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Best Snow Shovels 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated December 1, 2018
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Billy JacobsMy name is Billy Jacobs. After spending over 32 hours comparing at least 14 snow shovels, I am recommending the best snow shovels of 2018

I have been writing about technology and entertainment since the early 90s from my secluded home in West Virginia. I hope that my Top 3 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.

Let’s get to it!

Best Snow Shovels of 2018

Here are my top picks with detailed reviews, comparison charts and buying guides to help you purchase the perfect item for your needs. I’ve based my selection methodology on customer feedback, the size, functionality, and budget to meet various demands.

So, what exactly would anyone want to know about snow shovels? I know most of us don’t really care much about the history and the origin, all we want to know is which of them is the best. Of course, I will spare you the history and go straight on to the best snow shovels. I review the three best snow shovels on the market at the moment.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
Ease of use
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
Awards 1
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№1 – Snow Joe SHOVELUTION SJ-SHLV01 18-IN Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel w/ Spring Assisted Handle

Snow Joe SHOVELUTION SJ-SHLV01 18-IN Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel w/ Spring Assisted Handle

Comfortable, ergonomic d-ring handle grips
Acts as a fulcrum – changes mechanics of shoveling, reduces strain
Gives lifting leverage to the lower hand to lift greater loads with ease
Everything is OK.

Why did this snow shovels win the first place?

I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I was completely satisfied with the price. Its counterparts in this price range are way worse. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing!


Ease of use










№2 – Snow Shovel

Snow Shovel

❄ ADJUSTABLE SHOVELING ANGLE: The large concave blade can be adjusted 45 degrees bi-laterally, which clears away snow 4 times faster than traditional snow shovels, so you can plow through the snow in a snap
❄ ADJUSTABLE HANDLES: The T-shape handle has an adjustable height from 6.9-40.9inches/17.5-104cm, allowing you to stand upright while shoveling without bending or straining, and avoid the pesky backaches that come with clearing the driveway
It requires frequent maintenance..
A little pricier than some of the other.

Why did this snow shovels come in second place?

I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made. The design quality is top notch and the color is nice. Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery. The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed.


Ease of use










№3 – WORX WA0230 AeroCart Snow Plow

WORX WA0230 AeroCart Snow Plow

Converts your Aerocart into a wheeled snow plow in just seconds
Features 3 different adjustable height positions to maximize user’s comfort and control
Equipped with a steel wear strip for extended use and durability, which is galvanized to prevent rust
Pretty costly.
It is huge and heavy weight.

Why did this snow shovels take third place?

It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. A very convenient model. It is affordable and made of high-quality materials. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new.


Ease of use










Snow Shovels Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy snow shovels, right? No!

Hopkins 1721Subzero Snow Shovel

If you are looking for an affordable, portable and efficient snow shovels that you can carry in your car for emergencies, this will be a great option. And despite being a very compact snow shovel, it still has a wide enough blade for quick shoveling, and it can extend up to 3inches. The D-grip will also make it comfortable to handle, and it is also light enough for quick shoveling.

Garant YSP30DUSteel Blade Snow Shovel

The single piece and high-quality steel blade on this shovel will make it easy to push snow away, and you can do it in large chunks to speed up the process. This blade is 30-inch wide to ensure that you never have to make a lot of passes to clear your driveways and walkways. And it also has some steel reinforcements to enhance strength and rigidity, a varnished hardwood handle that will absorb shock and a D-grip that is comfortable enough and can accommodate a hand with a glove.

TSP Snowpushers Snowplow 5054Snow Shovel

A lightweight and comfortable to handle snow pusher such as this one will always make the job easy, and you can even enjoy doing it. This snow pusher has one of the toughest polyethylene blades that is non-abrasive, impact resistant and extremely hard to damage. The reinforced fiberglass handle is also heavy-duty, and it also has a comfortable D-grip that will make the shovel easy to control

Grip Design

Snow shovel grips will typically be plastic, and they will come in various shapes that include T-grip, D-grip and the L-grip. D-grips are the most common but you still need to make sure that it fits your hand and this is more so for those that have smaller or larger than average hands. Some padding in the grip is also excellent, as it will make the shovel more comfortable to hold.

Ergonomic Aluminum Wider Handle

Ergonomics form the basis of any product to be handled by people. The True Temper SnoBoss Poly Combo snow shovel is made with a wide handle that provides enough space with which to hold the handle comfortably and give more leverage. It is made of aluminum which makes it tough on top of being comfortable.

