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Best Holsters 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated December 1, 2018
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Billy JacobsHi, I’m Billy Jacobs. After putting in 46+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best holsters of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

I will go through the main features and what you should consider when deciding which one to pick over the other. What I would like you to remember as you browse my website is that I don’t work in the industry so the reviews I have are based on good old fashioned honesty.

Best Holsters of 2018

If you’re scouring the market for the best holsters, you’d better have the right info before spending your money. Before you spend your money on holsters, start by familiarizing yourself with the various types.

Simply review and buy them. I make the search easier for you, by reviewing the best holsters on the market.

Test Results and Ratings

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Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
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№1 – Alien Gear Holsters ShapeShift Starter Kit

Alien Gear Holsters ShapeShift Starter Kit

Multiple carry options
For such a price and the level of quality it can’t even have any cons, only pick holes.

Why did this holsters win the first place?

I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. The rear part fits perfectly! It is mounted really tight and reliable. I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch!












№2 – Airica Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster Elastic Tactical Underarm Gun Holster 1911 Glock Ruger LCP M&P Shield Sig Sauer Ruger Kahr Beretta

Airica Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster Elastic Tactical Underarm Gun Holster 1911 Glock Ruger LCP M&P Shield Sig Sauer Ruger Kahr Beretta

38 holster Our shoulder holster will conceal your gun without the need to wear a suit or jacket!
Best Concealment: It’s can effective at hiding your weapon without printing, without the need to wear a suit or jacket. You can wear it under your regular shirt! Provides fast access to your gun in case of emergency. Allowing you to maximize the ability to hide it.
A bit expensive.

Why did this holsters come in second place?

I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money. The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed. This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery.












№3 – Lirisy Inside The Waistband Holster | Gun Concealed Carry IWB Holster | Fits S&W M&P Shield / GLOCK 26 27 29 30 33 42 43 / Springfield XD XDS / Ruger LC9 & All Similar Handguns

Lirisy Inside The Waistband Holster | Gun Concealed Carry IWB Holster | Fits S&W M&P Shield / GLOCK 26 27 29 30 33 42 43 / Springfield XD XDS / Ruger LC9 & All Similar Handguns

SUPERIOR MATERIALS: Thinnest 0.3mm Neoprene material help to solve with the muggy issue, soft and breathable allows to wear directly against your skin; 600D nylon wraps the holster inside to prevent tearing with use
COMFORTABLE CONCEALMENT: Our Inside The Pants Holster is comfortable enough to built for every day concealed carry;It is easy to hide with little to no printing no matter how you dressed
The clamp could be of better quality.
Wears off quickly..

Why did this holsters take third place?

A very convenient model. It is affordable and made of high-quality materials. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment.












Holsters Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy holsters, right? No!

Gould and Goodrich B804-G1Gold Line Shoulder Holster

What I love about the Gould and Goodrich shoulder holster is its professional and clean look that makes me feel like an official hunter or shooter. It is made out of genuine leather and can fit various Glock sizes, making it universal and can fit many types of firearms. It also has a double ammunition carrier for reloading easily.

As for its fit when work, you are assured comfort. It’s simple to put on and adjust when needed. I can wear it all day without it straining my shoulders or having too much weight around my torso. The holster conceals well and isn’t felt when going around, especially when worn under jackets. The fit is great and with a good rig to fit guns well.

Not the most recommended for those who need quick access

UTG Deluxe Universal Horizontal Shoulder Holster

If you’re on a budget and need something simple but does the job well, then the UTG Deluxe Shoulder Holster is the right purchase for you! I like that it comes in various designs and colors to choose from, as well as pouches for your magazines and firearm. The best part is that it can fit many types of firearms, making it universal and a good purchase for anyone looking for a simple fit.

The padded shoulders are comfortable and the straps are strong that it can hold your pants up as well (if you’ve got a problem with loose bottoms!). It works well and is easy to adjust, but don’t expect the ultimate quality. Either way, an ideal purchase for those on a budget.

Better Access

The main reason why one should purchase a shoulder holster is that you have easier access to your firearm without worrying that the holster or your firearm will fall or get loose. You are prepared for anything and can whip out your gun or quickly reload, as the holsters would also usually have a small pouch for that. The weight is also distributed evenly when wearing a shoulder holster, making it comfortable.

Easy to Carry

Shoulder holsters are lightweight and easy to bring. You are able to clip it on your pans and over your shoulders quickly and without the hassle. And because you have your main firearm in the holster, you won’t need to lug extra weight in your pack anymore.

Save Time and Effort

Have you ever felt frustrated while setting up or targeting game because you can’t find your gun in the pack quickly? You won’t need to unpack quietly in search for your firearm anymore because you have access to it near you. That way, you save the crucial time you need when targeting game, as well as the effort of unpacking and repacking your items.

Nice to Look At

Because shoulder holsters are made out of leather, they look cool and professional when worn. When wearing a shoulder holster, you have a cleaner look that makes you look more of an official hunter. You will love the style!

And because they are made out of leather, they make a better investment as compared to other types of holsters or bags, as they last longer.

