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Best Weapon Stands 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated December 1, 2018
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Billy JacobsHey, I’m Billy Jacobs. After spending over 34 hours comparing at least 17 weapon stands, I am recommending the best weapon stands of 2018

I have been writing about technology and entertainment since the early 90s from my secluded home in West Virginia. We take a close look at some of the best weapon stands to help you get ripped.

Best Weapon Stands of 2018

Many models on the market may be confusing to a person who is shopping for their first time. Below you can find 3 reviews of the best weapon stands to buy in 2018, which I have picked after the deep market research. We’ve narrowed down our options based on the customer feedback (read positive reviews), functionality, material and size. In other words, we’ve put all fundamentals into consideration to come up with a comprehensive list that suits various needs. Many brands have introduced weapon stands on the market. These brands have resulted in a variety for the user. These require that the consumers be well aware of what they are buying so as to make the best choice.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
Ease of use
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
Awards 1
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№1 – BladesUSA WS-8W 8-Tier Wall Mount Sword Stand

BladesUSA WS-8W 8-Tier Wall Mount Sword Stand

Sword stand displays up to 8 swords
Made of wood; painted in a flat black that will go with any decor
Measures 39 x 3 x 16 inches
Literally no flaws

Why did this weapon stands win the first place?

I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I was completely satisfied with the price. Its counterparts in this price range are way worse.


Ease of use










№2 – Bandai Hobby EXP003 System Base 001 1/144 – Builders Parts

Bandai Hobby EXP003 System Base 001 1/144 - Builders Parts

Snap together requiring no glue
Plastic is colored no paint required
Runner x3, instruction manual x1
A bit high price.
A little on the heavy side.

Why did this weapon stands come in second place?

This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture. I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price. I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money.


Ease of use










№3 – BladesUSA WS-2WH Sword Stand-2-Tiers Wall Mount

BladesUSA WS-2WH Sword Stand-2-Tiers Wall Mount

Wall Mount Sword Stand
Quite difficult to clean.
Still fairly pricey.

Why did this weapon stands take third place?

It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. A very convenient model. It is affordable and made of high-quality materials. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new.


Ease of use










Weapon Stands Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy weapon stands, right? No!

You are AWPing on the team

A Pseudo buy occurs when your team has built up enough money to either rifle buy or full buy but you instead opt for a weapon that is cheaper than an Mor AK-4for other reasons. Such reasoning can be that  you do not have enough money for a full buy and that you need to drop to a weaker weapon or that you want more grenades for your specific position. A pseudo buy is generally used on CT side as Terrorists have the money to full buy more often than Counter-Terrorists due to their cheaper weaponry and additional income via bomb plants. Useful weaponry that enable more grenades or a cheaper buy range from a UMP-4to replace an M4A4, a SSG0to replace an AWP or a Five seven/CZ-75A to play a close quarter angle and attempt to get a rifle from an enemy.

After Pistol round

Now that pistol round has ended, we can use our terms to describe purchasing patterns depending on if you had won the round or not. – If you win pistol you pseudo buy and attempt to build economy with 2-SMG’s and 2-Rifles.- If you lose pistol you can either eco twice in a row or force buy and eco. After doing these two rounds you then rifle buy. – If you win pistol you pseudo buy and attempt to build economy with 1-SMG’s and 3-Rifles.- If you lose pistol you force buy and then eco. After these two round you then rifle buy – If you lose pistol but plant the bomb you eco and then Rifle buy.

In summary, knowing what to buy and when to buy is a powerful asset that you should keep with you at all times, one that can gift you free rounds by having enough money built up for a powerful buy. Learning to buy intuitively is difficult to learn but also extremely crucial and can turn a good team into a great one.


Beginning airsofters should pay attention to both price and quality. If you’re just getting started with airsoft it might not be a good idea to start by getting the most expensive guns. Some guns are quite expensive and if you find that airsoft is just not for you then you will probably end up being disappointed with your purchase.

However, you also don’t want to just buy the cheapest thing you can find. Our less expensive guns can be fun toys but we recommend that you get a more solid gun which will shoot harder and give you a good experience without spending a fortune. For beginners we recommend our spring pistols made or our lower priced Electric Rifles. Also, get yourself a speedloader, they are cheap and will save you from the hassle of loading one BB at a time!

Intermediate Players

If you’ve played airsoft a few times, and maybe own a gun or two yourself you’re probably starting to think of getting something a with a little more kick. You will want to look for features such as an FPS rating of 300 or higher and a high capacity magazine. You may also want to get a an extra magazine or two. As far as rifles go you will probably want an AEG and one that has a metal gear box. If you want a pistol we recommend our non blowback green gas pistols. They are relatively inexpensive and shoot hard!

Experienced Players

If you’ve been playing for a while you’ve had enough experience to know what type of gun you’re looking for and what features you need. If you have trouble finding what you need on our site please contact us by clicking here.

The Mil-Spec controversy

My old brand X rifle functions well and *might* give me a lifetime of use. Take of its brothers and pit them against Bravo Company rifles and I would bet cash money a few brand X rifles would go down while all the Bravo Co rifles would still be functioning. This is the difference.

Common Builds

Recce: A carbine with a 1inch barrel utilizing a stainless steel barrel for match grade accuracy. A great choice for a do it all style rifle. Top this type of gun off with a 1-4x variable and you have a jack of all trades. Accuracy in a small package.

M16A2: You are likely to find one of these clones in the gun shop rack. An Afixed carry handle upper receiver with a 20 inch barrel and a fixed butt-stock. Overall a good rifle but many view the lack of a railed upper receiver as outdated. The carry handle does limit your optics choices, but is a very shootable as is rifle.

Mclone: You are likely to find one of these referenced online. This build will typically need a 14.inch barrel with a long flash hider permanently installed on the barrel. This ensures that the total barrel length is 1inches. If you choose to buy one of these rifles you must pick a flash hider that you like since it is not going to be user replaceable. A very small and handy AR1package.

CAR: Typically these will be found as carbine length gas systems with a 1inch barrel and a Acarry handle. Gun-shops might have a few of these configurations on the rack. Optic options are poor. These rifles can also be found with an 1inch barrel and a very long pinned flash hider. I would avoid that configuration due to velocity loss and poor upgrade potential.

1inch Mid-Length: Very common. Not a clone of any service rifle per se, but a compact and very shootable rifle that is a great compromise system.

Mix and Match

There are too many options to discuss in the AR1world. You will encounter many groups of shooters who enjoy building clones of older AR1variants all the way to the latest military configurations. Many of these clones are great shooters, but I would recommend that you build a rifle to your needs and specifications. Choose a rifle that suits your needs. Maybe you need a tiny package with extreme accuracy to fit in the trunk. It is perfectly OK to build a rifle with a 14.inch stainless steel barrel, a pinned flash hider, a collapsing stock, and a 6x optic. Not a clone of anything, but if it suits your needs then make the purchase.

How to tackle the huge Switch and Wii U adventure.

To unlock the BAR or any of the above weapons, you must reach a certain rank and spend an Unlock Token. However, if you pre-ordered the game, you should have received a Prestige Unlock Token, as well as four hours of double XP.

This allows you to not only unlock something and keep it unlocked between Prestiges, but you can choose anything regardless of rank. So instead of waiting until such a high rank, you could unlock the BAR as one of the first things you do in multiplayer.

If you don’t have a Prestige Unlock token, then the Grease Gun is a decent all-rounder until you start hitting the higher ranks. It’s also worth experimenting with different Divisions to get the most out of your preferred playstyle, giving you bonus perks as you get XP from match plays and wins.

Follow the games you’re interested in and we’ll send you an email the instant we publish new articles about them.


This is a sponsored post created in partnership with Gaijin Entertainment.

Crossout’s gameplay is divided over two areas: fighting and building. The smug satisfaction you can get from mounting a cannon to the back of your vehicle and then swinging round, mid-combat, to reveal your enormous tube of fiery death is what makes being a wasteland survivor so awesome. But you can only do this if you’ve got the parts and the knowledge to make it possible. And while you’ll have to source the parts yourself, we can definitely help you with the latter. 

If you fancy getting involved in some vehicular destruction, sign up to play Crossout for free now.

Here we’ve put together a beginner’s Crossout guide covering vehicle construction, resource management, weapons and combat. Read on and you’ll be the maddest Max to ever drive across the wasteland.

Testing Your Vehicle

Once you’ve constructed your rig, always hit the ‘Test Drive’ button and take it for a spin. There are a few things that you should check out here. Try firing your weapons at different angles. Make sure you can actually fire them as sometimes they get blocked by parts of your vehicle.

If you drive out of the workshop and into the yard, you’ll see an exact copy of your rig. This is a great opportunity to test out how it will stand up to punishment. Fire at it and make sure it doesn’t disintegrate at the first sign of a bullet.

Aim for the guns

Most players, especially at lower levels, don’t have access to any strong frames or struts to mount their guns on. In fact, they’re often just welded to the vehicle’s base frame. If you focus your fire on the enemy’s weapons, you can easily destroy them, turning their vehicle into a defenceless target to practice your aim on. Watch out for melee weapons, though – they can still tear you up.

Find an angle

Some players, particularly those using cannons, can only shoot when you’re on a certain side of their vehicle. Use this to your advantage by getting on their weaker side, then unleash a volley of fire and watch them turn into a smouldering wreck.

Man the fort

The early game modes in Crossout all involve controlling or capturing a point so make sure you keep your eyes on the top of the screen to see if your base is in trouble. It’s very easy for someone to slip away and start capturing a base, given how fast some of the vehicles can move and how open the maps are.

PvE in Crossout is a different beast altogether, and while most of the above rules still apply, there are a few extra things to keep in mind.

Strength in numbers

Try to stick with your teammates because the game will usually throw more and more enemies at you as the raid continues. If you get caught on your own, you’ll quickly be torn to pieces, so sharing the damage between the whole group will ensure that you always have the maximum amount of firepower available to you.

Repair with caution

Your repair kit will allow you to respawn if you die, but you only get one of these per raid. For this reason, it’s best to save it until your allies are in desperate need of help. If you get destroyed half way through and the rest of your team is doing fine without you, consider waiting until the end when they’ll really need you at full health.

Nameless Midnight

This Scout Rifle is perhaps the best example of a weapon that looks mediocre on paper but feels great to use. Despite its average statistics, everything about this weapon clicks: the sights, the feel, the sound, the rate of fire, and the intrinsic explosive rounds combine to make Nameless Midnight a Kinetic weapon that’s as satisfying to use in the Crucible as it is in PvE content.