Multiple Grips And End Grip

Performing the do-it-yourself kind of jobs require that you sometimes put more than just the normal amount of grip to get the job going. The True Temper SnoBoss Poly Combo Snow Shovel has extra multiple grips that let you do this without a hustle or struggle. This is aside from the normal end grip.

Ribbed Steel Core Handle

As said earlier, the material that makes up the parts of a shovel determine and affect a lot of things including performance, durability, ease of operation among others. The Suncast SC3950 snow shovel is made with a ribbed steel core handle for a longer life span and also tough enough to withstand harsh working conditions.

Great For Large Amounts Of Snow

We don’t decide how much snow falls from the sky and sometimes snow may fall in such amounts that they are so much it becomes hard to move with just the normal shovels. This product is a great option to use when you need to move a lot of the snow at the same time.

Does Better Than Snow Blowers

The best part of this wonderfully made product is that aside from being effective and having the welfare of the user at heart, it is eco-friendly in that unlike a snow blower, and it doesn’t emit any fumes or pollute the environment with noise.

True Temper 18-Inch Ergonomic Snow Shovel

This is among the best products out in the market with incredible features that are made with the user squarely in mind.

You will get all the comfort and ease of use in this product if those are factors that you take seriously and it is most likely they are.

To shovel and push snow effectively you need to use a blade that has been made especially to cut into the snow and lift it. The True Temper 1inch ergonomic snow shovel is made with 18-inch combination blade that is great for shoveling and moving of snow.

Light Weight For Easy Use

When it comes to effective performance, then having a trimmer that has length settings is very important. The nine length setting enables you to have the perfect grip while shaving which makes the trimmer very easy and comfortable to handle.

The Scoop

The scoop is the lowermost section of a shovel, and how it is made and what it is made of has a lot of bearing on many things including effectiveness and excellent performance. The material that makes up the scoop can say whether the scoop does its job well, lasts long, stays new or if it is just any other everyday simple scoop.

The Shaft

The shaft includes the mostly long middle section of the shovel that the user holds to exert force or a push to be able to drive it through the material. Also in the shaft, the design and the material that make up the shaft is informed by a lot of issues and can affect the end action in different ways.

The Handle

The handle is the uppermost part of the shovel that the user uses to give direction to the push, shove or throw of the shovel. It forms quite a significant part concerning balance. This part also characterizes a lot of work and thought put into its design since it’s one of the sensitive areas of a shovel.

Ergonomics Of The Whole Shovel

A shovel is mainly used to carry or shove a lot of material that may be heavy and consequently may cause injury to the person using it either in the back or the hands or even other parts of the body.

In this light, a shovel is termed a good shovel if it takes into consideration the human factor of the whole process and is kind to the person.

Garant Yukon 2Inch Ergonomic Sleigh Shovel.

When you picture someone in a parka and colorful scarf and hat, cheerfully shoveling snow while surrounded by a picturesque winter wonderland – you usually visualize them using an old-fashioned shovel, rather than a bulky sleigh shovel which looks like a toboggan with a handle attached. However, the latter may be just what Santa ordered, because it can move a lot more snow a lot more quickly than a traditional shovel.

The Garant Yukon is the sleigh shovel to consider if you’ve got a lot of snow to remove and you don’t want to spend all day doing it. It’s 2inches wide with an ergonomically-designed metal handle, which is simple to use and can save your back for a snowball fight or skiing expedition later in the day.

All you have to do push the polypropylene scoop into the accumulated snow to fill the sled up, and then push it to a spot where it can be dumped. The shovel glides easily along the ground so it almost doesn’t feel like work at all since there’s no lifting or throwing involved.

You can use this as a more traditional shovel if you prefer, but that will definitely take some muscle. The price is relatively high, but your back will thank you.

True Temper 18-Inch Mountain Mover Snow Shovel.

Yes, it’s unusual to have two products from the same manufacturer on a top list, but True Temper is a company which really understands the requirements for an effective and comfortable snow shovel.

The scoop on the Mountain Mover is plastic instead of metal which makes this shovel quite lightweight, greatly improving the user’s ability to finish a job without needing a few rest breaks. But the plastic is protected by a galvanized steel wear strip at the end of the blade, so there’s little chance the shovel will crack or wear down quickly.

This True Temper model is durable but also comfortable to use, with a VersaGrip handle covering a steel base; the handle lets you easily choose your optimal hand positioning while minimizing any cramping or fatigue. And the 18-inch blade is curved instead of straight, making it easier to pick up a full shovel of snow with each scoop.

The Groom+Style review team believes this is the best traditional snow shovel on the market. You should note that there’s no particular ergonomic benefit to the design of the Mountain Mover, but you’d be well-served to look into a Stout Backsaver Handle to be used with this or any other traditional shovel. It will make your life – and your back’s recovery after your driveway is cleared – a lot easier.

