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Best Shell Covers 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated December 1, 2018
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Billy JacobsI’m Willow Billy Jacobs. My friends call me “stone” and it just kind of stuck. After more than 42 hours of research, including interviewing two experts and spending 10 hours testing 19 popular shell covers, I found the best shell covers of 2018.

I have been writing about technology and entertainment since the early 90s from my secluded home in West Virginia. You see I’m an average member of the public just like you and the main reason I decided to publish a review website on shell covers is because I was looking for one not so long ago.

Best Shell Covers of 2018

You must have heard that the best shell covers should allow you to save money, right? Sure, but that’s not the only reason you should consider getting one. I want to find something that’s designed well (both for aesthetic purposes and efficiency). Below you can find 3 reviews of the best shell covers to buy in 2018, which I have picked after the deep market research. However, after giving you the TOP list, I will also give you some of the benefits you stand to gains for using it.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
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№1 – KEC MacBook Pro 15 Inch Case

KEC MacBook Pro 15 Inch Case

MacBook Pro 15 Inch Case (2016 & 2017 with Touch Bar) Cover is for model number A1707 ONLY. Please CHECK YOUR MACBOOK MODEL NUMBER BEFORE YOU PURCHASE TO ENSURE YOU GET THE CORRECT SIZE.
Cut Out Design, Shines through the case. Design lets you Open/Close your MacBook all the way and Full Access to All Ports.
For such a price and the level of quality it can’t even have any cons, only pick holes.

Why did this shell covers win the first place?

The rear part fits perfectly! It is mounted really tight and reliable. I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack.












№2 – ESR iPad Pro 10.5 Case

ESR iPad Pro 10.5 Case

Compatibility: Compatible with Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch (Release in March 2017, model: A1701, A1709) Tablet; (THE PACKAGE DOES NOT INCLUDE A KEYBOARD
Strong Protection: PC Hard Back Cover to offer protection.Slim and Lightweight
Perfect Fit: Perfect fit with Smart keyboard and leave enough space for Smart connector. It will not affect the keyboard adsorption.
Can require care/upkeep.
It smelled a little, but it didn’t last for a long time..

Why did this shell covers come in second place?

I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price. Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture. This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money.












№3 – UESWILL Smooth Soft-Touch Matte Frosted Hard Shell Case Cover for MacBook Pro 13″ with CD-ROM

UESWILL Smooth Soft-Touch Matte Frosted Hard Shell Case Cover for MacBook Pro 13

Compatible with : ONLY fits for MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2008 to Mid 2012) , with CD/DVD Drive. Model number: A1278. ***WARNING: Do not for Later Version MacBook Pro 13″ with Retina Display A1502/A1425 and 2016/2017 MacBook Pro 13″ with/without Touch Bar A1706/A1708.
The instruction guide is not very helpful.
The large size.

Why did this shell covers take third place?

I hope that the good reputation of the manufacturer will guarantee a long-term work. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. This price is appropriate since the product is very well built.












Shell Covers Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy shell covers, right? No!

View them online from Apple here.

If you want you can upgrade the processor to 1.4GHz, while you can also choose between either 8GB or 16GB of RAM.

While the clock speeds are only slightly higher than those featured in 2016’s 12in MacBooks, they should be faster in practice thanks to more modern Kaby Lake processor architecture. The RAM is faster, too: 1866MHz, up from 1600MHz in 2015.

The energy-efficient chips also help with battery life, adding up to an hour more than their predecessors: hours of web use, or 1hours of movie watching, with 30 days of standby – at least according to Apple.

While this is the lightest and perhaps prettiest MacBook available, it’s also one of the most expensive, and – while the new processors have closed the gap – they remain relatively low-powered for the price.

The other major downside is that it includes just a single USB-C port for both charging and data transfer. USB-C is the new standard of USB that will soon be widespread, but for now there’s an awkward transition phase during which you’ll need adapters (and they don’t come cheap) in order to use some accessories and peripherals.

While it is an utter joy to look at, and nice to use, we still feel it costs too much for too little.

Read our preview of the 20112in MacBook or, if you’d like to compare it to the previous model, our review of 2016’s 12in MacBook.


As well as the prints, patterns and feel of outerwear fabrics, it’s worth considering their tech specs. Most waterproof fabrics are given two ratings.

Waterproof ratings tell you just how much water the jacket or pant will keep out. Fabrics are tested by filling a column with water, and measuring the depth that the water reaches before droplets form on the other side. It is usually measured in millimetres, with anything from 5,000 to 30,000 being normal. Essentially, the higher the number, the more waterproof the garment is. It’s worth noting that jackets or pants made from Gore-Tex (like Burton’s AK range) are not given a waterproof (or a breathability) rating as they are reckoned to be 100 per cent waterproof, and 100 per cent breathable.

Breathability ratings tell you how much moisture can pass from inside the jacket to the outside. The breathability rating tells you exactly how much moisture can pass through a fabric in grams/centimetre/2hours – or GM for simplicity’s sake. Most garments have a rating of between 5,000 GM and 20,000 GM, with the higher numbers being more breathable. It might sound a bit odd designing a waterproof jacket that allows water out, but think about it – when you ride, you sweat, and if that sweat can’t go anywhere it clings to your body making you cool and clammy.


Jackets these days boast a whole load of crazy features, from iPod controls built into the fabric to heating vests with electric elements inside them. Here are a few of the more common ones.

Taped seams and waterproof zips stop any moisture getting in through the stitching or fastenings of a garment. That may seem like overkill, but if you’re gonna be spending long days out in extreme conditions, they’re well worth it. Some jackets and pants will have ‘crucially-taped’ seams, meaning only the most exposed ones are taped, but the real high-end stuff will be ‘fully taped’.

Moisture wicking linings are made of special materials that help draw moisture – or sweat – away from the body.

Vents let air flow into your jacket or pants when you’re getting hot and sweaty. Usually found under the armpits and on the inside of the thigh.

Headphone loops and iPod pockets are increasingly becoming standard on jackets as music gets easier and easier to carry up the hill with you. Back in the days of Sony Discmans it was only the committed that rocked while they rode.

