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Best Paddleball 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated December 1, 2018
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Billy JacobsHELLO! I’m Billy Jacobs. After more than 44 hours of research and testing, which included using 17 different paddleball in five cities and interviewing product teams at five major companies, I made a list of the best paddleball of 2018

I’ll brush up on how to choose the best paddleball and examine things like materials, quality, and weight. What I would like you to remember as you browse my website is that I don’t work in the industry so the reviews I have are based on good old fashioned honesty.

Best Paddleball of 2018

If you’re reading this, it is very likely that you’re scouting for the best paddleball. Like choosing clothes or cosmetics, choosing paddleball should be based on your purpose, favorite style, and financial condition. Before you spend your money on paddleball, start by familiarizing yourself with the various types. The above tidbits will bring you closer to selecting paddleball that best serves your needs and as per your budget.

Test Results and Ratings

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№1 – Paddle Ball Game

Paddle Ball Game

Each sold separately; Colors May Vary
Light paddles made from plywood for easy transport
Paddle Ball is a great game to include at the beach, park and playground
Nothing, except that I wasted too much time making my choice.

Why did this paddleball win the first place?

I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! The material is stylish, but it smells for the first couple of days. I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product.












№2 – Pro Kadima Beach Paddles

Pro Kadima Beach Paddles

Natural color
Inconsistent results.
Hard to use.

Why did this paddleball come in second place?

I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price. The design quality is top notch and the color is nice. I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money. The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed.












№3 – Toysmith Bounce Back Paddle Ball

Toysmith Bounce Back Paddle Ball

Enter your model number
Above to make sure this fits
Go back in toy history through the wooden bounce-back paddle ball
Not very flexible.
Longevity is in question.

Why did this paddleball take third place?

It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. I hope that the good reputation of the manufacturer will guarantee a long-term work. This price is appropriate since the product is very well built.












Paddleball Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy paddleball, right? No!

Pro Lite Sports Enforcer

The Pro Lite Sports Enforcer is one of the lighter graphite paddles you will find, weighing in with an average weight of 7.ounces. Why is light weight important? Control and fatigue. The heavier the paddle is the less control you will have over the ball. If you are looking for perfectly placed shots, without a ton of power, light weight is the way to go. When a paddle is heavier it can accelerate the rate at which you fatigue. If you are looking to play longer, a light paddle is your best option. With pickleball paddles ranging from to 1ounces, the Pro Lite Sports Enforcer is on the lower end of the spectrum.

The approximate size of the paddle is 15-1/2” long by 8” wide. This is the classic pickleball paddle size. If this is your first pickleball paddle it is recommended that you start with the classic size. As you become antiquated with the classic paddle, you may want to add different shots to your arsenal. There are a number of specialty paddles that can help you deliver these different returns. The grip size is 4”. This grip size is recommended for people that are 5’2” or shorter. If you have big hands this paddle would not be ideal for you.


The Pro Lite Sports Enforcer has a Nomex honeycomb core with a graphite surface. Out of all the materials, the Nomex core is the loudest. If you are looking for a quieter paddle this may not be the one for you. This particular pickleball paddle has tapered sides toward the handle. This gives you a smaller hitting surface closer to the handle. This design can really help you deliver some power shots because of the weight of the paddle is at the top. The design of the Pro LIte Sports Enforcer is average. This is a not a paddle that would be recognized as an exciting design. This paddle is made in the USA, manufactured in Port Washington, Wisconsin. Pro Lite is a sponsor of the USAPA.

Onix Sports Zen Graphite Pickleball Paddle

The Onix Sports Zen paddle has an average weight of 7.ounces. This is the heaviest paddle you will find on this page. The heavy paddle will give you more power behind your shots. At 7.ounce average it’s not so heavy that you will lose much control. When it comes to your own physical strength, use your judgement on wether you think you will become fatigued by a heavier paddle. If you don’t plan on playing for long periods of time or plan on taking large breaks in between games, this paddle should be just fine.

The approximate size of the Onix Sports Zen paddle is 15-1/2” long by 7-5/8” wide. Out of the paddles on this page, the hitting surface is the smallest. If you are a beginner pickleball player the small surface can pose a real challenge for you. If you are more of an advanced pickleball player the smaller hitting area should be just fine. This paddle has a large grip at 4-1/2”, making it the largest grip size on this page. If you have smaller hands this might not be the right fit for you. 4-1/2” grips are recommended for 5’9” or taller individuals.

Selkirk Sport 20P XL Epic

The Selkirk Sport 20P XL has a weight range of 7.4-7.making it a middle-weight paddle. The weight will give you ball control as well as some oomph behind your shots. With this weight don’t be looking for massive power.

