produce a significantly stronger beam than regular OEM headlights to increase your visibility at night. Plus, they use less power than OE lights and stand up to weather and water damage better than Halogen bulbs. In addition to LED headlights, you can upgrade your front end with Euro headlights or Halo headlights. Euro lights, like Spyder Euro headlights, are ideal for import cars seeking a more continental style. Additionally, Euro beam patters are significantly wider than normal beam patterns found on factory lights, improving visibility at night and in bad weather. However, if state-of-the-art performance and style is what you want, take a look at Anzo halo headlights. Halo headlamps feature CCFL technology, which means they burn more efficiently than other lights on the market and add a super-modern style to your front end.

Tail Lights

Sure, your tail lights’ primary responsibility is to illuminate your back-end, but they also help determine your car’s look. Unfortunately, most OEM tail lights fall short in the style department. You can bring your car’s backside looks into the 21st century with a set of replacement tail lights. From bright and bold LEDs to subtle designs inspired by European luxury, aftermarket tail lights give you the freedom to add any look to your vehicle.

Bumper Lights and Corner Lights

Bumper and corner lights are the small but essential accents that tie your car’s style together. If your car’s front-end still looks frumpy even after installing a set of new aftermarket headlights, it may have something to do with your bumper lights. In the same way a chipped tooth can ruin a perfect smile, cracked bumper lights, parking lights, and corner lights can diminish your front-end looks. Pick up a set of Anzo bumper lights to fill out your style. These bumper lights come in a variety of styles and feature a cosmopolitan design that adds sophistication to any bumper. For cars suffering from outdated corner lights, consider a set of APC Amber corner lights. These cool amber corner lights are custom designed to your vehicle, making them the easy-to-install way to brighten up the sides of your vehicle.

Helpful Tip: Need help finding the best LED headlights for your car? Take a look at the customer reviews on our site while you browse and see what people are saying about our aftermarket lights.

Third Brake Lights

Third brake LED lights take your rear-end lighting system to the next level. These lights provide drivers with an instant, cost-effective lighting upgrade, and most 3rd brake lights install easily with hand tools or automotive-grade tape. Truck and SUV owners should take a look at the Anzo LED third brake light. The Anzo 3rd brake light features a set of long-lasting LED lights and adds a rugged look to the back of your cab. It’s ideal for domestic trucks and SUVs, and comes in multiple colors. Truck owners in search of an attention grabbing light accessory should check out the Putco tail light bar. This light bar is constructed with striking LED lights that are custom fit to your truck’s tailgate. For budget conscious truck owners, this lighting accessory is a no-brainer.

How To Install Your Car Headlights

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a seasoned mechanic to install a set of replacement headlights. In fact, adding a new set of lamps to your car is easy, regardless of your experience with do-it-yourself projects. Check out this video and see how you can install a new pair of Spyder Euro headlights to your vehicle in under an hour.

Off-Road Lights

Trucks, SUVs, and Off-road vehicles have different needs than regular automobiles. When you’re fording through dark trails or cruising through the campsite, those high-beam headlamps aren’t going to cut it. Off-road lights are designed to meet the specific needs of heavy duty vehicles and enhance the style of your exterior. They come in a variety of designs to increase your visibility and truck’s rugged look. Before you start browsing, take a look at these popular off-road lighting options to find the best set of lights for your vehicle.

Flood Lights

If you’re facing inclement weather while off-roading, you may need additional illumination to get to your destination safely. In these situations, rely on a set of car flood lights. These flood lights have a wider beam pattern than OEM headlamps and make for a great exterior ornament for any truck or SUV. If you’re interested in mounting a set of flood lights onto your vehicle, take a look at KC HiLites off-road lights. Heavy rain and inclement weather are no match for these lights. These KC Hilities flood light kits come with impressive HID lights and feature a compact design that’s perfect for Jeeps and SUVs that are short on space.

Fog Lights

Fog can spell major problems for drivers. Driving through heavy fog can make the straightest paths seem uncertain, and even the most experienced drivers could get lost in the haze. You can see past heavy fog, however, with a set of high powered fog lights. Car fog lights are different from flood lights in that their beam shines at a downward angle to avoid your beams reflecting off of hazy weather. Drivers who face fog on a daily basis should pick up PIAA 2000 Series Fog Lights. These compact fog lights fit most vehicles and produce a wide 55-degree light beam to increase your visibility on the road. If these lights don’t suit your style, then check out Anzo LED fog lights. The LEDs on Anzo Fog Lights add over 400 Lumens to your existing light system and are available in multiple sizes and styles. In addition to the safety they provide, fog lights can also enhance the rugged style of your truck or SUV. For drivers looking to enhance their Jeep’s style with a set of mountable fog lights, check out PIAA 520 Series fog lights. This off-road fog light kit comes with two high powered bulbs and a rugged style that provides any vehicle with a set of tough off-road lighting accents.