Powder skirts and boot gaiters are elasticated bands that seal the gaps between your jacket and pants, and your pants and boots, so that no snow creeps in. Often, powder skirts will clip or zip to the top of pants to make the seal really tight.

Spigen Galaxy SSlim Armor CS

If you want a case with a card slot, but don’t want to cover up your screen with a wallet case, look no further than Spigen’s Slim Armor CS. In addition to protecting your case, it slides open at the back to reveal a slot to store a couple of your most-used cards for easy(ish) access.

Yes, it’s a gimmick. Yes, it looks a bit silly. But admit it – you kind of want one, right?

Ted Baker Galaxy SRange

Ted Baker has a range of Galaxy Scases available (though so far none for the SPlus), showing off a range of the company’s designs. 

Most notable are the floral folio cases with a mirror inside (“for on-the-go pampering”), though if you’d rather look at your phone than yourself, there’s also a more straightforward shell case. It’s not all flowers and glitter either – the SS1Boatsee case comes in a more restrained navy fabric finish.

Speck Presidio for Galaxy S8

Speck boasts that its phone cases are ‘designed for impact’, so much so that they’re built out of none other than ‘Impactium’, which we’re pretty sure they just made up – but as long as it works, we don’t mind, and it supposedly offers up to 10-feet of drop protection.

The Presidio cases are sturdy but slim, and should provide ample protection to the body of the phone. They don’t cover the screen, but are raised enough at the sides to offer those bezel-less edges a little extra protection.

You can pick up the normal Presidio in a variety of plain colours, but for the same price we prefer the Presidio Grip models – the two-tone ridged design looks great, and protects against slippy fingers.

As you’d expect, you can grab the same range for the SPlus too.

RhinoShield CrashGuard Bumper for Galaxy S8

A bumper case is always a great option if you want to shield your phone from the worst of drop damage without covering it up too much, and RhinoShield’s CrashGuard is one of the good ‘uns. 

Its ‘ShockSpread’ technology means your Sshould survive drops of at least 1feet (no, we didn’t choose to test that with our review phone…), and RhinoShield claims it exceeds military drop test standards. The bumper is lightweight and super slim too, so you can hopefully almost forget its even there. 

Naturally, the downside of a bumper is the screen itself is unprotected, but for most drops and falls, it’ll do the job.

You can grab the CrashGuard case for either the Sor the SPlus, and it’s available in black, grey, or dark blue.

Olixar Galaxy SArmourDillo

If you’re a bit less concerned with preserving the aesthetic and a bit more concerned with having an “impact-resistant polycarbonate exoskeleton” wrapped around your phone, the ArmourDillo might be for you.

It’s not much of a looker, but it should keep your phone safe without breaking the bank, and it has a textured non-slip grip, and a small kickstand for landscape viewing. 

You can get it in all-black, or with red or blue accents, and there’s also an SPlus version.

X-Doria Galaxy SDefense Shield

If you want to keep your Ssafe without sacrificing on style (or spending the price of the phone all over again), you might like X-Doria’s Defense Shield. 

The case boasts an aluminium frame with clear polycarbonate backing, and a rubber bumper to bear the brunt of any impacts – it can apparently survive drops up to 3m/10ft onto concrete.

The metal frame is also customisable – you can pick between black, rose gold, or the garish ‘iridescent’.

Terrapin Low Profile Wallet for Galaxy S8

Terrapin’s Low Profile Wallet is one of the cheapest wallet cases for the Sand SPlus, so it’s ideal for anyone who’s already broken the bank on the phone and doesn’t want to do the same for a case.

It’s made of imitation leather, features a magnetic side clasp that’s easy to use and adds minimal bulk, and can be turned on its side for a viewing stand.

The build quality isn’t fantastic, but for less than a tenner we can’t complain. Check out the rest of Terrapin’s Srange here.

GearPiccadilly for Galaxy S8

Gear4’s Piccadilly case is another one designed to show off the S8’s hardware, though it promises to do so without compromising on protection. 

The clear case is made with metallic D3O to prevent impact damage, combined with a UV coating to make it scratch-resistant. It won’t block access to any ports, and comes in a range of colours intended to complement the Sitself, including orchid grey, black, coral blue, and more (though only black is currently available to pre-order).

As with most Scases, there’s a larger variant for SPlus owners too.

Obliq Slim Meta Chain for Galaxy S8

Here’s something a little different. Obliq’s Slim Meta Chain pairs a polycarbonate core with an elaborate chainmail-style backplate, so your phone can look just as protected as it hopefully is.

There’s a 1.5mm front lip to make sure that the phone screen doesn’t get scratched when you place it face down, though the case as a whole is slim enough that it won’t add much bulk to your device. 

Removing Hard Lid Covers

Hard lid covers (tonneau covers) are not as easy to remove as you might think. A hard, fiberglass, painted-to-match lid is actually quite heavy, and depending on the brand or style, it can be a little tricky to take on and off.

Painted-to-match Leer covers are about the same in weight.

Another good painted fiberglass lid brand is the Gaylord cover, and their mounting systems have a lot of flexibility for fine adjustments.

The Easiest Lid to Remove

Probably the easiest lids to remove are the non-painted, black hard covers, such as the Undercover brand. They weigh less than half of the painted fiberglass covers, but they are also just as strong. They tend to fit great and are very easy to install.

I found that their cover on the new Tacoma beds were extremely simple to install. Professional installers can get them on in about 1minutes or less. It’s no surprise then that removing these and re-installing them is just as simple.

Since they weigh about 50 lbs. (less for the extra short mini-truck beds) and they aren’t painted, taking it off and propping it against a wall in your garage takes about ten minutes and you won’t have to worry about scratching it.

True, these covers don’t look as good as the painted ones, but they are very functional, secure and strong. Older style covers, like the old Protecto Tops, were very flimsy, and could be broken in half like snapping thin plywood.

The newer Undercover lids are also very reasonable in price, and don’t pay too much for labor if you get one of these installed, because believe me, even someone who is mildly handy could put one of these on by themselves.

Rolling Covers

You may also consider a rolling cover. They roll up out of your way into a canister in the front of the bed, and you don’t have to remove it. But remember, more moving parts means more that can go wrong over time.