Checking the details of the True Temper 18-Inch Mountain Mover Snow Shovel:

If all this seems like to much hard work then feel free to indulge a bit and buy a

Doug Mahoney

For the fourth straight winter, we’re convinced that the True Temper 18-Inch Ergonomic Mountain Mover is the best snow shovel for most people looking to clear walkways, steps, and small driveways. No other shovel matches its unique blend of ideal size, ergonomics, durability, and availability.

The True Temper 18-Inch Ergonomic Mountain Mover has a sturdy, lightweight aluminum shaft that gloved hands can grip anywhere. Its 18-inch-wide plastic scoop is neither overly large and awkward nor too small and inefficient. The shovel has a curved shaft, an unusual design that makes moving snow easier, as it means you have to put less work into each swing. The nylon leading edge of the scoop won’t gouge your deck or catch on your brick patio. Plus, the shovel is built to last—I’ve had mine for eight New England winters, and it still works fine.

How we picked and tested

Understanding the havoc a poorly designed snow shovel can wreak on an unsuspecting body, we dove headlong into the ergonomics of shoveling, and in the end realized that the best multipurpose shovel is a model with a plastic combo scoop (with a plastic wear strip) and a curved shaft. The combo design means that the shovel can both push and scoop snow.

You’ll encounter three main snow shovel styles: combos, shovels, and pushers.

Combos are the most versatile because they offer the benefits of the other styles without the drawbacks of either one. Because you can use them to scoop, toss, and push snow, they are, as Saffron told us, the standard snow tool in the US. Our pick, the True Temper 18-Inch Ergonomic Mountain Mover, is a combo model. Its scoop is 1inches wide—a size we found to be in the sweet spot (roughly 1to 2inches wide) for shovels to be effective but not unwieldy.

Shovels, in a technical sense, are a basic flat blade on a stick, the kind that you might remember a parent or grandparent using (Charlie Brown used one, too). The flat scoop sits in line with the shaft, so such a design isn’t good at pushing snow (or anything else, really, as our testing discovered).

Pushers, designed with blades often more than two feet wide, are not designed for scooping or tossing. They generally look like a snow plow on the end of a stick, and they’re popular in colder temperatures, where snow is drier and lighter, meaning an average person can simply push it out of the way. According to Saffron, Canada is a massive market for pushers. These tools are also good for clearing smaller snowfalls from driveways. Although we strongly recommend a combo for primary snow removal, we tested four leading pushers and have our recommendation below.

Beyond using combos, shovels, and pushers, many people repurpose other shovel styles for their snow removal. The most common tools in this category are grain shovels, which have huge scoops and short handles. Proponents of this style list durability and a massive scoop size among the advantages. We included two grain shovels in our testing, and of all the shovels we handled, they transferred the most strain to the back.

Another favorite is the metal coal shovel (a regular shovel, but with a flat edge instead of a spade). The strength and durability of these is ideal for busting up ice and digging into frozen slush (a common challenge on salted and plowed streets), but the small size and relatively high weight of the scoop will move less snow with more effort than a larger poly scoop.

As for materials, the repetitive nature of shoveling means you should go with the lightest scoop. In most cases, that’s plastic—polyethylene, or “poly” for short. These shovels have a light weight plus the built-in flexibility to withstand sharp impacts on uneven pavement.

A wear strip protects the leading edge of a shovel scoop, and we’ve found that plastic ones are the best option. They’re slightly rounded at the edge, so the shovel can easily slide over uneven surfaces without jamming up. Though they add durability, they are also soft enough to work on decks and stone walkways without damaging the surface.

Representatives of Horgan Enterprises, a landscaping and snow-removal company located in Boston, told us in an interview that the company steers clear of metal wear strips that can easily scratch wood decks, brick walkways, and bluestone patios. Metal strips are also sharp, so they end up hitching on uneven surfaces, which jars the shovel user’s shoulders and arms. Most poly shovels that have no wear strip are sharp but easily dented and damaged (our current runner-up pick, the Bully Tools 9281Combination Snow Shovel, has no wear strip but is very durable).

Our own testing confirmed this result.

The original batch of tested shovels, left to right: True Temper Arctic Blast, Voilé Telepro, Suncast SN1000, True Temper 18-Inch Ergonomic Mountain Mover (with Backsaver), SnowBow, Bigfoot Power Lift, True Temper SnoBoss, Suncast SC3250 (with Motus D-Grip), True Temper Mountain Mover with VersaGrip, Suncast SG1600, Suncast Double Grip, Dart BHS18, Rugg 26PBSLW, Suncast Powerblade.