How to Use a Shoulder Holster

Now that you know about the shoulder holster, the next question is: How can you use it best? Here are the tips you should follow when using your shoulder holster to have it last for a long time:

When wearing a shoulder holster made out of genuine leather, it may end up being stinky after being under your armpit! Do NOT use deodorant to mask the odor, but a leather conditioner to keep it clean and without odd scents.

Avoid wearing button-up shirts, using an open jacket to conceal the firearm while staying comfortable. I recommend that you use an open jacket to cover the holster, especially during rainy or hot days where it may affect the holster’s leather quality.

Before going out, make sure that you have properly fastened both the straps of your shoulder holster and the firearm to avoid it from falling.

I recommend youth practice carrying the holster and bringing out your firearm in case of emergencies or when you want to take your aim at a game. You’ll want to make sure that it’s quiet but quick, as much as possible.

Here is an excellent video showing you how to properly wear a shoulder holster:


The size ranges from small, medium, large, x-large with the following respective measurements:

Another positive aspect of the AlphaHolster Belly Gun Holster is that it is versatile enough for optimal positioning. One can either opt to position the belly band holster up under the arms or opt for down close to the waist option. The only drawback in this case is that for a situation that calls for a quick response, one might lag behind since they have to pull the shirt or the blouse up to access the weapon if they are wearing the holster on the inside of the waistband. Well, of course, there are people who wear the holster outside their clothes and as such are not affected much by this drawback. In other words, this kind of holster is ideal for utmost concealment.

Ultimate Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

The ultimate Bellyband Holster for Concealed Carry is one of a kind and it is unique in every sense of the word. Most of the holsters are made from an elastic material which is not the best for some reasons. For example, when an elastic material gets wet, there is a tendency to react with the body and that can sometimes lead to rashes from the pinching and scratching. This is the reason why the Ultimate Belly Band Holster is one of the best.

Research shows that a material called neoprene is the most ideal for braces on the knees and the back since it is soft and comfortable against the skin. Now, this is the same material that makes the Ultimate Belly Band and thus making it the best belly band holster.

Well. we can say that it is a bit expensive but at the end of the day, you get value for your money, which is more than anyone can say for most of the cheap belly band holsters.

UnderTech UnderCover Original Belly Band

This holster is ideal for any situation, in the office, in the field, at home or in the gym. Typically, any place is ideal for the UnderTech Original belly band. One thing to look out for when securing this weapon holster is to ensure that it fits well. Otherwise, if it does not fit, the Velcro can be quite uncomfortable for wear and that will work to your disadvantage.

Concealed Belly Band Black Holster

One of the best belly band holsters for carrying small pistols is none other than the new Black Concealed Belly Band Holster. The Velcro closure is adjustable to suit different sizes. Therefore, one is at liberty to wear the holster wherever they feel comfortable.

Defender Concealment Belly Band Holster

This holster has an exceptional and unique make. For people who love fashion, style and design, this gun holster is a combination of everything good. This is one kind of belly band that can stand wear for as long as need be.

The material

A belly band holster is something that you will preferably wear the whole day. Therefore, it is important to find one that has a material that will not irritate the skin at all costs. So, be sure to choose something that is soft and comfortable to the body. The most recommended ones are made of either leather or plastic. The plastic holsters are cheap and have a better grip on the gun. The only disadvantage of belly bands made of plastic is that when it is hot, they can react with the body to produce excess heat. Regardless of the limitations, they do offer value in one way or another. On the other hand, the leather material is soft, strong and it allows one to breathe. Additionally, they do stretch to adjust to the size of the body.

The size

The size in this context relates to two aspects: the size in relation to the shape of the body and the size of the handgun. Let us start with the body size. Earlier on, we saw that different holsters come in different sizes. Some are small, others are medium or large. It is prudent that the right measurements of one’s body size are taken to get the right fit. When getting the belly band holster, the seller should know the kind of guns that you possess so that he or she is better informed on the kind of belly band holster that will suit your body size. Fit in the holster to avoid making mistakes. It should fit well and should allow for movement without straining one.

Has the option of being gift wrapped

This can fit in many types of full pistols so that you don’t have to worry about if your weapon will fit in.

The Neoprene material makes wearing the holster around your waist easier without sweating and itching.

Relatively lightweight compared to other holsters measuring at a little over ounces.

The elastic has a medical grading that is hygiene.

Compatible with many pistols like Taurus, Ruger LCP, Beretta, Kahr, Kimber, 191Smith, and Bersa.

The Medium sizes fit waist sizes from 33-3inches. The Large size fits waist sizes from 39-4inches. The Extra Large is ideal for waist sizes from 43-50 inches. Since it’s elastic it can fit around the wait with a perfect fit.

Left-handed orientation

Feel free to wear your suit or jacket knowing that your weapon will be fully concealed when you use this GVN holster. It can even be worn under your shirt for quick access. This incredibly lightweight holster could be the best 191shoulder holster you have been dreaming about owning.

You can now order yours to be delivered within the US for a great deal at a low price. Since there is a thumb-break, you will be able to draw out or reholster your pistol with ease and take it out fast during emergencies.

Only one color

Feel free to wear your suit or jacket knowing that your weapon will be fully concealed when you use this GVN holster. It can even be worn under your shirt for quick access. Since it is ambidextrous, you can either use it if you are left or right handed or not worry about how awkward that might feel.