It may work great when you first get it, but give it a year or two and it may need some occasional adjusting, or sometimes a lot of regular adjusting.

Roll covers also take up bed space, and they are notorious for leaking. That’s why most of them come with drain tubes. A good, secure cover is the Pace Edwards Full Metal roll cover. It costs almost as much as a shell, but they are designed well, and have few problems.

Carpet Lining

Yes, truck caps or shells have many optional features. The most common is the inside carpet lining. Most shells have this, that is to say most dealers will stock tops with this option and many models actually come with this option included.

Is carpet necessary? No, not really, it just looks much better than the raw fiberglass, and it helps to insulate the shell better. The carpet is like speaker box carpet, and it’s indoor/outdoor grade, so it won’t get mildewed if it gets wet.


The front of a top usually has a sliding window, so the inside of the now covered bed can be accessed from the truck’s rear cab window-provided your truck has a rear sliding window. Solid windows are usually standard, but you would only want that if your rear cab window is solid as well.

An option for that front sliding window in the shell is to have one with the capability to fold down, or in the case of Leer, it can be removed.

Why is this a good option? Because cleaning the rear cab window once a shell is installed becomes quite a chore without it.

The gap between the truck bed and cab is very tight, especially now since trucks have more streamlined designs, and if you want a nice custom look, the shell has to fit this way. Fold down glass is also available with solid windows as well, for the same reason.

Folding Front Slider Option

As you can see, with the front slider dropped down and out of the way, cleaning the cab window is a lot easier.

Don’t get a boot. This option is still offered, but I highly, highly recommend not getting it. They leak, they rub off all your paint, they don’t last and the list goes on. With folding front sliders now available, they really aren’t necessary.

Racks on top of shells are also common options. The best thing to do is to order the shell with the tracks pre-installed. Either Thule or Yakima tracks are cross-compatible, and even if you’re not sure what specific type of rack you want, you at least now have the option to install the towers and bars on the tracks after you get the shell.

You may even have these parts already and want to transfer that system to the shell. Tracks also give you the option to vary the spread between the bars. They can typically hold about 16lbs. I only know of one shell manufacturer that offers the option to have the roof made thicker to accommodate extra weight, and that’s SnugTop.

Do Your Research

The key is to know what fits what. Full size Chevy beds for example:198will fit up to 1998, and some 99s. 2000 up to 200Chevy beds are also the same, despite the body style changes. The 200model is different than all of them.

Simply measuring the bed though will not always be enough to know if the used shell you’re looking to buy will fit. This is because most truck beds are now tapered, meaning the bed is wider in the front and narrower in the back.

Chevy started doing this in 88, Ford in 9and Dodge in 9The new full-size Dodge truck beds are so tapered in fact that lumber racks on these beds don’t seem to fit until you push the rack all the way forward.

Try It On

Setting the shell on the bed is the best way to determine if it will fit. Remember that even if the shell appears to fit, if the rear door doesn’t open and shut right, or lock, what’s the point of even having the shell on the bed.

Some dealers also offer close-out shells, because truck bed fits have gone through so many changes over the last five or six years, they may still have a top in inventory that they would love to get rid of.

A diaper cover over a cloth diaper

Diaper covers come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They use different types of closures, like snaps or Velcro, and some simply pull on. Diaper covers are often made of wool, fleece, or PUL (polyurethane laminate).

The cloth diaper used under a diaper cover can be a prefold or a flat diaper that you fold yourself, or it can be a contour or fitted diaper that doesn’t require folding.

Pocket diaper

A pocket diaper consists of a waterproof outer layer and an inner layer of fabric that has a pocket opening. An insert is stuffed into the pocket opening before wearing and then taken out for washing. Pocket diapers’ absorbency can be adjusted by using more or fewer absorbent inserts.

The inner layer of fabric is sometimes made with stay-dry material to keep your baby comfortable. Pocket diapers have elastic around the legs and waist and fasten with snaps or tabs.

Because the insert and pocket will both get dirty when your baby pees or poops, pocket diapers are used once, then washed.

Pocket diaper tip: When removing your baby’s dirty diaper, you may want to pull out the insert before dumping both the insert and diaper into the diaper pail. That way you won’t have to deal with pulling it out on washday.


An insert (also called a booster or doubler) helps a baby’s diaper absorb moisture. Some inserts are topped with a stay-dry fabric that helps keep your baby comfortable.

Some of the diapers described above include inserts. For other types of cloth diapers, it’s an optional addition that improves the diaper’s absorbency.

Inserts can be made of any absorbent material, such as terry cloth, bamboo, hemp, or cotton.

Diaper pails

Diaper pails come in a variety of sizes and shapes. If you want, you can even use a regular garbage can.

Line your pail with either a special liner designed for that pail or a regular plastic garbage bag. Some of these liners are disposable, while others can be washed along with the diapers. Make sure the pail you use has a lid, especially if you have other children or pets in the house.

Some diaper pails have touch-top lids, and some have swing lids. Others can be opened with a foot pedal, and some even have a motion detector. Domed lids allow air to circulate in the pail and seem to reduce odor. Some pails have air filters to reduce odors.

Note: If you use the wet pail method for your diapers (where you fill the pail with water), you won’t need a liner. Choose a small, strong pail that has a comfortable handle for carrying (it’ll be heavy) and a spout for easy pouring. You’ll need to store it safely away from young children and pets.


These waterproof bags are an alternative to diaper pails. They can be hung on a doorknob or hook and are used to hold dirty cloth diapers, covers, wipes, or clothes. Wetbags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are big enough to hold a couple of days’ worth of diapers, and others are small enough to carry in your diaper bag for changes on the go.

How to Find Your Helmet Size

A simple way of measuring your head is to use a cloth tape measure (or a string if a cloth tape measure is not available) to find the circumference of your head just above the brow line. All helmet manufacturers use centimeters as their unit of measure.

Once you have received your helmet the proper way for you to try it on is to spread the ear pieces or flaps apart. Next flip the helmet on your head with the forehead first, then seat the rest of the helmet back.