The Selkirk Sport 20P XL Epic is the longest paddle length of the group at 15-3/4”. When combined with the 8” width, you will find plenty of surface area to smack the ball. This paddle will work well for beginners and experienced players alike. The grip size is 4-1/4” and is ideal for people between 5’3” and 5’8”.


Are you newly retired and looking to stay active? Perhaps you’re looking for a sport that you can learn to play quickly. Pickleball is a fast-paced paddle sport that can be played by people of all ages and skill levels.  

Having the right pickleball equipment is essential to learning and enjoying the game right away.  The rules of the game are fairly simple to understand for beginners.

Since this fun sport involves several elements of ping-pong, tennis and badminton, you need a special paddle to play with. Choosing the right paddle can be a daunting task since like any other sport, the right equipment plays a crucial role in helping you win the point.


Pickleball Paddle: You cannot start your game without a paddle. There are hundreds of paddles available on the market today, all in various colors and styles. Users must also pay attention to the material and weight of the paddle before making a purchase.

Pickleball Balls: Pickleball balls are unlike any other you have ever seen before. The hollow plastic balls have several holes and are categorized for outdoor or indoor use. The indoor balls typically have larger holes and are not as durable while on the other hand, outdoor balls are constructed using harder plastic and have much smaller holes.  Pickleball balls typically come in packs of or 1and can vary in color based on the court you’re playing on.

Pickleball Net: If you are about to set up your own court, you will require a net. There are several net systems you can choose from and most of them come with a handy carrying bag. Invest in a portable net system that you can set up anywhere you go or simply purchase a simple net if you have a permanent court with sturdy posts.

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Pickleball Paddle

The first piece of equipment you’ll need is a great pair of dedicated pickleball shoes.  You can read more about how pickleball shoes can help prevent injuries here.  You can read about the best pickleball shoes here. The second essential piece of pickleball equipment you need is a paddle. The paddle must feel comfortable in your hands and should be easy to maneuver. Here are a couple of important factors you should keep in mind to select a paddle that is right for you:

Grip Size

Paddles are available in a variety of sizes, hence you should choose one according to your grip size. A larger paddle can easily slip from your hands, causing injury. People usually prefer smaller grips as it improves wrist action, leading to more control and spin. To determine which grip size is right for you, print out a handy size chart or use a ruler to measure the distance from the middle crease of your palm to the tip of your ring finger.

If you are between grip sizes, we recommend you opt for a smaller grip for better control or use an overgrip. An overgrip is a soft padding that is taped around the grip of the paddle to keep it from slipping in your hands.

Weight is one of the most important factors when choosing the right paddle. The normal weight ranges between oz. to 1oz.  Lighter paddles stay between to oz. while heavier ones are oz. and above. While a heavier paddle may be difficult to maneuver, lighter does not necessarily mean better. Choose the weight according to your age, skill level and most importantly, comfort. The weight of the paddle affects the swing speed and the reaction time.

Heavy-weight Paddles

A heavier paddle aids in driving the ball, helping you make awesome power shots but offers less control. Additionally, the extra weight can strain your arm and affect your overall performance. Sometimes, a weak player can benefit from a heavier paddle as it increases deflection or power, allowing you to hit the ball at a much faster rate without putting in too much effort. Use a heavy paddle for single matches if you want to add more oomph to your slams and hard shots.

Light-weight Paddles

Lightweight paddles are easier to maneuver and offer better control. However, a paddle that is too light may cause more vibration in your arm and elbow, affecting your control and accuracy.  In addition, lighter paddles may make it harder to place deep shots to your opponent’s baseline.  Deep shots are a key component to pickleball strategy, so choosing a paddle that allows for that is essential.

You want to look good when you are winning right? Pickleball paddles are available in a wide variety of colors and styles so you can choose one according to your preferences. Basic paddles like wooden ones tend to be vanilla looking, however the more high-tech paddles offer bright color schemes and immediately give off the impression of an advanced player.  If you don’t have the skills, you can at least look the part with these paddles!

If you thought color does not play an important role in the game, you are wrong. The USAPA makes it illegal for players to use yellow paddles or wear yellow shirts as it makes it harder for your opponent to see the ball coming off the paddle.  No cheating!

Handle Length

A longer handle shortens the paddle face. Newer players who want to enjoy the sport are likely to benefit from a longer handle length for greater comfort and control. Additionally, some players state a longer handle improves paddle balance and offers more stability.

Paddle Deflection

Paddle deflection is a term used to measure how rigid a paddle is. The deflection can be measured by putting a weight on the center of the paddle and measuring how much the paddle bends.  Most composite paddles have the heaviest amount of deflection because of their textured surface.  This allows them to be great options for putting spin on the ball.