Long Range Off-Road Lights

Off-Road long range lights can bulk up the look of any SUV or truck. They drastically increase your visibility at night and mount onto most vehicles in minutes. If your truck is lacking in the lighting department, a long range off-road light kit might be just the thing to enhance your 4×4’s visibility. Among the many off-road range lights we carry, our most popular among off-road enthusiasts are the KC HiLites Daylighters. These powerful HID lights increase your ability to drive along dark trails and come equipped with a rugged casing that enhances your vehicle’s off-road look.

LED Lights

LED lights shine brighter than OEM headlights and can even triple your range of vision in some cases. Additionally, they’re built to last longer than incandescent lights. Unlike standard car lights, LEDs don’t have a filament, which makes them more resistant to water damage. LED lights also use up less battery power than incandescent lights and fire up faster than incandescent bulbs, making them ideal for brake lights. If you’re thinking about switching over to an LED light system, check out Anzo LED tail lights. These replacement tail lights give your rear-end increased visibility and make for a great off-road accent for trucks and SUVs.

Halogen Lights

Halogen is the standard bulb for most replacement headlights and tail lights. These lights burn brighter and longer than regular incandescent lights and are more energy efficient. However, like most incandescent bulbs, halogen lights are more susceptible to wear and weather damage than LED lights. If you plan on buying a pair of halogen headlights, make sure they’re encased in a weather resistant cover. Otherwise, the filament could be vulnerable to dust or water damage.

HID Lights

The intense glow of HID (High Intensity Discharge) Xenon lights is caused by a superheated ball of xenon gas, which burns with the same level of intensity as daylight. HID lights are typically found in off-road driving lights and flood lights. HID bulbs are ideal for drivers in search of high performance, high-efficiency lighting. If you’re thinking about adding these lights to your vehicle, check out PIAA HID lights. These driving lights only use 3watts of power and dramatically increase your visibility at night.

CCFL Lights

CCFL stands for Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps. These lights are sometimes referred to as “halos” for the unique, circular light pattern. Halos produce a concentrated beam of light that shines father down the road than other car lights and are ideal for cars driving at high speeds. Plus, CCFL halos give any vehicle a high-performance, high-tech style. For drivers seeking a performance halo light, check out Anzo CCFL headlights. These are car lights are custom fit to your car’s front end and install under an hour with simple hand tools.

How Weather Determines Your Automotive Lights

Use Lighting Accessories to Define your Truck or SUV’s Style

Aftermarket headlights and tail lights can help redefine your vehicle’s look and attitude. However, if those lighting upgrades aren’t enough, consider tricking out your vehicle with a set of automotive lighting accessories. We carry an exhaustive line of light accessories for trucks and SUVs, from tailgate light bars to tail light covers. If you’re looking for an additional lighting accessory for your front end, pick up a set of PUTCO Dayliners. These bright LED lights install directly underneath your truck’s headlights with 3M automotive tape and provide your vehicle with a set of attention grabbing accents that look great at any time of day.

If you’re looking for something a little bolder for your lights, consider installing a truck light bar on your truck or SUV. Truck bars do more than just provide you with additional illumination at night or in bad weather – these mountable lighting accessories embody the rugged attitude associated with off-road vehicles. SUV owners seeking a total front end upgrade should consider the KC Hilities light bar. KC Hilities has long been associated with the off-road lifestyle, and their light bar is a favorite among Jeep owners for its easy to install design and its tough, wear resistant design.


Red Light Mode – Especially if you are sharing a tent or sleeping in shelters often, I recommend considering a headlamp with a red light mode. The red light mode saves your night vision, your battery life, and also saves your shelter or tent mates from hating you.

Adjustable Beam – Adjusting the tilt of the beam is a lot easier and painless than adjusting the angle of your neck.


Lithium is good in the cold, lighter than alkaline, and lasts longer than alkaline batteries. Always check to see if your model headlamp will accommodate lithium batteries.

None of the options below use a watch battery. Lithium or normal batteries are easier to find on the trail than a watch battery. If you must purchase a headlamp which uses the watch battery, buy in bulk online and put them in a mail drop.