In a properly fitting helmet there should be no gaps anywhere and all of the padding from the helmet should fit flush against the head.

When the helmet is seated on your head, give it a few soft pushes from front to back. The helmet should remain snug so that when you push on it, the skin on your forehead and eyebrows move with it. Also, gently twist the helmet from side to side causing your head to move with it. If the helmet flops around, or moves without your head, the helmet is too large. If the helmet does not sit flush down on your head it is too small. Having one or the other will result in not having any protection.

Custom Fit Adjustments

Many helmets now have some sort of custom fit adjustment making it very easy for you to get that perfect, safe fit. They come in many forms such as the BOA system, air pumps or dials. These are the best option for you to have a perfect, customized fit.

There are a few different styles of helmets. Each style has their own, specific purpose.

Half Shell 

Full Shell  helmets have full coverage that includes hard sides over the ears. They are typically used for racing and have screw holes for jaw guards that many racing leagues require. helmets have a chin guard and a visor. They offer the upmost protection and are typically used for Skiercross events or big mountain competitors.

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems are one of the best and most important options to consider when looking at a helmet. Many helmets have venting directly on the forehead or brow area that keeps air flowing over the face foam of your goggles in order to prevent your goggles from fogging up.

Adjustable Vents  have some switch or toggle located on the helmet that allows you to open and close the vents to regulate your temperature.

Fixed  vents are located on the helmet and are always left open to allow airflow to continuously pass through the helmet.

Shell Construction

In-Mold Shells  are derived from the cycling world and use a hard plastic outer shell that is relatively thin. Inside the shell are EPS foam inners to absorb impact. This allows for less rebound during impact because it will collapse under lots of force.

Semi-Hard Shells  incorporate an In-Molded Design with a fully enclosed outer shell. This style is more resistant to penetration on impact. It is combined with EPS foam inners to absorb impact.

Hard Shell  helmets use thicker ABS plastic that is formed and then glued to a hard foam interior shell.

Double Shell  helmets use a very tough ABS plastic outer shell making for a viable multi-sport helmet. Inside the shell is a fully developed In-Mold design.

Hybrid Shells  use a combination of a hard shell and an In-Mold shell. The use of an In-mold design with added hard ABS plastics in key, high impact areas to provide comfort and safety. The use of multiple styles considers both the weight and comfort so neither is sacrificed in the construction.


The safety standard which all helmets must meet or exceed to be sold in the United States marketplace. All helmets found in the United States will meet the ASTM standards. Some helmets will also be marked CE, meaning they meet the standards of both the ASTM and CE.

Hockey Pants Sizing & Fit

Most pants come in the standard XS-XXL size designation, although each brand will fit differently. Tackla and some pro stock pants will use European sizing (eg. 52), which you can convert using charts online.

When fitting your pants, there are a couple things to look for

The pants should be snug enough around the waist that they won’t fall down during play. If you like a loose fit, suspenders are an option for you.

The bottom of the pant should rest somewhere between the middle and top of your kneecap when your legs are straight. If they’re too long, your mobility will be restricted, and if they’re too short, you will have gaps in your protection.

They should be comfortable to move around in – try doing various stretches to see how easy it is to move.


If you’re new to skating, something with a decent tailbone protector is a good idea. (you will fall on your butt!)

Pants with only minimal stretch fabric on the bottom can get restrictive and uncomfortable. Try to find something with the full plus-shaped (4-way) stretch bottom.

Hockey Pant Shells and Colours

Black is the most common colour when it comes to hockey pants, however other colours are available. Blue and red are also common. If you want to look good and get pants that match the colour of your teams jersey you can always buy black pants and then buy hockey pants shells that will match the colour. The link provided shows the models of pants that shells are available for. Click on the pants you have to select the size and colour you would like.


Photo 4/”Some tonneau and truck cap manufacturers use foam tape to seal the top to the bed because it cuts costs, and some use just one double-bulb seal for the same reason,” points out Gibbs. “Water doesn’t get in in either case. However, look for a cap that has a two, two-bolt seals, so essentially you get four weather-stripping seals across the bottom of the truck cap. The second one gives it a much better seal and prevents the cap from rubbing against the bed of the pickup. Plus, it adds more paint protection.”

The mounting mechanism should also appear unobtrusive. “Ideally, you want a nice clamp mechanism that is hidden,” continues Gibbs. “You should just see the top of the bolt with a washer on it; not a big bulky clamp. For example, Snuglid tonneau covers have a nice powder-coated, heavy gage aluminum bracket which clamps to the truck with little allen bolts showing, rather than hex-head bolts.”

You need a Screen Protector

The title of this section says it all, you NEED a screen protector. While the Nintendo Switch’s screen may be beautiful to look at, on the surface it is only made of durable plastic. The screen was designed to not shatter on impact, which is a handy feature to have. However with added flexibility there is always a trade off for hardness. As such, the Nintendo Switch’s screen is VERY easy to scratch whether in docked mode, in a carrying case or just laying on the couch where you might accidentally sit on it. Lets take a look at the first accessory you should buy for your Nintendo Switch.

Modern screen protectors use one of two materials, either tempered glass or a plastic film. Here a Nintendo Switch Accessory we 100% recommend that you use the tempered glass option. It is far more scratch resistant than the plastic film variety and much easier to apply. Plus various types of coatings can be applied to it making the tempered glass screen protectors, water, fingerprint and skin oil resistant. New designs even allow for a liquid free installation that doesn’t require squeegees to apply.

Based on our reviews of the Best Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors if you want a a great choice that is loaded with features we’d recommend you grab the amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

Want to increase your Nintendo Switch’s battery life? Get a Portable Charger

The Nintendo Switch has a stellar built in battery that can last for hours, even playing intense games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However even the strongest of batteries will eventually run out during long road trips or an extremely boring day at school or office. Based on our testing we’ve found that the Nintendo Switch can last anywhere from 2.5-hours depending on how graphically intense of a game your playing. This is right in line with what Nintendo claimed the battery life would be. That’s why another key Nintendo Switch Accessory you should pick up is a powerful portable charger that is capable of charging the Nintendo Switch while playing. Let take a look at what makes for the best Nintendo Switch portable charger.