Part of that is because this weapon sports a very forgiving body shot TtK, which makes it a great option for flanking maneuvers. Combine that with explosive rounds for increased visual flinch and reduced damage falloff, and you have a recipe for a gun that holds its own in any situation. If you’re taking advantage of the increased ranges offered by explosive rounds, you’ll be able to outgun pulse rifles with ease despite the short-zoom scopes, which themselves are very clear.

Although hip-firing with this weapon can be surprisingly effective, you’re best served by pairing it with a traditionally short- or mid-range option, such as a hand cannon or auto rifle.

Pros: Explosive rounds and approachability make this an excellent jack of all trades.

Cons: Slower optimal TtK, mediocre values mean you may struggle in top-tier gameplay.

Shock and Awe

I was leery of putting a power weapon on this list, as all options are capable of one-shotting opponents and their effectiveness depends largely on player skill and style. That said, it’s my opinion that unless you’re a top-tier sniper, a fusion rifle is the most solid, reliable choice for you to have in your power weapon slot. They offer large magazines, versatile ranges, and incredible damage output.

While the popular vote would likely go to The Main Ingredient for its very satisfying stat values across the board, my pick is the Shock and Awe.

The reason for this is the perk “Backup Plan,” which grants a reduced charge time when you swap to this weapon. This effectively turns the weapon into a baby version of Destiny’s Plan C. It’s not quite as fast, but it’s fast enough that you’ll be able to surprise your opponents with careful timing, which makes this weapon far more versatile than its slow charge time would suggest.

And, while the range isn’t best-in-game, it’s still enough that you can achieve some very satisfying long-distance voops. Trust me: this is absolutely a gun worth trying.

Cons: Average range and aim assist, low charge time, poor stability

Better Devils

Many of the hand cannons in the Better Devils archetype can be used interchangeably depending on user preference. You’ll note that this weapon is one of many in the ‘mid-impact’ class of hand cannons, but I believe that it stands out due to both its versatility and its innate feel.

It’s primarily that ‘feel’ that makes the Better Devils an effective tool and a favorite, and is no doubt due in part to the relatively high Aim Assist value. Poke-shotting with explosive rounds is incredibly satisfying, and Better Devils lends itself very well to the guerrilla-style tactics that hand cannons require to be effective in the current meta.

MIDA Multi-Tool

The Meta-tool shines and shreds for a number of reasons:

To top it off, MIDA also grants additional movement speed when aiming down sights. While this isn’t as powerful a perk as Third Eye or HCR, it does help in strafing engagements when throwing off your opponent’s aim can win you the gunfight. Put simply, the MIDA Multi-Tool lives up to its name: its versatile, effective in all engagements, and an absolute joy to use.

You’ll note that both of the weapons at the top of this list sport High Caliber rounds. Truly, they’re just that good.

Pros: Top-tier sights, reload and handling stats, Third Eye, and High Caliber Rounds.

You probably have your own picks that never leave your loadout. We would love to know what your favorites are! best weapons in destiny pvp destiny meta weapons


I don’t think the oni Kai-Ken is really all that OP.  Yeah it’s a one shot kill, but you have to charge it for about.2seconds before it fire. Also, you have to draw and aim it as well.  It’s a competative weapon, but against more than one opponent you’re screwed and it’s not like the pocket panic cannon the Marshal was in BO3. 

I have epic variants at the moment. Two, I bought with salvage and two I got from supply drops. Like you I have the Erad Cerebus.  It’s not amazing, but it’s fun to play around with. It makes a nice overkill weapon to pair with a sniper rifle or LMG. I also have the Epic Kabar. Basically, you get hollow point for free, but it takes an additional bullet to kill if you hit them below the belt.   Not a bad variant if you can get head shots, but definately not worth 4000 salvage unless the Kabar is your goto gun. 

The third weapon in my collection is the RPR Boozonki (probably not the right spelling). It’s the variant that get’s bonus crotch damage and loses it’s head shot multiplier. The problem is that the multiplier isn’t enough to always get you one less bullet to kill.  So, it’s really not worth having.  Last up I bought the Rack smooth bore. That’s the variant that turns the rack into a slug shotgun. It has all the same handling as the base Rack except it’s hipfire is extra wide. The weapon only fires a single projectile instead of the normal pellet spread.  The slug has infinite range and is a one shot kill to the head and to the body at any range. Inside of 1meters it’s a one hit kill to the torso, upper arms, head and neck. Basically, the same one hit kill area as the longbow, but only at close range. It’s not a particularly OP weapon, but if you’re accuracy is up to par it’s not a bad investment. 

What weapon you choose should be based on what you want. If you have a base weapon you really like that would be a good place to start. If not, check out some youtube videos and see what the other epics do. There are some real oddballs, but that is half the fun. Originally, I was going to take the luckyfor the EMC.  It fires a round burst and doesn’t lose any range or damage off the base weapon. However, I changed my mind when I found out the EMC had a full auto attachment and the Oni trumps it. 

Where you need to try and smash the target

The kill zone and pick up points are decided by several factors: how the bird is presented, how fast it is travelling and how quickly you can ‘visually’ pick up the bird in flight.

The ‘visual’ pick up point is different from the kill point. It is where you catch your first sight of the target.

There will be a short delay before your eyes inform the brain that they’re locked onto the target.  Your brain then communicates this message to the rest of your body so that you can mount the gun and start the swing.

Shooting gun up and gun down

It is used for speedy sporting targets where there is little or no time to mount the gun, or trap and skeet disciplines, for example.

Gun down is a more traditional way of shooting. It imitates walked up gameshooting. The gun is held out of the shoulder and only mounted when the bird is presented.

Forward allowance

You will probably hear a lot about forward allowance. It is when you fire a shotgun at a moving clay and need to allow for the time the shot takes to get to the target.

To break a target the trigger must be pulled when the muzzles are pointing ahead of the target to ensure that the clay runs into the stream of lead shot.

If you want a rough calculation, a crossing clay travelling at 40mph, 30 yards out from the stand, will have travelled about six feet in the time between you pulling the trigger and the tip of the shot stream reaching the flight line of the bird.

Champion’s Seal * How to Obtain

Spear of Rethu is a “rare” reward from Legion archeology in Highmountain. Rare archaeological digsites in Legion are obtained from quests that change every two weeks. The quest-chain for the Spear of Rethu begins with History of Highmountain, followed by Surveying Student, then ends with Neltharion’s Lair: Misdirected * How to Obtain

Admiral Taylor’s Loyalty Ring is the reward from the Warlords of Draenor Garrison Shipyard Mission, The House Always Wins.

Captain Sander’s Returned Band is the reward from the Warlords of Draenor Garrison Shipyard Mission, For Hate’s Sake.

Defending Champion is obtained after completing Gurubashi Arena Grand Master in the Gurubashi Arena of Stranglethorn Vale (win 1times). Looting the chest a 13th time awards this trinket.

Dread Pirate Ring is a possible reward from completing the World Quest, Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza. This quest begins at a (currently unknown) time every Sunday and can only be completed by the first 50 people that finish it each week.

Man’ari Training Amulet is the reward from the Argus Class Hall mission Assault on Felfire Armory. Antoran Wastes missions unlock after completing Felfire Shattering.

Returning Champion is obtained after completeing Darkmoon Dominator in the Darkmoon Arena of Darkmoon Island (win 1times). Looting the chest a 13th time awards this trinket.

Signet of the Third Fleet is the reward from the Warlords of Draenor Garrison Shipyard Mission, The Wave Mistress.

Touch of the Void is found inside Void-Shrouded Satchel, a reward from the Warlords of Draenor Garrison Mission The Consuming Void. Containers with items in them cannot be sold in the Auction House, so asking in Trade Chat is often an effective way to obtain this trinket.

Note: All heirlooms marked with * either need to be unlocked first in order to purchase them or are acquired from other methods. Click on the “How to Obtain” toggler under each section for more specific information.

Flight Paths

Patch 7.2.introduced four heirloom toys (two for each faction) which will teach a selection of flight paths in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. These toys cost each and are purchased from the main heirloom vendors in Ironforge and Undercity. When added to the Toy Box, the opposite faction’s equivalent toy for the same continent is also added.

Alliance: To Modernize the Provisioning of Azeroth and Surviving Kalimdor

Horde: The Azeroth Campaign and Walking Kalimdor with the Earthmother

Main Vendors

The main heirloom vendors sells the majority of heirlooms for gold. All of the heirlooms these vendors sell can be purchased immediately, there are no unlocking requirements.

Krom Stoutarm wants to know what’s on your mind. He is in the Library of Ironforge, which is found on the north-eastern edge of the outer ring.

Guild Vendors

Guild vendors provide all of the rewards that a guild earns through achievements, etc. After unlocking items for purchase, what each individual character can buy is dependent on their personal reputation level with the Guild they are currently in. All items sold by these vendors are purchased with gold.

Shay Pressler buys and trades. He is found inside the Visitor’s Center of the Trade District of Stormwind City.

MapShay Pressler

Steeg Haskell will see you soon. He is on the bottom floor of the Visitor’s Center of Ironforge, which is found on the southern edge of the outer ring.

Velia Moonbow is listening. She is located in the Guild Hall, on the southern end of the Craftsmen’s Terrace of Darnassus.

Nuri hopes you find what you seek. She resides in the Trader’s Tier of The Exodar

Darkmoon Prize Ticket Vendor

The Darkmoon Prize Ticket vendor sells heirlooms for Darkmoon Prize Tickets. He is only available for one week a month, starting on the first Sunday until the following Saturday.

Daenrand Dawncrest is on the west side of the main path on Darkmoon Island.

Champion’s Seal Vendor

The Champion’s Seal vendor will accept all Champion’s Seals you earn through the Argent Tournament. Purchasing items from this vendor requires Exalted Argent Champion of the Alliance or Exalted Argent Champion of the Horde.

Dame Evniki Kapsalis wishes the Light to be with you. She bides her time inside the large tent on the western side of the Argent Tournament grounds in Icecrown.

Brawler’s Guild Vendors

Brawler’s Guild vendors sells a variety of helpful items and rewards for brawling enthusiasts, but also the heirloom fist weapon Brawler’s Razor Claws. Purchasing this heirloom requires Rank 8.

Quackenbush is the faction vendor for Bizmo’s Brawlpub. They are located in the underground arena on the Stormwind side of the Deeprun Tram.

Artifact Turn-ins

Every month it is possible to turn in a collection of items to various characters around the Darkmoon Faire. Each item can only be turned in once a month. By completing the quest The Darkmoon Faire or The Darkmoon Faire (or by talking to Selina Dourman) you will be rewarded with a Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide. Simply by having the Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide in a character’s bags, these items will drop off of bosses in various dungeons, raids, or battlegrounds. These artifacts are not soulbound, so they can be bought or sold in the auction house.