Understanding that a secondary handle would be a key addition to our chosen shovel, we first located all of the available tools that come with one attached: the Bigfoot Power Lift, the SnowBow (which appears to be discontinued), the Suncast SC3590 Double Grip, and the True Temper SnoBoss, which has a double shaft and a perpendicular handle.

At the same time we also discovered two add-on secondary handles, the Stout Backsaver and the Motus D-grip, both designed to be attached to any shafted tool. In late 2015, we tested another secondary handle, the Trentco ProHandle.

To fully explore the ergonomic possibilities, we tested a wide assortment of regular shovels representing the different styles with and without the add-on secondary handles and in a variety of shaft and scoop shapes. Three of those shovels—the Dart BHS18, Rugg 26PBSLW, and Suncast SC3250—had bent shafts. Two, the True Temper 18-Inch Ergonomic Mountain Mover and the True Temper Aluminum Combo Snow Shovel, had a curved shaft. The Suncast SCP3500 Powerblade and the True Temper Mountain Mover with VersaGrip each had a standard straight shaft. In addition, we looked at two grain shovels, the Suncast SG1600 and the True Temper Arctic Blast Poly Snow Scoop (which the company has since rebranded as the Union Tools Snow Scoop), and we included the Voilé Telepro Avalanche Shovel to see where it fit in with the rest. For a control unit, we added the Suncast SN1000 to represent the old-fashioned shovel. In late 2016, we also tested the Bully Tools 9281Combination Snow Shovel.

Since our original guide in 2013, we’ve expanded our search to include car shovels, pushers, and sleighs and tested five car shovels, four pushers, two sleighs, and a cult favorite, the Wovel.

For the bulk of our testing, four New England residents used the shovels to clear a driveway, five long walkways, four front stoops, three decks, a long set of deck stairs (1steps and one landing), a set of fieldstone steps, a set of cobblestone steps, a stone patio, and a brick patio. The shovelers varied in height and gender, consisting of a 6-foot male, a 5-foot-male, a 6-foot-male, and a 5-foot-female. Testing occurred over the course of eight days and after six snowstorms that totaled about 4inches of snow. During this time, a wide range of temperatures caused snow density to vary from light and fluffy to frozen and crunchy to melty and slushy.

We investigated nearly 7shovels over the past four years and have yet to find one that is better than the True Temper 18-Inch Ergonomic Mountain Mover with an add-on Trentco ProHandle. The shovel stands apart from its competitors with a unique combination of several features we found essential in a good snow shovel: a curved handle, a poly wear strip, and a flexible and durable scoop. During our tests, it was everyone’s pick as the best, but when we added on the secondary handle, improving the ergonomics even more, our crew of shovel testers went bananas over it.

The Ergonomic Mountain Mover was the only model we tested with a curved shaft made of light and durable aluminum. The arcing shape allows for a straighter back while shoveling and also gives full flexibility in hand positioning up and down the shaft. The design stabilizes the scooping motion, eliminating the pendulum effect you feel when using a shovel with a bent shaft. The D-grip at the back end of the Ergonomic Mountain Mover is nice and large, and no one in our testing panel had any problems fitting a hand wearing a chunky winter glove into the opening.

The business end of the Ergonomic Mountain Mover is an 18-inch-wide flexible poly scoop with a nylon wear strip, which makes for a durable and protected leading edge that won’t gouge or scratch a deck or walkway. We had no problem busting up ice and compacted snow on wooden deck steps with the shovel, and the steps came through the process unmarred. The wear strip is rounded, so it easily finds its way over uneven surfaces like brick walkways or fieldstone steps. The flex in the poly scoop also absorbs impact when the shovel gets jammed, which can’t be said about shovels with metal scoops.

As for long-term durability, I can personally vouch for this True Temper model. It’s the shovel that I’ve used for the past eight New England winters, and it is only now showing some signs of wear. (We tested with a new model.) The corners of the scoop are beginning to crack a little, but I’m not particularly alarmed about that. The shovel still works fine.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

One drawback to the Ergonomic Mountain Mover’s nylon-wear-strip design—but one that’s worth the trade-off—is that it’s thicker than its metal-strip (or strip-free) competitors. This added beefiness makes knifing the shovel under compacted snow or into a semi-frozen snowbank more difficult. But the nylon strip has advantages that the others don’t. Shovels with metal wear strips can catch on any uneven surface, jarring your shoulders. Such models also damage non-pavement surfaces easily, and in our tests, some of the models without a strip were damaged after just a few hours of shoveling.