Ideal for left or right-handed users

With this holster unit, you no longer have to wear a jacket or suit for concealment.

The unique design distributes the weight of the unit evenly so that you don’t feel stiff after wearing it for long periods of time.

The unit is adjustable and made out of elastic. It also includes the retention straps and the holders. The elastic straps are sweat-resistant.

Citadel 1911

Citadel is a smaller up-and-coming 191producer who specialized early on in concealable 191variants. Available with short barrels of 3.inch to inches, it’s an ideal choice for those dedicated to keeping a 191variant on them at all times.

Springfield 191– EMP and TRP series

Springfield – like Colt – has also been a long-time producer of the 19And as such, they’re definitely one of the most popular and well-recognized brands out there on the market. This has given them a bit more leeway when designing some cool, efficient changes to the 191platform in their EMP and TRP series. Both are designed with the serious combat operator in mind but are also offered at a price point the common man can afford.

Windows Store

It’s not uncommon for a prospective handgun buyer to spend hours researching their options before making a purchase. Savvy shooters may even visit a range that rents guns and “test drive” the model they’ve been eyeing to see how it performs. Unfortunately, many underestimate the important role the holster plays in carrying a concealed handgun. When it comes to selecting a holster, price alone is often the deciding factor.

Since your holster is the interface between your gun and your body, it is unquestionably a vital piece of gear. A poorly designed or ill-suited holster could lead to discomfort, a compromised drawstroke, and even to the loss of your gun. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a holster but skimping on this potentially life-saving product is ill-advised. Your choice of holster is deserving of serious contemplation.

A quality concealed carry holster must strike a balance between concealment and accessibility, but must also be comfortable enough to actually wear. Here are a few offerings from Blackhawk and Uncle Mike’s that are sure to fill the bill regardless of the type of gun and mode of carry you employ.

The SERPA helped establish Blackhawk’s reputation as a premier provider of tactical equipment to military, law enforcement, and civilian shooters. Made from high performance engineered thermoplastic, the SERPA is both lightweight and durable, but what really sets the SERPA apart is its Auto Lock™ feature, which engages the trigger guard upon holstering, effectively locking the gun in place. The “Auto Lock” helps safeguard your gun from an assailant yet enables you to draw by simply achieving a proper shooting grip, with your index finger providing slight inward pressure to the finger tray. Keeping your finger flat while drawing the finger groove aligns the finger along the frame of the handgun.

Each SERPA comes with belt loop and paddle platforms so you have options when attaching it to your belt. The belt loop platform offers a more secure mount, while the paddle design is faster to don and doff, making it a popular choice when at the range. Given its popularity, chances are there’s a Serpa made to fit whatever handgun your plan to carry.

Made from an ultra-thin, four-layer laminate, Uncle Mike’s Inside-the-Pant holster offers the comfort you want and the concealment you need. The internal moisture barrier helps safeguard your gun from damage caused by the perspiration inherent with this increasingly popular mode of carry.

Its suede-like exterior helps the holster adhere to the inside of your pants and the retention clip anchors the holster to your belt. The nylon lining facilitates a smooth and efficient draw, while the inside-the pant holster can be purchased with an open top or with a fold-over Velcro retention strap. The inside-the-pant holster line will accommodate a wide array of pistols and revolvers.

BLACKHAWK! Hook Back Adjust Holster

This holster is designed to be used in tandem with Blackhawk Diversion bags.

This unique nylon holster is fully adjustable to accommodate most pistols and revolvers but it’s not intended to be a stand-alone holster. Instead, it is designed to be used in conjunction with Blackhawk’s popular Diversion line of innocuous-looking packs including satchels, messenger bags, and backpacks.

As its name implies, the hook back adjust holster adheres to a hook and loop section located within these packs. The holster can be mounted at just about any angle in order to expedite your drawstroke.

Since it is fully adjustable, it can also accommodate most handguns with lights, lasers, or even micro red dot sights!

Once considered too diminutive for personal protection, cartridges like the.380 ACP are now wildly popular defensive handgun calibers. These sub-compact pistols have joined the venerable snub-nosed revolver as the “pocket guns” of today. When you carry a gun in your pocket, you need a holster that helps mask the outline of your gun and keeps the gun’s grip oriented vertically for easy access.

Uncle Mike’s Inside-the-Pocket holster does both. Its non-slip band helps ensure the holster stays in your pocket when you draw your gun. The inside-the-pocket holster can be purchased to handle everything from small autos like the.2LR to sub-compact pistols chambered in 40 S&W.

BLACKHAWK! Detachable Slide Leather Concealment Holster

Unlike traditional slide-style holsters that are designed to loop your belt through, Blackhawk’s Detachable Slide Leather holster is secured to your belt by angle cut belt loops featuring non-reflective black snap covers. This enables you to strap your holster on and take it off without having to remove your belt.

This holster’s adjustable thumb break ensures your gun stays put until you need it. The holster’s forward cant facilitates a proper shooting grip when worn on or behind the hip and its streamlined profile aids in concealment. The detachable slide leather holster is available in several models to accommodate many popular handguns.

The Sidekick Ambidextrous Holster can be worn inside or outside the waistband.