Daily Quests

There are eight daily quests available on the island, completing each one rewards a Darkmoon Game Prize. This prize box will always contain one Darkmoon Prize Ticket and a smaller chance at other prizes (including pets). These boxes are not soulbound so they can be traded or mailed to alts.

Pet Battle Quests

There are two daily quests available on the island that involve pet battles. Unlike the above daily quests, these quests are account-wide, they can only be completed once per day per account, instead of per character. Completing the first one will reward you with Darkmoon Pet Supplies, which contains five tickets, while completing the second one rewards Greater Darkmoon Pet Supplies, which contains ten tickets.

Extra Day of Dailies

The Darkmoon Faire begins late Saturday night, before dailies reset between Saturday and Sunday. There is enough time to accept and complete all ten of the daily quests before the reset. This will net you an additional 2Darkmoon Prize Tickets – eight from the regular games and fifteen from the two pet battle quests.

Upgrading Heirlooms

Scaling heirlooms are upgraded by using the following items. They are available from a wide variety of sources and purchasable with many different currencies. They are consumed on use, but the upgrade is permanent. Once an heirloom is upgraded, all versions of that heirloom on your account are upgraded to the new level.

Limited Time Event – check the in-game calender to see when this event is available.

Note: The vendors that sell heirloom upgrade tokens for gold are not effected by reputation levels or Best Deals Anywhere.

The following heirlooms use only Weathered Heirloom Scabbard for upgrading (they automatically scale to level 100 when obtained):

All other heirlooms use Ancient Heirloom Armor Casing, Timeworn Heirloom Armor Casing, and Weathered Heirloom Armor Casing.

Locations of Upgrade Token Vendors

Vendors that sell upgrade tokens for Gold, Marks of Honor, Darkmoon Prize Tickets, or Champion’s Seals are the same vendors that regularly sell heirlooms. Names and locations for those vendors are listed in the Vendors section. All of the vendors listed below are only available during their associated events. Check the in-game calendar for dates.

Koak Hoburn

The Chauffeured Chopper is always a 60% increase over running speed, regardless of your riding skill. Learning Apprentice Riding does not alter or change its speed, but does give you access to all the rest of your ground mounts. At level 40, learning Journeyman Riding does not increase the Chauffeured Chopper’s speed.

Unobtainable Heirlooms

During some previous expansions, a collection of bonus heirlooms were made available for a limited time. When the expansion after them released, these heirlooms were removed from the loot tables of their respective bosses, but anyone that was able to obtain them got to keep them and have them added to the heirloom collections tab.

These heirlooms do not show up in the heirloom collections tab as “uncollected”.

Getting Started

Secret World Legends is a 201relaunch of the 201MMORPG The Secret World. Although the relaunch has streamlined a lot of the systems and mechanics from the original game, Secret World Legends still stands out from most other games out in its genre. Below are a number of basic tips to help get oriented to the game, key ways that SWL differs from other MMOs, and some important things to keep in mind as you get started.

This is a very comprehensive guide. A Table of Contents is accessible from the red title bar at the top of this post, if you want to jump to a specific topic.

The Classes

Secret World Legends does not have the traditional MMO classes. Even though you choose a “class” in character creation, this is more of a starter class and not a permanent class. As you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock all the weapons and every single ability they offer, enabling you to customise your character however you want. : Assault Rifle + Fist Weapon

Chaos Magic Focus

Shotgun are tanking weapons. They have abilities that generate an extremely high level of hate when used on NPC enemies, which is crucial when a tank needs to keep aggro to prevent bosses from attacking others. Damage dealers should never use those specific abilities in group activities. However, those weapons can be used in a damage dealing role as well, as long as you avoid the abilities that generate extra hate.


Elementalism Focus are DPS weapons, mainly meant to be used for damage dealing. However, all the other weapons can also be used in a damage dealing role, at least as secondary weapon, since at least 50% of the abilities on each weapon page are damage based. Just make sure to avoid the hate generating abilities of tanking weapons.

Fist Weapon

Assault Rifle are healing weapons. They are the only weapons to offer pure healing abilities and group-wide healing abilities which are necessary to assume a healer role. Still, these weapons also have a selection of damage dealing abilities and can therefore be used in a damage dealing role as well to some extent.

Characters also progress by earning Ability Points ( ) and Skill Points ( ) which can be used to buy active and passive abilities respectively. Characters never stop earning AP/SP, (even at level 50) and eventually you will be able to unlock all the weapons, skills and abilities – you have complete freedom to choose which weapons, skills and abilities to buy and equip.

Characters earn experience points ( ) and AP/SP for completing missions, decks, dungeons, finding legends, killing mobs and other achievements during the game. The XP bar at the bottom of the main screen displays the markers at which your character earns an AP/SP point and your progress towards your next level, both as a result of XP rewards. These thresholds change with each level.. You can see how close you are to the limit by opening the Ability Window (press N).

Weapons and Abilities

When creating your character, you choose a starting class that grants you two specific weapons. However, you will eventually be able to purchase all weapons and unlock every single ability in the game.

In your character panel, you have two weapon slots. One for your primary weapon (left) and one for your secondary weapon (right). Your primary weapon generates energy twice as fast as your secondary weapon. This means you will be using your primary weapon more than your secondary weapon. This is important to remember when unlocking and slotting abilities. The majority of abilities on your ability bar should be tied to your primary weapon. Furthermore, one of the slots on your ability bar will be exclusively reserved for a basic ability from your Primary Weapon.


Once you have purchased all the active abilities for one particular weapon, you will gain access to the capstones for that weapon. It can be upgraded times and will provide better stats for your character with each upgrade.

However, at first you will only be able to unlock the first capstone. Each time you complete the Active Abilities page of a weapon, you will increase the maximum number of capstones you can unlock for each weapon. This means that you will have to unlock all the Active Abilities for ALL weapons in order to unlock ALL capstones for each weapon.

Character stats

The stats panel you see in the Character Sheet (C) is a simplified summary of the stat gains from your level, your gear and your passive abilities. You can mouse-over each stat to view a tooltip describing how they are calculated and what they do.

However, instead of explaining the simplified summary in the character sheet, it’s better to explain the real stats that you find on your gear (talismans, weapons and glyphs). Continue reading below.

One of the following stats are found on each talisman. – adds to your pool of hitpoints, which determines how much damage you can take before you are defeated.

Attack Rating – increases your Combat Power stat in the Character Sheet. This determines how much damage you deal.

Heal Rating – increases your Healing Power stat in the Character Sheet. This determines how much healing you do.


The item you put in the upper left corner of the Fusion window is the item that is upgraded. You get the Quality, glyphs and signets that the item in the upper left corner has. For example, when fusing a Radiant talisman with a Faded talisman, make sure that the Radiant talisman is in the upper left corner and the Faded talisman in the lower slot. The Faded talisman in the lower slot will then be permanently consumed, which upgrades the Radiant talisman to the next rarity.

Signet fusion

Talismans of (purple) or higher rarity can have a Signet inserted into them, in addition to the glyph. Signets work differently from Glyphs in the way that they provide unique effects (which are often conditional) instead of raw stats. Signets are inserted the same way as Glyphs, using the Fusion tab in the Empowerment window (Y).

Additionally, max-level signets can also be fused with another max-level signet of the same type to create a higher rarity Signet. For reference, a list of signets are available here.


Access the Dressing Room (Shift + I) to access your clothing options. A lot of clothing can be bought directly from within the Dressing Room as well, for either Marks of Favour or Aurum.

In the left window, you can browse the various slots (torso, jacket, pants, etc.). The dots on the right side of the list indicate wether you own the clothing piece or not.

In the right window, you can see an image preview of the currently selected clothing piece. If there are multiple colour variations, you can also browse through them there. Clicking on a colour option will allow you to preview the clothing on your character in real-time. To stop previewing, simply click the colour option again or preview something else.

You access an overview of all Pets in the Pets window (Shift + P). The pets you don’t own will be greyed out. Many can be purchased directly from the Pets window for Marks of Favour or Aurum. When selecting a pet, you can view the Source in the description, which explains where you can obtain the pet.


The overview of your currently owned Sprints (and the ones you don’t own) is found in the same window as the Pets. Select the Sprints tab. The sprints you don’t own will be greyed out. Many can be purchased directly from the Sprints window for Marks of Favour or Aurum. When selecting a sprint, you can view the Source in the description, which explains where you can obtain it.

You can also upgrade your Sprinting speed directly from the Sprints window. Click on the green + icon near the top of the window of purchase the next Sprint upgrade. The first upgrades can be bought with either Marks of Favour or Aurum, while the last upgrades can only be bought with Aurum (though you can exchange MoF for Aurum on the Exchange to avoid spending real money).


The quests in this game, known as missions, require a bit more thought and may seem a little more difficult than in many MMOs. A mission may mark a particular area on the map, but may leave you to your own devices to solve certain puzzles or perform certain actions. The game is asking you, the player, to use your noggin a bit to figure things out. Remember what the quest giver told you in the cut scene, look at your mission log and/or lore for clues, sometimes use the in-game browser (B) to look up information.

Missions may test your critical thinking, reflexes, build/deck flexibility, situational awareness, understanding of the mission, your own character abilities or your knowledge of (or at least your ability to research) Egyptian Hieroglyphs! Even the Action missions can have a bit of thought involved; if you find yourself getting knocked on your rear repeatedly, it’s probably because you have forgotten a key element that will help you get through the situation (you’ll probably kick yourself after you find out what it is, too!). Missions are perhaps one reason why some talk of SWL being similar to single player games – mission challenges do share qualities with that genre. That said, there are plenty of group challenges (more on that below).

Contrary to other MMOs, it’s often not necessary to “return to the hub” to turn in missions in SWL – you have a cellphone and can complete missions from anywhere. Think instead of the mission points as breadcrumbs rather than hubs – you can wander through the zone picking up as you go.

Missions usually have multiple tiers. You can have one Story mission, one Dungeon mission, one Action/Sabotage mission, one Investigation mission and three Side missions at any one time.

The Story mission carries through the entire game. You will not be able to complete it in one fell swoop. The story will frequently require you to reach a higher character level, which you can achieve by doing other missions in the various adventure zones.

Action missions are combat oriented while Sabotage missions typically require that you avoid combat and may involve some timing and dexterity. Investigation missions require puzzle solving and research skills and can take some time if you want to avoid using walkthroughs.

All missions with the exception of Side missions will have a cut-scene. In TSW watching the scene is much more important than in many MMOs; some key information may be revealed. Plus, they are generally quite entertaining and funny!