Not every headlamp is created equal. There are many headlamps targeted for minimal use or other activities such as hunting, cycling, or caving. The headlamps listed below are perfect for hiking. Depending on your preferences, you should find a headlamp worth wearing on your precious noggin. I know there is numerous other brands for headlamps but these headlamps are the most efficient when it comes to lumens versus battery life.

If you don’t find a headlamp you like here, I recommend THIS source which includes a list of headlamp reviews.

Don’t Forget to Consider

Always consider your age and your eye quality in choosing a headlamp. The higher the lumen (brightness) count does not necessarily mean the best headlamp for you. Usually those with poor eyes will benefit better from higher lumens than those with a healthy eyesight. *Does not have adjustable beam **The Tikka RXP has a built in sensor that adjusts the light brightness for you. There is a similar model called the Tikka R+.  ***The Myo series also have a variety of models such as Myo XP, Myo RXP (listed above), and Myo RXP In my opinion, this headlamp is too heavy and powerful for hiking the AT. I listed the item for consistency.

Mifine Waterproof LED Headlamp

If you need a headlamp which is capable of brighten the darkest night, you need a headlamp with high lumens. Mifine waterproof headlamp comes with a 3500 lumens. As a result, you can understand that this headlamp can brighten up the area for fishing properly. This waterproof LED headlamp is capable to work for different types of outdoor activities like camping, fishing, running and more.

Since fishing requires you to get close to the water, it is good to have a waterproof headlamp. Thus, even the headlamp falls to the water, or get some splash, you can be rest assured that your important headlamp is working.

This waterproof headlamp is adjustable to 90 degrees. You can use the modes of low, mid, high and strobe for different time and purpose. There’s a red indicator light on the battery holder which shows warning when cycling or walking. For offering such high lumens, it uses XM-L TLED bulb.

GRDE Zoomable LED Headlamp

GRDE headlamp is a great option for fishing in nights. You will be getting a headlamp with two rechargeable batteries, wall charger, car charger and more. This fishing headlamp comes with 1800 lumens power. Thus, fishing on dark area can be easily accessible with this headlamp.

It can be zoomed & adjusted for a better an experience. There are three modes: low, mid and strobe. You can use these modes depending on the situations. The single button control switch makes it easy and quick to control the device. It’s a great gift for a fisherman friend.

MSforce 6000 Lumens Fishing Headlamp

Discovering and fishing in a remote dark place can be very tricky. This is why you may want a headlamp with high lumens. This fishing headlamp comes with a high-performance CREE XM-LT6LED bulbs which are capable of offering 6000 lumens. You can zoom in and out with single switch with this headlamp.

There are four modes which offer different brightness settings for different purpose. You can choose low, medium, high and strobe mode. The light can be rotated up to 90 degrees. Besides using for fishing, this headlamp can be used for many other purposes like hiking, hunting, camping and more. What’s more, this is a waterproof headlamp for fishing.

Vitchelo V800 Headlamp Flashlight With Red LED

Vitchelo V800 is one of the fines headlamp made for different types of activities. Be it running, fishing or kayaking, this headlamp is always there to guide you through the darkness. The hands-free adjustment allows the fisherman to focus completely on fishing.

Unlike most fishing headlamps, this one is very lightweight yet durable. The elastic headband offers a snug fit and keeps the headlamp where it should be. This headlamp has been tested for better lifetime. This headlamp is available in several colors with a very reasonable price.

VicTsing Waterproof LED Headlamp

If you are fishing from a kayak or boat, you need a waterproof headlamp. It uses CREE TLED chip which offers up to 1000 lumens. There are three lighting modes from low light to high light with strobe. This adjustable waterproof headlamp can be adjusted to 90 degrees.

The head strap is adjustable to ensure you wear in comfort with style. It can be washed for better performance. You can also use this for other activities like camping, running and fishing.

Fishing Flashlight Headlamp

The price of this headlamp might look high, but once you look at the quality and performance, you would appreciate this product. Made of aluminum alloy and TPU headband, this headlamp can be used in almost all type of outdoor activities. There are three modes with the white light: high brightness, normal brightness and strobe.

Odear Lie Wang Headlamp LED for Fishing

Odear’s headlamp is a perfect combination of quality, features, and price. This headlamp comes with a super bright professional level headlamp for long range visibility. One single charge can sustain up to to 1hours. The headband can be adjusted easily and quickly for a better viewing. There are two brightness modes: high brightness for longer range and weak brightness for close range. Like most headlamps this can serve a purpose for multi sports activity.

InnoGear 5000 Lumens Bright Headlamp

How about a headlamp which offers high brightness? Innogear’s this headlamp is capable of providing 5000 lumens. It is powered by two pieces of rechargeable batteries. There are brightness mode in this headlamp. From high to low mode, it also offers flashing feature.