This versatile holster’s reversible belt loop allows you to wear it either inside or outside the waistband. It’s even convertible for right or left handed use. The hook and loop retention strap and molded thumb break offer superior retention to open-top holsters without hindering your draw stroke.

Carry in Comfort

Don’t underestimate the importance of carrying your defensive handgun in the right holster. A good holster offers adequate concealment while at the same time, providing unimpeded access to your gun. Remember, a holster is an important purchase. Choose wisely.

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Comfort Of Carrying

This goes without saying that the holster you are eyeing must be secured yet snug. Yes, you cannot carry a discomfort on your back all through the day. So, you must make a smart choice of selecting something that is really comfy on you.

We can share a tip for this that of looking into the material of the holster you are about to buy. Make sure the material does not make you sweat and has a shield between you and the gun to keep the moisture away.

Material of The Holster

Don’t you think that makes for a great preference as well? It does right? Just remember that some of these materials may vary with seasonal changes, like leather which is a not so great option during the summer months. Keep all this in mind and you will end up buying the best one for you without problems.

Ease Of Installation

This is self-explanatory and we need not say much about this for sure. You should purchase a holster for your Glock 2that can be installed easily. You would not like to spend your money on something that is tight and does not help you draw when there is a need. On the contrary, you want a holster that mounts on your belt without any trouble.

Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster: fits GLOCK 2233

Galco KT224B Kingtuk Inside the Waistband Holster – RH, Black, fits Glock 17,19,22,23,26,27,31,32,33

For Glock 1120 22222230 30sf 33Models – Pro Carry HD – Right Hand – Inside The Pants – IWB – Gun Holster

To start with, this holster can be carried even with an un-tucked shirt. Doesn’t that make it impressive? This certainly means that it is an easy to hide holster. One that you know will not intimidate others, keep your handgun secured yet will not fall off as you move. This is a very durable holster that can last you long and let us find out more about it.

How to Use a Belly Band Holster

In the end of the day these holsters are meant to be worn in a comfortable position that is easy for your to reach and it is concealed.  This gives you the ability to either wear it along your belt line or even up higher if you would like.  This added versatility is why these are some of my favorite types of holsters.

AlphaHolster Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster

For me, the AplhaHolster Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster is one of the best belly band holsters on the market today!

This particular belly holster can be considered the granddaddy of all belly band holsters!  The incredibly simple and functional design is unmatched!

The holster is made out of high end elastic material that is incredibly breathable which is great for warm weather as well as for comfort!  This material allows you to wear it not matter the weather and you will still be comfortable!

The AlphaHolster Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster is one of the few belly band holsters that is considered completely water resistant which allows you to wear it in the pouring rain, as well as it being washing machine safe!  So it is incredibly easy to wash without having to worry about damaging the product!

Pros of The AlphaHolster Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster:

Cons of The AlphaHolster Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster:

Purchasing the correct size belly band holster can be difficult for many people, which seems to be one of the biggest complaints.

The AlphaHolster Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster can be considered the best belly band holster, as well as the best belly band holster for the money.

Original Defender Concealment Belly Band Holster

The Original Defender belly band holster is very similar to the AlphaHolster, however it is designed for medium to large framed pistols rather than any pistol.

This makes it a perfect option if you are looking for a belly band to conceal your larger firearm.

The holster is made out of incredibly soft elastic that is strong and secure!

The holster is not as functional as the previous belly holster, as it only has one open slot for an extra magazine of ammunition.  As well as not additional storage.

The holster only comes in black, which is different from many other holsters.  This holster is a bit more expensive than the previous holster which will discourage many buyers.

Cons of The Defender Concealment Belly Band Holster

Overall, The Defender Concealment Belly Band Holster is an amazing holster that will get the job done and will hold you firearm securely.  However, the larger price tag is the only big downside.

Cons of The ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster

The ComfortTac Belly Band Holster is a quality holster, the price tag is one of the only reasons that many will find a different product.  Other than that, it is considered one of the best, if not the best belly band holster.

At the end of the day, you will be delighted with any of these three holsters.  However, if I had to choose one holster to use for the rest of my life it would be the AlphaHolster Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster.  The price and functionality is incredible to say the least!

Galco Speed Paddle Holster for Ruger LCR

Featuring an open top design for speed, covered trigger guard for safety, and tension screw adjustment for added security, the Speed Paddle adds …

DeSantis Inside Heat Waistband Holster Ruger LCR Leather Black

The DeSantis Inside Heat is a bare bones minimum Inside the Waistband holster, and built from premium saddle leather. Its finely molded contours …

Self Defense

New Barsony Brown Leather OWB Holster for Snub Nose 2″ 23354Revolvers

Premium cowhide leather holster made with precision stitching. Lightweight (only 4oz) and is made in the USA. This is a very comfortable, versatile …

LEATHER IWB Holster Ruger LCR 3Spl +P INCH Barrell. Black R/H CARDINI LEATHER HOLSTERQuality Holsters. Perfect Fit. Total Comfort.

Our genuine leather, conceal carry, inside the waisband holster features a high …

Cardini Inside The Waistband Holster For Ruger LCR 22, 38, 35& 9mm Revolver, Nylon, Black, Right Handed CARDINI LEATHER HOLSTERQuality Holsters. Perfect Fit. Total Comfort.