Pausing a mission

You can pause a mission by clicking on the Pause icon in the Mission Journal (J). When you resume the mission later on, it will be saved at the same tier you left it at. You can also check your Mission Journal (J) to see which missions have been paused.

The Wallet

To access your wallet, open your Inventory (I) and click on the “Wallet” button in the bottom right corner of the main inventory window. The wallet provides an overview of your current stock of all the various currencies.

The currencies explained is the game’s premium currency, either bought with real-life money or with Marks of Favour on the Exchange (H). Aurum can be used to purchase a variety of items and services, such as Ability Points, Skill Points, Cache Keys, Dungeon Keys, Scenario Keys, Lair Keys and much more! Aurum can also be exchanged into Marks of Favour on the Exchange (H).

Mark of Favour is the main currency earned ingame. You earn Marks of Favour by completing the Daily Challenges (Shift + J). Free players can earn up to 10,000 Marks of Favour from challenges every day, while Patrons can earn 20% more. You can earn even more Marks of Favour by selling items on the Auction House (H). You can sell up to items every day.

Anima Shards is the secondary currency earned ingame. You earn Anima Shards by completing missions, killing monsters and from selling items to vendors.

The Exchange

On the Exchange (H), you can trade Aurum for Marks of Favour and vice versa. You can specify your own Unit Price, but you should try to match the list of Offers and Requests as closely as possible if you don’t want to wait too long for the transaction to go through.

Auction House

The Auction House (H) is accessible from anywhere. In this window you can purchase items from other players, as well as put up your own items for sale. The currency used there is the Mark of Favour. You can sell up to items at the same time, which occupy the top row near the bottom of the window. The bottom row is where the items you purchase from other players will end up. You need to claim the items from that row to bring them into your inventory. Only Patrons (players with monthly subscriptions) can claim purchased items from anywhere in the world. Free players will need to visit the Auction House in the Agartha mall area.

To access your bank, go to the Agartha Mall and interact with one of the bank tellers.

In the Bank window, you can access your personal bank, as well as the cabal bank (if you have joined/created a cabal). You can expand the size limit of your personal bank by clicking on the “Expand Size Limit” button in the lower right corner of the window, however, this is not free. The cabal bank cannot be expanded.

Grouping and Activities

You can access the Activity Finder (Shift + V) to sign up for various endgame activities.

Story Mode dungeons are easier versions of the dungeons meant to be played mostly to experience the storylines within. Those versions do not require the typical holy trinity of tank, healer and damage dealers, but instead they are balanced around three (3) players using their solo builds. Story Mode dungeons have an upper level limit.

Museum of the Occult

The Museum of the Occult is located in London, right next to Temple Hall. It is a feature that allows for a personalized museum gallery. The Museum functions additionally as a form of horizontal progression, requiring the use of Anima Shards for pedestals within the museum and allowing eventual purchase of a series Gadgets known as Mnemonic Guardians, which aid a player in battle.

You can read more about the Museum in our Museum of the Occult Master Guide.


Shambala is currently the only Player versus Player minigame in Secret World Legends. You can sign up for Shambala in the Activity Finder (Shift + V). In Shambala, two teams of players each will go up against each other with only one goal: Defeat everyone on the opposing team. Basically, it’s a Team Deathmatch.

There are some extra mechanics to watch out for though. Once the fight has begun, the arena will be enclosed in a circle protecting you from the lethal storm outside. As time passes, the safe area barrier will gradually shrink down until eventually it is only a few metres wide in diameter. This is to prevent matches from lasting too long.

Occasionally, powerful winds will build up and blow across the entire arena. When this happens, you must hide behind any of the solid structures in the arena to avoid being knocked back. If you are unlucky, you may even be knocked off the mountain cliff or outside the safe area, and die.

Powerful boosts will also spawn on the small platforms scattered all over the arena every now and then.


You should join the chat channels. Use the /chat join command to join a channel. The game constantly puts you in a randomly selected dimension. You will not see players residing in other dimensions, but you can meet up on them to join their dimension.

The Rooted Groove in Agartha is a great place to host events or join in on one, or simply meet and talk with other players.

Axel’s, which is located directly above The Rooted Groove, is also a great place to host an event. Engage in conversation with other players at a table or around the campfire. channels if there’s someone you can meet up on.

The other locations in London are frequently used for hosting events. Refer to the map below for an overview of all the locations.

Patron Rewards

Even though this game is Free to Play, it comes with the option to subscribe for some additional benefits and conveniences, some of which have been pointed out numerous times in this guide already. For a complete overview, check out the image below.

Tactical 24

The Tactical 2by Liberty is another popular option from their product line. This safe was specifically designed for the tactical expert and features a dual-flex tactical interior that is fully customizable. The Tactical 2has 2long gun spots, pistol pockets, utility gear trays, ammo cans and several other storage pockets for other miscellaneous items. The Tactical 2has a 3-layer 30-minute fire rating.


The Defender series is the mid-level safe from Fort Knox but is most likely higher quality than most other brands top of the line unit. The Defender offers a fire rating option of either 90 minutes or 120 minutes as well as a size option of 18-guns up to a whopping 100-gun capacity.


The Protector series from Fort Knox is a step above the Defender and offers multiple capacity options from 18-guns all the way up to 73-guns. It also has a fire rating of up to 90 minutes. And like the other models from Fort Knox, there are 2colors to choose from!

Fort Knox backs the craftsmanship and build quality of their products with an outstanding lifetime warranty to the original purchaser and guarantees a defect free product for life. This warranty isn’t just limited to the shell of the unit like most brands, it covers the lock units as well. They will even replace or repair a vault that was damaged from the result of a flood, fire or accident.

BF 7250 HD

The BF7250HD by American Security is the largest unit that they make and can hold up to 4guns and has a generous burn rating of 120 minutes. This unit has 2” thick walls and a nearly 5” thick door. The BF7250HD comes in a variety of color options.

TF 592E5

The TF5924Eskinny and tall size makes it the prefect size for you closet. It features a max 1gun capacity and a burn rating of 30 minutes. This is a great option if you’re looking a more compact way to store your guns without compromising protection.

NF series

One of the most popular safes from American Security is the NF series. This is the perfect mid-level option that provides plenty of storage and security. The NF series can hold 16-3guns depending on the configuration and has a fire rating of 90 minutes. The NF series also comes in a variety of exterior colors as well as different hardware finish options.

To ensure peace of mind when it comes to the reliability and security of your safe, American Security offers a 24/36days a year helpline as well as a service department with thousands of trained technicians. In addition, most of their products come with a lifetime warranty against fire and theft that requires no labor charge, no additional fees for parts and they pay the freight charges. Pretty unbeatable if you ask me!


Browning has been in the firearm and sporting good industry for more than 13years and is considered to be unmatched when it comes to product quality. Browning’s headquarters is located right in Morgan, Utah and has now grown to be one of the most popular, authoritative outdoor products brand.

Browning has made a significant impact in the world of hunting and personal defense. They are considered a key player in the outdoor product world because of their full line of guns, ammunition, clothing and accessories. Browning also offers a line of superior quality safes that are not only made from solid steel but also have a beautiful finish. Browning specializes in a wide variety of safes and vaults including pistol vaults, vault doors and also a variety of full size gun safes. With tons of sizing options available, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a safe that best fits your situation. Lets take a quick look at a few of Browning’s popular safe models.

SR 26F Silver Series

One of the most popular safes from Browning is the SR26F Silver Series safe. This safe is entirely made in the USA and is fully customizable. The SR26F has a fire rating of 100 minutes and will hold anywhere between 1and 2guns depending on the configuration.

HR 37F Hunting Series Gun safe

Another popular model from Browning is the HR37F gun safe, which is a part of the Hunter Series. Like the SR26F, the HR37F is completely made in the USA and has several great capacity and accessory option to choose from. The Hunter series has a 90-minute fire rating and has is capable of holding between 2and 6guns depending on the configuration you choose.


One of Cannon’s most popular models is the Patriot. The Patriot comes in several different sizes and capacities and can hold anywhere from guns all the way up to 30 guns. The Patriot is also ETL verified for a fire rating of 30mins. This is a great solution if you’re looking for a small to mid-sized gun safe from Cannon.

The Scout is popular mid-sized to large capacity safe from Canon. The Scout comes in different sizes and will carry anywhere from 2guns all the way up to 4guns depending on the size you choose. The Scout is ETL verified for fire resistance up to 30min. If you’re looking for a Cannon safe that has a medium to large capacity, this is a great choice.

Field and Stream

Field and Stream first started in 187and has now grown to be one of the largest outdoor sporting good stores in the country competing with the largest name outdoor superstores out there.

Field and Stream has a huge selection of outdoor products offering a vast selection from nearly every single brand of outdoor gear in existence. They have 1locations that span across the eastern side of America all the way from northern New York down to Alabama. Field and Stream also offers a variety of their own branded items including high quality gun safes. These safes are an incredible value and are a great choice if you’re on a budget but still want a safe and secure way to store your guns and valuables. But just because these safe are built with affordability in mind does not mean that they do not carry the same great features of safes that are double in price.

Sportsman Gun Fire safe

The Sportsman Gun Fire safe is the smallest of Field and Stream’s line of full size guns safes. This model will hold up to guns and is perfect for anyone who needs a small and compact option and does not plan on expanding their collection in the future. Like the other great options from Field and Stream, the Sportsman is ETL verified for 30 minutes of fire protection.

Field and Stream offers a limited lifetime guarantee that states they will repair or replace any safe that is damaged due to fire or theft free of charge. In addition, they also provide 5-year warranty that protects you against defects in materials and workmanship.


Fortress was developed over 20 years ago from their parent company Heritage Safe. Their brand name may not be as popular as some of the others out there, but as you know, the name isn’t everything.

One of the best selling safes from Fortress is the FS36E. This is their mid-sized safe that has a generous capacity of 3guns and comes equipped with an electronic lock. This model comes with adjustable shelves and door organizer, making it extremely versatile. The FS36E has a fire protection rating of 40min.

The near smallest of the Fortress line is the FS14C. This is one the smallest full size gun safes that Fortress makes and will hold up to 1guns. This unit comes with the dial style lock, bolt down kit and a shelf to hold some accessories and ammo. The FS14C has a fire protection rating of 20min.

One of the largest of their product line and most popular is the FS45SE. This unit was designed with the collector in mind and has ample storage for 4guns, several adjustable shelves and a door organizer. The FS45SE comes with a quick access electronic lock and a fire protection rating of 40min

All Fortress safes come with a lifetime warranty against damaging break-ins, break-in attempts and fires. This means that they will replace your safe free if in the event of one of these unfortunate scenarios. Their safes also come with a 10-year product warranty that protects you against manufacture defects and problems in the workmanship. If that wasn’t enough, their safes also come with a 1-year satisfaction guarantee.