The first and most important factor you should look for when buying a power bank for your Nintendo Switch is the battery capacity. As a reference the Switch itself have a battery capacity of 4,310mAh, which is quite large compared to most phones and smaller portable devices. You’ll want to buy a portable charger that can fully charge your Nintendo Switch multiple times without needed to be charged itself. We’d recommend a battery size of at least 20,000mAh as a minimum when looking for the right power bank.

A few other items should be taken into consideration as well, the number of available USB ports and the overall size of the unit. You want at least two ports available on the power bank to ensure you can charge multiple devices at the same time. You’ll also want the power bank to be small enough that it is easily carried around. After all it is supposed to be a PORTABLE charger.

Our portable charger recommendation – RavPower 26800MaH Power Bank (PD USB)

So we just told you everything you need to go out and buy the perfect Nintendo Switch portable charger. If you want you can go ahead and take a look at some of the Best Ninendo Switch Portable Chargers we have reviewed or just read below for our top choice.

If your looking for the best Nintendo Switch portable charger it is by far RAVPower 26,800mAh Power Bank. This 26,8000mAh power bank has significant battery capacity and is very lightweight giving it a great portability factor. As with most chargers the larger the battery size the bigger the physical dimensions of the unit are, coming at at just 6.81″ long and 3.19″ wide this charger has a modest footprint, but should still be able to fit into larger pockets for when your on the go. As with the Anker offering the four indicator lights on the top make it easy to quickly see how much juice your portable charger has left.

In terms of Nintendo Switch performance, we hooked it up while playing The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. During our tests we found it would charge 22% of the Switch’s battery every hour while gaming. Not bad for something that only weighs 13.4oz. When the Nintendo Switch is in sleep mode the RAVPower Portable Charger is able to charge the switch from 0%-100% in a little under two hours. So, you will even exceed the rapid charging of the Anker PowerCore+ 20100, plus you’ll be able to get a little more playtime overall with the slightly larger battery capacity of the RAVPower unit. Another advantage to this portable charger is that is charges fully in 4.hours, meaning you won’t have to wait the extra 6-hours more that most charges of this class required to fully power up.

The RAVPower Portable Charger comes standard with two 2.4A iSmart USB ports and one incredibly powerful USB type C port, meaning you’ll be able to quick charge all you devices at once and not risk getting lost on the streets because your GPS died while you were busy gaming the hours away in the foreign country. One of the only downsides to this portable charger is the price, being the most expensive of the three units we tested, it is clearly not a budget option. Keep in mind however, that although this is the high end offering it has a clear lead when it come to all the required power to charge the Nintendo Switch during long gaming sessions. Overall this is the Best Nintendo Switch portable charger on the market and will let your Nintendo Switch run for many hours past when its internal battery would have died.

Picking up this portable charger should be an easy choice as it has extremely high power capacity, the newest power distribution technology, and is reliable without a fault. This portable charger is in high demand at the moment so if you need one right away and it’s not in stock the Anker PowerCore+ 20100 is also a great option.

The best way to carry and protect your Switch is with a Dedicated Case

The Nintendo Switch is built as a portable console, but unfortunately that means it was not designed in a heavy armor casing to protect it against scratches, scuffs and drops. Previously we mentioned that you should purchase a screen protector as a basic form protection. However, if your constantly on the go, a dedicated case would be a worthwhile investment to go along with your AmFilm Screen Protector.

When looking for the best Nintendo Switch case there are a few things to be aware of, the first of which is the case design. There are two types to choose from, hard shell and soft shell cases. Just like the name suggested the hard shell cases don’t flex when placed in a backpack or stuffed into a bag, whereas the soft shell cases are a tad more portable and flex to fit confined spaces. With the Nintendo Switch being such an expensive piece of equipment we’d recommend you go with the hard shell case as it provides superior protection in every case, no pun intended. While you are sacrificing weight and possibly pack-ability, the peace of mind we get with a hard shell case far outweighs the disadvantages. Our recommendation for a great case is the Butterfox Hard Carrying Case, we go into more detail about it in the next section.

Another key factor for cases is, of course, available and accessible storage space. There is no point in having a lot of space available if you can’t use it. An ideal portable case for day use would have the following storage features; – At least storage slots for game cartridges – Zipper pocket for miscellaneous cables, chargers and SD cards – Well designed main Nintendo Switch pocket

For the main Nintendo Switch pocket your also looking for substantial padding and a tight fit with no jiggle. You want your case to be able to keep you switch untouched if dropped from three or four feet up. A padded screen cover is also a notable feature, which is standard on almost any Switch case.

Insulated Pants

The outer layer of insulated pants is waterproof and the insulated material is built into the pant. The insulation is likely made from fleece or some type of synthetic like Primaloft. Some snowboard pants have specific areas of insulation to keep you warm in the most vulnerable areas.

Insulation weight is measured in grams.  The higher the insulation in grams, the warmer the snowboard pants will be.  Insulation types can range as low as 30 grams and go as high as 800 grams, which is most commonly found with Down material.  For those looking for optimal warmth, insulated pants are ideal.

Shell Pants

Shell snowboard pants are just like insulated pants without the insulation.  They are highly waterproof and breathable.  You might be left wondering why anyone would want snowboard shell pants.  One reason would be that a person gets hot easily.  Another reason would be because a person prefers the lighter weight of a shell pants.  This is not to say all insulated pants are heavy.  In fact, many are really light.   However, by far the biggest reason why people get shell pants is for the versatility of layering.  Shell pants are ideal for layering because it adds minimal bulk.  You can simply add more base layers or shed them according to the weather.

Waterproof Rating

Waterproofing is the single most important feature of a snowboard pant.  After all, water in your pants while you’re shredding it up on snow is not a happy situation.  Waterproof rating determines how much abuse your snowboard pants can take before it lets the water in.  Waterproof ratings are measured and indicated in millimeters(mm).  The level is determined by placing a tube filled on the fabric and filling it with water.  The level at which the water begins to penetrate through the fabric is the waterproof rating.  This means that the higher the rating, the more waterproof the snowboard pants will be.  For a pair of pants to be legally deemed waterproof, it must achieve a minimum 1,500mm rating.  Pants can be rated as high as 20,000mm, but the average rating is typically between 5,000 and 10,000mm.  Keep in mind that as the rating goes higher, so too will the price.