This inside the waistband features a soft nylon with a polyurethane cloth lining. …

Tagua CDH3-020 Cross Draw Holster, Ruger LCR, Black, Right Hand

Ruger LCR black/right hand 100 percent high grade material used for all tagua products Designed for the tactical, outdoor, recreation users of all …

Pocket Holster for Ruger LCR 22, 38, 35& 9mm Revolver

Nylon and Genuine Suede Construction Helps Prevent Gun Imprinting Flat Construction Adds Little Bulk to the Gun Soft, Thin and Comfortable to …


DTOM Combination POCKET/IWB Holster for Ruger LCR revolver CC****** Second Generation – The rivet from the clip is now buried beneath the lining material and is no longer expoused to the gun******* We also …

Elite Survival Pocket Holster for Ruger LCR and 2-Inch J Frame Revolvers, Black

The Elite Pocket Holster for Rugger LCR and inch J Frame Revolvers is constructed of Toughtek non-slip material with soft nylon lining. Holds …

LIRISY Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry, Neoprene Waist Band Handgun Carrying System, Elastic Hand Gun Holder for Pistols Revolvers for Men and Women

Inside the waistband holster

An inside the waistband holster goes around your waist between your pants and your body. A clip that you can wear over either your belt or the waistband of your pants secures it. The grip of the gun sticks outside of the pants, while the barrel stays concealed inside. You will see some of these inside the waistband holsters described as “tuckable” which means there will be a space between the holster’s clip and the holster so that you can tuck your shirt into the empty space. (Read more about inside the waistband holsters.)

Inside the Pocket Holster

An inside the pocket holster is best for smaller, thinner guns. These holsters are usually flat on one side and intended to lay flat against your body in the pocket. Usually an inside the pocket holster is a simple pouch with no retention—more on retention later. Pocket holsters general purpose is to protect the gun’s finish, cover the trigger, and keep your gun from printing. Printing is when the outline of your gun shows through your shirt or pants. (Read more about pocket holsters.)

Belt or outside the waistband holster

A belt holster is the most traditional style you will find. The belt holster is a standard holster secured to your belt either by a loop sewn into the holster or by a clip. Belt holsters usually have a 2-inch belt loop, designed to thread through your belt. Traditional belt holsters are what you see in cowboy action shooting, westerns, and on law enforcement agents. They are best for concealing.

Shoulder Holster

A shoulder holster incorporates a harness that crosses against your back and through both arms. Usually a shoulder holster has a holster on one side and a magazine carrier on the other side. The only way a shoulder holster conceals your firearm is if you wear it under a jacket or suit coat. A shoulder holster should fit right under your armpit.

Pancake Holster

A pancake holster is a flat-style holster worn close to the body at the waist. These holsters are easy to spot, because they look like they have wings. These wings are what enable the holster to have such a low profile. (Read more about pancake holsters.)

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The mission of Cheaper Than Dirt!’s blog, “The Shooter’s Log,” is to provide information-not opinions-to our customers and the shooting community. We want you, our readers, to be able to make informed decisions. The information provided here does not represent the views of Cheaper Than Dirt!

Handcuff Pouch

Handcuffs are carried in various locations on the duty belt and handcuff pouches come in open or closed top holders and one or double sized pouches.  Some choose to carry their handcuffs using a loop design.  Your handcuff pouch should be located at a place on your belt easily retrievable when struggling with an offender.

Radio Pouch

To secure your radio to your duty belt there are generally two popular radio pouch designs.  The first consists of an L-shaped bar which the radio rests on and is secured by a loop around the middle of the radio.  The second is a two-piece design consisting of a radio pouch and a swivel. The radio is held in the pouch by a loop over the top, then the pouch is attached to the belt by a swivel. This design allows the radio to be easily removed from the belt for handheld use.

Baton Holder or Ring

It doesn’t matter if you carry an ASP expandable baton or the traditional PR-2side-handle baton a secure method of attaching your baton to your duty belt is a must.  A baton holder is the standard method for holding expandable batons.  Baton rings are generally used for securing straight stick batons.

Magazine Pouches

Along with a firearm, carrying extra ammunition is a must.  Magazine holders generally come in sizes from single magazines, double and triple.  Double magazine holders are the most commonly used. Because gun magazines are available in so many sizes magazine pouches are generally offered in either a single stack or double stack option.  Some magazine pouches are available in a more custom fit depending on your firearm.  Magazine pouches are available in either an open top or closed top being the most common.  Magazines are carried in a vertical position or horizontal position. Vertical, upright position of the magazine occupies less space on the belt and therefore more magazines can be carried. The advantage of horizontal carry is that greater comfort is provided, and magazines are in a position that makes it easier for an officer to retrieve and load them into the handgun.

Key Holders

A key holder is available for the duty belt and helps keep the keys easily accessible.  Some prefer a simple clip on key holder, however those concerned about being more covert may use a silent key holder.  Silent key holders enable the keys to be clipped onto the belt and then secured with two hook and loop flaps.  This keeps the keys from jingling and perhaps giving away the wearers location when trying to be covert. Some traditional key holders will also have an extended nylon or leather backing to prevent the keys from snagging or rubbing on the wearer’s pants while in seated position.