Different Kinds of Paddles

Choosing the right pickleball paddle can be overwhelming.  Paddles can be categorized into different types, based on materials.  These materials give the paddle different attributes, strengths and weaknesses.  Needless to say, the paddle can be the most confusing piece of pickleball equipment you’ll ever buy.  However, we’re here to shed some light on the subject and walk you through the pros and cons of each type of pickleball paddle.  Some of the most common paddle types include:

Wooden Pickleball Paddles

Wooden pickleball paddles are a decent choice for beginners  or those who have just started playing the sport. These paddles are lightweight and offer a better grip. Additionally, wooden paddles are inexpensive as compared to other materials and can also be used by children without worrying about damage.

Swinger Pickleball Paddle

Affordable Price: Unlike other paddles on the market, the Swinger Pickleball Paddle is available at an incredibly reasonable price.

Sturdy Build: The sturdy and strong build offers a better grip to the user, preventing accidents and resulting in better shots.

Offers Flexibility: The wooden paddle offers more control and power, allowing the user to swing the ball naturally and with better flexibility.

Heavy: While Swinger Pickleball Paddles are available at an affordable price, they are heavier than most wooden paddles in the market and are not much different in weight than graphite paddles. Many players have complained that this paddle has resulted in arm strain.

Taiwan Diller Wood Paddle

The Taiwan Diller Wood Paddle is constructed from hardwood. Each paddle is cut from 7-ply hardwood, resulting in a highly durable product. A large number of community centers, youth programs and recreation centers invest in these paddles to train inexperienced players without worrying about causing damage to expensive products.

Lightweigh t Construction: The Taiwan Diller Wood Paddle is much lighter than other wooden paddles in the market.

Quality Black Tape Grip: This well-constructed wooden paddle features a quality black tape grip that provides comfort and also results in better performance. Additionally, you can take off the grip if it bothers you.

Rope Wrist Strap: Does the paddle keep slipping out of your hands? Rest assured, the Taiwan Diller Wood Paddle features a rope strap that you can hang on your wrist, keeping the paddle secure in your arm instead of worrying about it falling on the floor.

Only for Beginners: These paddles are best suited for beginners, hence if you wish to play pickleball as a competitive sport, you will have to invest in a composite, or graphite paddle instead.

Graphite Pickleball Paddles

Graphite Pickleball paddles are among the most popular paddle types on the market today. However, players must understand that there is no such thing as a 100% graphite pickleball paddle and there are several different grades of graphite.

Pro Lite Sports Aero-D Graphite Pickleball Paddle

The Aero-D Graphite Paddle is one of the lightest graphite paddles ever – 6.oz! The lightweight design features carbon fiber to improve responsive performance and result in better shots. This is the lightest paddle in the Pro-Lite series and is a popular paddle among pickleball enthusiasts.

Lightweight Construction: The lightweight construction allows users to play for longer periods without experiencing fatigue. Additionally, the paddle is easy to maneuver and handle for new and experienced players.

Longer Handle: The Aero-D Graphite Paddle features a longer hand that provides extra comfort to players, especially those who are accustomed to playing tennis.

Reasonable Price: Unlike other graphite paddles in the market, the Aero-D Graphite Paddle is available at an affordable price.

Too Light: The Aero-D Graphite Paddle is not a good choice for players who are looking for a heavy paddle that will add more power to their shots.

Smaller Paddle Face: The Aero-D Graphite Paddle features a smaller paddle face than other paddles on the market, making it harder to hit the squarely on the paddle’s sweet spot.  This is not ideal for beginners.

Overall, the Aero-D Graphite Paddle is not a bad buy but it is more suitable for experienced players.

Epic Polymer PowerCore Graphite Paddle

The Epic Polymer PowerCore Graphite Paddle features the i nherent powers of the PowerCore technology. The paddle features an intricate graphite surface with a slick glossy finish that is great for under-spin and top-spin shots. Additionally, the polymer core increases responsiveness and allows the player to take the best shots with ease.

Exceptional Design: The Epic Polymer PowerCore Graphite Paddle features a lightly textured graphite face with a honeycomb core structure to help you get extra spin and prevent dead spots. The eye-catching design is sure to catch the attention of your opponent while increasing your performance.

Vibrant Colors: For anybody who wishes to add more color in their life at the pickleball court, the Epic Polymer PowerCore Graphite Paddle is the solution to all your problems. The vibrant colors are a showstopper and will give you an extra oomph when you are performing.

Durability: The high quality design combined with the edge guard increases the longevity of the product, making it resistant to external damage.

Bad Paint Job: Some players have complained about the paint fading. This appears to be the only con of the product. However, keep in mind that the PowerCore Graphite Paddle features an excellent design and comes in vibrant colors.

Attack 2.0 Paddle

The Attack 2.0 Paddle is an excellent paddle that offers great power and comfort for all kinds of players, irrespective of age and skill level. The paddle features a graphite face, covered with UV vinyl and is designed to withstand the harsh rays of the sun. The paddle features an aluminum honey comb core like the original Attack paddle but offers extra spin to help you make those tricky “dink” shots.