This amazing bright headlamp is waterproof and heatproof. One single charge will last up to 4-hours. It’s quiet comfortable and can be easily adjusted to 90 degrees. The primary material used are aluminum and rubber.


If you aren’t fishing near from the shore, then there’s chances that you might ​get some splash on the headlamp. If there are chances like that to happen, it is wise to get a waterproof headlamp.

Battery Life​ ​One of the crucial thing about choosing a fishing headlamp is getting the proper headlamp with adequate battery lifetime. If you are using a headlamp in high brightness level, it will fade out soon. You need to understand when and how to use the brightness level. So if you are fishing for a longer time with high brightness level, you need a headlamp with high battery power and vice versa.

Most fishing headlamps comes at a very reasonable price. ​There are some expensive headlamps, but if you are not willing to splash some cashes, you can just choose the cheaper ones too. Despite the cheap costs, these headlamps are pretty good.


Step Be sure headlamp assembly is stable and firmly held in place within the housing prior to beginning this process.

Step Clean headlamp assembly with a dish soap and water or glass cleaner and a clean wash cloth or sponge and dry thoroughly.

Step Lay drop-cloth over the painted parts of the car so as to protect from polish residue that may be “thrown” off of the buff wheel during the buffing process.

Step Place arbor with wheel into drill If drill is a “reversible” unit, be sure drill is set to turn clockwise.

Step Hold drill next to headlamp with buff wheel touching headlamp surface. Activate drill by pulling trigger slowly so as not to “throw” the polish off of the wheel instantly. A variable speed drill makes this task easier, as you can slowly increase your speed to the maximum drill RPM to avoid “throwing” the polish.

Step With drill spinning begin to sweep across the face of the headlamp from left to right while dropping down 1/4″ – 1/2″ at the end of each horizontal pass. Then repeat this process in a vertical manner, buffing from top to bottom while moving slowly sideways. Be sure to apply additional Autosol Polish if surface or wheel have “dried out”. Follow the vertical buffing with another series of horizontal sweeps while applying additional Autosol to the headlamp surface.

Step After the drill, you will want to “buff” the headlamp surface by hand with a clean rag to remove any residuefrom the buffing process. At this point you should notice a cleaner, clearer appearance on your headlamp lens which will yield better night-time visibility. This process may also be used on taillight, turn signal & side-marker lenses.

A great waterproof option

Finding the right headlamp is no easy task. When comparing models, here are a few things you should be looking at:

A headlamp can make running safer, but when you go to buy one, you may notice that they all look the same. To make it easier for you to find the right headlamp, we’ve compared and reviewed the best-selling models to find ones that meet our strict quality criteria.

Things To Consider To Choose A Good Fishing Headlamp

Are you looking for the best headlamp for fishing? If the answer is yes, then you are at the right place. Nowadays fishing is very popular among the peoples. Some people do fishing from their passion and some for other things like to enjoy outdoor or to pass a relaxing time. A fishing headlamp is an essential accessory for night time fishing. If you are going to catch fish at night then you must carry a headlamp with you so that you can have better vision even at dark. Picking a good fishing headlamp is a little bit complex. There are numerous fishing headlamps available in the market for the anglers. So you have to make the choice consciously. Many people can’t make a perfect choice and get a severe result. By considering this, we have picked the top headlamps for fishing and reviewed them in this article.

Product Features

LE Headlamp LED is a popular, high-quality and cost-effective headlamp that has tons of features. It will give you adequate brightness and good beam distance that is quite necessary at the night time fishing. The soft band of this product will give you extra comfort. This headlamp has four different modes of lighting. Three modes are for brightness adjustment and rest is for red flashing. The price of this fishing headlamp is also fair. You can easily adjust the head of the lamp. This is one of the best and popular fishing headlamps that you can purchase without thinking twice!

Battery Length

Battery life is a really important thing that you have to consider when you are purchasing a fishing headlamp. It depends on few things how much time the charge of the battery will last. First of all, if you use the light in high brightness then the charge will be consumed much quicker. If the battery capacity is low then it won’t last a longer time. So always choose a headlamp that has proper battery capacity and uses the headlamp brightness effectively for the better result.

Power Of Brightness

Some fishing headlamps are very bright. It depends on the condition of the area where you are fishing how much bright headlamp you need. So the answer is very easy. Choose a headlamp of higher lumens if you want to use in the darker area. If you are willing to use in a less dark area then you can go with lower lumens fishing headlamp.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Headlamps by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Headlamps wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Headlamps



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about Headlamps is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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