Glove Pouches

Disposable gloves are a must have item for anyone who must physically interact, detain or render aid to the public.  Gloves help prevent infectious diseases when rendering first aid or making an arrest and protect evidence at crime scenes.  Glove pouches will generally hold one to three pairs of disposable gloves.

First Aid Pouch

Rarely do officers keep first aid equipment on their duty belts.  Most often first aid equipment will be stored in a patrol vehicle.  CPR masks pouches are available from some manufacturers but needing the mask is so rare that few if any normal patrol officers will carry one on their belt knowing that they are generally quickly accessible from their patrol vehicle.

Kydex: Galco Triton holster

This product is made from solid Kydex so it doesn’t offer the adjustable setting of other holsters, but it is totally worry-free, care-free. The durable nature of Kydex means no worries about breaking, moisture and an easy clean. This holster also comes with a sweat guard, keeping your sweat from corroding the pistol and the cold pistol off your skin. It is very compact and concealable and it’s design allows for easy taking on and off and one handed re-holstering.

IWB Holster for Glock with Light: Fobus Tactical GLT19

This holster is similar to many of the holsters out there, but with one major difference. All other holsters are made for stock pistols, if your gun doesn’t fit you’re SOL.

This holster allows for pistols with rail or trigger guard mounted accessories. So, if you like having a flashlight or laser sight on your pistol, this holster is perfect for you.

The design doesn’t sacrifice draw speed for this accommodation either, the withdrawal slot still allows for a quick draw.

What to look for while buying an IWB hoster for Glock 19?

These are some of my favorites, but everyone is different and has their own needs and circumstances. A competition shooter, law enforcement officer, military service member and weekend warrior all have very different needs, and need very different holsters. So what should you consider?

The brand, specifically a reputation for high quality and good customer service. A holster might make you look like a total bad ass, but if it breaks it’s no good, and if the company won’t help you get a replacement it’s no good and wasted money. The material, Kydex or leather or both. This really comes down to personal preference. There are great holsters made from both, it just comes down to your needs and wants. Accessories, do you need it to be more concealable, need a flashlight, want a laser sight. Think about the future modifications you’re going to do, if your current holster doesn’t fit your future pistol, that’s more money spent.

DSLR Camera Bag

There is a huge range of DSLR camera bags to choose from and they’ve all got one thing in common – they are small, compact cases with enough space for your DSLR camera with a lens attached, a second lens and a few extras like memory cards and batteries.

DSLR camera bags are great for those who don’t want to carry around too much equipment making them ideal for amateur photographers. These bags are very compact with a padded handle for carrying in your hands and a shoulder strap means they sit comfortably down by your hip.

One of the key features of this type of camera bag is the quick access you get to your kit and how light it is to carry around. Also, they hold a surprising amount of camera gear, and the majority of them come with a mini rain cover making them perfect if you’re out for the day.

Another bonus is their low-price tag (often they come free with a new camera). If you’re looking to buy a bag that’s small and easy to use then a DSLR camera bag is the one for you.

Camera Messenger Bag

Camera messenger bags are among the most stylish on the market (take the National Geographic camera bag as an example!), but they’re extremely practical too. With a number of components and zips, messenger bags still give you fast access to your camera and you can even carry up to three different lenses. Not only that but you can also carry non-essential camera items such as lunch and a bottle of water making them fantastic multi-purpose bags.

A messenger bag is usually made of cloth or leather meaning they blend in in all urban environments. They look a lot like a laptop bag but are much thicker with more padding. With only one strap, these bags are carried over the shoulder or worn over one shoulder with a strap going across the chest resting the bag on the lower back.

Messenger bags are often used by people who don’t like carrying a bigger backpack or rucksack on their shoulders and want a trendy alternative (such as a leather camera bag). One of their key features is being able to carry your laptop, tablet and documents all in one bag. Also, messenger bags are perfect for flying too as you can easily store it under your seat or in an overhead compartment.

An alternative to the messenger bag is the sling bag. This looks more like a backpack than a messenger bag, but they have that signature strap going across the chest making them similar to a messenger bag. They also give you quicker access to your camera than a backpack as you can swivel the bag around your body to open up the main compartment.

If you’re on a bike cycling around a city, messenger bags really come into their own, but they’re also perfect for anyone walking around too. Messenger bags are sophisticated and stylish camera bags but also very discreet making them a fantastic choice for the work place.

Shoulder Camera Bags

Shoulder bags are one of the most popular options for entry-level photographers because of their practical and simple design. These bags are perfect for daily use and can carry your camera, lenses and a few other bits and bobs too.

Shoulder bags are traditionally rectangular in shape and have an extremely tough exterior protecting them from most major impacts. They’ve been specifically designed to be robust while remaining practical, and with a number of dividers inside you can customise your shoulder bag to suit your needs.

Unlike messenger bags, shoulder bags sit on one shoulder hanging down by the hip as opposed to sitting across the chest and hanging down on lower back. Also, another factor to consider is shoulder bags usually don’t have room for a laptop or a tablet – this bag is just for your camera gear.

A few key features of the shoulder bag to look out for are a strong comfortable strap and a padded carry handle.

Although shoulder bags usually come in black, there are also a few fashionable shoulder bags on the market such as our National Geographic Slim Shoulder Bag.