In the eight years I’ve owned the Ergonomic Mountain Mover shovel, I’ve never had any issue with the wear strip’s thickness. Only after I saw this True Temper model tested alongside the metal-edged shovels did I realize that such a difference existed.

Garant Yukon Steel Blade Snow Pusher

The 30-inch area will surely perfect for most of the buyers as has the ability to shovel the snow in a nice manner without even tiring you.  The Garant YSP30DU Yukon Steel Blade Snow Pusher has got steel blades and back braces that help you remove the debris. You can get this tool for continuous and even for intense use. No matter how much snow you want to push, this snow thrower is strong enough to do the task. You can find it in blue color.

Garant Yukon Ergonomic Sleigh Shovel

The Garant YPSS26U Yukon Ergonomic Sleigh Shovel is a handy tool that permits you to clean the area or your surroundings. Whether you get heavy or light snowfall, this is generally designed to fulfill are your needs. With the comfortable handle, you can easily get a hold on it and perform the tasks quickly.

Toro Power Shovel 

The Toro 3836Power Shovel is the construction of the USA with a powerful motor that make it efficient. It is ideally designed for the staircase, decks, balconies, and you can even clean large areas. It is a lightweight tool and only weighs 1pounds. This electric blower of 7.amperes is a nice choice.

GreenWorks 1Amp Snow Thrower

If you want an electric machine to throw the snow away, then GreenWorks 26031Amp Snow Thrower is the efficient device to pick. It has the ability to take the snow out by taking a bite deep down to inches. It is engineered in the USA and because of the wheel of inches it allows you to remove the snow in a convenient manner.

Look for a lightweight shovel

Look for a smaller, lighter shovel that will put less strain on your back and heart while you’re shoveling. Plastic blades are lighter than metal, and snow doesn’t stick to plastic the way it does to metal. To keep the plastic from becoming brittle and breaking over time, make sure to store your shovel indoors and away from the cold, heat, and light.

Consider the blade shape

A flat-bladed shovel is best for chopping out deep layers of snow one layer at a time while a rounded blade is better for both pushing and lifting snow. As much as possible, you should stick to pushing snow rather than lifting it in order to reduce strain. However, sometimes you might need a flat blade, so it can be a good idea to have both.    

Consider a non-traditional shovel

Newer snow-shovel models are designed with innovations such as double handles (to maximize leverage) and wheeled handles (to help you shovel faster). You can also find “electric snow shovels,” which work like miniature snow blowers. Try out these new models for comfort and efficacy—you may find something that’s just right.

Invest in a few accessories

A strong-bristled push broom will push off light dustings of snow while a long-handled scraper tool can help you chip away ice without squatting. You should also use a little sand and de-icer to create traction and prevent black ice formation after shoveling is complete.

Keep a compact shovel in your car

You should keep a small plastic shovel with a foldable handle in your car in case of an emergency. Getting stuck in a snow drift while away from home (and away from your snow shovels) is a very real danger. 

Snow Wolf SW03Wheeled Snow Shovel

If you need to remove a great amount of snow, you need a big one. This Wovel Snow Wolf SW03wheeled Snow Shovel is specially designed to remove a large amount of snow easily, because it features a 35-inch wheeled fulcrum which can help to reduce lower back stress up to times. It can help you clear 3x faster than regular snow shoveling with less risk of injury and half the effort. You also can fold down it or hang it flat on the wall for easy storing. In a word, it can help you easily throw the heavy snow out of your way.

Ames True Temper 1600900 Steel Avalanche Ergo Sleigh Snow Shovel

Suncast SC3950 Double Grip Ergonomic Snow Shovel/Pusher

With this 18-inche blade, this Suncast SC3950 can help you get plenty of snow out of the way easily and quickly. It features dual ergonomic hand grips which can make you feel comfortable while shoveling snow. This design also can reduce the stress on the blade. It also features a steel wear strip which allows you to use it to shovel on asphalt and concrete without worry about the wearing. As an affordable one, it deserves to try.

Garant YPSS26U Yukon 2Inch Ergonomic Sleigh Shovel

This Garant Yukon Ergo Sleigh Shovel is a versatile tool. You can use to push snow, shovel or throw snow. It also features the steel wear strip which can extend blade life. The Ergonomic steel handle is comfortable to hold and can reduce the muscle strain. It is perfect for intense and continuous use.

Evolution of Snow Shovels

In the early years of snow shovels, they were often mounted to larger animals as shoulder blades. Handles wouldn’t be used until much later, and they became popular in large cities in the 1800s when snow removal was necessary. Teams of homeowners would be used to clear snow on city streets and sidewalks. The earlier forms were often made with wood handles and flat blades made of metal. The method would often take much longer than today’s standards since the blades were much smaller.