Wide Paddle Surface: The Attack 2.0 Paddle features a wide paddle surface of 8” that provides a sufficient hitting surface to users.

Tall Paddle: The paddle has a total length of 15-3/4” that is comparatively much larger than other paddles on the market.

Black Edge Guard: The paddle features a black edge guard that protects the paddle against damage in case you plan on playing outdoors or drop the paddle on a rough surface.

Heavy-weight: The paddle weighs around 5.pounds that may be too heavy for some players, especially beginners.

Composite Pickleball Paddle

Composite pickleball paddles generally consist of fiberglass hitting surfaces combined with an aluminum or polymer core. These paddles are highly sought after in the world of pickleball as they feature an incredible combination of strength, feel and spin you won’t find anywhere else.  Their textured surfaces allow for the paddle to grab the ball momentarily and add spin to your serves and return of serves.  

NEO Composite Pickleball Paddle Bundle

The NEO Composite Pickleball Paddle Bundle not only offers players the supreme control a paddle requires but is also designed to withstand heavy usage. The elegant and stylish paddle features a stunning blue or red background and has the ideal paddle length.

Ideal Weight: The paddle is available at an ideal weight which offers the player both power and finesse while playing the game.

Small Grip: The paddle features small grip that conveniently fits in the hands of most users.

Wide Paddle Face: The paddle face is comparatively wider than other paddles in the market, eliminating the chances of the ball hitting the edge guard and increasing “sweet spot” accuracy.

Not Suitable for Beginners: The wide paddle design may be difficult to balance for new players.

Pickle Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle

Built from Quality Materials: The Pickle Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle is built using quality materials and designed to withstand heavy usage for long periods without suffering damage.

Features Premium Grade Tape: The Pickle Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle features premium grade tape that offers a better grip.

Rugged Edge Guard: From striking the ground to hitting harsh shots, the Pickle Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle is designed to withstand damage, thanks to its rugged edge guard. : The Pickle Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle is certainly not the lightest paddle on the market but it is not so bad for its low price tag.

Too Small: Users with big hands may find the paddle too small to use.


Pickleball has become one of the most popular sports in the past few years, the player base is getting bigger steeply and in some countries, it is even considered to be the major sport. It has every right for that, it took one of the most entertaining parts of sports like badminton, table tennis, and regular tennis and combined it into one. ​Even with its high popularity and growth rate, newcomers still don’t get hooked on this sport right away, this happens due to multiple factors and the most important one is bad equipment. Beginners tend to buy the cheapest sports gear when starting a new activity and this can lead to a major decreasing of motivation and injuries.  ​The most important piece of gear in this sport are the paddles. Having the best pickleball paddles will lead to fewer injuries, greater mobility, and a smaller learning curve. Because of this, you will eventually have more fun while playing pickleball, but choosing high-quality paddles can be a bit tricky. ​Which brand is the best one? Are there any features that you should look into? Does the material matter? Don’t worry about that, we will introduce you these aspects in the following sections with each part of the paddle being explained in-depth.

How to Choose a Pickleball Paddle

The pickleball paddle is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your entire game. The more popular pickleball becomes, the more paddles there are to choose from. So how can you know which paddle is right for you?

The three main things to look at are weight, grip size and materials.

Weight is one of – if not the – most important factors when choosing a pickleball paddle.

Pickleball paddles range anywhere from ounces to 1ounces, and the weight will affect the power and control. A lighter paddle gives you more control but less drive. Conversely, a heavier paddle gives you less control but more power and drive. Perhaps most importantly, a heavier paddle can cause elbow strain and fatigue in your arm. You may want to start with paddle that is not too heavy until you build up more strength, however it is a bit of a Catch-22: less arm strength means you will need more help driving the ball with any real power. Therefore, consider selecting a mid-weight paddle between ounces and 8.ounces. You may still be tempted to go light, but consider this: the lighter the paddle the more energy and swing you will need to hit the ball with force, which can inflame an injury or cause more pain.


Pickleball paddles are made out of three main materials: wood, composite or graphite.

Wood paddles are the heaviest paddles, yet they are also the least expensive. New players or players who are unsure of investing in equipment may be tempted to purchase a wood paddle. This is fine, however, keep the weight issue in mind.

Composite paddles are a happy medium. They are in the mid-range of price yet come in a variety of weights and sizes.

Graphite are the most expensive, however they can be light and powerful.

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Does table tennis paddle need caring? The nice feeling comes from the first-hand thing you use for the first time. The newness of a thing always provides a romantic feeling along. But things are going to be older gradually. No one wants to let anything keep with its shabby looks. Then there are the needs …





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Paddleball by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Paddleball wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Paddleball



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