The market is filled with many different types of fabrics.  Some of the more well-known materials that are used are Gore-Tex, Hyvent, and DryRide.  What makes materials like these so effective is that they contain pores which are larger than a molecule of sweat, but smaller than a molecule of water.  This gives the fabric the feature of being waterproof, yet breathable.

Fully Taped

Fully taped seams means exactly what the name suggests; all of the stitched seams have been taped for waterproofing.  This process is achieved by using a waterproof taping material on the inside and outside of the seams.  Fully taped seams are the optimal choice for full protection against water.  However, they cost more than snowboard pants with critically taped seams.

Articulated Knees

Articulated knees is a feature that pre-shapes the knee area of the snowboard pant to match the natural bend of your knees.  This is a great feature since you probably won’t be riding straight legged the entire time.  If you are, you need to go read a how-to snowboard guide right now.

Scuff Guards

A Scuff Guard is extra durable fabric that is positioned inside of the ankle of a snowboard pant. Its purpose is to keep the pants from fraying in an area that is highly prone to friction. This feature is considered by many as a must have because it helps to protect the investment made in snowboard pants.

Waist Adjustment: This one is pretty self-explanatory.  Waist adjustments usually come in the form of adjustable Velcro.  Some snowboard pants have other types such as elastic bands.  The majority of snowboard pants will have this feature and it is great in case you eat too much cheesecake.  It’s also great for the times you wear multiple layers.  This is also a great feature for those of you that do not like to wear belts. – Return to Top


Again, this one is self explanatory.  Snowboard pant suspenders are just like your Al-Capone suit suspenders.  The difference is that snowboard pant suspenders are sewn into the pant itself.  Only select models of snowboard pants offer this feature. nner Leg Vents:

Inner leg vents can be very welcomed at times.  Leg vents are a feature that employs zippers with a mesh lining on the inner thigh area of snowboard pants.  When things heat up, just unzip them and let the breeze do its job.  Most snowboard pants will have this feature (thankfully).

Leg Lifts

Only select snowboard pant models include this feature.  It is usually a piece of material located by the boot cuff that allows you to roll them up and snap them into a higher location.  This causes your cuffs to be lifted up and away from the ground.  This is very useful when you are walking around the parking lot which more than likely has puddles of melted snow that have been tainted by dirty car tires.  And who knows what these tires ran over?

Pass Pocket

Some snowboard pant models offer this feature.  This magical pocket provides you with a place to store your pass so you have it at the ready should you be asked for it.  While not a must have, it is nice to have a place to store your pass so it isn’t constantly flapping in the wind.

Cargo Pocket

Some snowboard pants offer cargo pockets.  These are just like the cargo pockets you see on those army pants or many khaki shorts.  Are cargo pockets needed?  Certainly not.  But some people like the extra storage option.

Glove Holster

Glove holsters are awesome when available.  These are plastic hooks that allow you to clip your gloves to your pants when you aren’t using them.  This way, you have two less items to fumble around with when not riding.

Take a Test Drive

Ask your local PADI Dive Shop if they offer a Dry Suit Diver specialty course. It’s a great way to  try out a dry suit, practice buoyancy, and learn important safety procedures.

Your local dive shop will also play an important role in the ongoing care of your drysuit. Seals inevitably tear, and sometimes drysuit zippers need some TLC. Having a local place to get your dry suit serviced is important to preserving your investment.

Think long-term and invest in a good fit

How does one determine if you’ve found a “good” fit? Easy, just pretend the dive shop is actually the gearing-up area of your favorite dive spot. Don’t feel silly, you’re being a smart shopper!

Trying on a membrane suit? Be sure to have an undergarment on while trying the exercises above.

If you’re not able to complete all three of the exercises above, the suit is too restrictive. A suit that is too big or too small creates safety issues so even if it’s the right color or right price, don’t buy the suit if it’s not the right fit.

Search for a PADI Dive Shop to get additional advice and insights on your dry suit purchase, or to register for a Dry Suit Diver course. To start planning your next cold water adventure, we offer the following for inspiration:

The Dry Suit Diver specialty counts as one of the certifications towards Master Scuba Diver. Check out this video of cold water Master Scuba Diver Janna Nichols as she shows us around the emerald seas of Seattle, Washington, USA.

The Basics

Umpire chest protectors are perhaps your most involved gear choice. There is a large range of protection levels and size options, not to mention, protecting your vital body parts of heart and other organs makes it worthy of extra thought.

In reality, umpire chest protectors should be called chest, shoulder and rib protectors as there is protection available for all of these areas as well; and in some cases, even the less important stomach area or biceps can be protected.

Choosing the right umpire chest protector for your level and size, along with proper mechanics on positioning, should keep you as confident and safe as possible behind the plate. Let’s dive in and see if we can help you pick the one right for you.


First of all, umpire chest protectors are meant to worn on the inside. An adjustable harness will slide over your neck, down your back and latch to either side of your body to keep your chest protector snug. Umpire shirts are sized to fit over your chest protector and have fabric that is tough enough to handle the hard protrusions from the buckles, hard plastic and other stressors of your chest protector.

Older balloon-style models are over-sized, hand-held and more cumbersome when having to handle your umpiring tasks. They are considered out-of-style although still available at some outlets.

Sizes and Sizing

Besides inside vs. outside, hard vs. soft shell, there are sizing considerations as a matter of choosing the right umpire chest protector for you. For instance, if you are a taller (or shorter) umpire, some chest protectors will work better for you and some not at all. 

When measuring for chest protector length, measure from your neck down to where you want the bottom of the chest protector to be positioned (over ribs, just at or above the belly button). When checking your new umpire chest protector, get in your stance and look in a mirror to check for that neck-to-ribs coverage.


The soft shell umpire chest protectors have come a long way as most provide more protection than in the past. Besides being lightweight, all provide more perspiration management, have options for all heights and are typically less expensive.