Homak’s flagship model is the HS50133360, which has a generous 3Gun capacity. This is the largest option provided by Homak. The 3gun model comes with your choice of either an electronic lock or a mechanical lock depending on your preference. This model comes with adjustable shelving for plenty of accessory storage options as well as a 30 minute fire resistance rating.


The 1Gun capacity HS40221160 from Homak comes in a textured hunter green finish with gold hardware to compliment.  The 1gun model comes with a combination lock, adjustable shelving and barrel rest. This model is in the light duty series from Homak and does not provide any fire resistant properties.


Another great model from Homak is the 2Gun safe the HS50121240. This is the same high security safe as the 3gun capacity model but in a smaller size. This unit comes with fully adjustable shelves for accessories and ammo as well as an adjustable barrel rest. This model has a fire resistance rating of 30 minutes.

To ensure peace of mind, all Homak gun safes come with a 5-year limited warranty that covers all parts and replacement cost. This warranty isn’t quite as good as some of the other brands I’ve reviewed but their products are built to a high quality standard which ensures a long lasting product.


The MBF6032E is one of the best selling safes from Mesa. This unit is capable of storing up to 30 guns and has several storage shelves for ammunition, handguns, knives and any other weapon or valuable. The MBF6032E also features an internal power strip for accessories like lights and dehumidifiers. This safe has a 60-minute fire protection rating.


Another popular safe solution from Mesa is the MBF7236E. This is the largest of the MBF product line and can hold up to 4guns and still provide plenty of storage room for handguns, ammo, cash and collectibles and anything else you need protected. Like all Mesa gun safes, it is constructed of 100% steel ensuring only the highest security and peace of mind and has a fire protection rating of 60 minutes.


The MBF5922E is the smallest of the Mesa product line offering a 14-gun capacity as well as few shelves to store your ammo, handguns and anything you need locked up. This unit also comes with an internal power strip for dehumidifiers, lighting and security cameras. The MBF series has a 60-minute fire protection rating and are all made from 100% steel.

Mesa provides a lifetime warranty for all of their Fire Gun Safe series safes against burglary and fire damage. As long as you are the original owner, Mesa will repair or replace the safe at no product cost, just pay shipping and moving costs. Mesa also provides a 1-year warranty on all of their locks that guarantees your lock free of manufacturers defects.


Situated just north of Chicago, Stack On is located in Wauconda, IL and has a nearly half of a million square foot facility for manufacturing and storage. Stack On started in 197and has since provided a wide variety of products including secure storage safes.

Stack On offers a full line of high quality organizational products that are designed to create a place for everything and to keep your spaces organized and less cluttered. There product line includes portable storage and organization, garage organization storage, tool storage and secure storage. Their safe line includes a vast selection of over 1different models of safes in all different shapes and sizes. Stack On is one of the top selling safe brands available and is considered to have the broadest range of safes available. Let’s take a quick look at some of their most popular models out right now.


A top selling model from Stack On is the FS-14-MG. This unit is a smaller capacity full sized safe that is capable of storing up to 1guns. It also has a few adjustable shelves for storing things like ammo, handguns, valuables and anything else you need kept secure. The FS-14-MG is ETL verified for fire resistance up to 30 minutes.


The TD-54-SB is another popular top selling model from Stack On. This safe is one of their large capacity safes that is capable of securely storing up to 5guns. This unit comes with adjustable shelves for storing any accessories or valuables and also comes with door storage organizer for expanded storage capabilities. The TD-54-SB is ETL verified for fire resistance up to 60 minutes and is also waterproof.


The TD-28-GP is another top selling featured model from Stack On. This is a medium capacity full sized safe that is capable of storing up to 2guns. This model also comes with adjustable shelves as well as a door storage organizer with removable zippered bags as well as removable holsters for pistol storage. The TD-28-GP is ETL verified for fire resistance up to 60 minutes and waterproof in up to 2ft of water for 7hours.

R1Ranger Deluxe

The R1Ranger Deluxe is a small to mid-sized capacity safe from Winchester. It is capable of storing up to 2guns and has plenty of room for storage along with adjustable shelving to provide you with tons of different storage combinations. The R1Ranger Deluxe comes in a two different colors and lock choices and has a fire rating of 60 minutes.

R3Ranger Deluxe

The Winchester R3Ranger Deluxe is the same great safe as the R1just in a larger sizing option. The R3will comfortable hold up to 30 guns and has plenty of shelving and door storage to hold your pistols, ammo, valuables and accessories. This unit has two different color options and lock choices and has a fire protection rating of 60 minutes.

Winchester also has a Legacy series. All of their safes offers a limited lifetime warranty on most models of their gun safes. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship and damage from burglary or fire. Winchester also provides a 1-year warranty that protects you against workmanship flaws and defects in the mechanical or electronic lock.

Hidden Safes

Safes are now becoming a centerpiece in some living rooms, game rooms, and bedrooms. This can add lots of great character to a room but also poses as a threat to overall safety. Especially if your safe is movable or light duty. I would always recommend a hidden gun safe over out in the open placement. Be strategic in the placement of your safe and always consider all possible threats. A hidden gun safe could be as simple as hiding it in the back of your closet or an inconspicuous spot in your basement.

In-Wall Safes

A common choice is the in-wall gun safe. The in wall gun safe comes in a large variety of shapes and sizes and can be small enough to hold just one handheld and some rounds or large enough for a few rifles and ammo. They generally sit situated between two studs and can be easily hidden by framed artwork, a poster, a mirror or anything that is easily removed to allow access to the safe.

If you are looking for a quicker way to access your safe than the in-wall style and would like it to be hidden and easily accessible right from you bedside, you might want to consider the under bed safe. Under bed safes come in a huge variety of sizes from something as small as a bed frame mounted safe that has extremely quick access to a hand gun, all the way up to a full sized gun vault that has enough room to store several rifles, pistols and rounds.

Night Stand Safes

A nightstand  gun safe can be large enough to hold several handguns, rounds, important documents, cash, etc. and is not limited to just one handgun like some of the other options available. I find this option to be a great balance between accessibility and safety.

Quick Access Safes

Quick access gun safes are generally just large enough for a handgun and maybe an extra clip or two depending on the model.  This is a great option if you’re just looking for some added security to the weapon beside your bed or in the glove compartment of your vehicle. Like the name, these safes are designed to provide the quickest access possible in the event of an emergency. Quick access units are not as safe as some of the other options out there and usually provide much lower security. If your quick access safe is stolen, odds are within a short amount of time the burglar will have gained access to the contents inside.

Strength and Construction

The next question to ask yourself is how secure do you want your safe to be? Safes come in a variety of security levels and can be made from several different types materials and thicknesses. This factor definitely plays a part in the overall security of you items. Here are some things to consider when choosing the strength of the doors and walls: Are you often out of town for long periods of time? Is your area susceptible to burglary? Are the items stored in your safe extremely valuable? If you your home or office is empty for extended lengths of time, this can give a burglar an extended amount of time to try and break into your safe. These questions will help you determine what security strength you will need when purchasing your new safe.

Single Zombie Strategy

Stair Run Strategy – If there is a horde of zombies after you, and you are running but you get past stairs, keep pressing Space and you should get up there faster. (Note: It only works when you are going up) —————————————————————————————————


In order to beat the game, you must find the weapons (you already receive a Pistol in the start of the game). The weapons that can be directly purchased are the Shotgun, the Rocket Launcher, the Sniper and the Rifle. So, there are a total of weapons that can be purchased directly. You can unlock more weapons through the Weapon Chests.

Sollomate Aggressio

Here are the most efficient fists for skilling against mobs.

Castorian EnKnuckles-A : Its in the TT. Rates 2nd on the effiency list but has bonus features for the unskilled!

Loughlin Smacker Two (L) : When you have maxed out the TT fist move on to this one. It hits twice as hard and is the most efficient fist. It will last twice as long as well!

Manticore Deathbringer Mentor Edition : Not for skilling but put this on your wishlist, it has the highest Damage/Sec and all the Max Power and still rates 3rd on the efficiency list.

Skilling Rifle

Probably the most desirable skill. However, do not touch a Rifle to skill this, instead stick with Carbines and stay away from BLP.

Sollomate Opalo : Get one from the TT. This weapon has some great benefits for beginners during its learning period! Once you decide you need a bit more damage, add an A10amp.

Sollomate Tasmo Mentor Edition : Move up to this if you are looking to increase your damage.

Update 6th Feb 2007

ANSI FLStandards

Up until recently there has not been any kind of standard in the flashlight industry, the ANSI FLstandards even the playing field for all torch producers. Learning how to read the standards sheets put out by most manufacturers is important to help you find the best tactical flashlight.

Light Output : This is a Lumens rating that shows the total amount of light that comes out of the front of the flashlight.

Run Time : This is the amount of time it will take for light to get to 10% of its initial output. An example would be that if a flashlight started at 100 Lumens this is the length of time of continuous light that it would take to get down to Lumens.

Beam Distance : This is the measurement in meters of the distance at which the intensity of the beam reaches 0.2lux which is the approximated amount of light of a full moon on a clear night.

Peak Beam Intensity : Measured in Candela this is the brightest point in the beam. Where Lumens tell how much light is coming out of the light in total Candela measures how bright the brightest point of the beam is.

Impact Resistance : Measured in meters this indicates the height that you could drop a flashlight from onto concrete and it still work properly. The light can also not have any cracks or breaks in it. : There are three levels of water resistance that are found, those are IPX4, IPX7, and IPX: A flashlight with this rating has been tested to perform under the condition of splashing water. : A flashlight with this rating has been tested to perform submerged to meter for 30 minutes. : A flashlight with this rating has been tested to perform submerged deeper than meter for up to hours.

Why Would You Want To Carry A Tactical Flashlight

Aside from a pocket knife, the most useful tool that you could carry is a flashlight. Even if you are never going to use a flashlight for self-defense a quality torch can be used for countless things. Here are a few situations when having a good tactical flashlight would be nice.


As mentioned earlier modern tactical flashlights are designed to give someone an advantage in a combat situation. The hard anodized aluminum can be used as a striking tool, many flashlights come with crenulated bezels that are shaped in a way that would help you to both break windows and faces. Also, just holding something in your hand will make your fists more devastating. Next, the high lumens make it so you can temporarily blind any would be attacker which could give you time to escape. If you mix together the ability to blind someone with the added striking force that you get from a tactical flashlight you have a dominating combination, imagine the devastation caused by hitting somebody in the face with the Surefire P2X Fury Defender. As a small warning though, if you are not a trained fighter it is always better to use the temporary blindness as added time to get away.