If you’re looking for a camera bag that can carry more than one lens but something that’s smaller, lighter and more protective than a messenger bag, then you’ll love everything about a shoulder bag. Also, if you have a compact system camera or a camcorder then there are many options for you to choose from.


Holster bags are unique as they’re designed for carrying just your camera with your favourite lens attached and that’s it. There’s no room for an extra lens or accessories with these bags, so what you see is what you get!

Another different feature of the holster bag is they’re designed to hang off your belt around your waist as opposed to being carried. This is great as it takes all the weight off your shoulders and gives you extremely easy access to your camera.

Holster bags are made to really protect your camera. When you slip your camera into the bag, it sits snugly with thick padding around it, and they usually come with a built-in rain protector too which you can easily slip over the bag.

Another huge advantage of a holster bag is when you don’t want to wear it on your waist you can pack it away in a bigger bag to be kept safely stowed away.

One thing to look out for when buying a holster bag is you want one to fit your camera as snuggly as possible, so choose one for your primary lens set up (the lens you use the most). That way you’re ensuring maximum protection. You can even get one for your 70-200mm lens.

If you do a lot of event photography and you want to carry around a spare camera with lens attached then a holster bag is a good alternative compared to an open harness which provides less overall protection.

Either way, if you want to carry around just your camera and one lens then a holster camera bag is the one for you.

Camera Roller Bags

Camera roller bags are absolutely fantastic for transporting huge amounts of heavy camera gear without having to carry it all on your back. In fact, a camera roller bag is like having your entire home studio with you on wheels!

With wheels built into the bottom of the bag these look like any type of wheelie case but with one major exception – inside the bag is split up into a number of compartments to carry multiple lenses, laptops and tablets, flash guns, audio recorders and a whole heap of other accessories too. There’s one thing you can guarantee, you won’t run out of space with a roller bag. Also, roller bags have very thick walls to handle heavy impacts, and some cases are even made out of rigid plastic as opposed to a synthetic material.

Camera roller bags usually cater for camera enthusiasts and professionals with a lot of kit. Also, if you’re prone to back problems then this type of bag completely negates carrying any heavy weight making it a huge advantage for some.

Another key feature is a lot of camera roller bags come with a built-in lock. When you’re travelling with equipment that’s worth thousands of pounds you want to ensure everything’s safely locked away so this is a brilliant addition to look for.

One thing to consider is if you fly a lot then make sure you buy a roller bag that can safely fit into an overhead compartment. If it doesn’t then you’ll be asked to put it in the cargo hold, a place where your bag is more likely to be mishandled and thrown about, and you don’t want that.

If you’re doing lots of travelling, say for more than a week, and you know you need most of your camera gear with you, then a camera roller bag really is a wise investment.

Camera Backpacks

Camera backpacks are heavy duty backpacks used by those on the road a lot. When travelling, you want a comfortable camera backpack that can carry all your equipment, lenses, filters, etc, as well as having enough room for things like water, food and an extra change of clothes in case you’re going to somewhere like a temple and you need to cover up.

One of the best things about a backpack is they offer excellent functionality being able to keep your camera and all your gear stored away with easy access. If you have a lot of a kit – we’re talking about two camera bodies, a few lenses, laptop, filters, and all other accessories too, then you’ll still be able to pack everything away in a camera backpack.

When you’re travelling, every day you’re outside sightseeing, every day you’re outside doing something different, and often you can be walking around for up to eight hours or more. If you don’t have the right travel camera bag you can do some serious damage to your back.

When buying a camera backpack, it’s important to get one that has thick shoulder straps and a thick waist strap. You want to carry about 70% of the weight on your hips so the pressure’s off your shoulders. That way you’ll be able to carry it around all day without any trouble.

Another type of camera backpack to keep an eye out for is a drone backpack. These are made specifically for drones such as the DJI Phantom 4, but they can also carry a lot of other camera equipment too. You’ll be very surprised how much you can pack into a drone backpack.

If you’re really into hiking then there are camera hiking backpacks too. These are much slender in shape to keep all the weight evenly distributed across your back and they come with breathable technology so you don’t overheat when you’re hiking.

If you know you’ll be travelling lots and you need a good, sturdy multi-purpose bag then you really can’t go wrong with a camera backpack. They really are among the best camera bags you can buy.

Tripod Bags

A very different type of bag to consider is a tripod bag. As a rule of thumb, tripods are fairly cumbersome and they can be difficult to carry around. That’s where a tripod bag comes in.

These bags are a comfortable carrying solution and a lot more protective of your tripod than just strapping it on to a backpack.

If you want to safely transport your tripod, you can choose from a complete series of tripod bags that are specifically designed for all existing tripod models and made to hold all the different sizes and weight capacities. All you need to do is select the one that best fits your tripod.

Retention and Reaction

Now that we’ve cleared the air on the issue of price, let’s talk about what makes a good holster. As we have established, we are trying to accomplish two things: security from others and ease of access for us. Often the term “level of retention” is used by manufacturers when describing their holsters. The retention number the manufacturers use such as level one, level two, level three, directly correlates to the number of devices or features that work to keep your pistol in the holster.