Before plastic was more commonly used, most shovels would look be similar to the shovels used in the 1800s. The blades have gotten much larger over the years for more efficient snow removal. Today shovels can weigh as low as two pounds with handles and blades that last a lifetime. Ergonomic handles created a more friendly design for the body and even come with wheels and motors.


GreenWorks 1in. Amp Electric Snow Thrower – Snow shoveling just got a whole lot easier with the GreenWorks 1in. Amp Electric Snow Thrower on your side. Boasting a amp motor, 1in.

Homegear Professional 1Amp Corded Electric Snow Thrower- Electric Snow Shovel with Wheels

GreenWorks 10602Corded Snow Shovel

This corded snow shovel comes with a capacity motor of 10-amps. Therefore, a powerful and affordable blower is suitable for garden use. The product comes with the power to clear up to inches deep and thus is an option for everyone. The discharge distance goes up to 2feet and therefore; this product is just suitable for standard operations and home use purposes. What you need to acknowledge also is the efficiency and the effectiveness, and that is a matter to give you another drive to have this fantastic shovel.

AmicoPower 196cc Two-Stage Snow Blower

This great engine thrower comes with unique and unusual features that make it a suitable option for everyone to acquire. If you need the best blower that comes with the right efficiency, then I suggest that you make this your choice and for sure, you will not regret the results. As you have seen from the name, already, the engine power is 196cc and is thus sufficient for heavy-duty functions. The other features that we can mention here include the five forward and two reverse speeds, 190-degree chute, and 16-inch tire among other features.

Arnold Deluxe Universal Snow Thrower

This universal snow thrower comes with excellent feature pack that you surely need for higher efficiency. Some of the features just to have a mention include the incorporation of the storage pouch, heavy-duty and tear-resistant fabric, durable clear vinyl, and the reflective fabric that enhances safety among other spectacular features.  Therefore, if you are looking for a snow thrower that comes with great efficiency and results, then this product is just your fantastic suit. Of course, the product comes with the right value for money.

Husqvarna ST22Electric Start Snow Blower

This snow blower comes with excellent features that include the 208cc Husqvarna engine, remote chute rotator and reflector, 15-inch tires, and electric start among other incredible features. Therefore, for you to experience the best results this product comes at the right time, and that makes it the best for your choice. What you need to know about this product is that it is highly affordable and thus no need to struggle on your budget.

Protect any vulnerable plants

Although snow can act as an insulating layer for plants, young, tender or frost damaged plants may need more protection.

Cold frames, greenhouses and compost are all simple ways to provide extra defence for these vulnerable plants and shoots.

Elsewhere outside

Snow and ice can also cause disruption to travel and getting out and about.

If you can’t avoid driving, there are some winter motoring essentials to keep you safe on your travels. Or for a fun and festive way to move, take a look at our family-favourite sledges.

Poulan Pro 96182001136cc Snow Blower

As far as a snow-clearing capability goes, it does a pretty good job with snow falls of up to foot – for most people that’s more than enough power. It also has a manual chute with a full 180-degree range of motion which will let you easily redirect the snow in any direction you like. It’s also fairly lightweight for a gas-powered model, coming in at about 8pounds – it’s not easy to lift, but it is manageable.

Husqvarna ST2224-Inch Electric Start Snow Thrower

Sometimes an item makes a list because of its innovative properties, and that definitely had a major impact on my decision to include the Husqvarna ST22on this list. I mean, this machine has heated handle grips – what a fantastic concept! I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of keeping warm while I’m plowing through the cold, deep snow. Don’t get me wrong, it’s also a pretty powerful machine with some great snow clearing features.

This machine will cut through snow like butter, clearing a path that’s 2inches wide and up to 1inches deep; it will throw it up to 50 feet in the direction that you choose. Those are some pretty impressive statistics in and of themselves, and when you throw in the fact that it’s self-propelled you’ve got a package that couldn’t be left off this list.

GreenWorks 260216” Corded Snow Shovel

To finish off this “best of” list, it seemed appropriate to include another snow removal machine that’s built to do its part for the environment. The GreenWorks 2602Snow Shovel is a simple electric model that’s built to handle light to moderate snowfalls. If you consistently get snowfalls greater than inches this may not be the machine for you, but for everyone else it does a pretty good job. It can actually clear up to 600 pounds of snow per minute, which is quite impressive.