Identify Things In The Dark

This is the main purpose of any flashlight. If you have a flashlight with you you will have peace of mind that any dark alley or parking lot can be illuminated. Some of the lights that we have here can illuminate things over a football field away. You no longer need to worry what might be hiding in the dark.

Just Finding Stuff

I don’t know about you but I lose things all of the time, under the couch, under the bed, behind the desk, behind the dresser, etc… You know what I mean. You do not even know how many times you will be glad that you had a flashlight with you. Hey, a flashlight might even make it so you are not late for work when you are looking for your keys all over the place.

Top Buying Tips For Finding The Best Tactical Flashlight

For the people that do not have time right now to read all of the material on this site, here is a quick and dirty summary of the top things to look for to ensure that you are getting a quality product. Some of you may have specific requirement that would make these tips change but for the general public and for the EDC enthusiast that is not a flashaholic these are some easy guidelines. : If you are buying a EDC flashlight how big can you comfortably have with you all of the time. Otherwise if you are not keeping it with you all of the time how much space do you have to store it? : Do you want disposable or rechargeable batteries? And, do you want a standard size battery (easy to find) or a special battery (more power)? : It takes at least 60-100 lumens to cause temporary blindness.

Durability : I would go with type III hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum with a LED bulb that is rated to at least IPXwaterproofing.

Tactical Handheld Flashlights

Handheld tactical lights are designed to be extremely durable, as they need to stand up to some of the harshest conditions. To ensure that they can stand up to the worst conditions most manufacturers are going to use weapon-grade aluminum for the body along with a textured grip. The better grip allows you to use the light as a striking tool without worrying about it slipping out of your grasp. Top quality handheld lights are small enough that they can be easily carried around for everyday use. The smaller size also allows you to easily operate the light with one hand leaving your other hand free for other tasks.

Handheld tactical lights are some of the brightest ones out there. Handheld tactical lights need to be bright enough to light up a dark room, but they also might need to temporarily blind a potential suspect.  A handheld tactical light is something that you want to be able to depend on at all times, you want to know that your light is going to work in a life or death situation.

SureFire G2X LE

The Surefire G2X LE was specifically designed to meet the needs of law enforcement officers, making it one of the better tactical flashlights on the market. The G2X LE is an improvement on the G2X Pro as it offers a higher lumen output than the original model. The G2X LE offers two output levels: high and low. High offers a blinding 400 lumens on the first click, while low offers 1lumens that requires two clicks. Highest setting offers users the maximum amount of light, while the lowest settings ensures a longer battery life from the CR123A batteries required to power the light.

The entire light is controlled via a dual-output tailcap switch. This is beneficial for those life or death situation that law enforcement often finds themselves in because it provides instant access to the brightest light when you need it most, giving you a momentary advantage. The G2X is as durable as it is useful as it is made from a Nitrolon polymer body that offers a secure grip. The light uses O-rings and gaskets to seal against moisture and dust, so it will work in any environment. The high performance LED used in the G2X LE is practically indestructible and its parabolic reflector improves the beams reach.

Nitecore P20

The Nitecore P20 features a CREE XM-L(T6) LED that has a peak beam intensity of 11,000 candelas with a throw distance of 68feet. This premium LED allows the P20 to offer users three different modes: tactical, general, and law enforcement, as well as a strobe mode. Each of the three modes provide different brightness levels allowing for this light to be effectively used in a variety of non-life threatening situations. While we do not recommend this light for life or death situations it does provide quick and easy access to the strobe mode via the strobe ready button.

As tactical lights are supposed to be easy to use Nitecore offers users a dual-switch tail cap, which is said to be ideal for tactical applications as it is designed for one handed operation. The top switch provides users with the ability to power the light on or off, as well as access the different modes. The bottom switch is the strobe ready button and a simply push provides you with instant strobe no matter what mode you were previously in. The Nitecore P20 can be powered by a single 18650 battery or two CR12batteries, what batteries used will affect the lumen output and runtime.

Tactical Pistol Light

A pistol light, which can also be referred to as a handgun light, is a tactical light that mounts directly to our handgun via a Picatinny or Weaver rail. Pistol lights are an excellent tool, but they must be chosen with care. As a true tactical light you want to know that you can count on your pistol light working when you need it, especially in one of those life or death situations. One thing you must keep in mind with your pistol light is that where you are pointing the light you are also pointing the pistol. With that being said these lights should only be used in situations where your gun is already out!

As a tactical light you don’t want just any old pistol light, you want something that is durable. You need your pistol light to stand up to numerous bullets being fired from your handgun; you don’t want something that is going to fall apart after only a few rounds. Pistol lights can be mounted directly below the barrel or they can be mounted onto the side via an offset mount, which one you choose will depend on you. Pistol lights often come with a tail cap switch, but high quality ones will provide you with the ability to switch the tail cap switch for a pressure switch.

SureFire X300 Ultra

The SureFire X300 Ultra high performance LED is powered by two high-energy CR123A batteries that will emit 600 lumens for an hour and a half. The X300 Ultra features a newer mounting system that uses a T-slot mounting system with a T-slot mounting rail and tightening screw. This newer mounting system allows users to mount the X300 Ultra to both long guns and hand guns quickly and securely.

What makes the X300 Ultra the best tactical pistol light aside from its extreme durability is its ambidextrous switch that makes activation a breeze. The switch is now wider and shorter than you have seen on previous models, but it is still located at the rear of the light to allow for easy one-handed operation. Remote activation using a DG grip for handguns or a XT tape switch for long guns is also available.

Now if you are looking for a pistol light with a laser, but you really like the SureFire X300 Ultra you need to check out the X400 Ultra as it has many of the same features as the X300 Ultra, but comes with a red or green laser. You can also check out our Pistol Light Buyers Guide for our light recommendations for different sized pistols.

Streamlight TLR-HL

The Streamlight TLR-HL is a shining example of the high quality lights manufactured by Streamlight. The TLR-HL comes in three different colors and is constructed from machined aluminum with a black anodized finish. The light itself is completely sealed earning it an IPX rating of 7, which allows it to be used both indoors and outdoors. If you opt for the Streamlight TLR-HL and currently have a holster that allows for a light bearing pistol you will not need to purchase a new one, as the TLR-HL is constructed to fit into all light bearing holsters.

A CLED is powered by two CR123A batteries and can emit 800 lumens with a peak beam intensity of 15,000 candelas. With a pistol light how far the beam reaches is important and with the TLR-HL you will be able to see up to 800 feet away thanks to the concentrated beam provided by the TIR lens. The TLR-HL comes equipped to mount directly to any handgun with glock-style rails, but can also be mounted to Picatinny rails. The TLR-Hl is designed for hand guns but Streamlight offers a kit for long guns that must be purchased separately.

For those of you that prefer to have a laser light combo and you really like what the Streamlight TLR-HL is offering there is good news. Streamlight makes two other models of the TLR-they come with all of the same features and quality as the TLR-HL, but they have an added laser. The TLR-HL comes with a red laser, while the TLR-HL G comes with a green laser. You can check out our Best Pistol Light article for a more detailed review of those two lights.

Aimkon HiLight P5S

The Aimkon will fit on the majority of the subcompact pistols on the market, but it will also fit on several full sized pistols. The Aimkon HiLight P5S utilizes a quick release mount system to attach to your weapon. The P5S comes equipped with two distinct modes: constant on and strobe, as well as a red laser for aiming purposes.

While all of this might sound great we strongly discourage you from using the Aimkon HiLight P5S in life or death situations. Yes the pistol light is made to mount a on pistol, but that doesn’t mean you can rely on it for life threatening situations. The quality and durability is nowhere near the same as pistol lights made by SureFire and Streamlight. This pistol light is one that should only be used for target practice or even on airsoft guns.

Tactical Rifle Flashlight

Rifle flashlights are very similar to pistol lights; they are both designed to be mounted onto your weapon to provide you with light while keeping both hands on your gun. The difference between these two weapon lights is what kind of weapon they are mounted too. Pistol lights for the most part are designed to be mounted to pistols or handguns, although some of these lights feature kits that allow them to be mounted to long guns. Rifle flashlights are not designed to be mounted to the smaller guns, these lights are designed to be mounted to the longer style guns like rifles and they will typically be able to use a pressure switch.

One of the great things about rifle flashlights is that all of them currently on the market use LED emitters, so they usually exceed the minimum 50 lumens needed to disorient a person’s night vision. With lumens not being a concern the other things that you need to look at when selecting a rifle flashlight are how reliable the light is, how much output it has and what kind of beam distance it will provide, how easy it is to operate, and how small and lightweight the light really is.

SureFire M600IB Scout Light

The SureFire M600IB Scout Light ranks as the best rifle flashlight for a variety of reasons with its IntelliBeam Technology being one of them. This technology uses an intelligent sensor coupled with a microprocessor system to constantly evaluate the area where the beam is being aimed. Based on the data collected the light output will automatically be adjusted anywhere between 100 to 600 lumens enabling you to always have the right amount of light for the job you are doing. The M600IB is made from hard-anodized aluminum and utilizes a high performance LED that is considered to be practically indestructible. The light mounts onto MIL-STD-191rails using a thumbscrew mount.

The M600IB Scout comes equipped with a clicky type tail-cap switch. The clicky switch can be partially pressed down to use the momentary on feature or fully press the switch to activate the constant-on feature. Full tactical mode, which is a bright 600 lumens, is activated by going from off to on again within one second of each other. SureFire also minimizes the chance of accidental activation by shrouding the switch. Now the M600IB doesn’t come with a pressure switch, but you can purchase one separately and we strongly recommend that you do. For the M600IB we recommend the SureFire DS0Remote/Pushbutton Switch Tail Assembly.

Streamlight 8805ProTac Railmount 2L Gun Light

With the ProTac Railmount 2L you will be able to mount the light to ay Picatinny rails with its dedicated fixed mount, which is a fixed rail grabber with thumbscrew mount.  This specific light is a part of the Streamlight’s 6000 series, so like other lights in its series it is constructed from machined aircraft aluminum with an anodized finish. To add to its durability the ProTac Railmount 2L utilizes an impact resistant BOROFLOAT lens to protect the CLED that can emit up to 62lumens for a period of hours using two CR123A batteries. This light currently has two IPX ratings depending on what switch is used to control the light. With the tail switch the ProTac Railmount 2L has an IPXrating, while the pressure switch drops down to an IXP4.

The ProTac Railmount 2L utilizes Streamlight’s TEN-Tap Programming and provides users with the choice of three different operating modes. With the ProTac Railmount 2L users can choose high/strobe mode, high mode, or low/high mode. The strobe option is ideal for signaling for help or disorienting a potential attacker. The rifle light is controlled  via a multi-function tactical tail switch that is designed for one handed operation. The ProTac Railmount 2L also comes with a dual remote pressure switch that can be used in place of the tactical tail switch, as well as remote retaining clips.