Retention, like price, is a balancing act. Too little and the pistol isn’t secure. Too much retention can greatly slow your draw. When milliseconds count, as they do in a gunfight, every level of retention you have to defeat puts you farther behind the reaction curve.

One of my favorite sayings and one I feel applies to everything we do in law enforcement is, “How much disadvantage are you willing to live with?” Let’s face it, we’re almost always at a disadvantage in our line of work. We rarely get to choose the terms, place, or time for the situations we find ourselves in and “absolutes” don’t live in our world. There’s always a give and take. So the questions you have to ask yourself about your holsters are: Do you feel better about knowing you have a ton of retention to keep your pistol out of the wrong hands? Or would you rather give up some of that security to know you’ll be that much faster getting your gun into the fight?

Personally, I prefer a single retention holster. If a bad guy wants to take my gun, he’s going to have to be incredibly dedicated and have a high tolerance for pain in order to do it. If that same bad guy wants to shoot it out, I’m confident I can get my gun into that fight quickly because I don’t have to defeat a bunch of retention features to draw. Only you can decide what “balance” you are most comfortable with.

Active or Passive Retention

On the topic of retention, here’s another factor to consider. Are the retention devices in your holster active or passive?

Passive retention devices have to be manually engaged by the user. These devices include thumb-brakes, hoods, and similar holster features. Unless you engage them, your holster is nothing but a pouch for your pistol.

Until recently, most holsters on the market, including duty holsters, featured passive retention. These passive devices may work very well once activated, but activation requires a conscious effort by the user to ensure they are in place every time the pistol is holstered. Let’s say you are in a fight for your life over your pistol with a dedicated bad guy. You’ll need one hand to trap your gun in the holster and another to fight your way out of that situation. If during that fight the retention on your gun is disengaged, it is very difficult for you to tell, much less have the opportunity to reengage it.

With an active system, if your pistol begins to come out of your holster, you only need to push it back in and the active retention devices will do the rest. Or how about snagging your retention on a doorway or seatbelt, causing it to unknowingly become disengaged? You start a foot chase or bend over to handcuff a proned-out suspect and soon find your pistol lying on the ground. Don’t laugh, I’ve seen it happen more than once and every time the officer didn’t know it until someone else pointed it out.

One of the most widely used passive retention holsters on the market is the Safariland SLS system. Now I’m not saying that these aren’t good holsters. They’re great and have worked well for my agency and countless others for many years. But they are old technology and there is a better way.

I currently carry a Safariland ALS system for all of my pistols, on duty and off, and have just approved them for duty use for all my officers. ALS stands for “automatic locking system” and it does exactly that. You push the pistol into the holster and the retention locks it into place, simple as that. In order to draw the pistol out, the retention needs to be held in the “off” position throughout the draw. The ALS is a single retention holster made of Kydex and available for almost every pistol under the sun. Not a Safariland fan? The Blackhawk Serpa, Bianchi “Lok,” and a number of other holster brands feature great active retention systems as well.

Overlooked But Critical

In my experience, one of the key features officers overlook when evaluating a holster is the ability to re-holster their pistols. I think we can all agree that the most popular holster for many detectives or those in a plainclothes role has been one made of leather, possibly with a thumb brake retention device. Now once the pistol is removed from that holster, that leather has a difficult time retaining its shape and usually collapses. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched officers struggle to re-holster their pistols in these types of holsters. Most have to use two hands to do it and even then they have a very difficult time. Often there are a few “firearms safety” rules broken in the process.

Is this really the holster you want when that gunfight happens? Sure you may be great at drawing the pistol out, but what happens when you only have one free hand or need to holster in a hurry to put hands on a suspect? Hey, plainclothes officers, I know the pretty leather goes well with your suits and ties. But come on, you’re cops, not investment bankers. Get some gear that works.

Magazine Size and Shape

A single-stack magazine is always easier to conceal than a double-stack.

Look for a balance that suits your needs, but from a concealment standpoint do be aware that a longer grip/magazine is harder to hide, and may end up poking you depending on your carry method.

Ankle Holster

An ankle holster is a traditional holdout option for very small handguns. It requires nothing fancier than boot-cut jeans to conceal, and may even be missed by careless pat-downs. But it limits you to little more than a derringer (though some police carry sub-compacts, usually in specially-tailored trousers), and takes several seconds to draw from, making it a backup option rather than a primary method of carry for most men.

Holdout holsters can also be strapped to a forearm, inner thigh, or other unusual point for maximum concealment. Again, however, these are difficult to draw from and can only conceal the very smallest handguns out there.

Business Concealed Carry

Suit-and-tie concealed carry is more common than you might think. Businessmen who travel frequently like to take personal protection along with them, and some politicians actively advertise their habit of carrying a weapon as a matter of principle as well as protection.

The biggest consideration for a man in a suit is usually whether he needs to be able to take the jacket off or wear it unbuttoned. An unbuttoned suit jacket can still conceal either kind of behind-the-back carry, and of course a holdout, but will probably reveal a holster on the hip or under the arm if the wearer moves much.

Men who need to be able to take their jacket off and still keep a weapon hidden should wear trousers tailored for inside-the-waistband carry and a shirt with a long, loose back that can be untucked or draped over the butt of the gun.





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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Holsters wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Holsters



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