Soft shells vary on whether or not they have additional extensions for the biceps, whether multiple sizing options are available and whether or not they offer added protection through plastic plates embedded within the chest protector itself.

Soft-Shell Only: There are some soft-shell-only chest protectors on the market in a ribbed-style without additional hard-plastic plates, not unlike what catchers wear. However, we encourage umpires to leave the soft-shell only styles to catchers and wear umpire chest protectors with at least some type of hard shell or hard shell coverage or embedded hard shell plates. Our selection reflects that.

Hard Shell Umpire Chest Protectors

Seasoned umpires will tell you to get the hard shell chest protector for any and all levels. This is especially true at the college, minor and major league levels.

Most of those who wear soft shell chest protectors, with or without inserts, don’t have any problems, perhaps for years. Then, maybe, they’ll take that one hit that leaves a nasty bruise or wishing they had gotten a higher level of protection.

As you’ll read below, manufacturers got around the patent, through alternative designs, such as using rivets to attach the hard plates. This opened umpires up to more options, sizes and price points.

Let’s start by discussing the Wilson models, arguably the highest in protection of hard shells, before we dive into the others.

Wilson Models: Wilson has styles, higher end models (Gold and Platinum) and a lower end – but great value – Charcoal one.

Metal Buckles  that are easily attached in the front but that can rust over time (as opposed to plastic Tifco-style buckles)

Champion P2

While being the lowest profile, its design makes it the least protective of all hard shell umpire chest protectors. Its riveted design attaches differently than other riveted designed chest protectors by pinching padding inward in such a way to create shell-only in all places where it is riveted.

Schutt XV

Harnesss has padding around the shoulder straps for greater comfort and a quick-slide buckle that makes it easier to adjust the harness vertically.

Metal Buckles or Plastic Buckles? Metal ones can rust after a few years. Plastic ones can break. However, the metal ones can be sanded and re-painted. The plastic ones on all models here are on the side and should be safely out of the way of the force of a baseball or softball but still slightly more vulnerale than metal. Besides Wilson hard shells, the following styles have metal buckles:

The others (and all soft-shells) have plastic. (The Champion P2’s metal buckle and insert along side the Champro Pro-Plus Armor Plate plastic buckle and insert.)

A Word on Sizing Plates

Sizing plates, we feel, are a misnomer. With all the size options available on most umpire chest protectors that are compatible with sizing plates, you should find what you need size-wise to cover your ribs without needing one – in most cases.

More often than not, sizing plates are used to extend coverage to cover some or all of your stomach. T

The umpire chest protectors that are compatible with extensions are as follows (photo below is in same order as bullets):


Most umpires opt out of bicep protection. But if you do want this protection – and that is perfectly fine for those who might bruise more easily or umpire in youth leagues were pitchers and catchers are a little more unsteady – here are options along with their benefits:

Wilson Charcoal (right below)Hard-shell that comes with them hard-shell protectors included but removable. The Charcoal provides a Wilson hard-shell at a lower price point than other Wilson CPs but only comes in a 13″ size option.

Diamond iX(top left below)The Diamond iXis the only umpire chest protector that comes with both removable bicep protection and an extension at one price. The bicep protection is consistent with the chest protector itself with soft-shell over hard plastic plates.


First of all, extend your chest protector’s life by wiping any moisture off after each game.

Secondly, don’t throw your whole chest protector in the washing machine. Use a mild soap instead, and wash by hand without immersing into water. The All-Star System Seven’s inner torso padding is fully removable for machine washing, however.

Third, if any metal buckles show signs of rust, remove them, sand them and spray paint them with a rust-preventing paint (e.g. Rustoleum).

Lastly, check your straps periodically for wear. It may lose its elasticity over time. If you find yourself adjusting it often or your chest protector no longer covers your collar bone in your chance, a new chest protector harness will likely provide a fix.

Installing Inside

If you install your tub indoors, then your biggest concern is ventilating all of the moisture given off by the tub, and you obviously need proper drainage.

Installing Outside: The closer it is to your home, the lower your installation costs. Those electric wires that run from your home out to your hot tub’s electrical panel are expensive, so the closer the better, not to mention the labor involved if you have to dig a trench across or under who knows what to bury electrical cables.

If it’s going on the ground, remember that if you live in a colder climate, every spring the ground thaws out and if you have your tub sitting on the ground, once the ground starts to melt next spring, it will shift the weight of the water in your tub, creating major stress, and if the shell cracks, you’ve got major problems.

You are either going to have to dig a hole at least four feet deep down to get below the frostline and pour a concrete slab that deep or, if it is going on a deck, then make sure the deck can support all that extra weight.

An average six person hot tub full of water will weigh at least 5000 lbs. without any of your crazy, drunken friends in there splashing around, so see if the area you are thinking about installing your tub on will take the weight. If not, you might have to look at digging some four foot deep holes to pour concrete support columns that come up just above ground level or higher and then sit four inch square, pressure treated wooden posts that will sit right under your deck’s floor joists, under the deck, to help support the weight of your tub. Four concrete columns will work fine and you might be able to get away with just two if done properly. Any carpenter or good handyman can do this for you if you’re not familiar with the procedure but if it has to be done, do it before your tub goes in.

It would suck to have all your friends over for a hot tub party and the entire tub collapsing on your deck, not to mention live electrical wires coming loose with water splashing everywhere and people stepping in it. Not the kind of buzz they intended on getting at your party. I smell lawsuit if someone gets hurt, or worse, so why take the chance? Do it right the first time.

Tip: Don’t forget to have your electrician fill in any drilled holes in your home or hot tub skirting with electrical putty so mice won’t get in there and build a nest. Mice love the heat but they hate that electrical putty.

USA Custom—the epitome of “That Great Gretsch Sound”

These drums are finely handcrafted in the Ridgeland, South Carolina Gretsch Custom Shop. Shells are are made of 6-ply North American maple with 30-degree bearing edges and Silver Sealer shell interiors, then finished in nitrocellulose lacquer, which allows shell to naturally age over time. Hardware includes die-cast hoops, classic Gretsch lugs, hinged tom brackets, an ultra low-mass tom suspension system, and telescopic bass drum spurs. Built for the most exacting drummers, USA Custom sets are configured to the buyer’s specifications. You can have your dream kit built to order by selecting your drum sizes and finishes, hardware finish, and other custom options. Customized hardware options for example include T-rods and snap-in drum key holders.