Nitecore CGHunting Kit

One of the first things you need to realize is that no matter how amazing this light kit sounds, we do not recommend it for any kind of tactical situations. Nitecore does make high quality lights, but we feel that the NiteCore CGHunting Kit is more geared for playing rather than in life or death situations. One of the great things about this hunting kit is just how much stuff it comes with. Inside the CGHunting Kit you are going to find the light that provides users with green and white light, as well as a icharger, NL18battery, RSWremote switch, a tactical ring, lanyard, holster, car adapter, NFR40 Red Filter, weapon mount, and a survival keychain light.

The Chameleon CGlight offers users bright and focused dual beams. The white beam can reach up to 440 lumens for a distance of 62feet, while the green light can emit up to 18lumens for a distance of 55feet. The white light option offers users the choice between five modes, while the green light option comes with three different brightness levels. The CGoffers two special modes: strobe and emergency police warning light. The rifle mounting kit that comes with the CGkit comes with a rail mount and a barrel mount option, as well as a high clearance scope mount and a remote pressure switch. Whether you are using the dual mode switch or the remote pressure switch the light is easy to activate and the dual beams are controlled independently. The CGfeatures a power indicator light to alert you to battery power levels and will also remind you when it is time to recharge the battery.

Tactical Headlamp

Headlamps are a great choice for those who are looking for 100% hands free lighting. The main purpose of a headlamp is to direct the entire amount of light to a specific area, which is why the lamp of the light is usually worn in the center of the head. When choosing a headlamp the amount of lumens is going to tell you how bright the light is, but the beam distance is what you really want to pay attention to. The beam distance is going to tell you how just how far your headlamp is going to be able to produce useable light.

Another important aspect is the beam type. With head lamps you have three basic choices: flood, spot, or adjustable. Flood lamps are ideal for close up repair work or ordinary outdoor tasks. Flood lamps are used when light doesn’t need to reach long distances. Spot lamps are best for hiking, climbing, and other similar activities because the beam is ideal for lighting up things in the distance. Adjustable headlamps offer the best of both worlds, as they provide you with both a flood and spot option, so you have the right kind of beam when you need it most. For tactical use we feel that a headlamp must have a red light since red is the best color to retain night vision and many times you will use your headlamp just to read something quickly.

Tactical Night Vision

In this article we only cover two night vision devices: monocular and goggles. Monoculars are night vision devices that provide no magnification and use a single eye unit. In many cases these style of night vision devices are the most versatile of them all, as they can be worn on the head or even mounted to the front of a rifle scope. How monocular devices can be used will depend on the brand and model purchased. Goggles allow for both eyes to be used when viewing, but like monoculars they do not provide any kind of magnification. Goggles can be head mounted and come in two different styles. The first style is single image tube with two eye pieces, while the other is a dual image tube with two eye pieces. One of the great things about goggle style night vision devices is how natural they feel when you first start wearing them, they don’t take much getting used to at all.

Armasight Nyx-Pro Bravo Gen 3

Before we get too involved in looking at what the Armasight Nyx-Pro Bravo Gen has to offer we want you to know that this light meets our minimum requirements to be used in life threatening situations. In all honesty there are higher end products out there that far exceed what this one has to offer, in fact, the Gen of this same model is currently the best product available. The Gen meets minimum requirements for high quality tactical use at a little bit lower of a price, so we feel that it is a good fit for our review.

The Armasight Nyx-Pro Bravo Gen is an extremely durable and rugged bi-ocular night vision goggle. The Bravo Gen uses simple, but very reliable electronics and the highest grade optics to provide you with clear and bright images through night vision. The Bravo Gen can be 100% hands free if worn on the included flip-up head mount, but can also be a hand-held night vision device if you need to engage in long range observation. These goggles are powered by a single CR12or an ordinary AA battery that provides up to 60 hours of use. The goggles are water and fog resistant and come with easy to operate controls. The auto brightness feature and the built-in infrared illuminators are just an added bonus.

ATN NVM 14-Gen Monocular

What makes the ATN NVM 14-Gen the best tactical night vision monocular in our opinion is how versatile it is, as well as its amazing features. The NVM 14-can be used for a variety of different tasks, including driving and administering first aid, in addition to so many other things. With the NVM you can pretty much go about your normal daytime tasks, but in the dark. The NVM can be used as a handheld device, a head or helmet mounted device, or even mounted on a weapon. The NVM can be vertically adjusted by using the head straps; it can also offers a fore and aft adjustment. The NVM also offers objective lens focus and eyepiece focus.

The Automatic Brightness Adjustment system on the NVM 14-is a nice feature to have as it ensures that the IIT brightness level remains steady no matter the conditions. With the Automatic Protective System the NVM is able to control the current illumination automatically, plus the Monocular will shut off on its own if lx levels go higher than 100 to 300 lx within minutes. The NVM features a monocular optical system that is made up of an objective lens, an eyepiece, and an Image Intensifier Tube. The eyepiece itself is home to a red and green indicator light. The green light warns of excessive brightness, while the red is a low battery warning and a IR illuminator indicator.

ATN Spirit MP-Monocular

The ATN Spirit MP-Monocular is a perfect choice for night vision monoculars for those who are currently working on tactical law enforcement teams, as well as elite military personnel. In all honesty the Spirit MP-can also be used by ordinary citizens, but it is a something that is of high quality and is made for true tactical situations. The ATN Spirit MP-can be attached to a helmet or even a weapon, it can also be used as a head mounted device or a handheld device and is perfect for doing a variety of daytime tasks in the dark of night.The MP-is powered by a single CR123A battery that will allow you to effectively use the monoculars for a period of 60 hours before needing replacement.

One thing that the Spirit MP-offers is Total Darkness technology. This technology comes with a infrared light emitting source that is built into the monocular itself. This technology allows you to use the device even when there is a lack of ambient light. Like many other ATN models the Spirit MP-also comes with LED indicator lights, automatic brightness control, and a bright light cut off. Most IR laser aiming devices, as well as illuminating devices, are completely compatible with the Spirit MP-2, which only adds to its versatility. It is the advanced technology used in the ATN Spirit MP-that gives you the tactical advantage when using it in a tactical situation.

Other Tactical Lights

Most categories of tactical lights are focused on a style of flashlight, whether it is a headlamp, helmet mount, or goggle style light; they all look and act similar to a flashlight. All of the above mentioned lights are great tools to use in a variety of tactical situations, but sometimes you need something a little bit different to get the job done. In this section we want to introduce you to other tactical lights that you might find useful to have on hand.

One thing that you might notice based on the lights that we have chosen for this article is that tactical lights provide you with advantage during tactical situations. In some cases the burst of light helps disorient an adversary while other times the infrared light allows you to maneuver through a room without giving away your position or destroying your night vision. The lights included in this category of our article are no different. These lights provide you with a tactical advantage, but what advantage they provide will vary.

Brite Strike RID-3

The Brite Strike RID-is not a replacement for a flashbang, but they were designed by police officers to be a distraction and disorientation device. Brite Strike RID-doesn’t require any special training to use and they are an excellent alternative to flashbangs. One reason why they are such a good alternative to flashbangs is they can be used to gain entry into an unsafe room that contains flammable material.

Brite Strike RID-3s are small, lightweight ball balls that are expertly weighted to ensure they spin and wobble when they are tossed into a room. As the ball rolls across the floor or when it first hits the floor it will spin and wobble with its two white LEDs shining brightly. Once the ball stops wobbling and spinning the light will be facing up allowing the person in the room to be perfectly backlight. The spinning and wobbling light distracts the person in the room, giving you the perfect opportunity to make your move. Brite Strike RID-does not feature a strobe option, as you don’t want to be blinded by the strobe when you walk into the room. The spin and wobble feature works similar to a strobe without having any disorientating effect on you. Note, these do not strobe.

Beam Distance

Lumens are how we measure luminous flux which is the amount of light energy or power of the light in total that comes out of the face of the flashlight. High Lumens means that you have a powerful LED and a powerful battery. Flashlight producers like throwing the word Lumen around everywhere but it is not really as useful of a measure of light as Candela or Beam Distance for how the flashlight will perform. The most powerful tactical flashlights have really high lumens but it is dependent on the reflector on whether the light will shine a long distance or if it will light up the area close to the light.

Candela is the peak beam intensity or in other words the brightest point of light produced. Without changing the amount of Lumens the Candela can change dramatically since they are dependent on the beam angle which is controlled greatly by the reflector. The smaller the beam angle the greater the peak brightness with be (Candela). So you could have flashlight with a much less powerful LED producing a higher beam intensity and having a longer beam distance because it has a smaller beam angle.

As mentioned earlier when we described the ANSI FLstandards Beam Distance is the distance in meters that a light can go until it reaches 0.2lux which is the amount of light output by the full moon on a clear night. Just like Peak Beam Intensity/Candela the Beam Distance is very dependent on both the type of LED used and also the reflector. Flashlights can be designed to throw a long beam like a spot light or to light up a whole area like a light bulb in your house. Later we will talk about throw vs flood.

With all of that said, we will play by the manufacturers rules and decide how much light we need by Lumens. But, now that you are educated you can take the other ANSI measurements into account while searching for the best tactical flashlight.

700+ Lumens: This is getting really serious. This is the level of power you want if you need maximum brightness for your job but still need a small handheld light. Search and rescue teams or people that just want to show off get these kinds of lumens. There are handheld flashlights that go up to 7000+ Lumens these insane flashlights can make a tree 3-football fields away as bright as a christmas tree.

Flood Vs. Throw

These are two terms that you will hear about all of the time if you do much research in flashlights. A flashlight the has a lot of flood will illuminate a very large area but not very far. There will not be a defined beam but on overall brightness in the whole area. Torches that have a long throw have a very definite beam and you can light up something many yards away. Different lights are designed to be more floody or throwy, it is dependent on the design of the reflector and on the LED that is used. In general flashlights that are floody are better for close up activities and flashlights that have a long throw are for lighting up thing that are far away. You need to decide how far away you want to be able to see something and this will change the flashlight that you will want to buy.

Light Filters

Some flashlights come with light filters that you can put over the top of the flashlight so it will shine another color. Red is popular for night vision, blue and yellow are popular for seeing blood, and green does not spook animals while hunting and can not be seen from the side so you can preserve your location.

Dedicated RGB LEDs

You would use red, blue, and green led flashlights for the same reason as above but for some reason you might want them built into the flashlight. Having the built in LEDs makes it so you do not need to search for filters all of the time, but you will not be able to get the same level of brightness as you would in a light with a filter.