What really impressed me about this machine was its attention to the little details. It comes equipped with a simple cord lock device that prevents the extension cord from coming loose while you’re in the middle of clearing your driveway. It’s a nice little feature that addresses one of the concerns that many people have with electric snow removal equipment.


It does its own system check upon startup, has a specific mode for testing a group’s frequency accuracy and its two buttons are designed to be used with gloves on. Basically, it’s all you want and more!

This thing is for an airbag pack! Weighing in at just 17kg

Electric Snow Blowers

Electric and cordless electric snow throwers offer many excellent advantages over their gas-powered rivals. Two of the best reasons to switch from a gas to an electric unit are noise level and carbon emissions. Electric snow blowers run virtually silent, compared to gas powered snow blowers which are incredible noisy.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, gas powered snow blowers produce around pound of carbon emissions for each hour of use. Switching to power equipment that runs off electricity or lithium ion batteries can make a large impact on reducing your household’s carbon footprint.

We’re here to debunk the myth that gas powered snow blowers produce more power and perform better than electric and battery powered blowers. All Snow Joe electric snow throwers are engineered with robust motors that are 1amps or higher, and support augers that can clear widths of up to 2inches and cut depths up to 1inches. Plus, all Snow Joe battery powered snow throwers feature the latest 40 Volt lithium-ion technology for maximum performance and unsurpassed runtime.  Packed with power, Snow Joe electric and battery powered snow throwers and snow blowers are ideal for quickly and efficiently clearing average-sized suburban driveways and walkways. 

Snowblower Power Options

The age of the electric snowthrower has arrived. Electric throwers are green technology and don’t pollute the environment. Compared to gas-powered machines like the Toro 38741, Ariens 938032, Husqvarna ST 224, and Honda HS720AM, Snow Joe electric snow throwers are more reliable, easier to start, lighter in weight, and easier to steer, not to mention completely maintenance-free. More importantly, a well-built, quality-made electric snow thrower, when used properly, can certainly rival the performance of a gas-powered model. Leading manufacturers in electric snow removal equipment include Snow Joe, which according to Traqline data for 2016-201holds the largest market share in the category, Greenworks, Ego, amongst others.

Corded Electric and Cordless Electric Snow Throwers and Snow Blowers

Corded Snow Throwers – Corded electric snow throwers plug into any regular outlet, and need to be plugged in during operation. During operation, care must be taken not to run over the power cord.

Cordless Snow Blowers – Cordless snow blowers operate on very powerful, rechargeable lithium ion batteries ranging from 40 Volts maximum to 80 Volts maximum.  The added benefit of battery power is not having to worry about running over the power cord. However, battery runtimes are limited and the batteries do need to be recharged after use.

Hybrid Snow Blowers – Hybrids provide the best of both worlds since they can run plugged into an electric outlet for continuous operation, or off of a battery when you don’t want to be tied to an electric leash.  The corded option is especially helpful if you suddenly run out of battery power midway through your clearing job or when you forget to charge your batteries.

Gas-Powered Snowblowers

Given the latest advancements in electric snow thrower technology, residential homeowners can easily clear an average snowfall with an electric model rather than having to resort to gas.  Gasoline snow throwers are significantly heavier in weight, harder to maneuver, harder to start, require more maintenance, and require that their owners keep gasoline on hand. While gas-powered blowers do have their place for more commercial-grade applications, they certainly don’t need to be in the everyday homeowner’s garage given that there are more eco-friendly options that can perform just as good, if not better, than their gas-powered counterparts.

Manufacturers that built their businesses on gas-powered snowblowers such as Husqvarna, Honda, Snowmaster, Toro, Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, Sears, and Ariens are struggling to keep up with the electric snow blower revolution. With the advent of a truly efficient electric-powered snow clearing solution, the gas-powered snow blower is quickly becoming a dinosaur.

Snow Blower Terminology

Selecting the correct snow blower starts with understanding the terminology.

Plowing Capacity: This is the maximum amount of snow that a blower throws measured in pounds/second.

Clearing Width: Electric snow shovels and blowers that are equipped with a wider clearing width will be able to cover the same amount of ground in fewer passes. That translates to less time spent going back and forth on your patio, deck or driveway. However, you should be careful that you are not purchasing a machine whose plow width may be too wide for you to easily maneuver.

Snow Cut Depth: The intake height of your snow shovel or blower will determine how deep snow accumulation can get before you will not be able to plow it effectively. A smaller intake height may mean that you have to clear your area multiple times while snow is still accumulating if you experience greater than expected snowfall.

Throw Distance:  This is the maximum number of feet that snow can be thrown from the discharge chute of a snow blower or from the paddle auger on a power shovel.