Pixel and Pixel XL

Fortunately, you’ve got plenty of options, whether you like a rugged shell, a slim and stylish design, or something functional with a camera-lens mount. Here are Google Pixel and Pixel XL cases that have caught our eye so far.

LifeProof FRĒ Series

The LifeProof FRĒ Series for the Pixel figures to make your new phone even more impervious to water. This stylish and fully enclosed option offers four-layered protection aimed at adventurous types. Made from polycarbonate and silicone, the LifeProof FRĒ Series can survive underwater submerges up to 6.feet. It also resists scratches and impact from the same height with its MIL-SPEC build. Available in Night Lite, Fire Run and Asphalt Black, each LifeProof FRĒ case has an anti-reflective optical-glass lens so you can take pictures regardless of weather conditions.

Incipio NGP Pure Series

If a slim polymer case is what you’re looking for, Incipio’s NGP Pure Series for the Google Pixel fits the bill. Featuring soft-shell technology that serves as a barrier for your phone, the NGP Pure is a lightweight and durable case made from shock-absorbent materials. Incipio’s case is also stretch-and-tear resistant, so you won’t need to replace your case for a while. The NGP Pure is available in Clear, Navy, Plum and Smoke.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Series

The Neo Hybrid Series by Spigen is newly designed for the Google Pixel 2, providing protection and style. Made with dual-layered and shock-absorbing materials,such as thermoplastic and polycarbonate, the Neo Hybrid has earned a MIL-STD-810G rating. The case comes in three colors that can be matched to your Pixel 2, such as Gunmetal, Satin Silver and Blue.

Sun Mountain Clubglider

The Sun Mountain Clubglider is one of finest travel bags on the market with excellent design features for ease of travel.

The Sun Mountain Clubglider features a super helpful retractable stand that props the bag up whilst you unload, saving you the need to kneel or bend down. The large wheels also make this bag very easy to pull along over distances. At just over 1pounds, it’s not the lightest soft shell option though.

Although it’s not the cheapest option out there, it’s probably the most luxurious. If you want a top design then go for the Sun Mountain.

SKB ATA Standard

The SKB ATA Standard is probably the most protective golf case on the market today.

The SKB ATA Standard is one of the most impressive hard cases that you will find. If you value your clubs highly and don’t want a scratch on them after you fly, then get the SKB ATA. With its military-grade polyethylene exterior, it is essentially impossible to bend or puncture the bag. The bag is actually very light (13.pounds) considering how hefty it looks, however, you won’t find any extra pockets.

Durable Construction

One of the most important factors when choosing a golf travel bag is the quality of the material. The sides of the bag tend to go first on travel bags and you’ll need to make sure there is good thickness in that area. Also look for a material that is easy to clean. Cordura is a very durable fabric and popular in soft case travel golf bags. Look for a high nylon count as the thicker the material is, the more padding your clubs will get and the longer the bag will last.

Size is hugely important as most airlines have a maximum size limit for golf travel bags, however, this does vary between airlines. For example, British Airways allows golf bags up to 190cm x 75cm x 65cm (7x 29.x 25.inches).You’ll also need to take into account how big your car trunk is and how long your longest club is.

Obviously, the lighter your bag, the easier it will be to travel with it. However, its not that simple. Your clubs need protecting and hard shell cases, although heavier, do offer far more protection than lighter soft shell cases. It’s really up to you, but aim for a soft shell case around the pound mark and a hard shell case under 20 pounds.


Storage is always an added bonus. Most golfers tend to travel with their golf shoes, towel, hat, rain jacket etc. Having a case with extra pockets and internal space is a great help, particularly if you’re tight on your other luggage. You’ll generally find more space in soft shell travel bags.

Large Wheels

The toughest part of owning a golf travel bag is lugging it everywhere from hotel to car to airport and back again! Having a good pair of large wheels makes life far easier. Look for large wheels made from urethane for maximum smoothness.

Base of the hot tub

The moisture issue is solved by any vapor barrier on the base and the really important issue for controlling moisture is the base you put the tub on, make sure there is good drainage under the spa. Vermin on the other hand generally get in through the corners at either the bottom where it joins the base or the top where it meets the shell.

All you care about here is that there is a vapor barrier, and ideally, you will put a patio stone or similar base that drains well under the spa.

Some Manufacturers put super heavy-grade bases under their spa but the truth is there is little or no real value here.

The tubs with crazy moulded bases fall into one of two groups:

Crazy super hi-end spas that have every conceivable upgrade and you are paying the crazy Hi-end prices.

Do not buy into that crazy pitch that you can put your tub on any flat level surface without the proper ground prep. It will not hurt the hot tub, but the ground will not settle evenly and in a couple years, you will have to lift your tub and do it properly.

On modern spas, the frame is just there to hold the skirt on, again all but the cheapest end of the market makes self-supporting shells now which simply means the shell can hold the water without support from a frame.

Look after your kit

Look after your winter cycling clothing, and it will look after you

Modern, quick-drying, breathable clothing is excellent – anyone who remembers the days before Lycra can vouch for how far things have come – but you’ll still need to look after it carefully. 

That means keeping it clean, washing it regularly (follow the instructions), and reproofing it as needed. Don’t use fabric softener, because it clogs the pores of your clothing.

High-tech, breathable clothing made from fabrics like Gore-Tex and eVent usually needs to be regularly washed and recoated with Nikwax or similar products. That’s because these fabrics often have a durable outer shell that protects the waterproof, breathable membrane beneath them, and this needs to be reproofed regularly. The new Gore One is an exception to this rule; this material — used in Gore, Casetelli and 7Mesh jackets — actually improves with washing.

If your jacket is made from something like Epic Cotton, it needs to be tumble dried regularly to remain water-resistant. If you do damage your clothing, patches can be bought for Gore-Tex kit, and many manufacturers will repair damage. Some even do it for free.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Shell Covers by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Shell Covers wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Shell Covers



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about Shell Covers is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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