Some people like to carry flashlights is a separate holder on their belt, and some flashlights are too big to fit in a pocket. For this reason there are flashlights that come with holsters. Most flashlight holsters have a belt loop and then a Velcro flap that goes over the head of the flashlight.

Mounting Bracket

Do you need to put your light on a gun, some lights are dedicated gun lights and some handheld flashlights have adapters that will attach them to a gun. A light the is meant designed to go on a gun will fit more secure and have less movement, but having an adapter for a handheld light is both more versatile and cheaper.

Pressure Switch

If you want to mount your flashlights to a weapon some lights offer different types of switches. Many manufacturers offer pressure switches that replace the tail switch of a flashlight with a pressure pad so you can move the on/off button to almost anywhere else on the gun. These are particularly useful for long weapons so you can put a switch right next to where you would comfortably keep your hands as opposed to feeling around for the button on the flashlight.


Do you want the surface of the flashlight to be knurled for extra grip or do you want it to be smooth. Knurling is when a pattern is put into the metal surface of the flashlight. Many people like the knurling in the metal but some do not and prefer smoother ergonomic features to increase grip.

Flashlights 10- Introductory Course

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Handheld Flashlight: These are the flashlights that we all think about when we think of flashlights.\r\n

Headlamp: Headlamps are light that you wear over your head that allow you to be hands free. For things like camping an hiking these flashlight are ideal. It is much easier to use the restroom in the middle of the night with a headlamp on as opposed to a handheld light, and you really wouldn’t want to use a weapon light for this.\r\n

Weapon Lights: This other type of flashlight is specifically designed to be mounted to a pistol or a long gun. An example of a dedicated weapon light is the SureFire X300 Ultra. The two main types of mounting rails are the Weaver rail and the Picatinny rail. The Picatinny rail is the new of the two standards and typically Weaver accessories will fit on a Picatinny rail but not vice-versa. The other type of mounts that are used for shotguns and rifles without a rail system simply squeeze around both the barrel and the flashlight by tightening a screw.\r\n

– 1Lumens: Any kind of flashlight will do, you mainly just need a small light to get around dark rooms. Something to help you find your way to the restroom in the middle of the night or help you read a map. This level of light will not completely destroy your night vision.\r\n

1- 5Lumens: This is enough light to completely illuminate a room in the event of a power outage but it is not enough to see very far outdoors. This is also not enough to temporarily blind a would be attacker but still enough to mess up your own night vision.\r\n

60 – 14Lumens: Now we are getting to enough light to see outdoors. This is the level of light you would want if you were going for a walk at night through your neighborhood. There are conflicting numbers but in the dark above 100 Lumens should produce temporary blindness, you will need higher Lumens if you are in a more well lit place.\r\n

150 – 29Lumens: With this level of light output you could easily light up a large room, your entire backyard and be able to see pretty far out of a campsite. At 150 Lumens you will be able to cause temporary blindness even in a well lit place at night and at close to 300 Lumens you would be able to cause temporary blindness in an indoor daylight situation.\r\n

300 – 69Lumens: These are some serious Lumens. Most small flashlight require a burst mode to reach these high of lumens. You will typically only get into these lumen levels with specialty batteries. You could come close to lighting up an entire football field and would have no problem illuminating a campground.\r\n

Micro Flashlight: A micro light is under inches, they are the small keychain flashlights that usually use button cell batteries. There are a few super small serious flashlight that run on a single CRor CR123A battery that manage to be under inches in length but not many.\r\n

Mini Flashlight: We will say that a mini flashlight is under inches in length. From inches to inches you open a whole world of single battery flashlights including the standard AA and AAA sizes. There are flashlights that are this size that manage to put out 25Lumens on burst mode with a single CR123A battery. Tactical flashlights that are less than inches are difficult to use as a striking tool since most peoples hands will completely cover the flashlight.\r\n

Small Flashlight: A small flashlight is under inches in length. Between and inches you can not really fit in a second battery but you are able to have single battery flashlights with more features. In this size you will find more options with tail switches and the lights can have a deeper reflector so they can throw their light farther. Also, at inches these flashlights will be able to be used as a striking tool.\r\n

Medium Flashlight: A medium flashlight will be between and inches. In this range we have my lights that run on two batteries and you also start getting flashlights that use 18500 and 18650 specialty batteries. With the the availability of more power because of size these lights will have the top end LED bulbs that can put out very high Lumens. Again, with this size you also increase your ability to use your flashlight as a self-defense tool.\r\n

Large Flashlights: Here we will consider anything over inches that still has a small diameter bezel and can be held in a holster. Police usually buy flashlights in this size range since they can be used as a club and are definitely an extra weapon. Like the previous section these tactical flashlights can output huge amounts of Lumens but with the extra added size these flashlights may have a few more features than the slightly smaller lights.\r\n\r\nWhat Kind of Power Source Do You Want?\r\nWe all want to help the world be a cleaner place and we like the idea of rechargeable batteries, but there are many scenarios where disposable easy to find batteries are the best option.\r\n

Disposable Alkaline: These are the standard size batteries that you are used to seeing AAA, AA, C, and D batteries. These batteries do not offer as much power as some other types of batteries but they are very easy to find. Often people in the prepper\/survival industry like flashlight that will work on standard size batteries so they know that they will have access to the batteries. Alkaline batteries have a shelf life of around years.\r\n

Disposable Lithium: Do not confuse these batteries with Lithium Ion batteries! These batteries are in almost every way the same as alkaline batteries except they have more power, can store more energy and are lighter. Lithium batteries have a shelf life of around years so they are a favorite of survivalists. On the flipside they are quite a bit more expensive than alkaline batteries. Some specialized batteries that fit in this group are the CR123A and the CRwhich are often used in tactical flashlights.\r\n

Rechargeable Cells: Rechargeable Li-Ion cell batteries come in many different sizes. Some specialized sizes that are often used in tactical flashlights are 18500, 18650, and RCR123A. They offer great power output and the ability to recharge. The downside is that the batteries are expensive and you need to buy a nice charger to go along with them so you do not destroy them.\r\n

Integrated Rechargeable Pack: Lastly you can find tactical flashlights that have specially designed battery pack that is made just for that flashlight. sometimes these are removeable or sometimes you plug the whole flashlight into the wall. Often times these offer great benefits but if you run out of juice you need to wait awhile to charge back up.\r\n\r\nFlood Vs. Throw\r\n

These are two terms that you will hear about all of the time if you do much research in flashlights. A flashlight the has a lot of flood will illuminate a very large area but not very far. There will not be a defined beam but on overall brightness in the whole area. Torches that have a long throw have a very definite beam and you can light up something many yards away. Different lights are designed to be more floody or throwy, it is dependent on the design of the reflector and on the LED that is used. In general flashlights that are floody are better for close up activities and flashlights that have a long throw are for lighting up thing that are far away. You need to decide how far away you want to be able to see something and this will change the flashlight that you will want to buy.\r\n\r\n

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Head\/Tail Twist: This type of switch is very common on super small flashlights since it does not take any more space to develop a flashlight that changes its electrical contacts based on how much the head or tail is screwed on. Many people do not like these switches because they find that the head or tail sometimes comes completely unscrewed.\r\n

Body: The body switch was the most popular style and is like what you would find on a Mag-lite. It allows certain types of grip that you would not be able to do with the other two types of switches.\r\n

Tail: The tail switch is the most popular and usually the favorite type of switch for a tactical flashlight. Having the button on the bottom of the torch allows an overhand grip that is already in a fist position, which allows for better self defense with easy flashlight usage. Also, our most preferred method of using a flashlight with a gun really is much easier with a tail switch.\r\n\r\nHow Many Brightness Levels Do You Want?\r\nEvery person wants something different out of their flashlight and every flashlight manufacturer has their own idea of what the best way to provide light is.\r\n

On\/Off: There are no modes or brightness levels, just full power. Many flashlights that are designed for tactical use actually prefer this because when you push that button you know exactly what is going to come out. Some people feel that all of brightness levels and modes can confuse and just get in the way.\r\n

Two Brightness Levels: High and Low, these lights do not offer anything fancy except the ability to have a long battery life on a low setting aside from just having max power all of the time.\r\n

Many Brightness Levels: There are flashlights that have up to different brightness levels and some even with dials that support continuous change. Obviously the brighter the light the lower the run-time so having just enough light for what you are doing is a huge benefit. Rather than having not enough or having too much and having your flashlight die out very quickly.\r\n\r\n \r\nDo You Want Any Special Light Modes?\r\nThere are three special light modes that a flashlight come with. They are Strobe, SOS, and Beacon.\r\n

Strobe: Strobe is designed to disorient somebody, it is a very fast and super bright blinking light that is usually in a changing pattern to really confuse people. This is a feature that many police officers would consider a necessity.\r\n

SOS: SOS or —…— in Morse code is used for emergency purposes. It is originally a naval term for save our ship. This would be useful for anybody that was out camping or stuck in a survival situation.\r\n

Beacon: A beacon is like a lighthouse, it blinks at full brightness every few seconds. The purpose of this mode is for survival. You would use this when you want to get seen. Blinking every few seconds conserves battery life as long as possible.\r\n\r\nWhat Do You Want Your Flashlight To Be Made Out Of?\r\nThe material that flashlights are made of has is important to the durability and the weight of the flashlight. The following are the most commonly used materials.\r\n

Plastics or Composites: There are not that many high quality tactical flashlights for sale that use plastics or composites but one company that is making good composite flashlights is pelican.\r\n

Anodized Aluminum: This is the material that most flashlight manufacturers are using in flashlights today. You want to make sure that you have at least type II anodizing but Type III (hard anodized) is better.\r\n

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is a very strong and durable material but it is heavy.\r\n

Titanium: Titanium is kinda the best of both worlds, very strong like stainless steel and pretty light. The downside to titanium is the cost.\r\n\r\nDo You Need Water Resistance?\r\nYou may of may not think that you need water resistance. I suggest at least getting IPXwater resistant lights as you do not want you flashlight to stop working in the event of an accident.\r\n

IPX4: This basically means that the flashlight is splash resistant. This should not be submerged in water or it will probably get in.\r\n

IPX7: This is submersible but only to meter for up to 30 minutes according to the specification.\r\n

IPX8: This is the highest level of waterproofing that you will see in most flashlights, it is submersible to more than meter for up to hours.\r\n\r\nDo You Have Any Special Needs For Your Flashlight?\r\nYou can find flashlights these days with all sorts of extra modifications for sale that fit particular needs. Take a look at some of the more common features that manufacturers offer to see if any of these might be useful to you.\r\n\r\n\r\n\t





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