Drive systems: Snow Joe offers corded electric and cordless electric shovels and blowers with two types of drive systems:

Self-Propelled Drive Systems require little to no force from the user to maneuver the unit and aids in propelling the machine forward.

Manual Drive Systems require the user to supply some of the power needed to keep the machine moving forward and is auger-assisted to help push the snow out of the throwing chute.

Stages: A single stage snow blower only uses the main auger to propel snow. A dual-stage snow blower has a secondary impeller to propel the snow out of the discharge chute. Single stage snow blowers have a tendency to clog and require the use of a discharge chute clean-out tool when clearing wet, heavy snow. Also keep in mind that single stage blowers should never be used on gravel surfaces since they can pick up and project the gravel out of the chute which could potentially damage the blower, break windows, and cause personal injury.

Considerations When Selecting a Snowblower

Bear in mind that even the smallest snow blowers can handle most jobs. The only questionis how long it will take and how hard you will have to work. For example, if you purchase a snow blower with a lower snow cut depth, you will probably need passes to clear your driveway, and you may want to stay on top of the snow and start clearing as it starts to fall, rather than wait until all the accumulation develops.

Single Stage Snow Blowers

Single stage electric, cordless and hybrid snow blowers are endowed with all the advantages offered by a similar gas-powered blower, but with none of the drawbacks! Snow Joe blowers are quiet, environmentally friendly, and start reliably every time without having to fuss with fumes, a cold engine or a finicky starter.

Single-stage snow blowers’ augers make contact with the clearing ground, and therefore should not be used on unpaved or gravel driveways, as they will pick up rocks and fling them through the chute – causing damage to the machine and posing a safety hazard to others.

Dual Stage Snow Blowers

Two-stage (also known as dual-stage) snow blowers’ augers, unlike their single-stage counterparts, do not make contact with the snow clearing surface, which means that they are preferred for use on driveways and walkways that are unpaved or covered in gravel. They are also the most heavy-duty snow blowers available, boasting wider augers and a higher intake height than other models, and can thus handle wetter, heavy snow with ease. The on-board impeller keeps the chute clog-free. In general, a dual-stage snow blower plows more snow per minute than its single stage counterpart.

Snow Blower Features and Attachments

Headlights: Some Snow Joe snow thrower and snow blower models are equipped with headlights to improve visibility in the early morning hours or at night.

Electric Start: All Snow Joe electric snow throwers have electric start mechanisms, which replace heavy pull-cords found on gas-powered snow blowers.  With electric start, you can rely on your snow blower to start every time with the simple push of a button.

Chute Control: All Snow Joe snow thrower and snow blower models are equipped with an 180-degree rotatable discharge chute, which allows you to control the direction of the snow stream.  Some, like the cordless iON snow blower, are even equipped with a joystick-controlled automatic chute, which easily rotates the chute without having to maneuver a manual crank.

Speed Control: Snow Joe two-stage models with this feature boast a digital control panel with forward speeds and reverse for easy use and optimal control.

Snow Blower Accessories

Lithium Ion Battery and Charger : Power your cordless tools with our complete line of 40 Volt lithium ion batteries that feature no-fade power for maximum job performance. Runtimes vary based on snow conditions..

Universal Protective Cover: Provide all-season protection for your new investment. Our covers are made of heavy duty fabric that won’t shrink or stretch, are water resistant, and shield against dirt, ice, snow, rain, sun damage, tree sap and bird droppings.

Extension Cord: Our extension cords are designed to withstand the toughest elements. Each cord’s outer jacket provides superior resistance to oil, grease, moisture and abrasion, and is extremely flexible. Made from PVC, our ETL and OSHA rated cords can withstand temperatures from below freezing -40°F to 140°F. Vibrant color options make them easy to identify in the snow or on your lawn during outdoor use.

Chute Clean Out Tool : Keep your chute clear and your hands clean! The Snow Joe Universal Clean Out Tool is designed to help remove snow build-up in your electric snow thrower’s chute. It also comes with a universal mount specially designed to fit most gas and electric snow throwers.

Compared to Ryobi snow blowers, Ryobi snow throwers, Greenworks snow blowers, Greenworks snow throwers, Ego power plus snowblowers, Ego power snow throwers, and Ego single stage snow blowers, Snow Joe snow blowers and snow throwers deliver the best price, the best performance and the best power. So, when it comes to snow, GO WITH JOE! ‘).load(ay.loadUrl,ay.loadData,function(c,f,d){Z(ay.loadCallback,f),ah(a(this))}).hide().appendTo(ay.contentContainer)}}function ar(){ay.modal&&a(‘





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